So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 227

Chapter 227: Accident in the Hospital

Yang Ming noticed Hou Zhenhan was still wearing the black shirt from that day. But, he wasn’t as cool as he appeared to be at that time. In the daytime, it seemed like an ordinary security uniform which was creased and dirty.

"Hou Zhenhan." Yang Ming yelled. Hou Zhenhan quickly turned his head. As he saw Yang Ming, he hurried over.

"Benefactor!" Hou Zhenhan blurted out.

Yang Ming frowned. Fortunately, there weren’t many people in the vicinity. Otherwise, Hou Zhenhan’s words might attract strange looks from the people around them. "Don't call me benefactor. Call me Yang Ming." Yang Ming said plainly.

"How can that be? You are the benefactor of my family!" Hou Zhenxuan was a bit emotional. “Not only did you save my mother, but you also saved me! After I went home, I thought about it. I was despicable to have gone so far as to rob a defenseless girl! I’m certainly… but luckily you stopped me in the nick of time. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be happy even if my mother recovered!"

"Then you should call me Mr. Yang instead. Addressing me as a benefactor is really awkward." Yang Ming recognized Hou Zhenhan’s sincerity so he suggested another way to address himself to Hou Zhenhan.

"Alright, Mr. Yang!" Hou Zhenhan nodded, then he took a small bag from his pocket and handed it to Yang Ming, "This is the money left over after the surgery, which is 1100 yuan. I will return this to you first. For the remaining sum of money, I will look for a job and repay you.”

"Are you unemployed?" Yang Ming glanced at Hou Zhenhan, but he didn't accept the money in his hands.

"I had a job, but the boss fired me. I didn't get a penny even after I had worked for two months." Hou Zhenhan replied with indignation.

“Why?” asked Yang Ming.

"My pay was deducted. In the hotel, sometimes I couldn't let the customer dally with the waitress. When I went to dissuade them, the guest lodged a complaint against me. The boss deducted my pay." Hou Zhenhan shook his head and said helplessly.

"Hehe, you were the roadblock for the boss's income. Certainly, he would fire you." Yang Ming was open to such matters. "Every industry has its own rule. If you are a part of it, you should follow the rules. Otherwise, you will be eliminated."

"But... do I just sit back and watch?" Hou Zhenhan looked at Yang Ming in surprise. He couldn’t imagine that a college student who was about the same age as him would utter such vicissitudes.

"Unless you have enough power to become the master of this industry, then, you can make your own rules according to your wish." Yang Ming commented plainly, "Did the hotel you worked in operate on a small scale?"

"Well, not big. How did you know?" asked Hou Zhenhan.

"Hehe, if it wasn’t on the scale of the Nightless Club [1], no one would challenge this rule. The Nightless Club had their own rules. Hostess remains as a hostess; waitress remains as a waitress." Yang Ming smiled and said.

Hou Zhenhan nodded thoughtfully. Then, he shook his head and sighed, seemingly as though he accepted the cruel reality of society.

"You should take the money and get some supplements for auntie. Those who have gone through surgery are usually feeble." Yang Ming said, "When you find a job later, you can pay back my money."

"This… How can it be..." Hou Zhenhan hesitated. Yang Ming was stating the fact, an elder’s body was incomparable to a young man’s. A young man could recover from surgery sooner than the elders who had diminished physiology. If the nutrients weren’t sufficient, it would be hard for the wound from the surgery to heal.”

"Let's go and buy something together." Yang Ming patted on Hou Zhenhan's shoulder, then he turned around as he approached Zhang Bing's car.

"Get in the car." Yang Ming took out the remote control and opened the door.

Hou Zhenhan didn’t ask much, and he obediently went to the car with Yang Ming. Yang Ming brought him to a supermarket and bought some supplements. Also, they went to the market to buy some food that was good for wound recovery before driving back to the hospital.

Yang Ming came along with Hou Zhenhan to the ward, but he didn't see anyone in the hospital bed. It was a four-person ward with a relatively simple environment. The family members of the other three beds were chatting with their family members.

"Uhm?" Hou Zhenhan was stunned, and then asked a family member of the patient next to him, "Sister, have you seen my mother?"

"Ah! Young man, you are back!" The sister next to him noticed Hou Zhenhan and quickly informed him, "Your mother was sent to the emergency room!"

"What! Emergency room!" Hou Zhenhan was shocked and asked anxiously, "What happened? Sister, why was my mother sent to the emergency room?"

"Just now, your mother got up and went to the toilet. The elderly tend to walk slower. Suddenly, a group of fierce young people came to the corridor and shouted as they ran forward. Subsequently, she was pushed to the ground because she was unprepared. The surgery wound opened up, and she bled heavily!" said the sister.

"Who pushed? It was a young man with shades who kicked the old lady to the floor. He even swore at her. It seemed that their boss was hurt, and they had to hurry up to wrap the wound!" A young man with glasses interjected.

"Where is my mother now?" Hou Zhenhan looked pale and blue. He clenched his fists, and his eyes were fierce and blood-red.

"Young man, don't be too worked up. The doctor had come to the rescue! She should be in the emergency room." The sister said.

"Mother!" Hou Zhenhan said as he rushed out of the ward. Yang Ming quickly restrained him and said, "Calm down. Where are you going?"

"I want to find the person who kicked my mother. I want to kill him!" Hou Zhenhan was leaving enraged.

"Where are you going to find the person?" Yang Ming said coldly, "Follow me. Control your emotions."

Hou Zhenhan opened his mouth, and he sighed, "Alright."

Yang Ming turned to the door of the ward and went to the nurses’ station not far away. Then, he found himself a nurse to ask, "Hello, I want to ask you. Was an elder in ward 409 sent to the emergency room?"

"You are?" asked the nurse, raising her head.

"I am her son." Hou Zhenhan quickly asked, "What happened to my mother?"

"Your mother's wound had opened up. She was sent to the operating room. I will contact the attending physician for you. You should consult him." The little nurse replied.

"Did you see the person who did this to my mother?" Hou Zhenhan suddenly asked.

"I… did… didn’t!" The little nurse shook her head.

"How is it possible? You liar! My mom went to the toilet, and the toilet is on the opposite side of the stairs. You can see it from here clearly. What do you mean by you didn't see it?" Hou Zhenhan suddenly widened his eyes, and his veins were exposed.

"You... what are you doing... I really didn't see it!" The little nurse was frightened.

"Hey, what's the matter with you?" At this moment, an older nurse came over and glared at Hou Zhenhan.

"Sorry, auntie [2], my friend is a little bit worked up." Yang Ming quickly yanked Hou Zhenhan's shirt, and then said to the old nurse, "Auntie, have you seen the person involved?"

"They were a large group of people with shades who came up, bustling. How could we see it clearly?" The old nurse shook her head and said, "But I heard them yelling at the hospital. They were the underlings of Brother De. If the doctor didn’t come in a hurry, they would make a mess in the hospital!"

"Brother De?" Yang Ming sneaked a sneer at the corner of his mouth, Hehe, Yu Xiangde?

"Young man, you can't afford to mess with these people. Put it aside and don't ask for trouble." The old nurse advised them, "Your friend was too rash. This little nurse is a recent graduate. She is young and can still easily be scared! Besides, who dares to go and look at such an incident!"

By this time, Hou Zhenhan’s mood had eased a lot. He was somewhat embarrassed as he scratched his head and said to the young nurse, "I’m sorry. I was too anxious. Have I scared you?”

"No… It was nothing..." The little nurse said, embarrassed. Her little face was slightly reddish.

This little nurse wasn’t a beautiful woman, but she was quite delicate. Yang Ming didn't feel anything, but Hou Zhenhan was somewhat stunned by her.

"Auntie, where did those people go?" Yang Ming continued to ask as he disregarded Hou Zhenhan.

"Those people had minor wounds. If they were bandaged, they should have left!" The old nurse shook her head. "They didn’t pay, but the doctors in the hospital are experienced. They didn’t dare to take it!"

"Then, why didn't you call the police?" Hou Zhenhan asked angrily.

Yang Ming shook his head. It seemed Hou Zhenhan didn’t quite grasp society! His worldview was idealistic! However, wasn’t I like him in the beginning? I’ve only matured recently.

Of course, the old nurse shook her head and said, "Police report? At most, they will be convicted for delaying medical expenses. Even if the police came, they can only mediate for us! After the police leave, wouldn’t they come back to take revenge against us?"

Chapter Notes:

[1] Reminder to the audience: it is the name of a bar from Chapter 156.

[2] Such an address is usually regarded as being respectful to the person. Usually used in apology and request. 

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