So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Hou Zhenhan’s Visit

In the morning, Yang Ming went to class as usual. A few days had passed, and yet Chen Mengyan had not given him a reply. Yang Ming could only get news about Chen Mengyan from Zhang Bing daily.

According to Zhang Bing, Chen Mengyan had become somewhat quiet. Other than class, she would be in her dorm. She didn’t do anything else. Yang Ming was worried, but he couldn’t do much. He had promised to give Chen Mengyan some time to calm down, so he had to honor his words and give space to each other. It would not be good if he rushed her.

Lan Ling still hadn’t contacted him. However, Yang Ming was not worried because Lan Ling said that her grandmother was very powerful. He believed that she will definitely protect Lan Ling wholeheartedly. As to where they were going, it could be deep in a mountain. It was normal to not have any cellular signal there.

As for the daily training, Fang Tian increased the gradient of his training tremendously. Often, Dong Jun would come back with some practical tools from who knew where. There were heavy weapons like bows and arrows, and barbells. While Yang Ming admired Dong Jun's skill, he also completed the training task that Fang Tian assigned him quickly. The intensity of recent training sessions had obviously increased significantly.

Yang Ming soothed his tired arm. This training was really not for an average person!

Hou Zhenhan had been waiting at the entrance of Song Jiang Industry University for three days. He came to find Yang Ming to pay back the money, but he was so nervous during his robbery that he forgot Yang Ming’s class. With no choice, he could only wait at the entrance.

Actually, he only needed to find a few students to ask about Yang Ming, and some of them might have known. Yang Ming went through a battle with Ren Jianren last time. Even though not all the students knew him, he was recognizable to most students.

However, Hou Zhenhan was afraid of causing trouble for Yang Ming, so he waited at the university entrance every morning and evening for a while in hopes of seeing Yang Ming. Today, like the previous two days, Hou Zhenhan waited at the university entrance. Suddenly, he saw the girl who he robbed that day rush to the campus.

Lin Zhiyun cooked her father a breakfast as usual and rushed to the university. Because her mother earned money by being a nanny, she stayed and ate at others' homes. Therefore, only Lin Zhiyun took care of her father.

Although it was very troublesome to go to school on the subway daily, Lin Zhiyun did not complain. On Saturday and Sunday, she still had to work as a tutor for the entire day. Lin Zhiyun felt that her life was very fulfilling. She didn’t intend to be very wealthy in the future. She would be satisfied as long as her parents could live comfortably without having to work hard daily.

Therefore, Lin Zhiyun had never stopped putting in the hard work. In the eyes of many students, Lin Zhiyun was a simple, beautiful and hard-working girl. But in the eyes of the rich kids, Lin Zhiyun was just a poor girl. When she first started university, there was a second-year playboy who took a fancy to her and proposed to give 100,000 yuan for her to be his lover.

Lin Zhiyun was a girl with strong principles. The only reason she sold her body earlier was that she had no other choice. But now, her family had already weathered the storm, and she had some income from tutoring. She was not greedy for wealth, so she rejected the second-year playboy directly.

The second-year playboy was shocked. In his opinion, the moment he threw the money in front of the poor girl, she would immediately have sex with him. The second-year playboy was resentful. When Lin Zhiyun didn’t reciprocate, he spread rumors that she acted as a noble and virtuous girl even though she was actually a prostitute.

As the saying goes, “the one who spoke didn’t have any intention, but the listener felt hurt” [1]. This was exactly Lin Zhiyun’s wound. Although it was only once, Lin Zhiyun could not forget it for the rest of her life. Having to sell herself will always be a stain on her life.

Because of this, Lin Zhiyun had been upset for a long time. Later, when she met Yang Ming again, she felt relieved when Yang Ming couldn’t recognize her. Yeah, the only party who was involved had forgotten it. Let’s bury this incident to the depths of my memory forever.

Hou Zhenhan saw Lin Zhiyun and his eyes lit up immediately as if the hungry wolf had caught the prey. He quickly ran to her.

It was a simple run, but it was a big shock to Lin Zhiyun. Lin Zhiyun saw a man, the man who robbed her that day sprinting to her. Lin Xiaoyun almost shouted for help!

"Classmate!" Since Hou Zhenhan did not know her name, he could only call her as his classmate.

From his tone of voice, Lin Zhiyun thought that it didn't seem like he was here to rob her. She lowered her guard thinking that she was at the university entrance, and he couldn’t possibly do anything. She stood still and asked hesitantly, "You... are looking for me?"

"Yeah, classmate. I have been looking for a few days!" Hou Zhenhan said excitedly.

"You have been looking for me for a few days?" Lin Zhiyun didn’t understand why Hou Zhenhan would be looking for her. It was even a few days!

"No, no. I am not looking for you!" Hou Zhenhan explained hastily.

"You are not looking for me? Then what do you want?" Lin Zhiyun was confused. What does this guy want to do?

"That - in fact, I came to find Yang Ming. Coincidentally, I met you!" Hou Zhenhan asked, "Can you tell me where Yang Ming is?"

"Ah? Er, just a moment." Lin Zhiyun opened her bag. Inside there was a phone book with Yang Ming's mobile phone number. Yang Ming had left her this when he sent her home the last time around.

At that time, Lin Zhiyun did not think that she would use it, but she just habitually recorded it in her phone book.

"His mobile phone is 159xxxx0809. You can call him directly," said Lin Zhiyun.

"Good, 159xxxx0809. Is that correct? I got it, thank you!" Hou Zhenhan said quickly.

"No need to thank me. If there is nothing else, I will be off first!" Lin Zhiyun put the phone book back in her bag and said to Hou Zhenhan, "I am almost late for class."

"Then you go quickly, goodbye!" Hou Zhenhan nodded.

Even though this was an era where cell phones were very much affordable, there were still many people who do not own a mobile phone. Lin Zhiyun was one of them, so she still had a phone book with her daily. Hou Zhenhan was one of them too. After he got Yang Ming’s phone number, he ran to a public telephone booth and dialed it.

"Yes?" Yang Ming picked up the phone. Even though class had already started, university was not the same as high school. The students were seated randomly, and Yang Ming sat in the last row. The lecturer wouldn’t notice him as long he spoke softly.

"Hey, is this Yang Ming?" asked Hou Zhenhan.

"I am Yang Ming. Who am I speaking to?" Yang Ming heard an unfamiliar voice, and the phone number was new to him too.

"I am Hou Zhenhan!" Hou Zhenhan said, "I came here to return the money to you."

“Hou Zhenhan? Return me my money?” Yang Ming was stunned. Since when was there someone named Hou Zhenhan who owed him money?

"I am the one..." Hou Zhenhan wanted to say that he was the robber, but there were other people beside him at the public telephone booth. It wouldn’t be wise to say it here. So he hesitated and said, "That night, my mother had appendicitis, and she needed surgery..."

"Oh, I remember! It's you!" Yang Ming suddenly remembered it. If Hou Zhenhan didn’t call him, he had almost forgotten about it! There had been too many things happening in these past two days, and Yang Ming had not placed any attention on this incident. "The money doesn’t have to be returned. Buy some nutrients for your mom."

When Yang Ming saw that Hou Zhenhan really fulfilled his promise to pay back the money, Yang Ming knew that he was a trustworthy person. As for the two thousand dollars, it was not important. That was nothing for Yang Ming.

"How can that be? Where are you? I will go find you." asked Hou Zhenhan.

"Forget it. You know what? I will go out. Tell me where you are." Since Hou Zhenhan insisted, Yang Ming continued.

"I am at the main entrance of Song Jiang Industry University. There is an idiom written on the side of the wall. I am there." Hou Zhenhan said.

"Okay, I know. You wait for me there." Yang Ming hung up. Then, he stood up and walked to the front of the classroom.

"Student, is something the matter?" The lecturer saw Yang Ming get up so he asked.

"Sir, my stomach had been growling over the past few days. I drank a bag of detoxification tea yesterday, so..." The lecturer should understand what Yang Ming meant without requiring him to continue further from this point.

"Oh, okay. Then you go ahead quickly." The lecturer nodded and said.

After he got out of the classroom, Yang Ming felt a bit shameful. He hadn't lied in a long while. He remembered his high school days where he often used these reasons to prevaricate to Chen Mengyan. I really don't know how Chen Mengyan endured all these. Hehe, I should ask her about these one day.

But... Yang Ming hesitated. Chen Mengyan was now in a cold war with him! Yang Ming sighed and stopped thinking about it as he quickly walked to the school gate.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Chinese idiom. Often times we speak of something unintentionally and forget, yet the listener deduced their layer of meaning from it.

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