So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 225

Chapter 225: Assassin Tombstone

The Butterfly Family. It was one of the most mysterious and scariest families in the world, located in an ancient town in Europe. After thousands of years, there was no longer anyone who could identify the core members of this mysterious family, as well as the actual place of residence. It was as if this family had disappeared from everyone’s sight.

However, there were a few upper-class top-level figures who knew that the Butterfly Family hadn’t disappeared and continued to this day. There may be a few who have heard of the Butterfly Family. However, the world's largest killer organization, "Butterfly,” had a well-known reputation. The people behind this name that makes one’s blood run cold, is the Butterfly Family.

Of course, this secret was only known by the heads of several large families who have benefited from the Butterfly Family a few thousand years ago. This knowledge was passed down by word of mouth through the generations. The heads of these families were naturally clear about the relationship between the "Butterfly" organization and the Butterfly Family.

Tombstone is the number one killer in the Butterfly Organization. Since his debut until now, he had maintained a zero miss rate. No one knows of his true identity, and no one has seen his face because the people who had seen him had become a piece of tombstone.

The position of Tombstone on the list of world killers was among the best. Eight years ago, since the mysterious disappearance of the King of the Assassins, Tombstone became the world’s number one killer.

Of course, currently, Tombstone was already in a semi-retired state. The people in the underworld thought that he was preparing for retirement, but people in the know were aware that this was the arrangement within the Butterfly Family. The number 2 ranked killer, "There's No Tomorrow," was the proud apprentice of Tombstone. Tombstone no longer needed to do things on his own. He now only served the Butterfly Family.

However, Tombstone who had disappeared for a long time now appeared in Song Jiang. Moreover, his mission this time was not to kill but to find someone! If people in the underworld knew it, they would be surprised! Who had such great energy to drive Tombstone to do this kind of thing?

"Butler Mu, I have found traces of the young miss. She is now studying at Song Jiang Industry University." Tombstone reported respectfully to the person on the phone.

"Okay, don't alert her. You are responsible for protecting her in the dark." The person on the phone hesitated.

"Yes, Butler Mu. Tombstone will not fail the mission to protect the safety of the young miss. Unless Tombstone is dead." Tombstone said resolutely.

"Report to me often. Include the friends of the young miss and the people she usually is in contact with." Butler Mu said.

"Roger that," replied Tombstone.

When Butler Mu hung up the phone, he quickly reported the contents of the phone call to his master.


Yang Ming chuckled as if he heard a big joke, "Doesn’t Yu Xiangde know that he was leading the wolf into the room?"

"Maybe he knows; maybe he doesn't. But he wants to fight with me and that’s the only thing he can do." Bao Sanli shook his head.

"Yu Xiangde right now conquered the north of the city. If he negotiates with you, you two could each take the North and South, respectively, and not interfere with one other. Isn’t this the situation he wants?" Yang Ming secretly thought that Yu Xiangde’s brain was wired incorrectly.

"I have been up against Yu Xiangde for a long time. Yu Lei’s matter in the detention center had brought us to the point where no forgiveness would be given." Bao Sanli said with a smile, "Last time, you had dealt him heavy injuries, and he stopped for a while. But he now has strong support and is thinking about how to destroy me."

"What are you going to do?" Yang Ming asked as he looked at Bao Sanli.

"I am not willing to give up..." Bao Sanli suddenly sighed.

Although he didn’t say it clearly, these words contained all his emotions. Yang Ming naturally understood the meaning of his words. It seemed that Bao Sanli was clear that he didn’t have many days left.

"Run away or fight until the end?" Yang Ming nodded and asked.

"Fight until the end!" Bao Sanli clenched his teeth. "It wasn’t easy for me to get to my present position. If I leave, I will be nothing."

"Your boss, isn't he influential? Can’t he help you to settle him?" This boss that Yang Ming mentioned naturally referred to the boss of the Nightless Club.

"He is influential in the business world, but the things in the underworld are not something he can easily interfere with." Bao Sanli said, "At this time, he would never involve himself! No matter who wins this battle, there won’t be much of an effect on him. In the end, it will be just a change of personnel who watch over the scene."

"I’d advise you to take your money and your underlings to start again in another city. Since you have already estimated the ending, then why sacrifice unnecessarily like a fool? As the saying goes, while the green hills last, there would be wood to burn [1]. One day, you will make a comeback." Yang Ming said thoughtfully.

Bao Sanli shook his head and didn’t speak for a long time. After a while, he looked up and said, "Brother Yang, can you come over and help me?"

"I? Help you?" Yang Ming was stunned. He did not expect Bao Sanli to make this request!

"If you can come over and help me, there could be some better odds of success on my side!" Bao Sanli said. He was afraid that Yang Ming misunderstood, so he explained, "You can rest assured that you won’t be here as my underling. We will be partners. After the event, you can pick whether you want the North or South part of the city!"

"Brother Bao, you misunderstood. I am just a student. How can I help you? Besides, I am not in the underworld. What is the use of owning a territory?" Yang Ming asked baffled.

"No, you can help me." Bao Sanli insisted, "Now, the economic situation in Song Jiang is tense. The leaders in the city will not allow large-scale fighting under their own rule. So, fighting for territory would only be small-scale battles. It could also be a few matches, and the losers would withdraw from Song Jiang. The possibility of battling to death is relatively small. After all, if both sides went on a rampage against one another, the police will interfere, and many territories will be lost."

"What do you mean? Do you want me to fight them?" Yang Ming understood Bao Sanli’s meaning.

"Just about right." Bao Sanli nodded.

"Hmm, Brother Bao. I haven't considered entering the underworld yet. Let me think about it." Yang Ming didn’t want to reject him outright, so he came up with a reason to respond to him for now.

"Alright, everyone has their own ambitions. I won’t force you." Bao Sanli sighed and didn’t want to insist on it. The last time he called Yang Ming was for this matter. But now it seemed that Yang Ming didn’t intend to go into the underworld.

In fact, Bao Sanli understood that Yang Ming was at the current moment a college student at Song Jiang Industry University. That was a top university in the country. Who would want to destroy their future by getting into the underworld? It wasn’t that he could no longer continue his current path.

Yang Ming nodded, and the two men chatted about other topics for a while. Then, Yang Ming got up and said goodbye.

Once he walked out of Bao Sanli’s office, Yang Ming suddenly felt that his future was somewhat confused! What am I going to do? What is my future?

Money? Beauty? Or power? Yang Ming was dazzled. Ever since I gained my special abilities, there had been many good things that I didn’t even dare think about happening to me. In retrospect, it felt like a dream.

However, these things had actually happened! Jade gambling, becoming an assassin - are these what I want to do in the future? Why did I become an assassin?

To protect myself? To be more powerful in the future? Yang Ming felt that he was on the verge of his life. From the time he saw Fang Tian handling a body, he had already stepped into a darker world.

Now, recalling the words of Bao Sanli, If I could gain some influence in the underworld, it could be pretty beneficial too. However, wasn’t it a little bit too early to be involved in the underworld right now?

The relationship between Yang Ming and Bao Sanli wasn’t deep. The two of them stayed in the same detention hall for more than a day. Although Yang Ming felt that this person could be trusted, there was no need to involve himself because of petty brotherhood. Yang Ming wasn’t a fool. His current status was only a small character. If he blended in prematurely, he could die without a proper funeral. No matter how good I am at fighting, I am still afraid of kitchen knives. Not to mention that many of these guys may have guns!

But Yang Ming suddenly thought of another important matter. The hatred between myself and Yu Xiangde was not small! I can tell that Yu Xiangde is a vengeful person. After he cleaned up Bao Sanli, would he turn his gun toward me? After all, I had hit him once and ruined his reputation! Although Yang Ming felt that it was more likely that he would be killed by his partners, everything was possible, right? What if Yu Xiangde really got what he wished and controlled the underworld in Song Jiang?

Yang Ming shook his head and returned to his private room. Tian Donghua had already started making his moves on a hostess, and Zhang Bing was singing "Love of the Boat Trackers" [2] with another lady.

Yang Ming smiled and sat down. He closed his eyes to get some rest. He was thinking about his future.

Chapter Notes:

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[1] A Chinese idiom which meant - when there’s life, there’s hope.

[2] “Love of the Boat Trackers” 

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