So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 224

Chapter 224: The Troubles of Bao Sanli

Yang Ming and Tian Donghua were familiar after having fun with each other. It was easier for them to talk.

“Brother Tian, why did you transfer to Song Jiang?” Yang Ming asked, “I hear that your family is quite strong in Donghai City. Is it because you offended someone?”

Hehe, the person that I beat up had a stronger family background. His father is a government official. So, he was making it so that I couldn’t even go to school. I transferred here because I didn’t want my school to get into a difficult situation.” Tian Donghua laughed, “It’s okay for now.”

Yang Ming nodded, “Right, you want to keep going on like this? You don’t want to go to class?”

“I can’t catch up even if I attended. The things they teach are different from my previous university. I’m getting low-spirited now. I don’t want to study anymore. I will just wait for graduation,” said Tian Donghua.

Zhang Bing woke up at about 4 p.m. Zhang Bing became lively again when he heard that they were going to have drinks.

“Going where? Are we driving?” asked Zhang Bing.

“Why drive? Of course, call the taxi. Who would drive if we’re all drunk?” Tian Donghua stopped them.

“Let’s eat hot pot.” Yang Ming suggested. Since they ate barbecue at noon, they decided to eat something with soup.

“I’m fine.” Tian Donghua wasn’t picky. He nodded his head.

Zhang Bing and Yang Ming agreed to it too. So they called a taxi and went to the famous Hongyuan Hot Pot in Song Jiang. They served Song Jiang’s old-fashioned hot pot. It was considered a gourmet dish at the old Shanty Town.

Tian Donghua heard of this hot pot at Donghai City. He was looking forward to tasting it. A private room needed to be booked. Since they weren’t talking about business and it was just a casual dinner, it was not necessary to go to a private room, so they randomly picked a seat in the hall.

After they ate, they ordered a few snacks together with alcohol. Yang Ming suggested they go to KTV after that.

Tian Donghua was excited, “Ha, I have a nickname called “the god of singing.” Finally, it’s my chance to prove it!”

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing stepped further away from him because he was drunk. His voice was especially loud. Other people were looking at them. Yang Ming and Zhang Bing acted like strangers as they stepped aside.

“What happened to you guys? I’ll show you the god of singing!” Tian Donghua stood up and hiccuped.

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing were embarrassed.

Yang Ming brought them to The Nightless Club’s KTV. That way he could visit Bao Sanli too.

Most of Bao Sanli’s men knew Yang Ming from his visit last time. The security guard greeted him immediately, “Brother Yang! You’re here.”

En, can you give me a small private room?” Yang Ming wasn’t the guy who liked to show off. They were only three people. A big private room would be too much for them.

“Alright, no problem.” The security guard brought them to a hall and spoke to a waitress at the counter, “They’re friends of Brother Bao. They want a small room.”

The waitress immediately prepared a luxury private room and gave them a fruit bowl. The security guard rejected it when Yang Ming wanted to pay, “Brother Yang, you don’t have to pay. If Brother Bao knew about it, he would kill me!”

Yang Ming nodded. He knew people from the underworld were particular about this. If you were too polite to them, they would think that you didn’t consider them as a friend. So he didn’t persist anymore, “Right, then I’ll go and thank Brother Bao personally.”

Tian Donghua was already dazed. When they got into the room, they called three service girls to sing along. Zhang Bing didn’t hold back and immediately had his hands all over the girl.

Yang Ming wasn’t interested in them. Besides, he wasn’t feeling great today. Although he knew how the voodoo could affect him, he couldn’t let himself get carried away, and he shouldn’t look for prostitutes anymore.

Yang Ming asked the leisure girl to take on the role of picking the songs. Although the leisure girl was agitated at Yang Ming’s attitude to her, she still couldn’t offend him because he was Brother Bao’s friend.

She didn’t complain and acted happy to take the role of picking songs. But Tian Donghua was being more generous since he was drunk. Although all the fees were paid, he still took out his wallet and gave two hundred yuan to each girl.

So no one complained after that.

Yang Ming laughed and left the room. He wasn’t drunk, so he decided to visit Bao Sanli. They didn’t really talk much after he visited last time. He made a call to Bao Sanli, but he didn’t say anything.

Yang Ming went to the security room and knocked on the door. A man’s voice came behind the door, “Who is it?” Then the door opened. The man saw Yang Ming and said immediately, “Brother Yang, you’re here. Brother Bao is inside.”

Yang Ming nodded and walked into the room. Bao Sanli was making a call when he heard someone come in. He scolded, “Who is being impudent? Didn’t I mention it before? Don’t come in when I’m making a call!”

“Brother Bao, it’s me.” Yang Ming was frightened by his loud voice.

Bao Sanli smiled when he noticed the person was Yang Ming, “Brother Yang, it’s you! I’m sorry!” Bao Sanli immediately stood up. Then he talked to the phone, “Alright, I will talk to you later. I have a guest here.” Then he hung up the phone.

The phone rang again after he hung up the phone. Then Bao Sanli gestured sorry to Yang Ming and picked up the phone. The phone was called from downstairs to inform him that Yang Ming had come. It didn’t connect before because Bao Sanli was making a call.

Bao Sanli told the person he got it. He hung up the phone and talk to Yang Ming, “Brother Yang, why are you here?”

“I went for some drinks with my roommates. We came here because we wanted to go for KTV.” Yang Ming smiled, “Am I giving you trouble?”

“What are you saying? My brother comes to have fun at my place. It’s no trouble at all!” Bao Sanli acted angrily.

Hehe, then I will just have my fun. Brother Bao. How are you doing lately?” asked Yang Ming.

Uh, don’t mention it. I fought twice with Yu Xiangde. I was in the advantage at first, but I heard Yu Xiangde was calling for help from another city. They might form an alliance to fight with me. The power balance in Song Jiang City is not steady. There are many powerful people here. Me and Yu Xiangde each take north town and south town. If he defeated me, he would be the most powerful man in Song Jiang City.”

Ban Sanli continued, “After all, Song Jiang City is a profitable city. Although it isn’t as prosperous as the capital of East China, the economy of Song Jiang City is still growing. The entertainment venues are growing at an escalating rate. There are lots of people wanting to own this place!”

“Ever since Hu San was dead, there haven’t been any big changes in the power distribution in Song Jiang City. It is because no one dared to be on the top. But the country has been lenient on us lately. The underworld can’t be eliminated completely. As long as you didn’t do anything serious, they won’t mess with you. They want to have a peaceful situation too. They can tolerate it as long as you don’t break the balance.”

“Besides, the underworld has changed a lot. Previously, the underworld was committing crimes such as cheating money, oppressing men and women, but now, no one would do such things! These things don’t earn much. Being a guard of an entertainment venue is much more lucrative, and it won’t cause any trouble!”

“As for oppressing men and women, that is even more impossible. Who would want to rape when there are so many prostitutes to pick from? There are even women who enjoy one night stands!”

“The current underworld focuses on the entertainment business and property industry! Whoever becomes the most powerful person in Song Jian City could be the richest man!”

“Yu Xiangde noticed my group wasn’t that strong so he formed an alliance with another to fight me! Heh, he didn’t know why the underworld from Donghai City would help him. He is overestimating himself!”

Yang Ming nodded his head. Bao Sanli had analyzed the situation clearly. Looks like the underworld from the other city was going after Song Jiang City as well!

“Di Lei just called me. We were talking about this thing. According to the news from an informant, Yu Xiangde had made an agreement with them to deal with me.” Bao Sanli sighed, “After it’s done, the benefits of Song Jiang City will be split in half!”

“Split in half?” Yang Ming was astounded. “Is Yu Xiangde really a retard?”

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