So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Settling the Tutor

"Since you skipped class in the morning, the tutor is looking for you. You should go now. He’s in the director's office on the second floor of the computer science building." Sun Zhiwei gloated.

"I got it." Yang Ming said plainly, but his heart said, F*ck your mom! It must be you who reported it.

Even though he was angry, he still needed to obey the tutor’s instruction. Yang Ming went to the bathroom to wash his face. As he got sober, he brushed his teeth again. Finally, he did not forget to take some chewing gum. However, the smell of alcohol was still very strong.

Yang Ming had no choice. Let the smell be there then. He wiped his face and rushed to the tutor’s office. There was minimal interaction between him and Xie Yongqiang. They barely spoke to one another. Yang Ming found the director’s office according to Sun Zhiwei's directions. He knocked on the door and pushed the door to go in.

"Yang Ming, come over." Xie Yongqiang looked up and saw Yang Ming, so he waved him over.

"Teacher Xie." Yang Ming had alcohol smell on him and was afraid to get too close.

"Have you been drinking?" As a man, Xie Yongqiang was still very sensitive to the smell of alcohol. With a little sniff, he knew that Yang Ming was drunk.

"Hehe... I drank a little at noon." Yang Ming smiled embarrassingly.

"Well, you can take a stool and sit next to me." Xie Yongqiang pointed to the empty chairs opposite him.

Yang Ming was still slightly dizzy, so he did it without hesitation. He moved a chair and sat next to Xie Yongqiang.

"Yang Ming, I heard that you and Sun Zhiwei had something against one another?" Xie Yongqiang said slowly.

"Ah?" Yang Ming’s heart skipped a beat as he heard it. Could this Xie Yongqiang be in the same group with Sun Zhiwei? Yang Ming looked at Xie Yongqiang strangely, "Who said this? I don’t think we’ve had many conversations between him and me."

"Hehe, you don't have to lie to me. Did you think that I don't have any spies in the class?" Xie Yongqiang said with a smile, "I know everything that happened between you two!"

Yang Ming nodded after listening. Yeah, which teacher won’t put a few spies in the class. The student committees were the ones on the surface. There were certainly a few more in the dark. The purpose was to ensure that the student committees didn’t have any malpractices.

"Since Teacher Xie is clear, then I don't need to explain much. I do have a bit of conflict with him, but he was the one who had always been provoking me." Yang Ming replied.

"I know, but you didn't come to class today. He can’t be the reason right?" Xie Yongqiang laughed.

"Well, I felt a little sick, so I didn't go." Yang Ming lied and explained.

"You felt sick and yet you are still able to drink?" Xie Yongqiang looked at Yang Ming with an ambiguous smile.

"Oh... that, actually..." Yang Ming felt a sudden inspiration and raised his own bruised right hand. "It was my hand that didn’t feel well. It hurt too much, so I drank some beer to numb it!"

"Oh? What happened? That serious?" Xie Yongqiang no longer doubted Yang Ming. Who would purposely make their hand look that way? That hurt a lot!

"It's okay. I accidentally got my hand caught in the door panel. The swelling has already gone down!" Yang Ming was a little embarrassed. He couldn’t really say that it was a fight with his girlfriend.

"Oh, be careful next time. If you have something, please call me in advance and ask for a leave. Don’t you have my phone number?" Xie Yongqiang said, "If this is the case, then we can call it off. The next time you would need to write a reflection. If your hand is already like this, I guess you can’t write anything anyway!"

"Hehe, thank you, Xie teacher. [1]" Yang Ming said quickly.

“Thank you, thank you?” Xie Yongqiang shook his head. “Why did it sound like a jingle? Is your hand okay? Do you need to visit the doctor?”

"No worries, it’s fine." Yang Ming was telling the truth. This was nothing compared to the previous injuries he had.

"Good that it’s fine. Right, you and Sun Zhiwei are both classmates. Don't tighten the relationship too much in the future. I will deal with him for you," said Xie Yongqiang.

"No worries, Teacher Xie. I had never proactively provoked him before," said Yang Ming.

"Well, that's good." Xie Yongqiang nodded, and suddenly the topic turned. "Yang Ming, do you want to be the class monitor?"

"Class monitor? What kind of class monitor?" Yang Ming was puzzled by the sudden question.

"I want to replace Sun Zhiwei in the next semester. His leadership skill is really bad, and he is too narrow-minded." Xie Yongqiang said, "Why don’t you try?"

"Me?" Yang Ming suddenly laughed, "Ha, Teacher Xie, stop joking around. How can I be a class monitor?"

"Why not?" Xie Yongqiang said, "Ms. Xiao Qing, from the computer science department, had greeted me and asked me to take care of you."

“Sister Xiao Qing?” Yang Ming was startled. He smiled bitterly, “Teacher Xie, if you were to take care of me, as long as you close half of your eyes to my usual attendance rate, that would be more than enough. I don’t want to be a class committee member! Look at me. Do you think I am made for that?"

"Ah?" Xie Yongqiang realized that he had misunderstood. He thought that Yang Ming and Sun Zhiwei went against one another because Yang Ming wanted to be the class monitor. Later, Xiao Qing had also greeted him to take care of Yang Ming. Therefore, Xie Yongqiang decided to give Xiao Qing some respect and let Yang Ming be the class monitor. He didn't expect himself to have misunderstood.

"Do you mean you plan to skip classes often?" asked Xie Yongqiang.

"Yeah, Teacher Xie. In fact, let me tell you the truth. I have been an unruly student since high school. I often skip classes. I prefer self-study, rather than learn in the classroom," said Yang Ming.

“Self-study? Then your self-study ability is quite strong. You can apply to Song Jiang Industry University through self-studying?” Xie Yongqiang shook his head, “What do you want me to do? I shouldn’t care about your usual absentees, and if the lecturers were to ask me, should I cover it up for you?"

"That’s more like it..." Yang Ming smiled.

"This is a bit difficult to do. Aren’t you making me lie for you?" Xie Yongqiang was helpless. If he knew this, he wouldn’t have told him about the relationship with Xiao Qing. Now that they had known one another. He felt hard to refuse him.

"Hehe, Teacher Xie, let’s do it this way. I guarantee that I will not fail my final exams in a single subject, and I will complete the tasks!" Yang Ming saw Xie Yongqiang hesitate, so he added more bargaining chips to himself. "But the premise is that Teacher Xie has to lend me some help. If these lecturers deduct my class participation, then I could fail my subject!"

"Well, it’s almost November now. There’s a final exam in the coming month. Let’s look at your exam scores. If you really pass the exams as you have said, then I will allow you to study by yourself later. However, if you failed a single subject, then you have to come back to study obediently in class. How about that?” Xie Yongqiang thought for a moment and said this.

"No problem! Teacher Xie, you are such a kind teacher!" Yang Ming was going to hug him when he said that.

"Stop. I don’t have any special fetish. Stay away from me!" Xie Yongqiang joked.

"Hehe, I got a bit too excited!" Yang Ming said with a smile, "Then I will depend on you for my subjects’ lecturers!"

"This is not a problem. I will help you to find a way to deal with it." Xie Yongqiang nodded.

"Thank you, teacher. If there’s nothing else, can I leave first?" asked Yang Ming.

After leaving Xie Yongqiang's office, Yang Ming was very happy. Originally, he was still dissatisfied about having to go to class every day. This way, he had enough time to do his own thing.

Now I have a little money, but I can’t just sit back and eat. Therefore, Yang Ming decided to start a business. If I want to start a business, I must have enough time. Taking leaves are a must.

Yang Ming would like to thank Sun Zhiwei instead. If he didn’t give him the opportunity to contact Xie Yongqiang, he would not be able to get such a favorable condition. As for the final exam, that was a piece of cake for Yang Ming! Just activate the binocular vision and X-ray vision, and the answers would naturally come out.

Yang Ming returned to the dorm while humming a tune. His hand had become like this, so naturally, he couldn’t go to the forest to practice. Yang Ming suddenly remembered that Fang Tian had given him some Chinese patches to clear bruises. It was said to be very effective. It was Fang Tian’s personal recipe which was much better than the ones sold in the Chinese pharmacy. So, he quickly opened the cabinet and found a plaster to apply to his hand.

Suddenly, a cool feeling filled the entire right hand, bringing him a sense of indescribable comfort. It seemed that Fang Tian wasn’t bragging. This thing really worked.

"Yang Ming, let’s go for a drink tonight?" Tian Donghua heard that Yang Ming was back, and he walked out of his room sleepily.

Yang Ming thought about it for a moment, Chen Mengyan was having a cold war with him. Since there was nothing much to do, he agreed to it, "Okay, let’s wait for Zhang Bing to wake up and ask him if he would join."

"This pig was sleeping like the dead. I had asked him to wake up for a long while yet there was no response. I went to sleep since there was nothing else I could do." Tian Donghua shook his head. He walked to the bathroom, washed his head and said, "I think I have slept too much!"

Chapter Notes:

[1] Xie in Chinese has the same pronunciation as thank you. 

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