So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 222

Chapter 222: Mengyan’s Decision

“Mengyan, how about us…” Yang Ming asked impatiently.

“I don't know… your viewpoint… I just can't accept it in such a brief moment. Give me some time. My head is in such a mess right now. I can't really think properly.” Chen Mengyan shook her head expressing her helpless state.

With the words “in such a brief moment,” Yang Ming felt a slight sense of delight. In Chen Mengyan words, did she hint that she just couldn't accept it right now, but it would be possible in the future?

“So, do you mean we are not breaking up?” Yang Ming quickly asked.

“It’s just temporary… Give us some time to cool down.” Chen Mengyan added, “Give me some time to think it through.”

With the flow of the events, it was the best possible outcome. Yang Ming wouldn't dare to wish for more. But, Yang Ming was still anxious about Chen Mengyan’s final decision. After all, Chen Mengyan had a strong personality which was different from Zhao Ying and Lan Ling. She had strict expectations for her partner.

“Alright, can we still contact each other like usual?” Yang Ming asked persistently.

“If there's nothing important, let’s not contact each other at first. I will switch on my phone.” Chen Mengyan shook her head. “Give me some time. After I think it through, I will let you know no matter what the result was.”

“Alright, take care of yourself. You have become thinner recently in these two days…” Yang Ming stood up. “I will leave first.”

En.” Chen Mengyan nodded her head as she looked at Yang Ming extending his hand to open the door. She noticed his swollen hand and asked in an apologetic manner, “Your hand… is it alright?”

Hehe, it's just a small deal.” Yang Ming was happy. It seems that Chen Mengyan still cared about me!

Yang Ming felt a sense of relief that was indescribable after walking out of Chen Mengyan’s room. Yes, a heavy stone that had been weighing down on my heart for such a long time is finally gone! No matter what the result, Yang Ming could accept it with a clear conscience.

He easily arrived at the bathroom on the second floor. Zhao Sisi had already left. After Yang Ming was sure that no one else was around, he walked to the window. One of his hands was injured, making it quite inconvenient to climb out, but it didn't pose any major challenge for Yang Ming. If he hadn't gone through the recent training, he might not know what to do. But, it was different at the moment. After Fang Tian’s holistic training simulations which encompassed different scenarios, Yang Ming’s adaptability sharply improved.

In the training simulations, one of them covered the method to climb with an injured arm. Since Yang Ming was merely less agile with his right hand, it wasn’t as severe as not being able to use it. Hence, he still could easily jump off to the ground outside of the dormitory building.

After it was done, Yang Ming looked at the time. Since it was approaching noon, he called Zhang Bing. “Hey, Zhang Bing, it’s Yang Ming. Is your class over?”

“Soon. What’s up?” asked Zhang Bing.

“It’s already noon. Let’s eat,” said Yang Ming.

“Alright, wait for me at the ground floor. My class is over soon.” Zhang Bing replied.

Yang Ming arrived at the ground level of the economic management department where Zhang Bing studied at. Most of the students had come out. Zhang Bing was among the first group of students who left. He noticed Yang Ming’s swollen hand. He asked in surprise, ““Brother, did you go practice iron palm?”

“Practice my *ss! If I went to practice iron palm, would my hand turn out this way?” Yang Ming smiled as he complained, “Chen Mengyan clipped it!”

“Clipped?” Zhang Bing was stunned. An ambiguous smile appeared on his face. He must be thinking something weird.

Damn, what are you thinking? It was clipped on the door!” Yang Ming slapped Zhang Bing’s head.

Damn! Sister-in-law is quite ferocious! Using the door to clip your hand? Are both of you the legendary SM [1]?” Zhang Bing exaggerated.

“Forget about it. She isn’t as wild as you. Zhao Sisi didn’t attend class today. Do you know what happened to her?” Yang Ming naturally couldn’t allow Zhang Bing to continue to hound him.

“What happened?” Zhang Bing quickly asked in concern, “She mentioned she wasn’t feeling well, and she was resting in her room. Was there anything else?”

“I climbed into the female dormitory from the second-floor bathroom. Can you guess what I saw?” Yang Ming purposely hooked Zhang Bing’s curiosity.

“What did you see?” Zhang Bing had indeed asked in a nervous manner. Apparently, he cared about Zhao Sisi’s situation a lot.

“I saw Zhao Sisi limp into the bathroom with a basin and shampoo!” Yang Ming smirked in an evil manner.

“Ah?” Zhang Bing laughed mischievously, “Hehe… I…”

“Stop ‘hehe-ing’. Later on, get some anti-inflammatory drugs for her.” Yang Ming reminded him.

“Alright.” Zhang Bing nodded. “Oh ya, how are things between you and sister-in-law?”

“What else? It is a cold war. It’s not bad since it isn’t a breakup.” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Why? Wasn’t it quite good previously? Don’t tell me sister-in-law found out about Lan Ling?” Zhang Bing asked suddenly.

Uhm, yes.” Yang Ming nodded his head. “I told her about everything. If she wanted to ask you for confirmation, you just tell her the truth. But, I don’t think she will look for you.”

“Ai!” Zhang Bing sighed. “It seems like having a lot of girlfriends isn’t a good thing. Initially, I was jealous of you. Now, I finally understand its drawbacks!”

“Just don’t let Zhao Sisi know about your one-night stands.” Yang Ming reminded him.

“I will be careful. But, I don’t do it often now. As you can see, after I started university, I stayed in the dorm daily!” Zhang Bing said.


“What do you want to eat?” Yang Ming looked at the crowded cafeteria.

“Let’s eat outside so that I can accompany you for a few drinks.” Zhang Bing laughed.

“Don’t. Stop acting as though I had a breakup!” Yang Ming waved his hand.

The two of them went to the barbeque shop near the university. They ordered a few bottles of beer and some kebabs. Zhang Bing ordered twenty ox kidneys to supplement.

Yang Ming laughed mischievously. Both of them had a meal in far apart Hu Yu [2] mingled with gossip. The two of them reminisced about their senior high school period, young adult years, and their early youth.

“Oh right, Yang Ming, was there anything between you and Zhao Ying?” Zhang Bing asked suddenly.

Yang Ming had a few cups of beer. There were no secrets between brothers. He knew Zhang Bing wouldn’t spread it around. Hence, he nodded his head, “It could be considered a mutual liking with some affections.”

Damn, you are quite strong!” Zhang Bing admired him. “Not bad, bro. You were quite average in Grade 10 and Grade 11. How come you became so strong suddenly? Were you reborn?”

Yang Ming was surprised. “You read too many light novels! There is no such thing as being reborn. If it happened, wouldn’t the world be in chaos?”

Haha, just kidding!” Zhang Bing said randomly. He didn’t believe in such a supernatural thing. “But, you are definitely strong!”

Haha, maybe I got over it already!” Yang Ming laughed.

“You can finally let go of the past?” Zhang Bing knew Yang Ming had a girlfriend before, though he didn’t know the details.

“Probably!” Yang Ming nodded his head. He was still gloomy when he thought about Su Ya. In the case of letting it go, how could that be possible? A first love was something quite memorable. Even a small event might be unforgettable. However, didn’t Su Ya mention that she would get in contact with me? Yang Ming had waited for such a long time, and yet there was nothing to be heard from Su Ya.

Haha, it is great if you forgot about it!” Zhang Bing smiled. “I think Mengyan is quite good. She wouldn’t be worse than your ex-girlfriend!”

Yang Ming nodded perfunctorily. It was impossible to compare them.

Both of them enjoyed their drinks till 1 p.m. in the afternoon when they needed to head to class. Zhang Bing requested the bill in a drunk manner. Both of them hadn’t planned on drinking too much, but once they talked about their past in high school, they couldn’t help but drink so much.

“Forget about class. Let’s go. We will talk again once we go back.” Zhang Bing was drunk. Apparently, he couldn’t attend the class anymore. On the other hand, Yang Ming followed through and went back to their dorm with Zhang Bing.

“Damn! Both of you are so mean!” Tian Donghua noticed both Zhang Bing and Yang Ming were drunk and complained, “How could you forget me for a drink and make me eat instant noodle here alone!”

“Actually, we didn’t go to drink intentionally. We were planning to have lunch together, but we didn’t imagine we will drink more once the conversation went so well.” Yang Ming explained. He was a little bit drunk, but he was still stronger than Zhang Bing. At least, he still had a rational mind.

“If you want to drink next time, please call me!” Tian Donghua instructed.

“Alright.” Yang Ming nodded. It was at this instant that his phone rang.

Yang Ming took out his phone and noticed an unfamiliar number. Initially, he didn’t want to pick it up, but he was afraid it would be Lan Ling’s call. Hence, he accepted the call, “Hey? Who are you looking for?”

“Yang Ming? I am Sun Zhiwei!” replied Sun Zhiwei.

“Sun Zhiwei? Why are you looking for me?” Yang Ming’s tone became unfriendly.

Chapter Notes:

[1] SM indicates Sadomasochism. A sexual act involving two or more participants who have an overwhelming amount of desire to either sexually torture others or be sexually tortured by others.

[2] A meal of far apart Hu Yu, in this case, indicates a conversation about the distant past. 

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