So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 221

Chapter 221: Telling the Truth

“Mengyan, there are things we can’t really control! I can’t do anything to change something that has happened already. I can only do my best to solve it!” Yang Ming was being emotional. He wanted to tell everything to Chen Mengyan, but he didn’t know how it would turn out.

“It wasn’t your wish? Then are you telling me that I asked you to do it?” Chen Mengyan sneered.

“Probably…” Yang Ming stuttered.

“What are you saying?” Chen Mengyan didn’t think Yang Ming would say that. She became furious. “Yang Ming, you need to tell me everything! What’s going on?”

“Mengyan, I don’t want to lie… Her name is Lan Ling. I met her during the holiday after Grade 12.” Yang Ming sighed slowly, “I brought her back from Yunnan…”

Chen Mengyan stared at Yang Ming. She really wanted to hear the explanation of this unfaithful man.

“She is really pitiful. She lost her mom when she was young. Then, her father had a gambling addiction. After her father lost all the money, he sold her to a bath center and forced her to sell her body…”

“So, you brought back a prostitute out of kindness?” Chen Mengyan was enraged. She could analyze reasonably if she wasn’t angry, so her questions were picking on Yang Ming.

“That was the first time for her and me…” Yang Ming had no choice but to say, “She’s only eighteen years old! I didn’t want her to be ruined at that place, so I brought her back.”

“You went to the bath center… yet you still want to reason about it?” Although Chen Mengyan pitied Lan Ling, this thing was still not related to Yang Ming. If he didn’t go to the bath center, he wouldn’t have encountered such a matter.

“I wasn’t being reasonable… Actually I was agitated because of you. I didn’t know what you heard from Wang Zhitao but your attitude toward me had changed 180 degrees!” Yang Ming sighed, “At that time, Zhang Bing wanted to go to Yunnan, so I went along with him to ease my pain. Under the condition of a broken heart, I was easily being influenced by Zhang Bing. I thought you didn’t want to bother with me anymore, so I wanted to vent out the negative feeling…”

Chen Mengyan blushed when Yang Ming reminded her of the incident of Wang Zhitao’s slander. Yang Ming must be disappointed because of her attitude. But even if you were disappointed, you can’t look for a prostitute! She had softened her tone, “Didn’t I give you a call to apologize after that…”

“But I had already brought Lan Ling back by that time! This was why I was avoiding you in the beginning… because I didn’t know what to do! I love you, and I don’t want to lose you. But I didn’t want to lose Lan Ling too!” Yang Ming explained.

“Alright, I know this can’t be undone. I’m not asking whether I or Lan Ling is more important. I just want to know. Who do you choose?” Chen Mengyan decided to give him one last chance. Based on his explanation, he shouldn’t be blamed for his fault!

“Mengyan, please don’t make me do this. Both of you are important to me.” Yang Ming said firmly, “Besides, there is another reason that I couldn’t give up on Lan Ling… and I really do love her.”

“Is that so? What are you doing here? Go look for your Lan Ling quickly!” Chen Mengyan was embarrassed and furious. Since you can’t give up on her, then why are you still talking to me?

“But I don’t want to lose you too!” Yang Ming said clearly.

“Don’t want to lose me?” Chen Mengyan was stunned. Then, she mocked him. “Yang Ming, are you dreaming? Do you want me and Lan Ling to be your girlfriends? Then you can have your harem?”

“That’s… what I mean…” Yang Ming scratched his head embarrassed.

“Why don’t you kill yourself?” Chen Mengyan was outraged by the statement. “Your idea is too modern or ancient. I just can’t take it.”

“Mengyan, you need to hear me out. The other reason that I can’t leave Lan Ling is the voodoo I got from her mother.” Yang Ming didn’t want to hide anymore. He decided to get Chen Mengyan at all cost.

“Yang Ming, didn’t you said that her mother was dead?” Chen Mengyan was dumbfounded.

“Before her mother died, she left something on Lan Ling. Lan Ling is from the Miao Tribe, and her mother was a voodoo master in the Miao Tribe.” Yang Ming shook his head. “The man who has sex with Lan Ling will get this kind of voodoo. If the man leaves Lan Ling, he will explode…”

Yang Ming told her everything about the voodoo and the resentment between her mother and her father.

“Really?” Chen Mengyan was doubtful. She was a modern person with a proper science education so she couldn’t understand these kinds of mysterious things. But she wasn’t being ignorant. She still could listen to it since she was young.

“Why would I lie…” Yang Ming gave off a bitter smile. “You will know after you see her.”

“After? What do you mean?” Chen Mengyan regained her reasoning.

“Her grandmother had taken her back to Yunnan. She wanted to teach Lan Ling about voodoo. It will take from one to three years…” Yang Ming said unhappily.

“Back to Yunnan?” Chen Mengyan was delighted for a moment. But she was low-spirited when she heard Lan Ling was coming back.

Yang Ming noticed Chen Mengyan wasn’t angry anymore, so he quickly changed the topic. He wanted to make Chen Mengyan feel wronged for him. Then, she could accept him easily. So he said, “Mengyan, what did Wang Zhitao tell you? You didn’t know how much pain I felt at that time. If I didn’t promise you that I would go to Song Jiang Industry University, I don’t think I could manage to score in the exam! I was thinking about you all the time…”

Chen Mengyan was stunned by Yang Ming! Yeah! Why did I never think of the possibility that Yang Ming could be affected during National Higher Education Entrance Examination? She blamed Wang Zhitao and felt sorry for Yang Ming at the same time. So she said with embarrassment, “Sorry… I shouldn’t really have trusted Wang Zhitao… He gave me a stack of photos showing you getting caught by the police at the entrance of Tavern Heaven on Earth… He said you were caught for calling a prostitute… but I think the photos were made up on the computer.”

Yang Ming was astounded. So Wang Zhitao was behind all this! Wang Zhitao, I didn’t want to bother with you lately, but I never expected you to be so evil. “Alright, enough already.”

Yang Ming muttered. He didn’t want to lie to Chen Mengyan anymore. She would know about Lin Zhiyun in the future. If Chen Mengyan knew he was lying to her, she would definitely be angry. So he decided to tell everything in one shot. He would ask for forgiveness after that.

“Mengyan, I still have one thing I need to tell you…” Yang Ming acted in a regretful manner.

“What is that?” Something clicked in Chen Mengyan’s head. Was Wang Zhitao telling the truth?

“The photos that Wang Zhitao gave you - the person in the photo is me but he framed me!” So Yang Ming told her about going to Tavern Heaven on Earth for dinner. Then, he was drugged and had sex with Lin Zhiyun. He nearly became a rapist…

Chen Mengyan was furious about Wang Zhitao. After I get home, I need to tell my dad to let him be judged by the law.

“Why are you telling me this? So you’re saying that if one day you meet this girl, you will ask her to be your girlfriend?” Chen Mengyan was clever, so she immediately understood Yang Ming’s intention.

“I’m a man, so I should be responsible for what I did. I have wronged her, so I have to compensate for her!” Yang Ming said in a determined manner.

“Is there anything else to tell me?” Chen Mengyan sighed lightly. Her endurance was growing stronger. At least she wasn’t agitated so much this time.

Yang Ming noticed the changes in Chen Mengyan’s expression. Is this the chance? “There’s nothing more to say… about the incident… I touched your bosom in the cinema…”

“Shut up!” Chen Mengyan glared Yang Ming and pointed at the door. “You can leave now.”

Huh?” Yang Ming was confused. Why is she asking me to leave? She wasn’t angry anymore. So theoretically, it should be the sign for accepting me. Why did she return to the previous state after I said that?

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