So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 220

Chapter 220: Secrets Revealed

Fortunately, the one he met just now was Zhao Sisi. If it was someone else, Yang Ming really couldn't explain it!

Once he got out of the bathroom, Yang Ming had to be very careful. After that, he speedily got up to the third floor, he looked around the corners for a few times to ensure that no one would be there before he started to look for Chen Mengyan’s room. Chen Mengyan lived in Room 307. The room’s layout here was similar to Yang Ming's dorm, so it wasn’t hard for Yang Ming to find his way to her room.

As he got near to room 307, he suddenly heard some moaning sound. Yang Ming was shocked. F*ck, has Chen Mengyan gotten so lonely that she started entertaining herself? Yang Ming looked up at the room number. Room 305. Yang Ming felt relieved. Yes, my little Mengyan is so pure. She definitely would not do this kind of lewd thing.

When he came to the door of room 307, Yang Ming knocked on the door and quickly moved away from the peephole. Since Chen Mengyan did not turn on her mobile phone, it was obvious that she did not want to speak to him. She would not have opened the door if she saw him, so Yang Ming thought of this plan.

"Who is it?" It was only after a while that Yang Ming heard Chen Mengyan’s voice. What was she doing? Maybe she was sleeping.

Chen Mengyan was really sleeping. After returning that night, Chen Mengyan cried for the entire night. The next day, there were dark circles under her eyes, and naturally, she couldn’t go to class. Since she had no choice, she could only ask her roommates to apply for leave for her. Her sleeping schedule was turned upside down too. She cried at night and slept during the day.

As for the mobile phone that was turned off, it was because it ran out of battery and she was too lazy to charge it, so she just threw it aside. After returning that night, Chen Mengyan had been playing with the mobile phone and wanted to send a breakup text message to Yang Ming. But Chen Mengyan wasn’t able to do it. So, the text message was edited and deleted, deleted and re-edited. After a whole night, the phone ran out of battery and automatically shut down. In fact, the reason why Chen Mengyan didn’t want to charge it was that she was afraid she would dare to send a breakup text message to Yang Ming. This way, having no battery was an excuse for her to comfort herself for not sending the text message.

Chen Mengyan really couldn't understand. What is bad about me? Why did Yang Ming betray me and be with the other girl? This morning, Chen Mengyan had just fallen asleep when she heard the knock on the door. She thought that the tutor knew that she was ill and came to verify it.

Chen Mengyan asked, and no one answered outside. She looked through the peephole and found that there was no one outside. Chen Mengyan naturally wouldn't associate it with supernatural beings. She thought that the person had gone because it took a while for her to answer it. Chen Mengyan naturally opened the door to take a look. Therefore, Yang Ming who had been waiting for a long time jumped in front of Chen Mengyan.

"Ah!" Chen Mengyan was stunned as a black shadow approached. She was shocked, and suddenly all the thoughts that flashed through her mind were "female dorm robbers", "pervert in the building", etc. She was so scared that she wanted to close her door quickly. Yang Ming had a quicker response. He extended his hand to stop it at the door crack.

"Kuang dang," Chen Mengyan didn’t care whether there was a hand there. She forcefully closed the door. She subconsciously thought that Yang Ming was a bad person.

"Mengyan, it’s me… Ouch!" Yang Ming screamed...

"Yang Ming?" Chen Mengyan was shocked. She quickly released her hand and opened the door. She saw Yang Ming's twisted face as he stood at the door. The joint of his right hand was already swollen.

Originally, Chen Mengyan was full of resentment toward Yang Ming. She didn't want to care about him at all. But after seeing Yang Ming's swollen hand, she couldn't bear to leave him there. In the end, she still asked with concern, "Your hand... are you okay?”

"I am fine... Mengyan, can you let me in first... I am standing in the hallway. If the auntie at the entrance of the building came up to check, she would kick me out!" Yang Ming said with a grin.

"Didn’t she let you in?" Chen Mengyan asked curiously.

"How would she let me in? I climbed up to the second floor!" Yang Ming smiled bitterly.

"Ah?" Chen Mengyan was shocked. She didn't expect Yang Ming to reach her by climbing up. Originally, Chen Mengyan wanted to shoo him away immediately. But seeing his pitiful look, half of her anger had already dissipated. She said, "Come in then."

Yang Ming entered the room and locked the door.

"What are you doing?" Chen Mengyan asked cautiously as she saw how Yang Ming locked the door. She was wearing pajamas without her bras and panties. She felt a bit shy facing Yang Ming this way.

"My hand is already like this. What else can I do? I am just afraid that someone will suddenly come in!" Yang Ming shook his head. "Moreover, with the kind of relationship we have now, what can’t I do?"

"What kind of relationship? We don’t have any relationship." Chen Mengyan suddenly looked cold and said disgustedly. It would have been fine if Yang Ming did not mention it. But this sentence went right onto Mengyan’s wound! She knew all of this because Yang Ming kept a distance with her, which made her go out for a walk and find all of these troubles.

"Mengyan, what happened to you?" Yang Ming felt baffled by Chen Mengyan’s attitude. We were clearly fine before this. How come now suddenly she becomes so indifferent toward me? Did she change her mind?

Yang Ming has also seen some novels about women changing their minds, but he thought that Chen Mengyan was not the kind of girl who wanted only rich kids! This can be seen from her previous behavior. If not, she would have chosen Wang Zhitao!

"Nothing happened to me. I am fine." Chen Mengyan frowned.

"Then why are you..." Yang Ming was puzzled.

"Yang Ming, I don't want to see you right now. You go back." Chen Mengyan was in a bad mood now and didn’t want to speak much. Logically, even though she wanted to tell Yang Ming upfront that she didn’t want to see him again in the future, she didn’t have the heart to do it. The feelings of first love are always difficult to give up.

"What do you mean? Mengyan, what’s going on? Can you clarify it? Did I do something that offended you?" Yang Ming was getting more and more confused.

Chen Mengyan didn’t want to expose him earlier, but looking at Yang Ming’s innocent look, she got furious! You are really capable of acting. Don’t you know what you have done? So she looked at Yang Ming with a cold stare and said word by word, "If you don’t want others to know it, you shouldn’t have done it [1]. You should know what are the things that you have done wrong to me."

If you don’t want others to know it, you shouldn’t have done it? I should know what are the things that I have done wrong to her? Yang Ming didn’t get the first sentence, but the second sentence sent a chill to his heart! Had Chen Mengyan found out about everything? Did she know everything about myself and Lan Ling? Yang Ming wanted to look up at Chen Mengyan’s expression. But looking at Chen Mengyan’s fierce gaze, he couldn’t help but feel guilty, “Mengyan, have you heard some things?”

"Do you want to tell me that I can’t just believe in rumors? Repeated rumor becomes a fact?" Chen Mengyan glared at Yang Ming coldly.

"Mengyan… I… " Yang Ming didn't know what to say.

"Yang Ming, you are underestimating me. Do you think I, Mengyan, is one who would believe in mindless rumors?" Chen Mengyan sneered, "Yang Ming, I had misjudged you! You dared to do it, but you didn’t dare to admit it! Let's break up..."

It seemed like Chen Mengyan has gathered some actual evidence! She is not testing him with groundless accusations! After Yang Ming had confirmed this point, he simply let loose of himself and raised his head. He looked directly at Chen Mengyan, "Okay. Mengyan, I admit it. I have another girlfriend besides you!"

"Pak!" Chen Mengyan even heard the sound of her heart breaking. Deep down in her heart, she hoped that Yang Ming would not admit it or explained that the girl was just his sister... But, with this sentence, the hope was completely shattered, and Chen Mengyan’s tears flowed silently...

Women are often irrational. If Yang Ming insisted that he had nothing to do with the girl then Chen Mengyan might have believed Yang Ming's lies and pretended that she did not know anything. Everything could be as good as it had been. As long as Yang Ming was no longer in contact with the girl. But now, Chen Mengyan felt that her world was collapsing.

Seeing it with her own eyes and hearing Yang Ming admit it were two very different concepts! Chen Mengyan no longer had space for any illusions, and her eyes stared blankly at the floor...

"Mengyan, although I have concealed the truth from you, it is my fault, but this was not my original intention!" Yang Ming explained quickly.

"What’s the point of saying all this... you go..." Chen Mengyan did not look at Yang Ming as she muttered.

"Mengyan, listen to me!" Now, Yang Ming had decided not to conceal anything and tell her the full truth of the matter. He could not shoulder the blame for this alone because Chen Mengyan also had some responsibility for it!

Chapter Notes:

[1] A Chinese idiom - can go along the lines of “what’s done by the night appears by the day” or “a secret will always be exposed.” A very common phrase. 

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