So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 219

Chapter 219: Parkour

Oh? Really? Alright, you should report this person to the tutor! How dare a freshman skip class? This needs to be dealt with in a strict manner!” The research lecturer urged. He didn’t have much power to threaten the student because the research class was a supplementary class for the physics lecture. There was no final exam for this subject at the end of the semester. Hence, he directly instructed the class monitor to report it to the tutor.

‘Alright.” Sun Zhiwei nodded in a delightful manner. Yang Ming, I don’t think you can get over this without a three thousand word reflection essay!

Yang Ming didn’t know Sun Zhiwei had lodged a complaint against him. However, it wasn’t a big deal if he didn’t know it. Yang Ming had grasped the situation of the university through the internet. It wasn’t a big deal to play truant as long as he passed the exams which marked the completion of a subject. In the case of the tutor, most probably he would be lectured with a few sentences and would have to submit a reflection essay. It was impossible to be expelled just because one played hooky. He didn’t commit any blunder like beating up a student or humiliating a teacher.

Yang Ming switched on his computer with an absent mind. After surfing the internet for a while, he realized that “Wild Female Teacher” was actually online! With the notification of Yang Ming being online, Wild Female Teacher sent a radiant smiley face immediately.

“What are you so happy about?” Even though Yang Ming was in a bad mood, he couldn’t pretend to be ignorant when a friend spoke to him.

“Try to guess.” Wild Female Teacher acted in accordance with a female character who loved to leave other people guessing.

“I can’t…” Yang Ming immediately replied with an emoji of cold sweat.

“I can get together with him soon,” said Wild Female Teacher.

“Congratulations... I have some issues at my side…” Yang Ming said helplessly.

“You and your girlfriend?” asked Wild Female Teacher.

Yang Ming wanted to type “Yup,” but his phone rang. Yang Ming picked it up and noticed it was a call from Zhang Bing. He quickly accepted the phone call.

“Hey, Zhang Bing, how was it? Have you seen Mengyan?” Yang Ming asked in a hurry. Chen Mengyan was still his first love after the ambiguous relationship with Su Ya. Hence, Yang Ming cared about her a lot.

“Bro, Chen Mengyan didn’t attend class today!” replied Zhang Bing.

“Didn’t attend? Why?” Yang Ming was surprised.

“I asked the class monitor. She said Chen Mengyan didn’t attend the class yesterday as well. There’s someone else applying for sick leave for her,” replied Zhang Bing.

“Sick?” Yang Ming was stunned. What’s going on? When I called her dorm yesterday, her roommate didn’t comment on anything. Yang Ming subconsciously realized the severity of the issue!

“I understand. I’ll talk to you later.” Yang Ming nodded his head.

“Bro, what happened between you and sister-in-law?” Zhang Bing was curious. “Haven’t the both of you been on good terms all the time?”

“Please don’t mention it. I don’t know what’s going on as well!” Yang Ming smiled bitterly as he shook his head. “Alright, let’s not talk about it now. I will come up with something.”

“Alright, let’s talk about it next time. My class is starting soon.” Zhang Bing hung up the call.

Yang Ming was distraught with anxiety. He replied to Wild Female Teacher: I have something going on. Let’s chat again next time.

Yang Ming’s words agitated Zhao Ying. It was not easy for her to find a close online friend to share her happiness, and yet this fellow was in a foul mood and ignored her!

This dead meat, “There's no True Love in this World,” hmph, no wonder you keep on getting jilted by girls. How can you pick up girls with such a stupid name? Go and die! I hope you will be single for the rest of your life!

It was not Zhao Ying’s fault to be mad after all. She just received the enrollment letter from Song Jiang Industry University. She was in an elated mood, and she wanted to share her happiness with a friend. However, Wang Xiaoyan went to college as well. She rarely returned to her room which pushed Zhao Ying to log into QQ in a hurry. She noticed that “There’s no True Love in this World” was online, hence she wanted to share her happiness with him. She didn’t anticipate this fellow had a break up again. With him stirring up her emotions, Zhao Ying’s jubilant mood had vanished into thin air.

Zhao Ying in an angry mood cursed “There’s no True Love in this World” to be single for the rest of his life. Unbeknownst to her, she was cursing herself as well!

Yang Ming switched off his laptop and rushed toward the female dormitory. On his way, he dialed Chen Mengyan’s phone. What he heard was still the annoying voice prompt, “I am sorry. The number you have dialed is either switched off or outside of the service area.”

Yang Ming couldn’t help but hasten his pace toward the female dormitory.

Hey, male student, stand right there!” Yang Ming wanted to enter, but he was stopped by the auntie at the entrance of the female dormitory.

“Auntie, my girlfriend is sick. I need to deliver medicine to her.” Yang Ming smiled as he replied.

‘Deliver medicine? Where’s your medicine?” The auntie rolled her eyes and glared at Yang Ming.

“This... actually, I need to go up and see how she is before getting the medicine for her.” Yang Ming was surprised. He didn’t imagine that the auntie of the female dormitory entrance would be so observant.

Hmph, I don’t think you came here to deliver medicine. Leave quickly, or I will get your tutor!” The auntie at the entrance snorted.

“That… Auntie, my girlfriend is really sick. Can you let me go up and visit her? I will come down immediately later. This is my student identification card…” Yang Ming had no other way around it, so he took out his student identification card.

“Nope, who knows what you would do up there? Right now is class time, what if something went missing?” The auntie waved her hand and replied.

“Auntie, let me be honest with you, my girlfriend and I are having a fight. She didn’t accept my call and unplugged the dormitory phone! She didn’t come to class, and I came here to speak to her.” Yang Ming had to use his ultimate technique, the trick of self-defamatory to gain something. “Auntie, you don’t want to see a great relationship be broken, right?”

Yang Ming said it with a stern expression. He wanted to get the auntie’s sympathy, but instead, she acted coldly and spoke, “Hmph, breaking up is better! How old are you? You’re just a freshman, and yet you are in a relationship? The freshman right now, in the 90’s, their morals are degrading day by day! In the past during my time, having a relationship in university was recorded as a demerit by the university! There’s an issue with how things go nowadays!”

Damn! Yang Ming secretly scolded, What a failed strategy. This auntie must have been abandoned by her husband, diagnosed with menopause syndrome and have a psychopathic tendency! Motherf*cker, other people’s relationship isn’t related to you at all. If you still want to talk about the moral of the generation is degrading, I think your time is ticking [1]!

With the unexpected cold attitude, Yang Ming had to leave the female dormitory, but he wasn’t satisfied. If he can’t meet up with Chen Mengyan, he couldn’t find out what was happening. Since Chen Mengyan switched off her phone and refused to leave the female dormitory, there would be little chance for him to understand what actually occurred.

Yang Ming looked around the structure of the female dormitory. Chen Mengyan’s room was on the third floor which wasn’t too high up. It was possible to climb up from here. But, Yang Ming didn’t plan to climb directly to the third floor because the window of the second-floor bathroom was open. Yang Ming could get up to the third floor from the second floor. As for the window of the first floor, there was a guardrail blocking it.

As the successor of the King of Assassins, Fang Tian’s training wasn’t limited to assassination techniques but also the agility of the body, for example, climbing up trees and buildings in addition to some survival skills in special circumstances.

Yang Ming walked to the back of the female dormitory. There was not much attention here. Yang Ming surveyed his surroundings. After making sure that there was no one else there, he quickly jumped onto the guardrail of the first floor. Then, he stepped onto the guardrail and climbed up onto the windows of the second-floor bathroom.

Yang Ming observed the situation inside. After he was sure that no one was there, he used his hands to support himself as he climbed into the window. It was at this moment that a person entered from the bathroom entrance!

Yang Ming was caught by surprise. The other person was shocked as well. It was impossible for Yang Ming to jump back down, so he could only push forward.

Ah!” The girl raised her head and noticed a man jump over the window. Naturally, she was startled. Before she shouted, Yang Ming quickly waved his hand and said, “Zhao Sisi, don’t shout! It’s me!”

The person that came in was Zhao Sisi. She had a great night with Zhang Bing yesterday, so her bottom half was quite uncomfortable. She couldn’t walk normally, so she was absent from class. She wanted to take the opportunity to clean herself up when there were no other people around. She didn’t imagine that she would encounter Yang Ming here.

‘Why is it you?” Zhao Sisi was shocked. “How did you come in?”

Ai! It is hard to explain. Chen Mengyan is unhappy with me. Zhang Bing said she didn’t come to class today, so I came over to look for her. The auntie of the female dormitory entrance didn’t allow me to enter. I had no choice, so I climbed through the window.” Yang Ming uttered in a helpless manner, “Oh right, why are you not in class today?’

“I…” Zhao Sisi’s reason was hard to explain, so she brushed it off. “I am not feeling well, so I didn’t go.”

Yang Ming noticed the basin and shampoo in her hands. He roughly understood what had happened. He gave her a dubious smile and said, “I will go ahead first.”

Zhao Sisi noticed Yang Ming’s smile and stared at him as if she was complaining. But, she envied Chen Mengyan. I wonder if I get mad, will Zhang Bing show his parkour skills and climb up here to pamper me?

Chapter Notes:

[1] The idiom which meant “morals of the generation are degrading” and “time is ticking” both use the word “日” which is translated as a number of “days.” It was intended as a pun where the morals “nowadays” and running out of “days” is mentioned. 

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