So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 216

Chapter 216: Make an Opening Move and Try Out

Ah?” Hou Zhenhan was shocked. Motherf*cker, why was there someone nearby? As he turned his head around and noticed the lofty and formidable figure of Yang Ming, he couldn’t help but curse at his bad luck!

Even though Hou Zhenhan was a retired soldier, there wasn't anyone who could get close to him easily. But right now, he was a robber! He couldn't help but carry a sense of guilt! If it was just one person, he could threaten her with a knife. However, another person came into the picture, and Hou Zhenhan couldn't quite get a grip on the situation! He was afraid of Yang Ming calling the police!

“Who...who are you? Don’t come closer!” Hou Zhenhan said as he forced his way to Lin Zhiyun with a knife. “If you come any closer, I will kill her…”

“I’m a student of this university.” Yang Ming said with a smile, “I just passed by here coincidentally and stumbled onto this scene.”

“Coincidence? Stop bluffing! What are you doing at a place like this… oh, yes, you must be acquainted with this girl! You noticed that she didn't return and came looking for her, right?” Hou Zhenhan analyzed the situation.

“Your creativity wasn’t bad. I don't know her though.” Yang Ming shook his head. “But, don't you want money? Isn't it the same if you get it from another person? How much you want? Give me a number.”

The moment Lin Zhiyun heard Yang Ming say that he didn't know her, she felt slightly relieved. It seemed that he had already forgotten about her entirely. But, Lin Zhiyun still had an anxious feeling lingering around her.

“Are you going to give me money?” Apparently, Hou Zhenhan lacked experience, or else he wouldn't ask something like that.

“Yes. Before I change my mind, you shouldn't doubt about it.” Yang Ming said plainly.

“You... really… I want two thousand yuan. Can you give it to me?” Hou Zhenhan asked stammeringly. In fact, the surgery fee was merely a thousand yuan. He asked for two thousand yuan just in case of unforeseen circumstances.

“Why don’t you tell me the purpose of the money? If it was really needed, I will give it to you.” Yang Ming replied without a sense of doubt.

The reason Yang Ming was standing here negotiating with him was that of his ability which let him peek into the robber’s mind unintentionally. A person thoughts in his mind can’t lie unless this person was diagnosed with paranoia. Yang Ming was taking into consideration that this fellow was in a rush to amass money for his mom’s treatment, so he took the time to negotiate.

“My mother was diagnosed with acute appendicitis… After she was admitted to the hospital, an immediate surgery was required... The hospital wouldn’t carry out the surgery if I couldn’t afford it. My mother was suffering from agonizing pain. They attempted to control the situation with painkillers. In fact, it wasn’t effective…” Hou Zhenhan said in a miserable manner. “I rushed out to acquire funds at any place that I could think of, but it was quite late already, and I had no place to get funds for surgery. I didn’t have a choice, so I resorted to robbery…”

Yang Ming nodded his head. He knew acute appendicitis couldn't be delayed. If the appendix was perforated, it would be much worse. So, he nodded and looked into the eyes of Hou Zhenhan as he spoke word by word, “I hope what you said is true!”

“I swear…” Hou Zhenhan quickly raised his right hand and swore.

“There's no need for it.” Yang Ming shook his head as he took out his wallet from his pocket. He counted two thousand and passed it to Hou Zhenhan, “You should leave in haste. The sickness can’t be delayed any further…”

“Ah? You actually gave it to me?” This time, Hou Zhenhan was amazed. He stared at Yang Ming at a complete loss.

When Yang Ming noticed Hou Zhenhan’s expression, he felt slightly relieved. Yang Ming could be deemed as a student with a deep pocket. He always carried about ten thousand yuan in his wallet. Hou Zhenhan didn’t have any ill intention after seeing it. Apparently, he wasn’t an evil person. Just now, Yang Ming actually tightened his senses and reflexes. If Hou Zhenhan was greedy for wealth, Yang Ming would stop him without mercy.

“Yes, don’t you want it?” Yang Ming laughed as he asked.

“Yes, yes… thank you, thank you!” Hou Zhenhan couldn't stop expressing his gratitude.

“Quickly go to the hospital. Please don't delay any further.” Yang Ming shook his head without caring too much. At that moment, two thousand yuan didn’t amount to much for him.

“My benefactor, please accept Hou Zhenhan’s respect…” Hou Zhenhan had a sense of gratitude toward Yang Ming that he had never felt before. In this materialistic age, who would give you money for nothing in return? With that, Hou Zhenhan bowed to Yang Ming...

Yang Ming was shocked, There’s no need for that, right? He quickly tried to raise Hou Zhenhan up, but he didn’t expect Hou Zhenhan to have such insurmountable strength. Yang Ming used thirty percent of his strength yet he couldn’t raise him up! Yang Ming frowned a little. If he used all his strength, he would be able to do it. However, Yang Ming didn’t want to set himself against him, so he accepted the bow.

“Benefactor, I will go ahead first… May I ask if my benefactor could give me your name and address…” Hou Zhenhan noticed Yang Ming’s expression. He was worried of misunderstanding hence he quickly explained, “Dear benefactor, please don’t misunderstand. What I meant is to return to you the money once I earn it in the future…”

Yang Ming nodded his head and said, “It is once in a blue moon to see someone with such commitment. My name is Yang Ming, computer science department level 8 class 2 of Songjiang University. You can look for me there. Of course, even if you don’t have enough money, you may come to look for me too.” Yang Ming felt Hou Zhenhan had a strong self-esteem, hence he told Hou Zhenhan his contact information.

“Alright, I will remember that. My name is Hou Zhenhan.” As he finished his sentence, he turned around and left in haste.

“I hope it didn’t scare you?” Yang Ming turned around and spoke to Lin Zhiyun who was startled.

“I… am fine…” Lin Zhiyun shook her head. ‘Did you actually give him the money?”

“Why not? Maybe his mother was actually admitted into the hospital with a dire need of money.” Yang Ming smiled, “As you can see, he only requested two thousand yuan. But, my wallet had so much more money, yet he didn’t have any ill intention. It proves that he was not really a robber.”

“Probably so…” Lin Zhiyun nodded his head. Yes, who won’t face difficult times? Thinking about the past, I almost stepped into the path of prostitution due to the circumstance!... Yang Ming just seems to be too kind. Last time, he gave me three thousand yuan. This time around, he gave the person just now two thousand yuan! Is his family rich? It doesn’t seem to be true too. Yang Ming has a similar outfit to me. Also, he was taking the train last time. How would a rich person ride the train?

“Are you alright?” Yang Ming noticed Lin Zhiyun was dazed and he asked in curiosity. Was she shocked to the point of becoming crazy?

“I… am fine…”As Lin Zhiyun spoke, she bent down and started picking up the straw mushrooms which dropped on the ground.

“Let me help.” Yang Ming bent down and helped Lin Zhiyun pick up the straw mushrooms. “Are these straw mushrooms? Did you pick them here?”

“Yes, there was rain in the afternoon. The grove in this area grows a lot of straw mushrooms. So, I pick those up to bring it home to prepare soup for my father.” Lin Zhiyun nodded as she spoke.

“Is the taste of straw mushroom good? I haven’t tasted it before.” Yang Ming thought out loud.

“It is quite tasty, better than the mushrooms which grow under artificial cultivation… How about I give you some, and you can bring it home to try?” Lin Zhiyun suggested.

“Forget it. I am a man, and I don’t know how to cook it. It is better not to put those straw mushrooms into waste.” Yang Ming smiled as he replied. His original intention was, You should prepare it and share some of it with me. In any case, I had rescued you at least.

“Oh But Lin Zhiyun only said “oh” and didn’t utter any more words.

Damn, it seems like I have expected too much from an uninterested person. Yang Ming shook his head. A hero rescuing a damsel in distress wasn’t quite effective!

After she finished picking up the straw mushrooms on the ground, Lin Zhiyun said to Yang Ming in a bashful manner, “Just now… thank you… I will leave first?”

“Are you a student of Song Jiang Industry University?” Yang Ming asked.

“En.” Lin Zhiyun nodded her head.

“Let’s go. I am going back also.” Actually, the trails here were quite dangerous at night. Yang Ming was worried as they encountered a robbery just now. As the Chinese idiom goes, do good till the end.

“But… I need to go home now… to prepare soup for my dad…” Lin Zhiyun explained.

“That’s quite late. How are you going back?” Yang Ming took a look at his phone, “It’s already 10 p.m., yet you want to walk back home?”

“My house isn’t far from here. I can walk back home,” replied Lin Zhiyun.

“Never mind. Where’s your house? Let me send you home.” Yang Ming didn’t have any urgent matters to attend. It was quite late already, and Yang Ming couldn’t agree to have a girl walk back home alone. After all, I’m still a gentleman!

“Ah?” Lin Zhiyun was caught by surprise. What is the meaning behind it? Is he… Ever since senior high school, Lin Zhiyun was the campus belle. There wasn’t a shortage of pursuers like him. Originally, Lin Zhiyun thought Yang Ming wasn’t a man who would lust after her looks. It cannot be… but, how is that possible? Why did he buy my first night and leave later on? Lin Zhiyun was puzzled by the situation.

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