So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Robbery in the Forest

Yang Ming not only learned the killing techniques from Fang Tian, but he also learned how to dispose of the corpse to cover the scene.

This was important knowledge. After killing someone, the person correspondingly had to cover up the scene. Not only must the person be skillful in covering it up, but he also needed to have a strong mentality. Yang Ming was dumbfounded how Dong Jun could collect so many corpses for Yang Ming to learn with. These corpses were obtained from a medical university.

Besides body dissolution powder, there were many ways to dispose of a corpse. Body dissolution powder was the last resort. According to Fang Tian, body dissolution powder was rare and expensive. He couldn't create such a powder.

“This body dissolution powder was given by a chief of the Miao people to my master. The chief was a master in voodoo. The amount used for each time is not much. I still have half of the bottle.” Fang Tian said, “You must use it wisely. There is no more if you finish it.”

“Miao? Voodoo?” Yang Ming was shocked then he thought of Lan Ling again. Is she okay? She had left for a day. Why didn't she contact me? She must have reached Yunnan by now.

Fang Tian noticed Yang Ming’s strange expression. He didn't know Yang Ming was worried about Lan Ling. He thought it must be connected to the body dissolution powder, so he explained, “This body dissolution powder is actually a voodoo. Voodoo is a type of bacteria or insect that is cultivated by the Miao people. From the words “voodoo” [1], there is an insect below a container.”

“This body dissolution powder is a type of voodoo. It isn't any kind of chemical. Even chemicals like sulfuric acid didn't have such strong corrosive powers. This is a type of bacteria. It was usually in a dormant state. When it touches the body, it will grow quickly and devour the body. When the body is gone, it will evaporate into the air and die. It can't be collected again. This thing isn't rare for actual Miao people. I heard that this body dissolution powder was used to dispose of opponent corpses during the war between the Black Miao people and White Miao people.

Yang Ming nodded his head. He thought Lan Ling's grandmother might know how to mix it.

Yang Ming woke up later and shortened his time for training because of Lan Ling. He didn't want to give up on it, so he decided to continue his training at night.

Speed and strength must be improved during early training. If not, it will be difficult to improve later on. Yang Ming didn't want to cultivate his laziness. Therefore, Yang Ming ran toward the north forest.

At night, the forest was desolate and deserted. No one would come here especially during late autumn.

Ah!” A shrill woman’s cry broke the silence in the night.

Yang Ming was stunned. Was there a ghost at this hour? But Yang Ming was never afraid of ghosts. He quickly hid behind a tree and observed the surroundings calmly.

This habit was a result of his assassination training. The first thing to do is to cover his position during an emergency.

Under the tree in the darkness was the best spot to hide. The tree can effectively block the attack from others, and it will hide his position.

But no one noticed Yang Ming. Yang Ming had confirmed the direction of the voice. It was not far from him. Under the moon, there was a lady in a white shirt squatting on the floor and looking horribly at a man wearing a black shirt holding a knife.

There was a small bag beside the girl, and the contents of it were scattered around. Yang Ming could look clearly in the small bag through his night vision ability. The things were some mushrooms.

“What do you want?” The woman was looking at the black-shirted man with fear.

The woman’s voice wasn’t loud actually. But Yang Ming could clearly hear the words in the silent night. Even if he couldn’t, he would be able to read her lips.

“Give me all your valuable items. Wallet, phone, necklace!” The black-shirted man raised his knife and intimidated her. But the voice of black-shirted man was trembling.

This was his first time committing a robbery. He had no choice but to do it.

An experienced robber wouldn’t choose this forest without anyone here to rob. But Hou Zhenhan thought that a robbery could only be executed in a small alley or the forest. He was influenced by movies and novels. But he coincidentally met a girl who was collecting mushrooms when he reached the forest, so Hou Zhenhan threatened her with a dagger.

Hou Zhenhan was frightened because he didn’t expect the woman to shout all of a sudden. Later, Hou Zhenhan was relieved that the place was in the forest so there wouldn’t be anyone there.

He was scared that the woman would resist, so he took out his knife. He didn't want to kill anyone. He did it because he had no choice. Although Hou Zhenhan acted calmly, his mind was agitated.

--”I hope that she could give me her money without resisting. I didn’t really want to do it! I wouldn’t do such a thing if I didn’t need money to save a life!”

This was so strange! Yang Ming heard the “mind” of the black-shirted man! Yang Ming was certain that he didn’t speak at all. Yang Ming was agitated. Why does this ability only work in emergency situations? I can’t really stay calm and analyze the usage of this ability!

“I don’t have a cell phone…” Lin Zhiyun subconsciously covered her pocket. There was 1,200 yuan in it. It was the salary that she just got from home tutoring.

My father’s legs aren’t recovered yet. This money is for his medication fee. I can’t let him take it away! But Lin Zhiyun didn’t have any experience, and her action exposed her valuables.

“What is the thing in your pocket? Show me!” The black-shirted man clearly noticed Lin Zhiyun’s movement.

“No… nothing…” Lin Zhiyun stuttered.

“Nothing? Huh! Do you want to do it yourself or do I do it for you?” The black-shirted man certainly didn’t believe her.

“I… can’t give you that money!” Lin Zhiyun said stubbornly.

“Can’t give? Why not? Aren’t you afraid that I would kill you?” The black-shirted man stepped closer and swung his dagger. It shined a desolate white light under the moonlight.

“I can’t give… you… this money… please… spare me…” Lin Zhiyun showed a face of helplessness.

“Your money or your life?” The black-shirted man was angry at the woman for playing dumb. In the movies, people were frightened when the robber showed his knife. But what was this girl doing?

“I…” Lin Zhiyun clenched her teeth. “This money is for my dad’s medication… I can’t give it to you…”

“Medication?” The black-shirted man was stunned, but he followed up in anger. “You bullsh*t! You have such fair skin and look so beautiful! You must be from a rich family! You can’t even tell a lie!”

Lin Zhiyun was dumbfounded. I’m rich because I’m beautiful? What logic is this? But she still had to explain, “S… sir, this really is my dad’s medication fee… I didn’t lie to you!”

-- “Didn’t lie to me? Is this really a coincidence? I’m robbing for my mom’s medication fee! Then, your money is for your dad’s medication fee?”

Yang Ming finally knew why would the black-shirted man chose to rob. So he had his reason! But why is the girl so familiar? Have I seen her before?

Yang Ming had better vision than the black-shirted man. The black-shirted man couldn’t clearly see Lin Zhiyun’s clothes at night. If it was in the daytime, the cheap clothes she wore could be easily identified! How could this person be rich?

Yang Ming knew that the girl was telling the truth. The two of them were so pitiful!

Yang Ming shook his head. He initially wanted to stop the black-shirted man with violence, but now he had to change his plan.

Yang Ming sighed and walked toward them. He spoke loudly, “How much money do you want?”

Chapter Notes:

[1] voodoo is written like this: 蛊. The top character, 虫, is insect. The bottom character, 皿, is dish or container. 

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