So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Nemesis

"The classmates in my year are all idiots. I don't want to talk to them," said Tian Donghua.

"Then let’s go. But let me tell you in advance, the quality of the girls in our class are poor!" Yang Ming reminded him.

"It doesn't matter. I will just go out to catch a breather!" said Tian Donghua.

Yang Ming was now a celebrity. He was the center of attention wherever he went. "Look, isn’t that Yang Ming! It's the ruthless person who used the Brick Breaking Technique!"

Although the contest was held among the students, it still caught the university authority’s attention because of its degree of sensation. However, both parties had fortunately remained silent after the incident. They did not cause any other incidents regardless of winning or losing. Therefore, the university authorities naturally didn’t have much reason to interfere. After all, they were all young adults, and the university had to reserve some autonomy for them. Although the martial arts battle was somewhat shocking, it was only a matter of exchanging martial arts if one were to euphemize it. After the incident, the authorities spoke to the Taekwondo Club and warned them not to create any more similar incidents.

Ren Jianren would never go against the words of the university authorities. No matter how bada** he could be, it was not to the point where he would risk getting himself expelled. It was much easier for a university to expel a student compared to high school. High school is a compulsory nine-year education. Technically, the school can only persuade one to leave,  but the students cannot be expelled. But it was different at the university. There was no compulsory education for you. If you didn't perform well, you would have to get out.

Otherwise, Ren Jianren wouldn’t have let Yang Ming go so easily according to his character. However, it was also thanks to the intervention of the school that he hadn’t courted death yet.

Yang Ming had always been a maverick, and he rarely talked to his classmates. He sat in the last row every time, so no one cared about him. Although Yang Ming’s popularity increased with Ren Jianren's contest, the students who got near to Yang Ming were just riding the trend. After two days, everything returned to normal.

But those who didn’t really know Yang Ming were still curious about him.

Tian Donghua sat beside Yang Ming. Since not many people were paying attention, Yang Ming took out a book, "University Physics," and placed it on the table because he was bored. Although it was a computer science course, he also had a compulsory physics subject.

"F***, you liar!" Tian Donghua suddenly said, "Isn’t that Zhou Jiajia!"

Yang Ming looked up and followed Tian Donghua's gaze. Sure enough, Zhou Jiajia and Wang Xue were sitting not far away. The two girls were whispering. Yang Ming said plainly, "Yes, what about them? We are in the same class."

"Aren’t those beauties! You actually told me that there was nothing in the class. What is your intention?" Tian Donghua said with dissatisfaction, "This is a campus-level beauty!"

"Really?" asked Yang Ming asked. Is Zhou Jiajia very beautiful? Maybe. Although things had happened many years ago, Yang Ming’s grudge against Zhou Jiajia had waned, but the initial knot in the heart had not been opened.

"What are you doubting? It is!" Tian Donghua said disdainfully, "Could you have the intention to enjoy it for yourself... Oh? Yes, I remembered it. The other time when the news was sensational about your fight, they said you formed a grudge against the Taekwondo club because of her! That was the case... I understand! There must be something between the two of you!”

"Bro, isn’t your analytical ability too extreme? If you become a detective, I wonder how many innocent victims would be framed!" Yang Ming rolled his eyes. "You are a pirated copy of Maori Kogoro [1]!"

"You don't have to hurt me like this!" Tian Donghua said with a smile, "I was just stating the fact! Okay, Zhou Jiajia belongs to you. I know it in my heart. I shall stop commenting about it."

Yang Ming shook his head helplessly. For this type of thing, the more you explain the muddier it becomes. It was better for him to remain silent.

"What? I have said the truth, haven’t I?" Tian Donghua saw Yang Ming went silent, so he continued, "You can rest assured. One does not touch their friends’ wives [2]. I will not be tempted by her!"

Yang Ming was completely speechless, Can’t I just remain silent?

Tian Donghua and Yang Ming were quite close to each other. He had also changed his arrogant style of interacting with people. He knew that was the only way to get true friendships in university. Others would be disgusted by him if he kept acting arrogantly.

Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao had arrived [3]. Sun Zhiwei walked over arrogantly, "Yang Ming, this Saturday is Song Jiang’s Five Disciplines and Four Graces [4]. The university and the city administration jointly launched a publicity campaign. Each class had to select a few students as representatives to go to the train station to promote the Five Disciplines and Four Graces. After the class committee’s discussion, there is a place for you."

Promote? Isn't that free labor? Yang Ming was not the kind of passionate youth who was keen on societal issues. He was not interested in these things at all. Some people might deem that Yang Ming lacked social morality. However, in fact, Yang Ming was never a good student anyway. He was just a little punk. When I was fighting with the punks out on the street, it would be great if I didn’t destroy any public property. Now, you want me to speak about the Five Disciplines and Four Graces?

"I’m not going." Yang Ming said faintly, "I don’t have the time. Give this slot to another student."

"Not going? What right do you have to not go? This is the decision of the class committee." Sun Zhiwei was not willing. It was the decision of the class committee. How could it be refuted by an ordinary citizen?

"Shouldn’t this thing be voluntary?" Tian Donghua interjected.

"Oh? Hey!" Sun Zhiwei looked at Tian Donghua carefully, and he snorted, "Look who’s here? Oh my, is this the young master of the Tian family?"

Tian Donghua’s face turned dark as he listened to Sun Zhiwei's words. He didn't take a proper look at Sun Zhiwei before. Now, after a careful look, he was a little shocked. How did this kid come to Song Jiang Industry University?

"Master Sun! Sorry that I didn’t recognize you." Although Tian Donghua said so on the surface, he looked down on Sun Zhiwei in his heart. You are just a spoiled brat.

"Hehe, I have heard that the young master of the Tian family had committed a crime and ran away. I didn't expect to meet you here." Sun Zhiwei sneered, "Do you still want to meddle yourself in things like this? Someone has really good tolerance, doesn’t he? Obviously a minion, but now he dared to dance in front of the master?"

Tian Donghua clenched his teeth and got furious. Weren’t these words a bit too offensive? However, he couldn’t afford to go against him, so he lowered his head with a sullen face.

Although Yang Ming didn’t know the relationship between Tian Donghua and Sun Zhiwei, he could see that it was obvious that those two people must have known each other! From the current situation, it seemed like Tian Donghua was still a little afraid of Sun Zhiwei! This made Yang Ming felt somewhat surprised. What was Sun Zhiwei’s background?

But regardless of the background, Yang Ming didn’t care about him at all. After glaring at Sun Zhiwei, he wasn’t willing to continue the conversation with him. He said directly, "I will not go. If you want to continue to gnaw, go ahead."

"You!" Sun Zhiwei did not expect Yang Ming to reject him outright in that way! But you have a plan of Zhang Liang, I have a wall ladder [5]. Sun Zhiwei sneered, "I have already sent the list to tutor Xie. He had already handed the list to the university. If you don't want to go, speak to him yourself!"

As he finished his sentence, Sun Zhiwei turned around and left. He smirked. A small chess piece, do you think I can't settle you? Look at how I set you up later! I will push all of this rubbish to you in the future!

Damn, you were purposely going against me, weren’t you? Yang Ming was angry. However, since it had already been reported to the tutor, Yang Ming wouldn’t get to a point where he would reason with the tutor. It wasn’t worth it. Forget it, let’s do publicity then. But for Sun Zhiwei? You have to be careful in the future. The road is dark and slippery outside. You may somehow get into a robbery.

After Sun Zhiwei left, Yang Ming looked at Tian Donghua and asked, "Did you call him Master Sun?"

"Yes..." Tian Donghua smiled bitterly, "Sun Zhiwei, I didn't expect it to be him!"

“What happened?” Yang Ming asked, “Is his family powerful?”

"His family is also in Donghai City... Can't say that they are just powerful... They are incredibly powerful." Tian Donghua sighed, "I can't afford to mess with this person, and you’d better not provoke him in the future."

Yang Ming frowned. Could he be that unlucky? I haven’t even settled with Wang Zhitao yet, and another bada** came along? However, Donghai City is still far from Song Jiang City. Even if they wanted to mess with my home, their hand may not be able to extend that far. Otherwise, I wouldn’t not have heard of him. That's right. I just don't have to go to Donghai for the time being. Sun Zhiwei can't do anything to me anyway.

"Were you thinking that his family has power in Donghai City, but not Song Jiang City?" Tian Donghua saw through Yang Ming's thoughts.

"Is that not the case?" asked Yang Ming.

"It’s not entirely inaccurate, but the Sun family does have a branch office in Song Jiang. It is just not as powerful as it is in Donghai City. It was only established in the recent years. However, Sun Zhiwei is a narrow-minded and sensitive person. Haven’t you seen it already? Even if he continued to just disturb you with small matters, you would have a hard time dealing with it!" Tian Donghua reminded him.

"It’s nothing, I will regard it as going out for exercise." Yang Ming wasn’t afraid of this kind of revenge in university. As long as he didn’t borrow social relations in the society, Yang Ming wouldn’t be afraid.

Yang Ming was more mature than before. If Wang Zhitao wanted to set him up again, it would never be that easy anymore. Moreover, Yang Ming’s current status was no longer just a student. If you had really provoked him, he may just kill you directly.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Maori Kogoro, one of the detective characters in Detective Conan who randomly made judgments. Since Detective Conan is a kid (in some episodes), he used this character to explained the things he had found out through his investigation. So Maori Kogoro had always been over his head thinking he knew everything.

https://www.detectiveconanworl... style="">[2] A Chinese idiom for how it’s a great sin to have a romantic intention toward your friend’s romantic partner. Commonly used between men to illustrate their brotherhood.

[3] Cao Cao was a famous statesman and general at the end of the Han Dynasty in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The phrase came from Cao Cao arriving at the moment he was mentioned to save the king’s throne. Now, it’s frequently used as a Chinese idiom that meant “what a coincidence!”


[5] Chinese idiom. The story goes this way: Liang changed his surname to Zhang to avoid getting caught after assassinating the king. The idiom was just stating that everyone has their own plans. 

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