So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 212

Chapter 212: The Effect of Voodoo

Chen Mengyan felt as if she were struck by lightning and was stunned on the spot. Her tears streamed down like the river...

She suddenly felt wronged and sorrowed! So he treated me like this because of another girl! Now he has a replacement for me!

So the post on the forum was right! Chen Mengyan felt dizzy. It seemed like the color of the scenery had faded away. All that was left was her watching her lover walk away from her.

But why would he choose to be with me since he has another woman? All those words he told me, were they all fake?

Chen Mengyan couldn’t imagine it…

“Ling Ling, what did you say?” Yang Ming was dumbfounded. She was still fine yesterday. Then she suddenly says she wants to leave?

“Yang Ming… I have to leave for a while…” Lan Ling was sobbing.

“Leave for a while? What’s going on? Can you explain?” Yang Ming was anxious.

Lan Ling released Yang Ming’s hands, then she wiped her tears and said, “Can you walk with me? I’ll tell you on the walk.”

Yang Ming nodded his head and held her hand. “Alright.”

No one noticed that there was still an oblivious girl behind them as they walked away...

“Ling Ling, what’s going on? You cried at the moment you saw me. I don’t know what to do.” Yang Ming asked after noticing how Lan Ling had calmed down.

“Yang Ming...My grandmother is coming for me…” When Lan Ling spoke of her grandmother, a glimpse of a smile was shown on her tear-stained face.

Yang Ming was stunned. Wasn’t her grandmother missing? How did she appear again? But he still congratulated her. “Is she? That’s great! You can finally meet your grandmother! Don’t you miss your grandmother?”

“Yeah… I finally met my grandmother. I’m so happy that… she is still living healthily…” Lan Ling nodded her head.

“That’s great news! Why are you crying then?” Yang Ming was puzzled.

“But… my grandmother wants to take me away…” Lan Ling’s voice broke, then the tears started to fall again.

“She wants to take you away? Why? Does your grandmother not like you to be with me? Does she want to separate us?” Yang Ming was stunned because if Lan Ling’s grandmother didn’t agree with their relationship, then he and Lan Ling would face some difficulty!

“No, my grandmother actually came earlier. She had been observing you for quite some time!” Lan Ling blushed. “She also knows about our past…” Lan Ling blushed. She was feeling ashamed because her grandmother knew she had sex with Yang Ming.

“Then, what did grandmother say?” Yang Ming used the address “grandmother” directly to show closeness.

“My grandmother said you’re a good man. She was satisfied with you but…” Lan Ling paused for a while, “Grandmother had told me about what you did…”

Yang Ming froze. Is that true? So Lan Ling knows about me and Chen Mengyan? Yang Ming looked at Lan Ling with a horrible and complicated expression. Is Lan Ling leaving because of this?

“Why are you having this expression?” When Lan Ling saw Yang Ming’s strange expression, she finally laughed, “Actually, I knew about it a long time ago. I just didn’t mention it. You bought the couple t-shirts twice, right?”

Huh?” Yang Ming stumbled and he nearly fell down. He looked at Lan Ling with surprise. “You… knew?”

Lan Ling nodded her head, “I didn’t plan to mention it… since you treat me like your treasure. I don’t really bother about it… Now that I have to go, there is something that I have to tell you…”

“I… actually…” Yang Ming was embarrassed. So I was gilding the lily by buying the couples t-shirt! Lan Ling knew it already!

“I know that you had affiliated with her during your high school… She knew you before me.” Lan Ling smiled sweetly when she saw Yang Ming’s face. “I have to go. Now you can be with her already…”

“Ling Ling, what are you saying? I won’t let you go!” Yang Ming thought she was purposely picking on him. He was frightened.

“Yang Ming, my grandmother wants to teach me some ability.” Lan Ling explained, “I will still come back after I learn it. So don’t worry.”

“Teach you some ability? What’s going on?” Yang Ming felt relieved. It looked like Lan Ling was leaving for another reason.

En, my grandmother wants to pass down her ability to me.” Lan Ling said, “You might understand that voodoo is a very mysterious knowledge. It’s complicated to learn. It must be learned in a certain environment and with certain materials, so I have to go to Yunnan with my grandmother.”

“So that’s the case!” Yang Ming didn’t stop her since he heard that was a formal business. “Then when are you coming back?”

“I’m not sure. I’ll try to be quick. My grandmother told me that it will be one year if it was quick, three years if it was slow.” Lan Ling said, “This depends on my ability to learn.”

“I believe that my Ling Ling is the best!” Yang Ming comforted her.

En… I will put some effort in it…” Lan Ling nodded, “I’m leaving tomorrow, so tonight… can you accompany me for one last time…”

Body language communicated better than anything else. Both of them were doing it in bed until the next morning…

“Yang Ming, I asked my grandmother about the voodoo…” Lan Ling lay on Yang Ming’s chest as she said quietly.

En…” Yang Ming held Lan Ling lightly.

“What’s going on? Aren’t you worried about this? Why don’t you ask me?” Lan Ling was puzzled.

“At the moment, I’m more worried about you…” Yang Ming was telling the truth. He didn’t worry about the voodoo anymore.

Lan Ling was touched, so she decided to tell Yang Ming the truth. “Yang Ming, let me tell you one thing… The voodoo actually won’t stop you from loving others.

“What do you mean?” Yang Ming was stunned because he didn’t understand Lan Ling.

“Which means, your mind needs to have me…” Lan Ling said slowly, “As long as you love me… it won't harm you…”

Lan Ling hesitated, but she still told him the truth. Firstly, she was touched by Yang Ming’s love. Secondly, she was going to leave soon. She was afraid that Yang Ming would be feeling sad. So if there was another girl beside him, she would ease his pain.

Lan Ling had experienced the pain of separation before, therefore, she didn't want Yang Ming to suffer the pain like her.

“Which means… I’m not betraying you as long as I love you?” Yang Ming asked in surprise.

Lan Ling nodded, “Don't you be complacent. If you forget me while I'm away, then you will die horribly…” Lan Ling tried to intimidate Yang Ming.

“How could I forget about you?” Yang Ming was delighted to hear that because the mystery in his mind had been solved. But it was followed quickly by the sorrow of separation.

So that is how voodoo works! No wonder the voodoo didn't kill him when he fell in love with Chen Mengyan and had sex with Sun Jie. It is because Yang Ming still loved Lan Ling!

“Yang Ming… there is one more thing…” Lan Ling clenched her teeth and decided to tell him. “Yang Ming, I'm sorry. My grandmother said that the voodoo you have was very special. She didn't know how to undo it… This voodoo was taught by a master to my mom to deal with heartless men…”

“Ling Ling, I’m still living. Why are you saying sorry? This voodoo has no effect on me. I will still love you forever even without the voodoo!” Yang Ming said firmly.

“No, I mean my grandmother says this voodoo is different from the others. It has a side effect…” Lan Ling shook her head and sighed.

“Side effect?” Yang Ming was spooked. No, really? There is a side effect? Based on her tone, I don’t think this is a good thing. Is this side effect very terrible? He still acted as if it were nothing because he was afraid Lan Ling would be depressed. “What side effect? I don’t really feel anything. Double the sticks, double the taste!”

Heh…” Lan Ling gave off a laugh. “Yang Ming, don’t you feel the changes in your body…”

“I feel nothing really.” Yang Ming was dumbfounded. I don’t really feel any changes. I still have two eyes, two hands, two ears, and two legs.

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