So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Confession

"It’s simple. It was merely the brick breaking technique. It comes from... comes from the mouth of an ancient wise sage. Therefore, I am doing this to promote the traditional Chinese culture!" Yang Ming boasted.

Brick breaking technique was actually a popular phrase on the internet. It was only invented in recent years. However, these reporters didn't bother much. They wrote whatever Yang Ming said. As for whether it needed editing, that was someone else's business. They were just the interviewer.

"Mr. Yang Ming, did you think you could defeat the president of the Taekwondo club beforehand? How did you have such great courage?" asked reporter B.

"Ha, you don’t say? I have already clarified. The reason I won was not that I was too strong, but because my opponent is weak! Therefore, his defeat was unavoidable!" said Yang Ming.

"Yang Ming, aren’t you afraid that they will continue to challenge you afterward?" queried reporter C.

"What’s there to be afraid of? I am not afraid to boast even more! Even if they practice for another ten years, their heads will never be a match against bricks!" Yang Ming laughed.

The reporters were speechless. Isn’t this b*llsh*t? How can the head be a match to the brick? Let’s not talk about practicing for ten years, even twenty years of practice will still have you lying down on the floor when a brick smacks your head.

A few more questions were thrown at Yang Ming. Yang Ming was just saying whatever came to his mind. It wasn’t a solid speech. However, all reporters got what they needed. These were media gossip. There was no need for validity. Everyone read it for entertainment’s sake.


Recently, our novel’s #1 female, Little Mengyan, had been disturbed by a load on her heart. Chen Mengyan was especially upset when she saw the relationship between Zhao Sisi and Zhang Bing improve tremendously after they got together.

Until one day, Zhao Sisi blushed as she told Chen Mengyan that Zhang Bing asked her to have a candlelight dinner, but it seemed like she would stay out for the night... Zhao Sisi was not able to decide, so she found Chen Mengyan to discuss it.

It wasn’t easy for Chen Mengyan to comment on this kind of thing. She just reminded her that the girls are always the ones who suffer the loss. However, it was fine if she had thought it through and really wanted to be with Zhang Bing for the rest of her life.

So, the load on little Mengyan’s heart came this way. When the two of them were in Grade 12, although she had not yet established a relationship with Yang Ming, he would always try to get intimate body contact with her and even asked her to help him solve that problem... Moreover, he even took a bold step of inviting Mengyan to his home ...

But now? Even though the relationship with Yang Ming was official after entering university and their relationship improved, but there were fewer body contacts. Chen Mengyan wasn’t a casual girl, but she could still accept the intimacy from her lover. In fact, she looked forward to it. According to Zhao Sisi, Zhang Bing had already kissed her during their first movie date.

Chen Mengyan asked Zhao Sisi what it felt like to kiss? Zhao Sisi said strangely, "It felt wonderful... Mengyan, haven’t you and Yang Ming kissed? Why are you asking me?"

Chen Mengyan could only smile bitterly. Both of them had never kissed each other! Although Chen Mengyan had always kept her chastity, now that she had decided to be Yang Ming’s girlfriend, it meant that she had completely accepted Yang Ming mentally and physically. Chen Mengyan wasn’t a stick-in-the-mud. Never mind a passionate kiss between lovers, but Yang Ming didn’t even touch the border! Yet, Chen Mengyan couldn’t be too proactive because she was a girl, could she?

Now, Chen Mengyan had heard that Zhao Sisi and Zhang Bing’s relationship had developed to the point of making love. How would she not feel disappointed? In comparison, she had been spending way more time with Yang Ming than the both of them. But now, there seemed to be no progress between the two of them!

"Actually, I also like Zhang Bing very much. He said that he would marry me in the future." Zhao Sisi said very seriously, "I have met his father, too. His father was satisfied with me. I think this kind of thing would eventually happen anyway. It doesn’t matter if it’s earlier or later. Besides, we’ve... seen each other naked before, just that we hadn’t gone to the last step...”

After listening to Zhao Sisi’s words, Chen Mengyan felt even worse. Is my body not attractive enough for Yang Ming? Chen Mengyan was not a fool. She had seen what couples do when they are in love in through some online forums. Even if the two people didn’t progress to the final step, but there would be kisses and hugs... But Yang Ming had turned from a pervert from high school to a complete gentleman. How could Chen Mengyan not worry?

After Zhao Sisi left, Chen Mengyan browsed the net absent-mindedly, looking at relationship posts in the social media.

"Men are all lascivious animals. They all have needs. If your husband or boyfriend treats you like an honored guest, then you must be careful. He may have an affair..."

Looking at the content of these posts, Chen Mengyan felt a headache... She frowned and turned off the webpage and computer. She then decided to get up and walk around the campus to calm herself down.


In the bedroom, Yang Ming was deciding on a hairstyle with Zhang Bing.

"Yang Ming, what do you think of my hairstyle?" Zhang Bing looked at the mirror and tried to adjust it from time to time.

"Not bad, but I say, this is not the first time you are going on a date with Zhao Sisi. What’s this for?" Yang Ming asked inexplicably.

“It’s different today. It’s likely that I will conquer Zhao Sisi in one go today!" Zhang Bing said with a lewd smile.

"F***, in one go, you’d better make sure you don’t have erectile dysfunction [1]!" Yang Ming scolded.

"Ha, impossible. I even prepared Viagra!" Zhang Bing said, "Do you want some?"

"F***, I don't need that. I am naturally strong." Yang Ming was saying the truth even though the time he spent with Lan Ling was getting longer and longer. This was a very unbelievable case. In theory, the time that each person xx [2] with the same partner would vary, even though there won’t be too much deviation. However, Yang Ming’s case was a gradual increase in duration. Yang Ming checked the internet on this and did not find any other similar examples, so he stopped searching.

After Zhang Bing left, Yang Ming didn't have much to do. So, he wanted to call Chen Mengyan and ask her what she’s doing. Shouldn’t I go a step further in my relationship with Chen Mengyan?

The reason why Yang Ming didn't ask much from Chen Mengyan was twofold. First, it was because of Lan Ling. Second, he was repeatedly rejected by her in high school. He didn't want Chen Mengyan to think that he was with her solely for those things. So, there was no progress other than holding hands.

His phone rang the moment he wanted to call Chen Mengyan. Yang Ming picked it up and looked at it. It was Lan Ling!

Could this little girl want it again? Yang Ming just went to her yesterday!

"Hey? Lan Ling, what's the matter?" Yang Ming picked up the phone.

"..." There was a silence, then Lan Ling’s voice came over, "Yang Ming..."

"Lan Ling, are you okay?" Yang Ming was stunned. Lan Ling was always happy. How could she sound so sad today?

"Yang Ming, are you free?" Lan Ling asked softly.

"Yes, why?" Yang Ming asked anxiously.

"Can you go out with me? I... I miss you..." Lan Ling hesitated as she said that.

"Okay. I will come to find you." Yang Ming felt that Lan Ling was behaving unusually, but he couldn’t tell what was wrong.

"Well, I will wait for you at the door of the residential area." Lan Ling whispered.

After he hung up the phone, Yang Ming quickly ran to the Family Residence of Song Jiang University. Intuition told him that Lan Ling must have encountered something!

Yang Ming’s dormitory was not far from the Family Residence. Moreover, he was running. Therefore, he arrived when Lan Ling had just arrived.

"Ling Ling, what happened to you today? You seemed a bit weird?" Yang Ming quickly asked after he saw Lan Ling.

"Yang Ming..." After seeing Yang Ming, Lan Ling’s eyes were red, and she threw herself into Yang Ming’s embrace. Her tears fell. “Yang Ming... I don’t want to leave you...”

"What's wrong, Ling Ling? No one asked you to leave." Yang Ming patted Lan Ling's shoulder and comforted her. "You are my little baby. How could I ask you to leave? We will live together forever!"

"Yang Ming... I won't be able to see you in the future... I don't want to go..." Lan Ling cried and said intermittently.

At this moment, Lan Ling wasn’t the only one who was crying for Yang Ming.

Chen Mengyan’s mood was not so good. When she saw an intimate couple on the school campus, she felt annoyed. So, she strolled over to the Family Residence. That area was meant for lecturers and staff activity. Relatively speaking, there should be fewer lovers.

However, when she passed by the Family Residence, she saw a familiar figure!

Chapter Notes:

[1] 一举 “In one go” have a secondary meaning of 举 raise. So, 不举 “not raise” can be interpreted as erectile dysfunction.

[2] have sex

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