So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 210

Chapter 210: Breaking Brick Technique

In fact, Yang Ming didn’t necessarily need to carry it out in such a manner. Yang Ming right now could easily put Ren Jianren to death with hundreds of ways in the blink of an eye in spite of Ren Jianren’s surging vigor. Ren Jianren’s techniques were like child’s play for Yang Ming. Although some of them could harm people, they were not deadly enough.

However, Yang Ming was different. What Yang Ming learned from Fang Tian could easily send Ren Jianren to the YAMA King [1]. But, Yang Ming couldn't do it in the eyes of the public or it would be murder. He wasn’t a bad*ss to that extent. If Yang Ming wanted to win, he couldn't resort to assassination, but rather used an alternative method.

Yang Ming knew clearly that he was unmatched with Ren Jianren in a fair fight. He was lucky to defeat Liu Zhaojun last time. His fighting technique merely belonged to the street fighting level. There were lots of flaws facing those who had gone through systematic training.

Yang Ming wasn’t sure whether he could win. Hence, he had to disturb his opponent’s pace. It seemed he had achieved his objective. Ren Jianren was impatient, but he wouldn’t dare to make any hasty moves.

“Alright, let’s start!” said Yang Ming and nodded.

“Are you sure you are done with your nonsense?” Ren Jianren was irritated with Yang Ming. He clarified with a question.

“I’m done. Nothing else.” Yang Ming said in a firm manner.

“For real?” Ren Jianren was afraid Yang Ming would employ cheats. He couldn’t help but confirm again.

“Are you a p*ssy? Act like a man and do things in a straightforward manner. Why are you so sloppy?” Yang Ming waved his hand.

Damn! Ren Jianren felt as though he would turn into “Sunlight streaming on incense stone kindles a violet smoke[2].” I am a p*ssy? Did you actually say that I am p*ssy?

Hmph!” Ren Jianren left a cold snort as he started attacking. He didn't know Yang Ming’s actual strength, hence he launched a kick to test his opponent’s strength.

Yang Ming disregarded the probing as he dodged it easily. But, he didn't make any offensive move because he knew Taekwondo didn't just encompass offensive moves but also defensive moves. At the moment, his opponent was stronger in strength. It was hard to ensure that Yang Ming’s opponent wouldn't abuse any gaps in his attack.

With consecutive punches and kicks, Ren Jianren noticed Yang Ming persisted in dodging and didn't launch any attacks. He was quite impatient, but it was at this moment, voices of doubt came from the audience.

“Is this Taekwondo? It doesn't amount to much!”

“Yes, there's nothing special! I am just watching pugilistic wankery!”

Ren Jianren was annoyed from the audience’s words as he noticed Yang Ming didn't take any offensive moves. He was impatient to wait anymore as he launched himself toward Yang Ming. Instead, he was greeted by Yang Ming’s sudden warning, “I am going to use my ultimate move! Be careful!”

“What?” Ren Jianren was caught by surprise, and yet he noticed Yang Ming standing rooted to the ground. He thought he was fooled. As he approached to attack, he saw a brick appear in Yang Ming’s hand from nowhere... It landed directly on his head.

Pak" With a loud noise, Ren Jianren with his face full of blood fell to the ground.

Hehe, dumb*ss, I told you I am going to use my ultimate move. Did you really think that you are an ironman?” Yang Ming tossed the brick aside and laughed.

Those in the audience were stunned for a while before realizing that a winner had emerged from the duel. All was silent for a moment. Abrupt complaints from the crowd were directed at Yang Ming, saying that he was a rascal. How could he bring a brick to the fighting stage?

However, the voices of complaints were soon immediately overwhelmed.

“Didn't Yang Ming mention that his fighting move would be the breaking brick technique? How can he be accused of cheating if he announced his fighting move beforehand? That was an ethical move with a fair victory!”

“That's right! Just now I saw Yang Ming remind his opponent about his ultimate move before delivering the blow. But, Ren Jianren ignored it. No one is at blame here! Since Yang Ming already reminded him, he deserved to lose!”

“I think Yang Ming made a smart move by defeating Ren Jianren with intelligence. He isn't trained in Taekwondo. Certainly, he isn't Ren Jianren’s opponent, so he can only rely on his intelligence!”

With those who led the opposition’s voice, everyone quickly sided with Yang Ming. The reason was that there was rationale behind it since it was a fact after all!

Hence, poor Ren Jianren didn't just lie on the ground with his head bleeding, but also endured everyone’s mocking with the absence of sympathy.

As such, Yang Ming was relieved. It seemed his plan worked accordingly.

Ever since the incident where Wang Zhitao framed Yang Ming, he had become more mature. He also looked into the issue in a holistic manner. It was not applicable to always face issues with his fist. Often, wisdom was the key to victory.

For this duel, Yang Ming and Zhang Bing had strategized for a while before coming up with the skit of the breaking brick technique.

His appearance seemed to be exaggerated, but it was the key move. Firstly, it was an important move to support the plan later on. With an exaggerated entrance to start the duel, the skit of breaking brick technique wouldn't seem to be out of ordinary. From the perspective of psychology, it was easier to be accepted. Secondly, it was important for Zhang Bing to throw the jacket with the prepared brick in it. After Yang Ming finished warming up, he could make an excuse of being cold after sweating and wear the jacket.

Hence, the farce emerged later on with Yang Ming’s warm up and a couplet. The couplet on his body was the key element. If the couplet was absent, the public might deem Yang Ming’s technique as wretched. However, the situation right now was that Yang Ming announced his technique and strategy of “Breaking Brick Technique” before the duel. So, if he hit them with a brick, it was deemed to be fair.

Hence, the farce which seemed to be messy actually was planned scene by scene. Each scene was important, and it wouldn't have worked with the absence of one.

Yang Ming, like a victorious king, stood on the stage and waved his hand to the crowd.

Since it was a farce, naturally there was a closing because it was better to finish what he started. Hence, as Yang Ming waved his hand, the stadium echoed with the music from God of Gamblers when Gao Jin won as the champion of the international gambling competition.

Wa! So handsome!” A lot of girls in the audience gazed at Yang Ming.

“Thank you, everyone…” Yang Ming waved his hand and said to the people in the audience, “Thanks for everyone’s support. I’m not strong at all. It is merely that my opponent was too weak! Everyone, please don't idolize me!”

Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming with irritation, Aren't you too proud of yourself? But, Yang Ming had emerged victorious, and Chen Mengyan felt a sense of relief with that. It seemed her heart was hung in the air!

In contrast, on the other side of the stadium, a girl was watching it intently from the start.

“Jiajia, aren’t you worried? Aren’t you afraid that Yang Ming would lose?” Wang Xue asked as she was caught by surprise.

“He won’t lose.” Zhou Jiajia smiled plainly. “Yang Ming isn’t someone who would accept defeat.”

“Do you know him so well?” Wang Xue laughed as she asked.

“Maybe, or he has already changed.” Zhou Jiajia shook her head.

“He changed? Great, can you finally forget him?’ Wang Xue had a hint of leaving a sigh of relief.

“No, I am saying, he is becoming more attractive to me.” Zhou Jiajia rolled her eyes as she spoke to Wang Xue.

Ah?” Wang Xue shook her head in surprise.


Yang Ming wanted to leave. Suddenly, a group of people with notebooks, microphones, digital cameras and even video cameras swarmed him. “Hi, Yang Ming, I am from the university television station. Can I conduct an interview?”

“I’m from the university publication…”

“I’m from the university broadcast station…”

“Wait. It is alright for an interview, but you need to come one at a time!” Zhang Bing shielded Yang Ming and said it like a bodyguard or manager.

Yang Ming found it amusing that Zhang Bing was quite hilarious. They didn’t plan it beforehand, yet he could respond accordingly.

In fact, Zhang Bing witnessed Yang Ming defeat Ren Jianren. He had gotten a taste of revenge and took advantage of the Yang Ming’s fame to act proud. That was the reason he was so enthusiastic.

“Right now, he will start answering the reporters’ questions. Let’s ask one by one. Everyone can ask two questions. Mr. Yang has limited time. Please understand!” Zhang Bing said it like a boss.

The reporters found it amusing, but they couldn’t express it. Yang Ming would be a big hit. It was a must to interview him! The task was assigned by their chief of the broadcasting station, president, and station master. The reporters couldn't help but queue up accordingly to interview Yang Ming.

“May I ask student Yang Ming? How did you figure out a way to defeat Ren Jianren?” The reporter asked impatiently.

As a matter of fact, the reporter’s question reflected everyone’s interest. Hence, they all took out their notebooks and voice recording pens as they waited patiently for Yang Ming to answer.

Chapter Notes:

[1] King of hell in Chinese culture.

[2] A phrase of a poem by the poet, Li Bai. The original purpose of this phrase in the poem is to describe a scenery of a waterfall. In this case, we think that it meant heat is blowing off from his head.

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