So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 208

Chapter 208:  Eve of the Competition

Zheng Tianqi initially wanted to use this opportunity to build a good relationship with Liu Zhaojun, but he didn’t think there would be such an accident. With no choice, Zheng Tianqi could only take a taxi to the forum server’s company to go through some maintenance.

However, he discovered that the server’s original data backup was destroyed too! So there was little chance to recover it. Helpless, Zheng Tianqi had to first shut down the whole server and change the domain to another temporary space. He explained in an announcement post that the server was being fixed now, and the forum would be down for two days.

He never thought that this could get himself into more trouble!

“Jiajia, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be able to take it. They shut down the forum temporarily.” Wang Xue laughed.

“Yup, but it seemed that this announcement requires some modification.” Zhou Jiajia said in an ambiguous tone.

She easily obtained the administration rights to the forum. She changed the password and re-directed it onto another website’s free hosting space. The announcement had been shifted to “Since there was too much truth on the forum, some haters attempted to hack the server. The broken server is now being fixed.”

This way, even an idiot could guess the underlying meaning behind the announcement. It was mostly talking about how Liu Zhaojun and Ren Jianren weren’t satisfied with the truth on the forum and hired hackers to take it down!

Zheng Tianqi had just come out of the computer room, and his cell phone rang.

“Hello, vice president Liu, I have already shut down the server. No worries!” Zheng Tianqi said immediately.

“F***! Did you really want to go against our Taekwondo Club? What did you mean by that notice?” Liu Zhaojun was so angry that his lung was going to explode.

“Not really? I was just stating the truth in the announcement. The server did have some problem. Is there something wrong with it?” Zheng Tianqi was baffled.

“Good. You are good! Dear Zheng Tianqi, just you wait! I will take good care of you soon!” As he finished, Liu Zhaojun hung up his phone.

Zheng Tianqi was baffled. What I did… unless? A terrible thought flashed through his mind. Zheng Tianqi ran back to the computer room to find a computer which could browse the internet to visit the forum link. His jaw dropped.

This speed was a bit too fast! Zheng Tianqi quickly attempted to log back into the IDC company management interface. But he discovered that the domain management password had been changed!

Zheng Tianqi’s cold sweat started dripping off of him. Having the domain name password changed was different compared to the server’s password! Even though the password of the domain can be retrieved, but it was pretty troublesome to do so! There needed to be a verification of the identification document for the domain owner! Moreover, Song Jiang Industry University’s BBS domain name ended with the extension of, which is only given to organizations with licenses. Therefore, a scanned copy of the license was required to retrieve the password.

All of these would take a while to get. The verification would also take one to two working days… as Zhang Tianqi thought about this, he detested it...

The duel between Yang Ming and Ren Jianren become so popular that it garnered the whole school’s attention. It was all because of Ren Jianren himself.

Initially, if it wasn’t because of Liu Zhaojun and his intention to destroy Yang Ming’s reputation by posting on the university’s BBS, they wouldn’t reap what they sowed today. But things had become a hopeless situation. Liu Zhaojun and Ren Jianren might as well stop caring about it and let that news spread by themselves. Since they already had some evil reputation in the university, a little more of it wouldn’t do any more harm. This way, no one would dare to mess with Taekwondo Club in the future! Of course, all of these needed to be built on the situation where they have won.

For Yang Ming, Ren Jianren had the confidence to settle him. It had to be made known that he was a professional Taekwondo competitor. In most cases, even a gang of three to four people weren’t able to beat him up.

Regarding the incident in the university’s BBS, Yang Ming felt baffled too. He heard that the relationship between the school forum manager, Zheng Tianqi, and Liu Zhaojun was close. However, Zheng Tianqi had been punished once because of the forum. Yang Ming didn’t believe that this brat would still help him. But the fact is that the notice was still online, subtly reminding the audience of the “truth.”

Yang Ming thought that there could be someone else who helped him. He asked Zhang Bing, Chen Mengyan and other friends around him. None of them did that for him.

Yang Ming stopped thinking about this at the moment. But Chen Mengyan made multiple calls to him to advise him to give up the match between him and Ren Jianren.

Yang Ming smiled bitterly. “Mengyan, do you think I can give up in such a situation? So many people were looking at me. If I were to give up, would I still able to survive in Song Jiang Industry University? Others will look down on you because you’re with me. You don’t want others to say that your boyfriend is a weakling as well, do you?”

“But…” Chen Mengyan was hesitant as Yang Ming had his reasons. She couldn’t refute him. But she was afraid that Yang Ming would have mishaps.

Looking at Chen Mengyan’s hesitation, Yang Ming continued to say, “Mengyan, don’t you worry. I don’t know any Taekwondo anyway. In front of the audience, he can’t do anything to me.”

“Alright… but you must be careful. I don’t want anything to happen to you.” Mengyan said with a sigh.

“No problem. Are you coming to spectate?” asked Yang Ming.

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” Mengyan said coquettishly, “Don’t you worry. I will cheer for you.”

“Then you should look forward to my victory.” Yang Ming smiled.

For this contest, Yang Ming had already thought about his plan. Yang Ming didn’t know anything about Taekwondo. Therefore, even if Yang Ming didn’t use Taekwondo’s technique, no one would blame him for that.

But it was exactly because of this point that gave Yang Ming an opportunity. A devilish smile flashed across Yang Ming mouth. In this round, I will let you see the breaking brick technique.

Monday afternoon was the activity time for all clubs and societies. Therefore, there weren’t any classes during that time. However, many people who didn’t register for clubs and societies had decided to stay at the university. If it was any other time, many of them would have gone out to pick up girls or play online games at a cyber cafe.

These people stayed to watch the match between Yang Ming and Ren Jianren.

There were many people at the Taekwondo Club’s location. It was fortunate that the Taekwondo Club was a large club and had the space of an old sports stadium. Once the new sports stadium was built, this stadium was given to clubs and societies for their activities.

But some of the best positions in the sports stadium had already been taken by some people. These were mostly the university’s club officials. For example, staff from the university news, university TV station, and university website. This duel was a sensation. No one wanted to let go of this news.

Therefore, many students discovered some business opportunities too. They imported some whistles and binoculars to sell at the stadium. They sold well.

Even though the time of the match was 2 p.m., Ren Jianren was here at 1 p.m. He stood on the stage, energized with spirit and proudly straightened up his Taekwondo uniform. He waved to the audience and gave a confident smile.

Ren Jianren was quite handsome. He had his group of female fans in Song Jiang Industry University. However, there weren’t many fans who looked good. All of them were ugly and repulsive.

Ren Jianren took Liu Zhaojun’s towel and wiped off the sweat on his face. Then he asked, “Why wasn’t Yang Ming here yet? Could this brat be scared?”

“It’s only 1:30 p.m. It’s still early.” Liu Zhaojun said.

Ren Jianren nodded his head and passed the towel back to Liu Zhaojun and started warming up. After ten minutes, Ren Jianren frowned. The time was near. Why wasn’t Yang Ming here yet?

At 1:50 p.m., Ren Jianren couldn’t sit still and started to be impatient. He would be a joke if Yang Ming didn’t come today.

Even though he could say that Yang Ming was afraid of him, but it could also be said that Yang Ming didn’t give a sh*t about him.

At the moment when Ren Jianren was getting incredibly agitated, music was played in the stadium! This was the music from where Gao Jin had just entered the scene! [1]

Ren Jianren scolded, “What the f*ck! Whose idiotic brain played this?” He thought someone was pranking him, but then he saw Yang Ming walk toward him.

Yang Ming at this moment was dressed in black formal attire with a Western-style men’s hat. There was a white towel around his neck, like Xu Wenqiang from . [2] He waved to the audience as he walked up on stage.

“F***!” Ren Jianren scolded in his heart. What is this brat doing? Do you think this is a negotiation between gangster leaders?

However, Yang Ming’s tactic was obviously effective toward the students, especially those little girls. Once Yang Ming appeared, there was constant cheering and whistling from the audience as if they were welcoming some major character!

Yes. Yang Ming wanted to have this effect! He wanted to turn this duel into a drama. This way, it was easy for him to execute his next plan.

Chapter Notes:

[1] God of Gamblers.  Here's the theme song.

[2]  The Bund drama

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