So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Pretty Girl’s Assistance

The reason Yang Ming frowned was the anonymous person behind the scene! The anonymous person actually lumped me and Zhou Jiajia together!

The title of the post went so far as to frame Yang Ming for beating up Liu Zhaojun for Zhou Jiajia! Even more so, a few photos captured on a phone were posted! In the photos, Yang Ming glared at Liu Zhaojun while Zhou Jiajia was trying to calm things down!

These must be the photos taken by the eyewitnesses that day. Putting aside his assumptions, the post persisted on the truth! But, the eyewitness claimed Yang Ming was the person who not only beaten up Liu Zhaojun but challenged the Taekwondo society.

Yang Ming was enraged by such a post. He called the phone number of the administrator of the university website and requested the post to be deleted. Yang Ming didn’t want to get involved with Zhou Jiajia.

He didn’t expect his request to be rejected completely by the administrator! The reason revolved around the freedom of speech in the university. If it wasn’t related to superstition and sided with the left wing, the post wouldn’t be deleted. If a post was deleted so easily, no one would dare to post things up anymore!

“Damn!” Yang Ming cursed before hanging up the call. It was out of surprise that the administrator sided with Ren Jianren and the rest of his group. After a while, an explosive post was uploaded!

“Yang Ming cursed in profanity when requesting the deletion of the post associating him with Zhou Jiajia. Are there any secrets he was trying to hide?”

The post exaggerated the phone call that Yang Ming made. It reinforced the connection between him and Zhou Jiajia. Also, it mentioned Yang Ming cursing around because he didn’t manage to get the administrator’s approval.

Yang Ming was mad to the point he wanted to throw the administrator into the sea.

In the female dormitory, Zhou Jiajia scrolled around the new posts in the university forum. There were traces of a faintly discernible smile at the corner of her mouth.

“Jiajia, look, there’s someone saying Yang Ming did it for you!” Wang Xue pointed at the post in the forum.

“I noticed. It seemed the person who posted it is quite interesting.” Zhou Jiajia said it plainly.

Hehe, I wonder what Yang Ming is thinking right now. Will he start noticing you?” Wang Xue smiled. “But, I think there’s something wrong with Yang Ming’s eyesight. You are so beautiful. Why isn’t he falling for you?”

“Wang Xue, there’s no point talking about the past. It was all my fault for making a dumb move in the past…” Zhou Jiajia’s delicate face lingered with traces of regret.

“But, it seems the gods are helping you right now!” Wang Xue said, “If the news is popularized, even if Yang Ming didn’t acknowledge it, the eyes of the public would still believe so.”

‘That will only make him hate me more…” Zhou Jiajia said it plainly, “Probably, he will think I did it intentionally on him.”

“You didn’t put up the post. There’s nothing to be afraid of!” Wang Xue frowned a little.

“But, he must dislike all the posts that are negative about him… Currently, the public opinion on the internet will deem Yang Ming as the one stirring up the issue. However, both of us know that it was Liu Zhaojun and his group who stirred up this issue,” said Zhou Jiajia.

“So what? It is apparent that those posts were put up by Liu Zhaojun and the rest of the group first,” said Wang Xue.

“Yes, but all these posts will soon disappear…” said Zhou Jiajia as she shook her head.

“What? Jiajia, are you saying that you are going to …” Wang Xue was shocked.

Zhou Jiajia nodded her head and she sighed, “It seems the administrator of this forum is in the same group as Liu Zhaojun and the following members! I hope Yang Ming can take care of himself, or else I will put the forum into stasis for a few days…”

As Zhou Jiajia finished her sentence, her small delicate hands danced over the keyboard swiftly...


Erm? Yang Ming refreshed the webpage of the forum. He wanted to see whether there were any new posts against him. But, surprisingly, the posts about him were all gone!

Damn, how was that possible? Yang Ming thought to himself, I didn’t even warn the little brat yet he proactively deleted all the posts? Is it possible he heard of my esteemed name and was afraid of getting beaten up by me?

Of course, Yang Ming was only just thinking about it. It seemed the possibility was quite slim. But, Yang Ming was happy because there was someone deleting the post.

“Yang Ming, have you gone online?” Zhang Bing took two bottles of green tea and went in. He tossed one bottle at Yang Ming and said, “I heard Liu Zhaojun, that f*cker, was hyping up the defamation on the internet. Motherf*cker, do you need me to help you hype things up as well?”

“Hype things up? What am I hyping up for?” Yang Ming asked, curious.

“F*ck him! They put up the post saying that you were the one who challenged them first. Right now, the public is accusing us of wrongdoing. Even if you win the duel, it is a one-sided fight. Hence, the public views are important!” Zhang Bing added, “Let’s start putting up the news that attracts the public’s sympathy by saying that they are bullying us. With that, we are acting in accordance with justice. Even if we lost, we can be proud that we didn’t succumb to their threats!”

“I didn’t expect you to have quite a few tricks up your sleeves!” Yang Ming realized it was quite feasible as he added, “It seems feasible in theory, but our acquaintances are just a few. You don’t mean that we post it on our own, right? It is obvious that they have a bunch of people working on it in the background!”

“That’s nothing to be concerned about. The clerks who worked under my father post advertisements on the internet. I just need to talk to them about it and tell them to focus on forum posting in these next few days!” Apparently, Zhang Bing had already come up with a strategy.

Under Zhang Bing’s command, the clerks of the Zhang Company had put down their task at hand and focused on flooding the forum. Those who could work as a white-collar worker weren’t just any Tom, Dick and Harry. These people had the common specialty which was the ability to boast. They never held back when boasting.

Hence, various posts claiming that Liu Zhaojun and Ren Jianren were bullying freshman came out of nowhere. Fighting, bullying freshmen, dallying with female students, humiliating female lecturers and assaulting male lecturers; in short, stories appeared out of nowhere. These clerks weaved their stories in an unconstrained manner. They were all masters of boasting, weaving stories as though they were true.

Since Liu Zhaojun and Ren Jianren already had a bad reputation at the university, most of the students took it as though it was true. Also, Zhang Bing instructed the clerks to insinuate it in a vague manner. The recent one-sided posts were done following the instructions of Liu Zhaojun and Ren Jianren. They were deleted because they twisted the truth.

With that, the public was even more convinced. The forum is the representative of university officials. The post removal is the official intention. There’s no way it can be fake, right?

“Zheng Tianqi, what did you do? Did you delete all the posts?” Liu Zhaojun was anxious as he called the forum’s hotline.

“Liu Zhaojun, it wasn’t me who deleted them. I’m also looking for an answer…” Zheng Tianqi sweated.

“Not you? You are the administrator of the forum. Who else can it be?” Liu Zhaojun was angry. “Are you trying to act against the Taekwondo club?”

“Vice president Liu, it wasn’t me. I don’t know the reason, but I lost access to the management system of the forum! I lost my administrator privilege!” explained Zheng Tianqi.

“There’s no point for you to explain it to me. In short, fix it now!” demanded Liu Zhaojun.

“Alright, I will, I will!” Zheng Tianqi quickly promised.

“What is that?” As Zheng Tianqi hung up the call, he stared at the error dialog on the computer display. He frowned. “Is there a breach from a hacker? But, the server is built by company xx. There shouldn’t be any problem.”

After half an hour, Zheng Tianqi broke into a cold sweat! The number of posts favoring Yang Ming was escalating while he had no control over it! It wasn’t merely sock puppets that were posting. Old accounts were putting up posts accusing Liu Zhaojun and Ren Jianren!


“He isn’t quite stupid after all? He managed to get the help of sock puppets to retaliate,” said Wang Xue as she pointed at the computer display.

“However, those sock puppets are newly registered accounts with a lack of credibility.” Zhou Jiajia found their actions amusing.

“Then, you should help him out.” Wang Xue smiled. “Isn’t it a piece of cake for you to use other’s accounts to post?”

Hai, he is my destined enemy.” Zhou Jiajia sighed. “Even if I helped him, he won’t know about it…”

“Then just don’t do anything if you can!” Wang Xue threw a glance at Zhou Jiajia as she shook her head.

“I can’t…” Zhou Jiajia replied helplessly.


“Damn, brother, what is that? Why is your power to rally supporters so influential? There are old accounts putting up posts to support you in the forum!” Zhang Bing was surprised. “Look at this fellow. His registration time is last year with ten thousand accumulated points!”

“However, Zhang Bing, have you realized there’s an absence of posts that were against us? Is it that Liu Zhaojun and his friends had given up already? Or, is there a plan behind it?” Yang Ming asked curiously.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t Liu Zhaojun who didn’t post anything, but rather he couldn’t do so! The system was implanted with a few lines of code. If there was any phrase that was negative toward Yang Ming, a notification would pop up. “Sorry, the post you have written contains sensitive words, please edit.”

Liu Zhaojun almost went mad. Zheng Tianqi, what are you doing?

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