So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 206

Chapter 206: Rumors

“You can continue lying for Zhao Sisi’s sympathy. I know you will be alright!” Yang Ming smiled, “Looks like it was worth suffering for it!”

Hehe, this is really a true love in crisis. I didn’t know Zhao Sisi was so concerned about me!” Zhang Bing gave an evil smile.

“What are you planning to do? That little brat who beat you up wrote a letter of challenge to me.” Yang Ming was relieved to see that Zhang Bing was alright. He wasn’t sure if Zhang Bing was pretending. He could only guess from the tiny movements of Zhang Bing’s eyelids.

“Letter of challenge? F*ck, I know this. Brother, are you going to accept the battle?” Zhang Bing questioned him.

“What else can I do? You can’t just let him go!” Yang Ming said.

“Of course not. I mean we could do it from behind. Beat the sh*t out of him!” Zhang Bing suggested.

Yang Ming shook his head, “Revenge is a must, but now he gives me a reason to avenge him openly. Why would I take revenge from behind?”

“What? Brother, am I hearing right? You want to fight him with taekwondo?” Zhang Bing was surprised.

“Who says I'm fighting him with taekwondo? He mentioned about an exchange of martial arts, but he didn't specify what kind of martial art!” Yang Ming smiled with impudence. “Have you ever heard of a martial art called the breaking brick technique?”

“F*ck, it works like this too?” Zhang Bing also sneered.

Zhang Bing wanted to stay at the university health center for a few days. But he only had some small wounds, and the doctor said he was good to go. Zhang Bing had no choice but to be discharged with a crestfallen face.

People usually were happy about getting discharged, but Zhang Bing looked like he lost money. For these two days, Zhao Sisi was fully taking care of him. She had done everything else except feed him with her hand.

Zhang Bing was enjoying such a profound moment. Their relationship had a sudden improvement. Zhang Bing still needed a few more days to settle their relationship, but he never expected his recovery capability to be so strong. He only needed two days to recover.

Zhang Bing couldn’t just stay at the health center because that would let Zhao Sisi see his wicked intentions.

Yang Ming suggested celebrating at a restaurant for Zhang Bing’s discharge. But Zhao Sisi insisted that Zhang Bing couldn’t drink liquor since he just got discharged. They had no choice but to dine at the Discos fast food near the university. [1]

This was a Western fast food restaurant opened by locals. But Yang Ming couldn’t judge anything good or bad about the taste. For him, it was no different than other fast food.

They sat down after they ordered.

“Congratulations on your safe discharge.” Yang Ming raised his cola.

“Okay… It’s not a big deal. Please don't be so serious.” Zhang Bing laughed.

“Of course, it’s needed.” Zhao Sisi raised her cup too.

After they raised their cup and drank, Chen Mengyan asked, “Zhang Bing, what are you going to do with the case? Are you telling the lecturer? Or just letting it be?” Chen Mengyan was a good student, so she subconsciously thought of reporting to the university. If Zhang Bing didn’t stop her, this would have probably spread to the university.

“It’s alright. Yang Ming has already promised to avenge me!” Yang Ming stared daggers at him while Zhang Bing spoke halfway. He knew he was speaking too much!

Yang Ming was afraid that Chen Mengyan would be worried. So, Zhang Bing was the only person who knew that he accepted Ren Jianren’s challenge. Since Zhang Bing had let it slip out, Yang Ming could no longer hide it from her.

“What? Yang Ming? You’re going to take the challenge?” Chen Mengyan was astounded. She thought Yang Ming wouldn’t agree to such a silly thing. But she learned from Zhang Bing that he was going to take the challenge!

“Yeah, I’m ready to punish him with this opportunity.” Since Chen Mengyan knew about it, Yang Ming didn’t hide anymore.

“Yang Ming, what are you saying? Do you know what you are doing? How could you deal with him with such extreme resolve?” Chen Mengyan complained, “Besides, he is a professional taekwondo athlete. How can you win against him?”

“Is Taekwondo really that great? Didn’t I defeat Liu Zhaojun?” Yang Ming would think that the Taekwondo club in university had some capabilities before. But now, Yang Ming didn’t even worry about them at all. Yang Ming would dare say he could defeat Ren Jianren in one move!

“Yang Ming, why aren’t you listening to me? You’re too arrogant!” Chen Mengyan frowned and complained, “That was a backstab. If it was a proper competition, how can you stand a chance?”

“Proper competition?” Yang Ming laughed. He had discussed with Zhang Bing about this! Yang Ming comforted her. “It’s okay. I know what I’m doing. Mengyan, don’t worry. I will be fine. Besides, it’s just an exchange in martial arts. There will be many people in the audience on that day. He can’t do anything to me!”

Ai!” Chen Mengyan sighed faintly. She knew that she couldn’t change his mind now. There were a few more days before the competition. Chen Mengyan could try to convince Yang Ming again.

“Did you guys know? There is a guy named Yang Ming challenging the president of the Taekwondo club!” Two people behind Yang Ming were discussing something excitingly.

“F*ck man, I heard it too! Is Yang Ming really that strong? He dares to go one on one with the president of the Taekwondo club?” said Man A.

“I think so too. Maybe he is a real bad*ss!” said Man B.

Pu!” Yang Ming spat his cola onto the table. Who the f*ck is spreading such rumors? When did I ask for a challenge?

Zhang Bing, Chen Mengyan and Zhao Sisi were looking at Yang Ming with a strange expression, “How did they know about it?”

“How would I know?” Yang Ming gave a bitter smile. “We have been together for these two days. How can the news spread so fast?”

Without knowing what's happening. Another two guys sat at the table to the right of Yang Ming.

“Old Liu, have you heard? There is a kid who dares to challenge the president of the Taekwondo club for a fight!” said another man.

“It’s not a challenge! According to a credible source, they are fighting over a girl! Old Liu said mysteriously, “The girl is very pretty. She is one of the candidates for campus belle!”

“Really?” asked the first man.

“I saw it on the university BBS. There must be something fishy going on!” Old Liu said, “I don’t think they would challenge for an exchange in martial arts.”

“But the first year student is so powerful. He dared to challenge Ren Jianren?” The first man asked.

“Who knows? Maybe Ren Jianren is the one who picked the fight!” said Old Liu.

“God!” Yang Ming was stunned by these rumors! What is going on? Everyone knows this before I make a decision?

Ren Jianren and Liu Zhaojun were the ones who created these rumors! They wanted to embarrass Yang Ming. They wanted to let everybody think that it was Yang Ming who challenged Ren Jianren. If Yang Ming lost the competition, he would be shamed!

So, when Liu Zhaojun got back, he contacted a few roommates to defame Yang Ming on the university bulletin board system. The more people spread the news, the more likely it became a truth!

The news on the bulletin board system was getting strange too. People will add their imagination to each post, so the plot kept on changing! In the forum, people spoke about the grudge between Yang Ming and the Taekwondo club! The story about Yang Ming fighting for the campus belle with others was created in this way too.

Of course, there were some real stories. At least the story about Yang Ming beating up Liu Zhaojun was real.

Yang Ming didn’t bother at first. But so many people were discussing him, and they were saying that he challenged the Taekwondo club! Yang Ming realized something was not right! This was obviously one-sided negative news. He previously was invited for a discussion but now he became the one who looked for a fight!

If the university wanted to find out what happened, he would be the one who suffered a loss!

So Yang Ming turned on his computer when he got back to his room and logged on to the university bulletin board system. There were literally hundreds of posts about him! The replies numbered more than that!

Yang Ming clicked on the heated topic. He read while frowning…

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[1] 德克士快餐 - Discos Fast Food

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