So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 205

Chapter 205: A Worthwhile Suffering

“Me?” Liu Zhaojun didn’t think that Ren Jianren would have sent him to deliver the message! Isn’t that just getting him into trouble?

“Why? You don’t dare to go? I am giving you a chance to perform now, and you are retreating?” Ren Jianren said disdainfully.

“No… I…” Liu Zhaojun bit on his lip. Since I am not going to a fight now and am just delivering a message, it should be fine, right? Therefore, he nodded his head and said, “Alright, I am going now!”

Liu Zhaojun asked for Yang Ming’s dorm on the way. It was lucky that Yang Ming’s room wasn’t in his dorm. Liu Zhaojun just slid the challenge message through the door crack and rushed off.

Yang Ming had just come back to his dorm from Fang Tian’s area. Once he entered, he realized that there was a letter on the floor. He was intrigued. What is this thing? Yang Ming thought it was some kind of trash for advertisement or promotion and wanted to throw it away.

The university environment now was different from the past. Now, a lot of the second-year and third-year students wanted to earn money and they shifted their attention toward the new students. For example, a few days ago when the semester had just started, many students came up to sell things like electric kettles, radios, thermos bottles, counterfeit phones, etc. Yang Ming heard that a student in his class had bought a counterfeit phone from a third-year student. According to him, it had all the functions such as playing mp3 or mp4 files, camera, electronic dictionary, and radio. Buying one of these counterfeit phones was like buying all of these items.

That student felt that this was a good deal. Not only was it something that you buy once and for all, it also saved a lot of space. This phone was just 999 yuan, so the student was persuaded by it. When the student asked if the phone could be cheaper, the third year student started to rant how poor he was, saying that he worked hard as he studied part-time. He did it for the welfare of the first year student, and the profit margin was as thin as the cloud. Then he continued to list examples, Think about it. If you buy an MP3 player it costs a hundred yuan. If you buy an MP4 player, doesn’t it cost four hundred yuan? If you want to get a digital camera, are you able to get one without eight hundred to a thousand yuan? But this is a two million pixel camera! Let’s not talk about the video camera and electronic dictionary! All of these for just 999 yuan. It’s as cheap as it could be! Moreover, this is a limited student edition that he had gotten from the factory. There were only ninety-nine of these devices. Now there are only a few models left. Once it’s done, it would return to the original price of 2,399 yuan!

After the student did some calculations, he felt it was indeed the case! The chance was rare, and if you missed it, it would be gone! Therefore he paid for it. He thought he got a good deal and showed it to everyone.

In the end, he saw another student promoting the same cell phone model on the next day. Initially, he didn’t care about it at all. But when he saw that there were different students promoting cell phones daily, he sensed that something was wrong. He took his phone and inquired in the IT market. This cell phone model cost about four hundred yuan!

Yang Ming heard about these scams online, so he didn’t bother with any promoters. Moreover, not only did people came to promote products, there were some who came to disseminate advertisements.

Therefore, Yang Ming had reasonably regarded this letter as an advertisement. But the moment he wanted to throw the letter into the dustbin, he saw three big words on the envelope, “To Yang Ming.”

Damn, Yang Ming held the letter that was about to be let go. What? For me? Yang Ming spoke to himself as he looked at the letter, “This advertisement includes our names as well? Or could it be that my unbounded charm attracted a pretty girl’s love letter?”

When Yang Ming tore open the envelope to take out the letter, he saw the letterhead writing “Letter of Challenge”!

“F***, what’s this?” Yang Ming lifted up the challenge letter and started reading it.

“The Taekwondo Club invites Mr. Yang Ming to exchange martial arts next Monday at 2 p.m. Please meet us at the scheduled time. President of Taekwondo Club, Ren Jianren.” Yang Ming threw it straight into the dustbin after he read it, “Dumba**, are you nuts? Who would want to exchange martial art skills with you? Retard!”

Yang Ming didn’t take it seriously and went to browse the web in his room. In the evening about 6 p.m., Yang Ming walked out from his bedroom and realized that Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua weren’t back yet!

“What are these two brats doing? Not even back by dinner time!” Yang Ming shook his head and took out his phone to call Zhang Bing. Suddenly, his phone rang.

Yang Ming looked at the caller. It was Chen Mengyan. Ha, it’s fine. I shall have a meal with my Little Mengyan instead of Zhang Bing.

Wei, Mengyan ah. Do you want to go out for a meal together? I don’t know where Zhang Bing went to fool around!” Yang Ming got right to the point.

“Yang Ming, where are you?” Chen Mengyan asked nervously instead.

“Are you okay, Mengyan?” Yang Ming realized Mengyan’s voice sounded unusual.

“Yang Ming, something happened to Zhang Bing!” Mengyan’s voice was gloomy. “Zhao Sisi and I are at the university’s health center. If you are nearby come over here, quick!”

“What? Did something happen to Zhang Bing?” Yang Ming was shocked, “What happened to him? What’s happening? Mengyan?”

“I’ll tell you after you come over first. It isn’t clear to talk about it over the phone.” Chen Mengyan said.

“Okay, you wait for me. I am coming right away!” Yang Ming hung up the phone and didn’t bother to shut down his computer. He locked his door and ran toward the health center.

Did something happen to Zhang Bing? Yang Ming was baffled. What could happen to Zhang Bing? Did he get into a car accident? But it can’t be, why would he be in the health center if he was involved in a car accident?

No matter what, let’s talk about it after I meet the person. Yang Ming had gone through some tough training recently, so his leg muscles were stronger than before. Therefore, his running speed wasn’t far from the professional sprinter in his university’s sports team.

Those who didn’t know thought Yang Ming was practicing running. But that was fine too. They all had opened a path for Yang Ming so he wouldn’t collide with them.

Once he arrived in the health center, Yang Ming saw Chen Mengyan waiting in the lobby anxiously.

“Mengyan, I am here. What happened?” Yang Ming ran over hastily.

“Yang Ming, you are here!” Chen Mengyan saw Yang Ming and let out a sigh of relief. “Zhang Bing is still in the room. You go and take a look!”

Yang Ming nodded and entered the ward. Once he had entered, he smelled a pungent disinfectant and iodine. Zhang Bing was lying on the bed with Zhao Sisi holding his hand tightly as she stared at him.

“Zhang Bing, what happened?” Yang Ming was shocked. He saw Zhang Bing had a bloody nose with a swollen face and bruises everywhere on his face. His eyes were closed to a slit. A few cotton balls were stuffed into his nose to stop the bleeding!

“Yang Ming, you are here!” Zhao Sisi turned around and saw Yang Ming. She said nervously, “What do we do now...”

“What do we do? What happened to Zhang Bing? How did he injure himself?” Yang Ming sat beside Zhang Bing’s bed.

Xu, softer. Zhang Bing just fell asleep.” Zhao Sisi whispered, “The Liu Zhaojun that we had a meal with the other day found someone to avenge him! According to Zhang Bing, his next target is you!”

“Liu Zhaojun? What Liu Zhaojun? That vice president of the Taekwondo Club?” asked Yang Ming.

“Yes! Him! But how could this be? It was obviously caused by Wang Zhitao. Why was the blame put on us?” Zhao Sisi said angrily.

“Let’s not talk about this first. How was Zhang Bing? Is he okay? Does he need to go to the hospital?” Yang Ming shook his hand. He was more concerned about Zhang Bing’s injuries.

“The doctor took a look at it. They were all external injuries, nothing too serious.” Zhao Sisi said, “But, he may need to lie down for a few days.”

Yang Ming let out a sigh of relief after listening to it. As long as there were no internal injuries it was okay. Even though external injuries are painful, but they recover the fastest. But what this Liu Zhaojun did seemed a bit too much.

Vice President of Taekwondo club… en? Wasn’t the person who sent him a challenge letter the president of Taekwondo club? Could it be him? Now it seemed possible!

F***ing beat up Zhang Bing like this, do you want to go to hell? Yang Ming first thought was to kill him off silently in the background. But after a second thought, Yang Ming calmed down.

I can’t do things like this in this era! That’s murder! It’s not as simple as fighting. At that point in time, the police would look for him!

Yang Ming let out a sigh. Even though he would be exempt from the death penalty but not from punishment. In his heart, he had already judged both Liu Zhaojun and the president of Taekwondo Club to have a serious injury.

“Mengyan and I will go out to grab something to eat. You accompany Zhang Bing here for a while,” instructed Zhao Sisi.

Yang Ming nodded.

After Zhao Sisi and Mengyan had gone, Yang Ming slapped Zhang Bing’s butt and scolded jokingly, “It’s done. Stop acting! The person left!”

Ai yo! Bro, can’t you be gentler?” Zhang Bing opened his eyes, touched his butt as he grinned, “You could see through me even if it’s like this? Hehe.”

“You can continue lying for Zhao Sisi’s sympathy. I know you will be alright!” Yang Ming smiled. “Looks like it was worth suffering for it!”

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