So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 204

Chapter 204: Victim Zhang Bing

The Sun family was wealthy. Four to five million yuan didn’t amount to anything for Sun Jie let alone the Sun family! However, that way of spending money wasn’t quite appropriate. Sun Zhiwei was merely a university student. Why did he need such an expensive car? Sun Jie’s Audi R8 was just two million, and this fellow wants to even spend four million to buy a car?

Sun Jie had a gloomy expression. “Did your big uncle allow you to buy this car?”

“No… no.” Sun Zhiwei didn’t dare to lie. He knew even if he lied and Sun Jie bought it for him, she could take away the car if she found out about the lie.

“How about this? I will buy you a Porsche Boxster. My friend owns one of them. It has good performance.” Sun Jie said while shaking her head.

“Boxster? Great…” Sun Zhiwei didn’t dare to oppose it. It’s great enough to have her buying a car for me. I don’t need to bother about my bicycle anymore! After all, it is still better than a bicycle. Even though it didn’t reach a million, at least it was a Porsche with a powerful name!

“Alright, I will ask my assistant to accompany you to get the car. Take the car after you choose your color.” Sun Jie had a lot of company matters to deal with. Naturally, she couldn’t accompany Sun Zhiwei to buy a car.

“Thanks, sister.” Sun Zhiwei contemplated a little. Right now, there was no other car which would be such bad*ss. The best would be Mercedes-Benz! The best sports cars which would make an appearance would be the modern type. The others would be Geely BL or Coupe. They were not on the same level as Porsche.

“Focus on your studies when you return back to university. Stop stirring up trouble! If I hear news of you stirring up trouble, you will see what I can do!” Sun Jie glared at him hinting a warning.

“Alright, sister…” Sun Zhiwei quickly nodded his head.

After sending off Sun Zhiwei, Sun Jie shook her head and started her work again.

Liu Zhaojun was in a foul mood as he was discharged from the hospital. There was an apparent scar on his face. It would be his shame for his entire life. But, he put every blame on Yang Ming and his friends.

If they hadn’t beaten him up, he wouldn’t have used his foul mood as an excuse to go for a one-night stand!

That was human nature. They like to label things that didn’t go according to their plans as unfortunate events on external factors. They never thought of themselves as the reason.

Liu Zhaojun sought revenge or else he would be shameful. He was just promoted to a senior recently from the status of a freshman. If he let it go like that, he would need to lower his head in the future!

Liu Zhaojun found Li Jiasheng to look for a strategy. They felt that they needed to discuss this issue with the club president, Ren Jianren.

“Aren’t you pretty capable? Aren’t you able to handle everything in university?” Ren Jianren looked at Liu Zhaojun. “You disgraced the Taekwondo club!”

“The little f*cks of freshmen were inconspicuous. They didn’t recognize me…” Liu Zhaojun said embarrassingly.

“They didn’t recognize you? Didn’t you mention the name of the Taekwondo club? He wouldn’t dare to act recklessly like that!” Ren Jianren snorted coldly, “I think you are being a pretentious *ss like a dummy!”

“I said it already. How can I not do so? Once I stepped out, I proclaimed my name as the vice president of Taekwondo club!” Liu Zhaojun quickly replied.

“Yes, Vice President Liu did mention it. I can be a witness!” Li Jiasheng added on.

Oh?” Ren Jianren frowned. “So, those little f*cks weren’t afraid of our Taekwondo club? But, you are quite worthless, getting beaten up by freshmen!”

“I was beaten up by a gang fight of three people! It was hard for me to fight against six hands with two fists!” Liu Zhaojun lied about it. He wouldn’t dare to say he was defeated single-handedly. That was disgraceful.

“Yes, President Ren. He didn’t put the Taekwondo club in his eyes. They dared to speak ill of the Taekwondo club. Even if the president was here, he could defeat him easily!” Li Jiasheng didn’t forget to pour oil onto the flame.

“Really? D*mn!” Ren Jianren was infuriated. “Let me see how ferocious he is! If I don’t teach him a lesson, he won’t know his limit!”

“Yes! If the president comes after him, he would know his limit!” Liu Zhaojun achieved his objective and started brown-nosing.

“That’s right. Let him know why the flower is so red [1]!” Li Jiasheng added on.

Ren Jianren was an elite student in his sport. Ever since his youth, he was addicted to Taekwondo training and reached the level of black belt. He represented Song Jiang Industry University in the National Taekwondo Competition. He was an extraordinary character.

Someone with a character like this would be insufferably arrogant. He cared about this reputation a lot. At this moment, his club was bullied. Naturally, he couldn’t suppress his anger.

Liu Zhaojun was delighted as Ren Jianren agreed to avenge him. Ren Jianren is overall better than me. It won’t be an issue for him to teach the little brat a lesson.

“When will we be teaching the little brat a lesson?” Liu Zhaojun naturally wanted to hasten things up.

“Right now, since I am not preoccupied, I will accompany you for a stroll!” Ren Jianren said.


What a coincidence! Zhang Bing just left Zhao Sisi’s dormitory, and he met Liu Zhaojun, Ren Jianren, and the remaining gang.

Ha!” Liu Zhaojun was delighted. When they said one cannot avoid his nemesis, it seemed logical! Liu Zhaojun pointed at Zhang Bing and shouted loudly, “It is him. He is one of them!”

“Really? Him?” Ren Jianren looked at Zhang Bing’s skinny, non-trashy look and frowned a little. Is this fellow the person who beat up Liu Zhaojun so badly that his head was bleeding? No matter how I look at it, it didn’t seem so!

There’s a saying, don’t judge a book by his cover. Sometimes those who look typical usually had an extraordinary technique. Hence, Ren Jianren walked to him and latched onto his neck. “Little brat, wait. Stand right here!”

Zhang Bing turned around and looked at Ren Jianren in a troubled manner. “Who are you? Do I know you?”

Hmph, you should know me, right?” Liu Zhaojun sprang forward.

“You? Oh, now I remember. Aren’t you the person who slept with another person’s girlfriend and got beaten up?” Zhang Bing was stunned as he finally remembered who this person was.

“Stopping wasting time. I’m asking, do you know who I am?” Ren Jianren snorted coldly.

“Who are you?” Zhang Bing thought to himself, Why are the people I meet always asking “do you know who am I”?

“I am the president of the Taekwondo Club, Ren Jianren! I heard you are quite ferocious?” Ren Jianren pushed Zhang Bing back, making him stumble directly.

“Jerk?” Zhang Bing couldn’t comprehend it. There is someone who dared to call himself a jerk?

In the ears of Ren Jianren, he saw it as Zhang Bing’s provocation to humiliate him [2]! Yup, ever since he was young, Ren Jianren was ridiculed for his name! Hence, he wanted to become strong and beat up those who humiliated him!

As such, he was abnormally sensitive to his name. As he heard Zhang Bing’s words, he became ridiculously mad! Initially, due to the university rule, fighting wasn’t permitted on campus. A demerit would be recorded.

Usually, they would find an impressive excuse, for example, an invitation to exchange martial arts. He wanted to set a time for a duel with Zhang Bing and his friends initially.

However, Ren Jianren had lost his mind. He was enraged when he heard Zhang Bing mock him. He raised a flying kick toward Zhang Bing. Of course, Zhang Bing wasn’t matched to be his opponent. He was kicked until he went into a tumble.

“Stand up! P*ssy, aren’t you a bad*ss? Do you dare to mock me? Don’t you look down on me! Let me show you the might of the Taekwondo Club!” Ren Jianren didn’t wait for Zhang Bing’s reaction and launched a heavy kick into Zhang Bing’s stomach. Zhang Bing was kicked into the state of spasm.

Ah!” Zhang Bing shouted in an agonizing pain. He could only feel his stomach almost explode! He never endured such a painful beating. It seemed that during his senior high school, he didn’t stir up any trouble.

“Damn, you are so pretentious!” Ren Jianren kicked Zhang Bing again. “I can kick you to death with just one leg.”

Zhang Bing had a heavy nosebleed as he curled his body screaming in pain from the kick. On the other hand, Ren Jianren didn’t have the intention to let him go. With a few more heavy kicks, he vented out his anger.

Pui!” Ren Jianren spat on Zhang Bing’s face. Before he could kick him, he was stopped by Liu Zhaojun.

Liu Zhaojun was afraid that something bad would happen with the continuous beating, he immediately halted him. “President Ren, he is just a minor character. His boss is Yang Ming!”

“Alright, little brat. Go tell Yang Ming and appoint a time. I want to challenge him to a duel! Uhm, let’s set it for next Monday!” Ren Jianren stopped kicking Zhang Bing’s leg and laughed hysterically. “No, Liu Zhaojun. You should inform Yang Ming personally and issue him a challenge! Tell him, if he doesn’t come, he is a bastard!”

Chapter Notes:

[1] This phrase “why the flower is so red!” basically is used frequently in slang and it’s even a song name. But in this case, it’s more of a slang where it meant that the person would be beaten to the point where their blood stains the flower.

[2] The Chinese words for Jerk and Jianren had the same pronunciation. In this case, Ren Jianren thought Zhang Bing called him a jerk, which angered him. 

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