So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 203

Chapter 203:  Sun Jie's Reaction

Yang Ming couldn’t speak much about these. Although the ranking list of campus belles isn’t popular in university, the pretty girls are always the focus of the guys. It was reasonable for someone to post this. Yang Ming read the post too when he was persuaded by Zhang Bing.

The first year course in the school of computer science was boring. The course was about the basic knowledge of computer science and system operation. The first year course wasn’t difficult together with the other non-professional courses that were similar to those from other departments.

A month passed by very quickly. Besides going to class, Yang Ming woke up at 5 a.m. every morning and trained his strength and speed at the northern forest. Then, he would learn the techniques of killing people at Fang Tian’s home at night.

After a period of time, Yang Ming no longer had to translate the position of an acupuncture point and its effect in his mind. Instead, his decision making was more like a conditioned reflex.

When he was sparring with Fang Tian, Yang Ming could quickly find the most advantageous and deadly point to hit.

Although he hesitated sometimes if the person wasn’t a veteran assassin, Yang Ming basically could perform a one hit kill. Now thinking back to when he was fighting with Ji Shuisheng, he must have killed him by hitting one of his Achilles’ heels.

“Alright, you basically have mastered the position and effect of human’s deadly acupuncture points. Now you just need some training.” Fang Tian nodded with satisfaction. “Next, I’m going to teach you how to maximize the efficiency of killing using the tool beside you.”

“In many situations, you don’t have to use your hand to kill people. A knife or a rod could be lethal weapons too. But for assassins, everything beside us could be used to kill people. Can you always have a knife or rod with you? If you’re on a plane, train or at some special event, you’re not allowed to bring anything.”

“Or say you weren’t planning to kill anyone, but it happened abruptly. Under these circumstances, you need to utilize every tool beside you! Items such as a rope, a chopstick, a water bottle, a cell phone battery and even a piece of paper can be a lethal weapon! It just depends on how you use it.”

“A piece of paper can kill people?” Yang Ming looked incredibly at Fang Tian.

“That’s right. Even a new cash note can be a killing tool. If you adjust your strength well, it can cut someone’s throat!” Fang Tian said lightly, “There is a technique to recognize these things. If it meets one of the three requirements of sharp, slender and thin, it can be a killing tool. Of course, not all tools have to fulfill these requirements. We can easily use tools that don’t fulfill these requirements. For example, a teacup or a lamp. In short, you can kill people with anything if you use it well.”

Yang Ming was listening carefully. Although he didn’t want to be a professional assassin as a career, more people would trouble him as he exposed his strength. So this was his defense tool.

In the following days, Yang Ming learned knife throwing from Fang Tian. Yang Ming strongly requested this because Fang Tian thought the skill wasn’t useful in current society. Cold arms like concealed weapons were slower than firearms. The speed that appeared in the movies was obviously bullsh*t. It doesn’t appear in reality.

Fang Tian was surprised that Yang Ming didn’t have to train much. After he grasped the throwing strength and technique, his accuracy rate could reach up to 99% or even 100%. He only missed the first few throws. After that, he didn’t miss anymore.

Yang Ming actually was cheating here. The reason that he could get a 100% accuracy was a credit to his eyes. He could see things without range limitation. So, the target of the knife throw was like it was right in front of Yang Ming. So there was no reason that he would miss it!

Yun Guangdou was frustrated that the Black Widow Vengeance Company suddenly shut down its business. Although he received his down payment, he was still feeling uneasy. He felt Yang Ming was the biggest obstacle for him to get Sun Jie.

He asked his assistant to print Yang Ming’s photo and burn the video onto a CD. After Yun Guangdou’s inspection, he sent it to Sun Jie’s company anonymously.

Sun Jie looked at the anonymous package with interest. Now the courier service company can send packages without filling out a sender. Sun Jie shook her head and opened the package. A stack of photos and a CD fell out.

Sun Jie picked up a photo. “Eh.” She looked at the man in the photo with surprise. Why is it him? Sun Jie felt her heart tighten. She couldn’t help but think about the electrifying moment in the bathroom. Sun Jie couldn’t forget about the feeling of her heart pounding at that time.

Did he send these photos to me? Sun Jie rejected such an idea. She didn’t think Yang Ming was a silly person, and Yang Ming didn’t seem to bother about her!

Sun Jie had a great sense of failure. Although she didn’t want to continue the relationship, she still had a weird feeling of wishing to be recognized by him even though it wasn’t possible.

Sun Jie sighed faintly and set aside this “unhealthy mindset.” She calmed down and examined the photos carefully. The place was the Petty Sentiment in front of a coffee house. The person who Yang Ming punched was unclear. Sun Jie was dumbfounded. Who sent these photos to me? What was his purpose?

She never thought that Yang Ming would try to attract her using his bravery in hitting someone. But who knows about our relationship besides Yang Ming? What does this person want?

Sun Jie put the CD into the computer. This was a DVD. The video played automatically after the driver read the DVD.

The video content was the same as the photo. It was about Yang Ming beating up someone.

Pa” Sun Jie used the mouse to press the pause button on the screen. The screen froze.

Sun Jie shook her head, and there was a smile at the corner of her mouth. “Isn’t this Yun Guangdou’s driver?”

On the monitor, Liu Xiaosheng raised his head up for a moment. If one didn’t look carefully, then one would not have noticed it. Yun Guangdou overlooked this detail, but it couldn’t escape from the eyes of Sun Jie.

After a few thoughts, Sun Jie laughed out loud. She understood Yun Guangdou’s intention! He must have learned from someone that Yang Ming is my boyfriend. He asked his driver, Liu Xiaosheng, to act desperately in the scene in order to defame Yang Ming.

“Yun Guangdou arh. What a waste of having your driver to be a punching bag! Haha, this is so funny!” Sun Jie laughed until tears came out of her eyes. “How could the people in this world be so stupid?”

When she finished laughing, Sun Jie ejected the CD and put it in the drawer. Then she picked up the stack of photos with a smile in her eyes. “He was quite handsome beating up people! Hehe, Yun Guangdou arh. You’re chasing after me, but you didn’t know what my family business is?”

At this moment, the internal phone rang. Sun Jie answered the phone immediately.

“President, there is a man who claims to be your clan brother downstairs,” said Sun Jie’s secretary.

“My clan brother? Is it Sun Zhiwei? Let him come.” Sun Jie instructed over the phone.

After a while, someone knocked on the door. Sun Jie put away Yang Ming’s photos and said, “Come in.”

“Sister, I’m here.” Sun Zhiwei was respectful in front of Sun Jie. He had been afraid of her since he was young because she had often punished him.

“Zhiwei, what’s wrong?” Sun Jie smiled. “What are you holding back there? Just tell me if you want anything.”

“About that… you promised to buy me a car last time… you were busy at that time, so it was canceled. Can we buy one today?” Sun Zhiwei asked carefully.

that’s the case, I will buy one since I promised you. What car do you want?” asked Sun Jie.

“I want to buy a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano…” [1] Sun Zhiwei said while jittering.

“How much is it?” Sun Jie didn’t know much about the car.

“3,800,000 yuan. It’s nearly 4,000,000… It’s about 4,500,000 yuan together with the commission…” Sun Zhiwei didn’t dare to raise his head.

“What? It’s just about four million?” Sun Jie took a deep breath!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano

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