So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 202

Chapter 202: Campus Belle Blog

“Later on, based on the picture in your hand, mark down all thirty-six acupuncture points that I have told you. What you need to do is be able to strike these places even with your eyes closed.” Fang Tian pointed at the figure as he said, “In many situations, finding the acupuncture point’s position can only be based on feeling, especially when the target is too far or too near. But often, there won’t be enough time for you to inspect it, so recognizing the acupuncture points’ positions becomes a type of feeling. In simple words, practice makes perfect. Like a touch typist, even if you change to another keyboard, as long as you are familiar with the basic structure you can continue to type without looking.”

Yang Ming nodded his head, indicating that he understood. Without delay, he started to mark the acupuncture points.

“As an assassin, you need to easily distinguish each of these acupuncture points and understand their function.” Fang Tian continued to speak, “There’s a tongue-twister which described the function of all of these acupuncture point. You can write them down:

Baihui on the ground,

Weilu not returning to the village,

When Zhangmen is struck,

Nine out of ten dies,

Taiyang and Yamen,

Must meet Yama king of hell,

Kneel down as they die.

The Baihui acupoint is positioned at the center of the head between both the ears. It belongs to the Governing Vessel, also part of the Hand Foot Meridian, the meeting point of the Governing Vessel. Once it’s struck, the person would be dizzy and become unconscious. The Spirit Courtyard acupoint is positioned at the front of the forehead, ⅕ out of the hairline. It belongs to the Governing Vessel, intersecting with the bladder meridian. Once it’s struck, one will feel dizzy and intoxicated. The Temple acupoint is positioned one inch away from the edge of the eyebrow and belongs to the extra-point meridian. Once it’s struck, one will black out and experience tinnitus. The Ermen acupoint positioned at the front of the ear at the tragus before the notch belongs to the triple energizer meridian. Once it’s struck, a person would fall with tinnitus and faint immediately…”

Yang Ming not only identified all the acupuncture points but marked them accurately with the functions that Fang Tian had described. The whole figure was covered with many little characters.

“Your task right now is to recognize quickly each of these acupuncture points’ positions and functions.” Fang Tian said, “I will make a wooden figure for you soon. This plastic figure can’t withstand much impact. You will break it with a few hits.”

After he had finished it, Fang Tian turned around and left leaving Yang Ming here to study these acupuncture points.

In a short time, Fang Tian’s garden was filled with the “bing bing bang bang” sound of instruments hitting one another.

After Dong Jun had eaten the dumplings, he stood up and excused himself. He knew that when Fang Tian was teaching, he should take a step back. Therefore, he left his phone number to Yang Ming and let him know that he could call him at any time.

After a while, Fang Tian came back in carrying a simple wooden figure. Even though the crafting was rough, but the ratio was accurate.

“How much have you remembered?” Fang Tian asked Yang Ming who was in deep thought.

“Almost there.” Yang Ming nodded.

“Alright. I will list some acupoints randomly, and you point to it on this wooden figure.” Fang Tian said, “Are you ready?”

“I’ll try.” Yang Ming took one last look at the figure on the side and turned his head.

“Middle acupoint!” Fang Tian said.

“Four inches below the navel.” Yang Ming speedily tapped onto the position.

Fang Tian nodded. “Qimen acupoint.”

Yang Ming tapped according to what was said.

“That’s too high up. Lower it.” Fang Tian said plainly, “Six ribs up, two ribs down.”

This way, under the training of Fang Tian, Yang Ming was basically able to find each acupoint quickly. If there was a difference, Fang Tian reminded him.

“Not bad, but your response was still slow.” Fang Tian said, “You aren’t familiar with each acupoint yet. Once I mentioned an acupoint, you will recall the phrase based on what I said. For example, middle acupoint, you are thinking about four inches below the navel. This process needs to be shortened.

“This also means you need to pinpoint the location of whatever acupoint that I had mentioned immediately, instead of thinking about where it is. For example, when I say ‘where’s the eye?’, you would tap its position immediately instead of thinking that the eyes are on the head, above the nose and below the forehead.

“Do I make sense?”

“Yes, I understand.” Yang Ming understood that Fang Tian wanted him to step away from the explanations that helped him to remember, but he needed some time to adjust.

“Alright, you can go back now.” Fang Tian took out a packet of material from under his bed, “Soak your hands and feet with these Chinese herbs. Never stop the strength training in the morning. While practicing for strength, you can now practice increasing the speed of the punch. Find a timer to measure how many punches can you throw in a minute. Many times, the speed of the punch determines the winner, especially in close body combat. You win if your punches are faster.

“The principle is simple. Have you watched ? [1] During the knight’s first fight, he won because of his faster punching speed. What was his finishing blow? Oh yeah, it’s called meteor punch. Of course, to reach his speed is a fantasy. I am just using it as an example.”

A bead of sweat fell off of Yang Ming. “Knights of the Zodiac? Isn’t that a show from the 90’s?”

Fang Tian looked at Yang Ming’s strange expression and said, “Hehe, I watched it on the television since there was nothing much to do in jail.”

Yang Ming couldn't bring a mannequin and a wooden figure back to the university. With no choice, he could only come here every evening to practice.


Yang Ming, have you been to the university’s BBS [2]?” Zhang Bing asked Yang Ming energetically after the National Day celebration.

“University’s BBS? Why?” Yang Ming remembered that he registered a login ID on the first day and hadn’t logged in since then.

“There was a viral post regarding the first year campus belle!” Zhang Bing said, “Don’t know which brat snapped all these pretty girls’ photos and posted it up. They were all doing a collective effort to find out about the pretty girls’ information!”

En?” Even though Yang Ming already had two girlfriends, he was still interested in other pretty girls in the school. Which guy didn’t like to look at pretty girls anyway?

“Have you looked at it?” Yang Ming asked as he booted up his notebook.

“Not yet, I have only heard about it from a pervert from the first class as I walked upstairs.” Zhang Bing said, “Log in to the ‘viral gossip’ topic!”

Yang Ming obediently entered the ‘viral gossip’ forum section, then asked, “Where is it?”

“The first few posts. That-- yes. This post… Sh*t, there’s already over thirty thousand views??” Zhang Bing exclaimed.

Yang Ming clicked on the post. The internet speed of the university was fast. Pictures were loaded in an instant. Most of these pictures were snapped with a phone camera and didn’t have good quality. Neither were there any details. They seemed to be snapped by a bored pervert.

“Isn’t this sister-in-law?” Zhang Bing pointed at the first picture and said in shock.

The first picture was indeed Chen Mengyan. The location of the photo was near the school of business. It was a picture taken without permission. But it was a good angle. Chen Mengyan raised her head as if she stared at something. The whole photo had an indescribable fresh feeling.

The person who posted the picture stated, “This pretty girl has the chance of being the new official campus belle in year one.”

Yang Ming shook his head. It seemed like pretty girls would get everyone’s attention any place they go. He scrolled down and saw Zhou Jiajia.

This b*tch is campus belle material? But solely from the photo, Zhou Jiajia wasn’t far from Chen Mengyan.

“Wasn’t this Zhou Jiajia? The pretty girl whom we saw during lunch!” Zhang Bing said excitedly pointing at Zhou Jiajia’s photo.

Looking at his expression, it was obvious that he forgot this person had once chatted with him on a webcam naked. But we couldn’t blame him. He had way too many online friends and couldn’t remember all of them in detail.

Yang Ming scrolled down. Not all photos were extreme beauties. Some of them were average-looking. Maybe they were not photogenic. But a few photos looked familiar to him. Yang Ming didn’t bother with it much anyway. Firstly, the picture wasn’t clear. Secondly, they were all from the same university. It was possible to meet them somewhere, so it was normal for them to look familiar.

At the end of the post, the person who posted the topic encouraged everyone to gather information about these pretty girls and post it up. The replies to the post were mostly comments from perverts such as “I want you to be my girlfriend,” “very pretty, I like,” etc.

“Bro, what do you think if I send sister-in-law’s information out?” Zhang Bing laughed.

“Do you dare?” Yang Ming stared at him and closed the forum post.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Saint Seiya 

[2] BBS - Acronym of Bulletin Board System. Similar to a forum.

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