So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 200

Chapter 200: A Visit to Liu Weishan

“Sir, your friend over there had paid already.” The waiter smiled and explained.

Huh?” Yang Dashan stared with his mouth wide open. This is such a shame. I bet they had arranged it long ago! So he said in embarrassment, “I was worried that I would waste the food. If that is the case, I couldn’t reject the kindness of others. Let’s just eat without worry.”

Yang Li was blushing after the waiter said that. Her male cousin had gotten the lead. Yang Ming despised his uncle in his mind. His parents didn’t think much of it and complied with the situation. “That’s right. There is so much food. It would be a waste if we can’t eat it all. We should pack it to go later.”

Yang Li had found another topic for revenge. “Aunt, why are you packing it away? What year is this? No one does that anymore. Aren’t you afraid of being laughed at?”

“You need to be frugal no matter what year this is. There is so much food waste because of people like you.” Yang Ming said flatly, “Didn’t you learn a poem in primary school? Hoeing millet in the mid-day heat, sweat dripping to the earth beneath. Did you know each grain on your plate was hard-earned? ”

Yang Li didn’t expect Yang Ming to have such a big reaction. But she couldn’t refute Yang Ming since he was backed up by the ancient poem. Yang Li could only say in embarrassment, “I didn’t mean it. I’m just saying that when a family comes out, they should show off a little…”

Yang Ming didn’t bother with her. He kept on killing the dishes on the table. This classmate, Xiao Wang, is quite generous to invite me to such good food. En en, I think he is performing great. I think I will feel bad now for finding an opportunity to attack him. Never mind. I will deal with it later.

The “honeymoon period” had given Yang Ming the time to grow. If they had a conflict again, Wang Zhitao had nothing left to rely on. Besides, Yang Ming had planted a nail in Xiongfeng Group. It could help during the key moment!

Yang Ming could have asked Guo Jianchao to book a room. It was easy for the vice president of Xiongfeng Group to do so, but Yang Ming didn’t want to expose the relationship. He needed to use it wisely.

After dinner, Yang Ming asked the waiter to pack the leftovers, and he split it with Yang Xiaobo. They had enough to eat for two days. Yang Dashan wanted to take the bird’s nest with shark fin. Although he was rich, it was still not a dish that could be eaten daily. He was helpless since Yang Li had spoken too much before. So now, he could only watch Yang Ming and Yang Xiaobo split it among themselves.

On the 2nd of October, Yang Ming returned to school. He went back earlier because he didn’t want to delay his training. The mission that Fang Tian gave him, to destroy a tree in a week, was tough.

Today was the second day of National Day. Most of the students were at home. Those who stayed in the dorm hadn’t woken up yet. So there were few people at 8 a.m. in the school.

Yang Ming came to the forest on the north side. There wasn’t anyone here. Yang Ming found the marked tree and kept hitting it.

Yang Ming wasn’t afraid to have a bad reputation for destroying a tree. The place would be under construction after spring next year. All the trees would need to be removed to build classrooms.

It was already noon before he knew it. Yang Ming dried the sweat on his head and went back to his room. Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua went back home already. Yang Ming was the only person in the dorm.

Yang Ming took a hot shower. Then he picked up Lan Ling’s notebook and walked toward the family residence.

Lan Ling was watching TV while lying down. When she saw Yang Ming, she was delighted. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I will make something to eat. Now it’s already 11 a.m.”

“Never mind. we can eat outside.” Yang Ming put the notebook on the bed. “This is for you. Later, we will subscribe for broadband.”

“Computer? For me?” Lan Ling opened the bag and saw the notebook inside.

“Yeah, you always stay in the house. I’m afraid that you will be bored so I bought you a notebook.” Yang Ming said, “I can use it when I’m here too.”

“Great, I wanted a computer long ago. I’m so bored every day at home. Besides missing you, I can only miss you.” Lan Ling said happily.

After Lan Ling got dressed, they went to a restaurant near Song Jiang Industry University. He ordered two ramen, but the noodles were too nasty. The amount that both of them had eaten didn’t even amount to a bowl. Yang Ming noticed that no one ordered ramen at the other tables.

“Isn’t the ramen in the north famous?” Lan Ling asked strangely.

“That is the northwest… this is the northeast. The northeast serves mainly rice. I will bring you to Lanzhou to eat the real ramen if I have the time.” Yang Ming really couldn’t eat anymore and put aside the chopsticks. Therefore he asked the waiter for the bill.

“Great.” Lan Ling nodded her head with happiness.

After lunch, Yang Ming called the telecommunications company to ask about broadband. It turned out that the family residences of Song Jiang Industry University used fiber optics. He needed to ask the school if he wanted to subscribe.

Yang Ming had no choice but to call Liu Weishan and ask him for a favor to subscribe to broadband.

When Liu Weishan picked up Yang Ming’s call, he invited him for lunch with passion. Liu Weishan was preparing his lunch and it was almost done. They could talk after lunch.

Although Yang Ming had eaten, it was no different from not having eaten. He agreed with just a slight hesitation.

“How was it?” Lan Ling asked after Yang Ming hung up the call.

“Elder Liu invited us for lunch.” Yang Ming said, “Let’s go eat another meal since we aren’t full yet.”

Lan Ling was a submissive girl. She never rejected Yang Ming suggestions. She nodded her head and walked toward Liu Weishan house while holding his hand.

Yang Ming knocked on the door. It was unexpected that the person who opened the door was Xiao Qing.

“Sister Xiao Qing.” Yang Ming didn’t know Xiao Qing was here too. He was curious about Xiao Qing’s background that day. He could seize the opportunity to clarify it today.

But Xiao Qing looked at Yang Ming, then she looked at Lan Ling with some underlying meaning. She said lightly, “Your girlfriend is really beautiful.”

Yang Ming was stunned. Then he suddenly remembered the first time he met Xiao Qing was with Chen Mengyan! Sh*t, will she expose me?

Yang Ming quickly signaled Xiao Qing and said with embarrassment, “Yeah, but Sister Xiao Qing, you’re pretty too.”

“Is it? I remember that someone said I wasn’t as pretty as his girlfriend?” Xiao Qing finally avenged herself on Yang Ming.

Ugh…” Yang Ming didn’t know how to answer. If he knew she was here, he wouldn’t have come with Lan Ling. It looked like the woman still hated him.

“Not at all, sister. You’re prettier than me.” Lan Ling said to Xiao Qing with passion.

Hehe, you will be more pretty than sister after you grow up.” As she spoke, she stared at Yang Ming which meant “This time I will let you go.”

Yang Ming was relieved. Looked like Xiao Qing wouldn’t expose him now.

“Right, Sister Xiao Qing. What’s the relationship between you and Elder Liu…” Yang Ming changed the topic.

Oh, Professor Liu is my godfather. I don’t have to explain anything else right?” Xiao Qing smiled.

Ah? So you went to Zhang Jewelry company was to buy Elder Liu…” Yang Ming was enlightened. So she was buying Uncle Liu birthday present last time.

“Yeah. But tell me the truth, Yang Ming. The imperial jade that you gave to my father, did that belong to you?” Xiao Qing asked with a lowered tone.

“This… hehe, what’s the difference?” Yang Ming made a laugh. It’s not hard for Xiao Qing to guess because Zhang Jiefang had already told her there were no imperial jades when she came. How could he get another one as a present?

“My father and I knew about it. He might ask you later. Be prepared.” Xiao Qing reminded him flatly.

Yang Ming gave a bitter smile while nodding. He knew this would happen. But he could admit it since the gift was given, so there was no reason turning back.

It was an entirely different situation now that Yang Ming had admitted it in person. Xiao Qing couldn’t help but be curious about Yang Ming. How could a student give an item that was worth a few million to others? This required so much boldness from him.

It was not reasonable that he had ill intentions because he was just a student. Besides, he was studying a course that wasn’t related to my father’s profession, so there was nothing to ask for.

When a woman starts to question to unknown answer, she will do anything to find out the truth. Xiao Qing was such a woman.

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