So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 199

Chapter 199: Take Advantage of Me?

Yang Ming cared for his parents’ face a lot. The elder generation valued their relationship more. If there wasn’t any form of big conflict, they wouldn’t bring it up against one another.

However, whatever Yang Li said at the moment obviously was overboard. What do you mean by “your family”? What’s this about the status of my parents? The working people are the most honorable!

Ha!” Yang Li heard what Yang Ming said and felt amused. “Okay, then you get a private room for us!” After she finished saying it, she didn’t forget about her family’s predicament, “Dad, there’s no need to make the call. Yang Ming said that he can get the private room.”

After Yang Dahai heard it, he said awkwardly, “Big Ming, what cr*p are you talking about?”

“It’s alright. Heroes always come out when they are still young [1]. We as the older generation have to take a step back!” Since Yang Dashan had just embarrassed himself, this was now a good way for him to get out of the embarrassing situation. How would he let it go that easily?

Yang Ming shook his head. These kinds of relatives, it would be great without them! He didn’t understand why his father still wanted to associate with them. Indeed, a young man would never be able to understand the intention of the elders.

However, what Yang Dashan said was indeed overboard. Even if you wanted to find a way out of an embarrassing situation, should you take your own sibling’s son as the shield?

“It’s nothing. It’s just a private room.” Yang Ming smiled plainly, “Uncle, what’s the size you want?”

Size? Yang Dashan said in his heart, You have an arrogant tone. What size? It’s great if you can get one already, yet you still want to pick a size? He basically didn’t expect Yang Ming to get a private room, therefore he said, “It’s fine. Our family is fine with any size. But if you want to have a grander style, let’s get a larger one.”

Yang Ming looked down on him. Talking about style? However, on the surface, he took out his cellphone plainly and dialed Wang Zhitao’s phone number.

“Hello? Who am I speaking to?” Wang Zhitao didn’t know Yang Ming’s phone number, so he probed with a question.

“Wang Zhitao, I am Yang Ming.” Yang Ming reported his family name.

“Yang Ming, ha, why did you think about giving me a call?” Wang Zhitao looked enthusiastic on the surface.

From Wang Zhitao’s perspective, during this period of time, Yang Ming had no longer gone against him because Yang Ming had recognized the influence of his family background and didn’t dare to go against him anymore after being in university. Moreover, that day Yang Ming still helped him to beat up Liu Zhaojun! Wang Zhitao felt that having a fighter beside him was still a good case, so, he wasn’t in a hurry to finish off Yang Ming. He didn’t plan to have anything to do with Chen Mengyan now that he had a new target. At this moment, he didn’t have any conflicts of interest with Yang Ming.

However, Yang Ming had never thought about letting go of this guy. Framed me and put me in jail, this type of vengeance can’t be let go so easily!

“My family had come over to Tavern of Heaven to have a meal, but the reception manager stated that there weren’t any more private rooms.” Yang Ming said, “Therefore, I gave you a call since I heard that you have a lot of ways around that.”

Yang Ming’s false praise made Wang Zhitao felt elated. Being able to be a bad*ss in front of Yang Ming was still pleasurable. Therefore Wang Zhitao said straightforwardly, “Coincidentally I am having a meal at Tavern at Heaven too. You wait for me. I am coming down now!”

Yang Ming hung up his phone, and Yang Li asked right away, “So? Where’s the private room?”

“Wait.” Yang Ming said plainly.

“Wait? Hmph, how long? Is it just for you to get some time to think of some excuses?” Yang Li obviously didn’t believe that Yang Ming was able to get a private room. Therefore, she thought what he said was just to delay the time.

Yang Ming didn’t bother with her. If you aren’t happy with it, then sit at the reception counter. The reception manager just heard Yang Ming’s phone call. She definitely knew who Wang Zhitao was. How could she not know the prince of one of the main shareholders of Tavern of Heaven? Moreover, Wang Zhitao was just accompanying his father to have a meal together with a few other major shareholders!

Even though the reception manager didn’t know whether what Yang said was real or not, but she didn’t dare to neglect him. She didn’t complain of Yang Ming’s action of blocking the reception counter.

After a while, Wang Zhitao walked out of the elevator. Once he saw Yang Ming, he said enthusiastically, “Yang Ming, why didn’t you let me know before coming here? I could have arranged it for you!”

Hehe, it’s nothing. Actually, it’s my uncle who’s buying the meal, but the receptionist stated that there were no more private rooms. That’s why I had to trouble you.” Yang Ming replied politely.

“What’s the matter?” Wang Zhitao frowned as he asked the reception manager who stood aside.

“Sorry master Wang, I didn’t know they were your friends,” explained the reception manager.

“Sure, go ahead and arrange a VIP room.” Wang Zhitao waved his hand and stopped the reception manager’s explanation.

“Alright, understood.” Since the order was given, the reception manager obliged.

Yang Dashan and Yang Li were flabbergasted. It can’t be? Yang Ming’s friend could be that powerful? Two sentences and the private room problem was settled? It was even the VIP room?

Yang Li’s thoughts were always disdainful. Whose a** did Yang Ming kiss? How did he know such a powerful figure? But this guy named Wang Zhitao is pretty handsome with a good family background! Do I have a chance to know him?

“My parents are still upstairs. I can’t accompany you for long. I am sorry!” Wang Zhitao clapped onto Yang Ming’s shoulder. “You guys can just go up. I’ll have everything all set!”

After Wang Zhitao had left, Yang Ming and the rest were led up to the private room upstairs. Moreover, the reception manager had already notified the welcoming waiter to bring any of Yang Dashan’s guests straight up to the Imperial Jade VIP Room.

“Cousin, are you satisfied with this private room?” After Yang Ming sat down, he stared at Yang Li.

“It’s still okay.” Yang Li felt a lot of hatred. It was obvious that her family lost their face in front of this poor cousin. Even if it was nice, she wouldn’t say it.

After a while, third uncle arrived with his family. Yang Xiaobo greeted Yang Ming enthusiastically, “Big brother! I missed you! If it weren’t because of military training, I would have gone to Song Jiang Industry University to find you!”

Hehe, we were at military training too.” Yang Ming smiled, “Just come. I will welcome you. Since the distance between our schools isn’t far, you can come to find me in the afternoon during the self-study class!”

Ha, big brother. Is sister-in-law there?” Yang Xiaobo made fun of Yang Ming.

“You will know once you are there.” Yang Ming smiled mysteriously.

“This means that you have already gotten me a sister-in-law? Ha, then I must go!” Yang Xiaobo said in surprise.

But he didn’t think that this sentence would be heard by Yang Li, “Yang Ming, you can’t simply make [2] your girlfriend!”

Only your brain would “simply make!” Yang Ming got angry once he heard it. Do people use words like you? What do you mean by “simply make?”

Hehe, big sister, you don’t have to worry for big brother. We are guys. We won’t really lose much in a relationship. But for you as a girl, you can’t simply make anyone your boyfriend.” Yang Xiaobo sided with Yang Ming. Noticing that Yang Li’s words were really terrible, he rebutted without batting an eyelid.

“You!” Yang Li didn’t think that she would choke on her own words. She sat to the side with all her pent-up anger and stopped talking.

“Brother, we are just family members. Why did you order such a luxurious private room!” The third uncle, Yang Dahe, sighed in amazement looking at the high-grade decorations in the room.

“This…” Yang Dashan felt awkward. This wasn’t ordered by him!

“It’s alright, old three, we all are just happily enjoying a meal together as a family. There’s no need to mind so much.” Yang Dahai was a kind elder, and he mediated the situation.

Yang Ming shook his head in his heart, my father!

Once everyone was here, no waiter came in to order the meal. Yang Dashan felt a bit frustrated and wanted to go out to call someone. He didn’t think that those delicious delicacies would be sent to the table one by one.

The luxurious dishes made Yang Dashan bite on his own lips. Even if he bought a meal for his business partner, he wouldn’t spend that amount of money! All of these dishes already cost twenty thousand yuan!

Even though the cost may not be more than a few hundred yuan, the restaurant’s class was obviously seen by everyone. Yang Dashan came here often, and he knew it. Yang Dashan felt a pain in his heart. Initially, he wanted to simply spend a few thousand yuan to just entertain his family, since these people hardly ate any good food anyway. But right now, it seemed like he needed to pay a huge sum!

“Brother, this lobster looks really delicious! It’s the first time that I’ve seen such a big lobster!” Yang Xiaobo said as he pointed at the lobster on the plate.

“Eat more of it if you like it.” Yang Ming said while smiling.

Yang Ming and Yang Xiaobo were enjoying themselves here, but Yang Dashan was there calculating the price of the dishes grumpily. These cost about sixty thousand yuan already. Why are they still sending in more dishes?

When a shark fin soup was sent over, Yang Dashan couldn’t stand it anymore. But he cannot lose his face in front of the others, so he told the waiter, “This is enough. We can’t finish it if there’s more.”

“But, these dishes were ordered by Mr. Yang Ming’s friend…” The waiter felt difficult.

“If his friend ordered it, why doesn’t he pay for it? The one paying for the meal is me! What do you all want by continuing to send these dishes?” Yang Dashan lost his temper. “Do you guys think I am rich and try to take advantage of me?”

Chapter Notes:

[1] There’s a few layers of interpretation for this Chinese idiom: 1) Since the dawn of age, many heroes established their career at a young age, 2) A hero is very much limited by their biological talent and genetics. Therefore, a genetically capable individual can be identified at a young age, 3) Heroes belonged to the youth. The old should step aside. In our case, the context should be clear. It’s the 3rd meaning.

[2] In this case, “make” from the translated Chinese word 交 is frequently associated with sex 性交.

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