So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 198

Chapter 198: Private Room is Nothing

Today’s date was the eleventh. The national holiday went on for seven days. The holiday should have started on the 29th. However, due to the numerous number of matters that the freshmen needed to settled, the holiday only started officially on the 1st of October.

When Yang Ming returned to his dorm, Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua weren’t awake yet. Yang Ming stripped off his clothes and returned back to sleep.

When he opened his eyes again, it was already half past ten.

Yang Ming got up and took a stroll. He found out that Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua’s rooms were still closed. Hence, he knocked on their doors. “Wake up! It is half past ten!”

After a while, Zhang Bing’s and Tian Donghua’s doors gradually opened. Both of them walked out with a yawn. Tian Donghua complained, “Half past ten? It shouldn't be. Damn, I still need to go home.”

Zhang Bing also washed his face in a dazed manner. It was a holiday. The university students had chosen to return home.

Yang Ming gave Chen Mengyan a call. It seemed she had already gone back home. She was afraid that Yang Ming needed more sleep, so she didn't disturb him. However, Yang Ming wasn't asleep yet at 7 a.m.!

After they packed their stuff, they boarded Zhang Bing’s car to go home. On the other hand, Tian Donghua was from out of state. There was someone fetching him, so Zhang Bing didn’t worry about him.

When Yang Ming returned home, his parents were watching television. They were delighted to see Yang Ming. “Big Ming, are you back? How was it? Is university life busy?”

“The classes haven’t commenced officially. There’s nothing to busy with!” Yang Ming laughed.

Hehe, just now, your mother and I were still wondering why Big Ming hadn’t come home yet. Then, you just walked in.” Yang Dahai laughed.

“You see, as I said, Big Ming isn’t someone who will forget their parents if he has a wife!” Mother Yang patted her lover.

Ah?” Yang Ming replied in a flustered manner, “Mom, what are you saying? Who’s my wife?”

“Chen Mengyan. Have the both of you gotten together?” Mother Yang asked with a smile.

“Mom, we are just friends.” Yang Ming was still embarrassed in front of his mother.

Em, em, I know. In the past, your dad and I also came together as best friends.” Mother Yang replied, deeply in love.

Ha, really.” Yang Ming acted dumb and surprised.

“Alright, stop teasing our son.” Yang Dahai stopped Mother Yang’s ambiguous interrogation and said, “Big Ming, your big uncle is treating us for a meal. Let’s go together.”

“Big uncle? Yang Li’s house again?” Yang Ming frowned a little. In fact, Yang Ming hated Yang Li’s sarcasm in the previous banquet. If they were not cousins, Yang Ming would have already slapped her.

“Yup, your big uncle called. He said it was already the eleventh day, and families should gather around. He made reservations at Tavern Heaven on Earth.” Yang Dahai said, “Your cousin especially invited you!”

Yang Li? Yang Ming had a bad feeling about it, If she invited me to go, she just wanted to display her wealth. Would she be so kind as to have a meal at Tavern Heaven On Earth?

Since his father said so, Yang Ming didn’t want to say anything else. After all, they were still relatives. In the eyes of the public, that was the toughest relationship to deal with. It might be even worse than the relationship between employer and employee.

“Alright, I will change my shirt.” Yang Ming’s shirt was already dirty from practicing his punching this morning.

“Great, you don’t need to be in a hurry. It will be at 1 p.m. in the afternoon. We will depart at 12 p.m.” Yang Dahai replied.

Yang Ming came into the house and changed into an autumn jacket. He looked at the mp4 player at his bedside. Yang Ming hesitated a while before picking it up and putting it into this pocket. He was planning to have Yang Li to return it to Sun Jie. After it was all done, Yang Ming went into the living room to accompany his parents watching the TV show. During the past, Yang Ming’s Grade 12 was rather “intense” where he didn’t have any opportunities to watch TV with his parents. Right now, the three of them sat on the sofa and talked to each other.

After watching for a while a National Day themed show, it was almost time. Yang Ming and his family prepared a little before departing.

“Which bus do we take if we want to go to Tavern Heaven On Earth?” Mother Yang thought out loud as she walked downstairs.

“It should be line 8?” Yang Dahai said, “We will know once we look at the board at the station.”

“Dad, mom, why are we still taking public transportation? We are going to have a feast today. Let’s grab a taxi.” Yang Ming sighed. His parents were already quite old, yet they had to squeeze into the bus. It seemed that I need to look for an opportunity to buy a car.

“Why do you need a taxi? We aren’t in a hurry.” Mother Yang complained, “Big Ming, even when you can earn money, you shouldn’t spend it randomly!”

“Alright, Big Ming said we should get a taxi. Let’s do that!” Yang Dahai waved his hand. “Our son has earned something. There’s nothing wrong for him to help his parents out.”

“That’s right, mom. I am not using our family’s finances. You and dad should enjoy spending your salary.” Yang Ming said.

“How can that be? If you have a wife in the future, what can we do? We need to save money for your house!” Mother Yang shook her head, “Look at the rising property prices. I need to save money for you!”

“Mom, aren’t you thinking too far ahead? Also, even if I have a wife in the future, I need to earn my own money. If I depend on my family, no one will look up to me!” Yang Ming thought, Earning money is just a matter of time. I don’t need to depend on my parents, but right now it is hard to say.

“Alright, alright, Big Ming. Your mom and I understand your intention.” Yang Dahai said, “ We need to save some money for the unforeseen circumstances!”

Yang Ming knew that the reserved mindset of his parents couldn’t be altered in such a short time. So, he didn’t speak any further.

The family went downstairs. They hailed a taxi and journeyed to Tavern Heaven On Earth.

When they arrived at Tavern Heaven On Earth, they realized that they arrived quite early. Hence, they went to sit in the lobby for a while. As they entered the lobby, they found out that big uncle’s whole family was already there. It seemed that big uncle was arguing with the receptionist at the lobby.

They walked closer to them and finally heard what was happening.

“Apparently, there are some private rooms left, why don’t you let us enter? It seems someone had called and canceled the reservation. How can you say there’s no more left?” Big Uncle was indeed furious.

“We are sorry. During the holidays, the private rooms are not open to outsiders. Typical customers don’t have the privilege to reserve one.” The receptionist manager said in an indirect manner.

‘Typical customer? Am I a typical person to you? Haven’t I brought a lot of clients this year and given you a lot of business?” Big Uncle was furious, “I, Yang Dashan, am listed in the top rank of Song Jiang City. Where is your manager? Look for your manager now!”

‘We are sorry. Our manager is not here.” The lobby manager still replied to them with a smile, “Only those customers who possess the VIP card in Tavern Heaven On Earth could reserve a private room on a public holiday. This is a rule. We cannot disobey it.”

“What a ridiculous rule! Isn’t it a human who set the rules?” Yang Dashan frowned as he spoke.

“Big brother, don’t be mad. What is so bad about not dining in a private room? It is livelier to dine at the big hall.” Yang Dahai approached and patted on Yang Dashan’s shoulder.

Yang Dashan wanted to let it slide just like that. But, he saw that his second little brother and his family had come. He had embarrassed himself in front of them. This small lobby manager actually didn’t comply with his wishes. He couldn’t risk losing his face, so he became more aggressive. He pointed at the lobby manager and said, “Quickly arrange a private room for us, or else, I won’t be coming here again!”

“Pardon me, sir. I don’t have the power to do so.” The lobby manager shook his head, “If you don’t want to eat here, that is your right. We can’t force you to do so either.”

“You…!” Yang Dashan had a bad expression. At this moment, it wasn’t an issue about getting a private room. Rather, it escalated to the issue of his ego.

“Lili, isn’t your friend quite capable? You should call her and see if she has a VIP card here.” Yang Dashan contemplated a while and suddenly recalled his daughter’s friend.

“Father, are you talking about sister Sun Jie?” Yang Li asked, “Alright, I will call her.” As she finished her words, she took out her phone and scrolled through her contact list. Then, she made a call.

‘Sorry, the number you have dialed is not reachable, or the phone is switched off. Please call again…” The other end of the phone transmitted the phone shutdown tone.

Yang Li frowned, “Dad, she switched off her phone…”

“Yi!” Yang Dahai sighed as he heard about it.

Yang Ming heard them mention Sun Jie. Suddenly, he remembered the mp4 player in his pocket. Hence he took it out and spoke to Yang Li, “Cousin, Sun Jie’s mp4 player was left it at my place. What a coincidence. Help me pass it to her.”

Yang Li was agitated. She heard what Yang Ming said and replied unwillingly, “Why do you need to return it? Do you think that Sun Jie is like you who would mind about such small items? Just take it as a gift!”

Damn! Yang Ming was irritated. Have you consumed some gunpowder? It is your family who can’t even solve the issue of a private room. Why do you vent your frustration on me? Yang Ming put the mp4 player back into his pocket. If you don’t want it, so be it.

“Isn’t it just a private room? What’s so bad about not having one?” Yang Ming shook his head as he spoke.

“What’s so bad about it? People with status like your family’s naturally haven’t visited a private room before! If you can eat here, it is already a blessing for all of you!” Yang Li said in a disdainful manner.

Motherf*cker, what are you saying? It doesn’t matter if you just say bad things about me, but why did you drag my parents in? Yang Ming swelled with infuriated emotion and glared at Yang Li coldly. “What’s so great about a private room? I can enter one whenever I want to!”

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