So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 196

Chapter 196: Temporarily Borrowing It

”Xiongfeng Group is a pretty large business in the private sector of Song Jiang City, with a lot of influence in the city. They are involved in multiple high margin sectors such as property development, hospitality, import and export, etc.” Yu Tiance said, “Our Sun family also has a lot of business relationships with his family. Therefore, it’s not worthwhile for us to have conflicts because of these small matters.”

“This was the case. Then what does Yang Ming do?” Sun Zhiwei noticed how he wasn’t supposed to provoke Wang Zhitao. So, he shifted his attention to Yang Ming. “It must be this guy who caused all the trouble!”

“I don’t know what he does. But if you want to mess with him, better research first beforehand. Our Sun family is based in Song Jiang City with your cousin handling it. There’s limited foundation here.”

“I know.” Sun Zhiwei nodded his head.

Bright Moon Restaurant was a much higher-class restaurant than Heavenly Dragon Restaurant. Therefore, Sun Zhiwei forgot all the unhappy experiences pretty quickly.

At night, Sun Zhiwei gave a call to his own uncle and reported that he had become a class monitor. His uncle was naturally happy having heard his story, as he knew the position could develop a person’s capability. This way, a strong foundation could be built on Sun Zhiwei’s leadership skill.

“Uncle, didn’t we agree previously that if I were to become a class monitor you would reward me with a sports car?” asked Sun Zhiwei.

“Sports car? Oh. Hehe. I see. However, since you would be staying in the university most of the time, I don’t think there’s a lot of use for a sports car.” Uncle responded with doubt.

“What? Wasn’t cousin studying in university too? Why did you agree to buy her an Audi R8?” Sun Zhiwei was dissatisfied. ”Uncle, you can’t be biased toward cousin, can you?”

Haha, how could it be? For me, both your cousin and you are like my own son and daughter.” Uncle smiled. “The reason your cousin drove an Audi R8 was that she needed to manage the business while studying. Moreover, she purchased that car with the money that she earned.”

“Then I…” Sun Zhiwei felt unwilling.

“Okay, then you go and find your cousin on the weekend for her to buy your car. Tell her that I agreed to it.” Uncle agreed.

“Really? Uncle, you are great!” Sun Zhiwei felt pleasantly surprised.

Yang Ming, Wang Zhitao, and the gang had a meal until about 3 p.m. Since today was the first day of university, there was nothing much going on in the afternoon. Everyone drank quite a bit of alcohol.

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing only responded perfunctorily. After their meal, they first dropped Chen Mengyan and Zhao Sisi back to the university. Then, Zhang Bing stealthily tugged at Yang Ming and whispered, “Hey, come with me to Computer City.”

“Why?” Yang Ming was puzzled. “Is your computer broken?”

Zhang Bing moved the desktop computer to the bedroom. Yesterday Yang Ming noticed that Zhang Bing was still downloading some lewd movies. Did it just break down today?

“It’s not. It’s like this.” Zhang Bing said, “Just now I noticed that Zhao Sisi and Chen Mengyan was speaking over there. Zhao Sisi said that there was nothing for her to do at night because the others were all playing on the computer. She wanted to buy one but didn’t know how to ask her family. Zhao Sisi’s family background is similar to yours. Her parents are blue collar workers. It takes a while to buy a computer… Yang Ming, I don’t have any intention of putting your family down.”

Zhang Bing was afraid that Yang Ming wouldn’t be happy, so he followed up with a sentence.

“F***, b*llsh*t, of course, I know you don’t have that intention! If you had any other intention you wouldn’t like Zhao Sisi in the first place!” Yang Ming said scornfully, “Do we still have to explain things like this? That’s too polite!”

Hehe. I was afraid that you are the type with a strong ego… Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. You, little brat, are richer than me now!” Zhang Bing said resentfully.

“So, you want to buy her a computer?” Yang Ming understood after listening to Zhao Bing.

“Yeah, you know. She studies advertisement design. How could she do it without a computer?” Zhang Bing smiled, “Moreover, if she has a computer. I can talk to her online at night.”

“I think the latter statement is your main intention, right?” Yang Ming glared at Zhang Bing.

Hehe…” Zhang Bing smiled awkwardly. “Let’s not talk about useless things. Are you going or not?”

“Go. It’s good timing. I will buy Chen Mengyan a computer too.” Yang Ming thought about it. “As well as one for Lan Ling. She has nothing much to do at home. Buying a computer for her allows her to spend some time online.”

“F***. You are a bada**. Alright, we buy three computers on this trip. We can speak to the manager directly.” Zhang Bing said, “Oh yeah, Yang Ming. Tomorrow is PRC National Day. There should be some event, right?”

“Now that you mentioned it, I remembered a few of my classmates wanted to buy computers too. They mentioned that there was a promotion at Gome today. There’s an Asus x52 Series Notebook which had a special price of 4499 yuan,” said Yang Ming.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Zhang Bing pulled Yang Ming in the car and the two of them went straight to computer city.

After a simple survey, Yang Ming and Zhang Bing came to the display counter for this special prize notebook. They briefly skimmed over the specs of the notebook - Asus x52q239SG, Intel t2390 Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, 160GB Hard Drive, DVD reader, GeForce 9300-256m graphics card, 15.4-inch screen.

According to the saleswoman, this was Gome’s electronics chain’s special promotion for PRC National day. The price will return to the original price in a few days. Yang Ming and Zhang Bing felt that it was a good deal, so they asked if there was any discount for buying three computers at once.

The saleswoman couldn’t make the decision, so she said she would get back to them after speaking to the shop manager. After a while, the saleswoman ran back and said apologetically, “I am sorry, but this device is already at its promotional price. We are just earning the commission from the factory owners. There’s barely any profit already. Let’s do it this way. Our manager agreed that in addition to giving you all the original backpack and mouse, we will add on an earphone mic, liquid crystal washing kit, USB hub, and a rubber keyboard protector. How about that?”

“Alright.” Yang Ming also knew that the price of promotional devices is hard to cut, therefore he agreed. After swiping their cards, they picked their devices. They double checked the LED screen, the sound system, and the configuration before leaving.

When buying in a mall in Computer City they didn’t need to be as careful as buying from a trader. If there was any problem they can return it right away. The service was usually fine.

After they returned to the university, Yang Ming and Zhang Bing each gave Chen Mengyan and Zhao Sisi a call so that they could come downstairs.

Chen Mengyan and Zhao Sisi were puzzled. Didn’t we just meet one another? Why are they calling me to come down now? But they didn’t ask a lot. When they saw how Yang Ming and Zhang Bing were each holding a notebook they felt a bit wary.

“Yang Ming, what are you and Zhang Bing doing? Where’s this computer from?” Chen Mengyan asked curiously.

“It’s for you.” Yang Ming passed the notebook to Chen Mengyan.

“For me? Why?” Chen Mengyan was stunned. “My home already has a computer. I can just move it over here. Why are you buying this for me?”

“Yours is a desktop model, it’s inconvenient to move it. What about when you get back home? Take it. I bought it already, I can’t return it anyway.” Yang Ming didn’t allow any arguments as he hung the notebook bag on Chen Mengyan’s shoulder.

Ai ya, what are you doing? Be careful. What if it drops to the floor?” Chen Mengyan didn’t have a choice. She had to use her hand to hold the notebook bag and gave a glare to Yang Ming, “You only know how to spend money.”

Yang Ming smiled and didn’t say much. He knew that Chen Mengyan would blame him for spending money, but she wouldn’t reject his gifts.

“Really! Look at all the money you earned. You spent it on these useless things.” Chen Mengyan jabbered on with another sentence.

He, how is it useless when I am buying things for you?” Yang Ming smiled.

But for Zhao Sisi, she didn’t solidify her relationship with Zhang Bing yet. It was more difficult for her when Zhang Bing gave her the notebook. Even though her heart liked Zhang Bing, but the paper window hasn’t even been torn yet [1]. Moreover, she didn’t want to be greedy for Zhang Bing’s things.

Looking at Zhao Sisi stammer and hesitate on accepting it. Zhang Bing hurriedly gave a look to Chen Mengyan. After Yang Ming saw it, he scolded in his heart, Zhang Bing are you still a man? You want my wife to help you with this little thing? Therefore he joked, “Zhang Bing, is there something wrong with your eye?”

“F***!” Zhang Bing almost lost his temper. He now opened his eyes widely, not knowing what to say.

Zhao Sisi, of course, did notice Zhang Bing’s little gesture. “Pu chi”, she laughed, “Alright, I will take it. But just temporarily… borrowing it....”

Temporarily? Ha, there’s a chance! Zhang Bing was joyful. Who wouldn’t understand what Zhao Sisi meant? What she meant was when their relationship was fixed, it was no longer borrowing.

Everyone was happy. However because it was right under the female dorm, a few people were watching. It was the first day of university, and two men came to give two notebooks. This was hot news. Chen Mengyan and Zhao Sisi were afraid that others would be gossiping. They had a brief chat with Yang Ming and Zhang Bing and went back to their dorm rooms.

Chapter Notes:

[1] 捅破窗户纸: Tearing the paper window. A phrase in Chinese to illustrate speaking the truth. 

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