So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 195

Chapter 195: Pretentious *ss Confrontation

“That…” The lobby manager had a puzzled expression. He had worked in the business field for so long. The little brat in front of him appeared to be someone he couldn’t afford to offend. Branded items such as Adidas and Nike were all over his body. He spoke with an attitude akin to those who had a great family background. Those rich kids who were pretentious people weren’t easy to deal with.

It was easy to speak with a noble and great person, but their descendants were vain and hard to deal with. Moreover, those were the people who easily stirred up trouble by utilizing their parent’s connections. He couldn’t handle it personally!

“They had also made a reservation. Moreover, they came first, you see …” replied the lobby manager who was in a difficult position.

“What? There’s even a queue for reservations? Based on what you said, if I made a prior reservation, you would still give them a table if someone came before me? With that, what’s the point of making a reservation!” Sun Zhiwei was agitated. “Do you think I don’t know how to count?”

“That’s not what I meant. What I am trying to say is that both of you had made reservations, so…” The lobby manager tried to explain.

“As you said, we had a prior reservation. Why should I offer him that place? Are you alright?” Sun Zhiwei glared at him. He felt those words didn’t make any sense. If the other person who made the reservation can do it, why can’t I? I have thirty pairs of eyes looking at me. If I don’t settle it and leave it like that, I won’t have any say in being a class monitor and will be turned into a coward. However, looking at the situation in front of him, it was unrealistic for the lobby manager to shoo away a table of customers. They are trying to earn money here, why would they shoo their business away for me?

Hence, Sun Zhiwei contemplated a little and spoke to the lobby manager, “I will add a grand to clear up this place!”

“A grand?” The lobby manager smiled bitterly. Two dishes on the table already cost three thousand yuan! “I’m afraid that isn’t enough. Look at the dishes on the table. Do you think they will leave?”

“Damn!” Sun Zhiwei squinted his eye and looked at the Yangcheng Lake Chinese Mitten Crab, and he cussed, “This *sshole is motherf*cking rich!”

On the other hand, Yu Tiance pulled away Sun Zhiwei as he frowned. “Zhiwei, mind your words. You will easily instill grudges with others.”

“Motherf*cker, is there someone who the Sun family couldn’t provoke?” Sun Zhiwei dwelled in his anger. He didn’t speak much with Yu Tiance, but spoke to the lobby manager, “I will pay five thousand yuan. Ask them to leave!”

“Fellow student, can you speak to them personally…” The lobby manager wouldn’t take on matters that would provoke their customers.

“You want me to speak to them personally? Alright, I don’t think there is a person in this world who didn’t like money.” Hence, Sun Zhiwei approached Wang Zhitao’s table confidently.

Wang Zhitao was in a good mood with his meal. He noticed a guy walking toward him. He smiled as he spoke, “Brother, are you in the same class as us? Let’s sit down and eat together!”

Even though they had registered into university for a month already, there were numerous students who were absent for military training. Hence, Wang Zhitao couldn’t really recognize all of the students.

“You!” Sun Zhiwei pointed at Wang Zhitao and said, “You are the one who is treating dinner?”

“Yup, let’s sit down and eat together!” Wang Zhitao nodded as he greeted him.

“I will give you five thousand yuan. Bring your people away and leave this place. How about it? You got a great deal, right?” Sun Zhiwei had a proud expression.

“What?” Wang Zhitao was stunned. He looked at this inconceivable fellow in front of him. It took him some time to understand what Sun Zhiwei meant. He thought Sun Zhiwei was a fanatic as he waved his hand and spoke, “Step aside. Don’t stir up any trouble here.”

“What are you saying? Don’t you believe me? I will really give you five thousand yuan. Go ahead and take your people away from here!” As Sun Zhiwei spoke, he took out his wallet and threw a stack of cash on the table. “Here’s your cash. Isn’t it amazing to have such a great deal?”

It was at this moment that Wang Zhitao understood that this fellow was serious. But, when Wang Zhitao observed his attitude, he found it amusing. Being a pretentious *ss in front of me? Who doesn’t have money here?

“I’ll give you five thousand yuan, you motherf*cker, to disappear from my eyes in one minute. Can you do that?” Wang Zhitao looked at Sun Zhiwei as though he was a dumb*ss.

“What are you saying? Are you courting death? I am giving you face already by offering my money. Do you know who I am?” Sun Zhiwei was furious. “Speak up. How much you want? Aren’t you are trying to look for more? Speak directly!”

“If I wanted 100,000 yuan, would you have it?” Wang Zhitao was looking down on Sun Zhiwei. “If you put 100,000 yuan on the table, I will leave immediately.”

After he had spoken, Wang Zhitao said to Yang Ming with a smile. “Yang Ming, do you think this fellow is sick somewhere in his head? What is the phone number for the mental hospital?”

Yang Ming was familiar with Wang Zhitao’s tactics. That was why he was trying to drag Yang Ming in. With that, he didn’t need to be afraid if Sun Zhiwei acted aggressively. What a joke, there’s nothing to be afraid of when Yang Ming is here! Even the vice president of the Taekwondo club was defeated by him!

“Yang Ming?” Sun Zhiwei didn’t notice Yang Ming was there. Only when Wang Zhitao mentioned it, did he notice Yang Ming’s presence. Seemingly, Wang Zhitao, this little fellow, was the one who refused him and put shame on him!

Sun Zhiwei was mad. You didn’t want to have a meal with me, and you’d rather eat with him! As he recalled the attitude of Wang Zhitao, Sun Zhiwei regarded them as the same group. The anger swelling in his heart was boiling as he pointed at Wang Zhitao and scolded, “Motherf*cker, leave now, or else I will waste you! Who's your father? Do you think the small wealth in your family allows you to act recklessly?”

Wang Zhitao was delighted as he heard it. In Song Jiang City, there was no one else who dared to challenge him! He wasn’t intimidated as he spoke, “Xiongfeng Group belongs to my family. What can you do about it?”

“Xiongfeng Group, what motherf*cking …” When Sun Zhiwei spoke halfway, he was held back by Yu Tiance. “Zhiwei, don’t talk any more nonsense.”

“What? I have my big uncle. Why do I need to be afraid of him?” Sun Zhiwei muttered.

“Even though uncle is influential, he wouldn’t aggravate the connection with Song Jiang City’s local big enterprise.” Yu Tiance shook his head and spoke, “I think we should drop this matter.”

The big uncle who Sun Zhiwei mentioned was Yu Tiance’s relative. Big uncle is an outstanding man of the Sun family. He raised the Sun family from their downfall into noble status. The relatives of the Sun family naturally gained a lot of advantages because of that. On the other hand, Yu Tiance belonged to the Sun family’s maternal side, so he was a distant relative of Sun Zhiwei. Ever since they were young, they were close to each other and established a good friendship between them.

Although Yu Tiance was the maternal relative of the Sun family, he was smart. Hence, he was delegated with a few family tasks ever since he was young. On the other hand, his main responsibility was the upbringing of Sun Zhiwei. The reason was that Sun Zhiwei was the only male in that generation in the Sun family. Sun Zhiwei’s big uncle only had a daughter. Even though she was someone worthy, a family without a man in the lead would be bad.

Initially, Sun Zhiwei’s big uncle wanted Sun Jie to look for a strong husband to support her. Unfortunately, his daughter didn’t look into this matter. Hence, as an insurance, Sun Zhiwei’s big uncle couldn’t help but groom a second successor.

However, Sun Zhiwei was a spoiled rich brat. Even though he was already an adult, he tended to initiate quarrels and lacked the qualities of a great leader.

“But…” Sun Zhiwei felt his ego would be hurt if he just walked away. He knew Yu Tiance wouldn’t harm him. Even though he was unwilling to do so, he just pointed at Wang Zhitao and Yang Ming, “Alright, I will remember this. We’ll see about that.”

Wang Zhitao snorted triumphantly. Apparently, he thought the person in front of him was afraid of his family background. Yang Ming couldn’t care much since Sun Zhiwei had nothing against him in his hand. What could he do to Yang Ming?

Sun Zhiwei couldn’t help but to turn around and leave. He said to the students behind him, “There are no seats here. Let’s go to the Bright Moon Restaurant in the new area.”

Bright Moon Restaurant was the large-scale seafood restaurant of the city. The seafood in that place was all fresh. The overnight goods were disposed to smaller restaurants. Hence, it had a good word of mouth in this city. The local students heard of this place, but because the price was quite expensive, not a lot of them frequented that place. As they heard Sun Zhiwei would treat them for a meal there, everyone cheered for it.

Those who weren’t locals started asking the local students. As soon as they learned about the quality of the Bright Moon Restaurant, they were delighted.

Sun Zhiwei stopped eight taxis and brought the students of the class to Bright Moon Restaurant.

On the other hand, the students who were with Wang Zhitao was delighted over his family background. It was great to have a strong class monitor! Especially to those who weren’t familiar with this new environment, seeing that his family appeared to be the local tyrant, they tried to get on Wang Zhitao’s good side. After all, most of the graduates would be staying on in Song Jiang City. There wouldn’t be much of an employment issue if they looked to Wang Zhitao for a job.

“Why did you stop me before?” In the taxi, Sun Zhiwei asked Yu Tiance. “Is the Xiongfeng Group really popular?”

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