So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 194

Chapter 194: Two Groups of People

Yang Ming left the classroom after he finished his sentence. He didn’t want to argue with this retard, Sun Zhiwei, who was spoiled by his family.

Sun Zhiwei was so angry that he rolled his eyes at Yang Ming after he left! This was so humiliating for him! Sun Zhiwei was thinking too much, because how much difference would it make with one less person at lunch?

“Alright, I will deal with you in the future!” Sun Zhiwen said cruelly.

“Zhiwei, this is not our home. We shouldn’t make any trouble outside!” Yu Tiance shook his head.

“But…” Sun Zhiwei couldn’t snap out of it, but it was apparent that he still listened to Yu Tiance.

“No buts. Now you’re a class monitor. Uncle should be happy when you call him tonight.” Yu Tiance said indifferently.

“Yeah. Aha, the race car will be mine!” Sun Zhiwei was happy again.

Yu Tiance shook his head. This brother is just like a little kid. He will make trouble if I don’t keep an eye on him.

Yang Ming saw Chen Mengyan, Zhao Sisi and Zhang Bing at the cafeteria entrance. They obviously had been waiting for a long time because of his argument with Sun Zhiwei.

“Eat at the cafeteria?” Yang Ming asked.

“Yeah, Sisi and Mengyan said to eat here.” Zhang Bing nodded his head. “Yang Ming, why are you so late?”

“Don’t mention it. There was so much trouble from the class committee election, and I met a retard.” Yang Ming shook his head helplessly.

“Met a retard? What do you mean?” Zhang Bing asked, “What role did you get?”

“Me? I didn’t get involved in it! You know me well enough to know that I’m not interested in the class committee.” Yang Ming shook his head with a laugh. “The retard is the new class monitor. He probably got it by spending money. He wanted to force me to go for lunch after he got the position. Who does he think he is?”

“Is that possible? Spending money for a vote?” Chen Mengyan was stunned. “Is there still such a thing?”

“Why not?” Zhao Sisi said, “There’s one right in our class!”

Zhang Bing and Chen Mengyan were in the same class so they might not see any.

Hehe, it’s not compulsory to meet one in the class, but you can’t say that they don’t exist.” Yang Ming laughed. “Don’t bother with him. Zhang Bing, Mengyan, what did you guys get?”

“Me? Ha, brother, I came into this university using money, so I’m satisfied with being a normal student. I wouldn’t be so impudent to fight for a class committee!” Zhang Bing laughed. “Instead, sister-in-law was elected to be the study commissary!”

“Study commissary is good. It is a nice title, and it won’t be too tiring.” Yang Ming nodded his head and said, “I didn’t really want you to be class monitor because that would take up most of your time!”

“I knew you would say this because I was thinking the same way!” Chen Mengyan laughed too.

“Yeah, stop talking about us. Zhao Sisi, what about you?” Yang Ming asked politely to Zhao Sisi.

“Me? Hehe, I’m not the right person to be in the class committee, just like you all. So I didn’t go for the election!” Zhao Sisi laughed with a blush.

“Brother, if that’s the case then we shouldn’t eat at the cafeteria. Sister-in-law became a study commissary already. We should celebrate for her!” Zhang Bing suggested. In fact, he just wasn’t used to the big pot rice from the cafeteria.

“Is that necessary? It’s not a high position as well.” Chen Mengyan looked at Yang Ming.

“Let’s go, Mengyan. Since Zhang Bing said so. He will pay for us.” Zhao Sisi pulled Chen Mengyan’s arm, then she looked at Zhang Bing. “Am I right?”

“Right, right! I will treat you guys!” Zhang Bing was delighted! Zhao Sisi obviously didn’t consider Zhang Bing as a stranger! This is so great! Zhang Bing felt blessed.

“Then let’s go.” Yang Ming nodded his head toward Chen Mengyan.

“Let’s go to Heavenly Dragon? It is quite nice.” Zhang Bing suggested.

Yang Ming didn’t know Sun Zhiwei was treating at Heavenly Dragon too because he didn’t listen carefully in class. Since he didn’t want to go, why would he listen to it? So Yang Ming didn’t bother much. The four of them went to Heavenly Dragon in Zhang Bing’s Pentium.

It was unexpected that Wang Zhitao’s Honda Accord was parked at Heavenly Dragon’s parking lot too! After they went in, they could see from afar that the two tables on the right were full of people. Wang Zhitao was sitting at one of them.

It was such a coincidence that Wang Zhitao raised his head as they walked in. So he greeted immediately, “Yang Ming, come over here! I’m treating a feast!”

Ha! Are you guys the classmates of Monitor Wang? Come over here!” A guy beside Wang Zhitao quickly greeted them.

Yang Ming admired Wang Zhitao on this. He could train a few followers anywhere. According to the little short guy, Wang Zhitao was elected as a class monitor too.

This was common as Wang Zhitao was better in getting support than Sun Zhiwei. It was weird for him not to be chosen!

“This…” Yang Ming hesitated. Wang Zhitao was different from Sun Zhiwei. Yang Ming’s relationship with Wang Zhitao was strange. Now they kept things at an equilibrium state. Neither of them wanted to break the balance, so they were at peace with each on the surface.

Since Wang Zhitao had invited him, he couldn’t reject him. So the four of them found their seats beside Wang Zhitao.

They were just starting to eat. Many dishes weren’t served yet. But it seemed that Wang Zhitao invested a lot of money in it! Turbot, big lobsters, and Chinese mitten crab were served one after another. [1]

Since they were “friends,” Yang Ming and the three of them didn’t hold back. They introduced themselves to the people beside Wang Zhitao and started eating. As for the other students, they were more concerned with the delicious dishes in front of them. Who cared if they were Wang Zhitao’s friends? It was more important to fill the stomach! Especially for those who came from the poverty areas, they were putting effort into eating the dishes. They never had these dishes before, therefore they naturally ate until they were satisfied!

Wang Zhitao was a generous man. He kept asking others to eat. He rarely moved his chopsticks. He literally looked like a host. When the dishes were finished, Wang Zhitao would ask the short guy to order another dish.

When they were enjoying the moment, the door of Heavenly Dragon was pushed open. A large group of people came in. They were Yang Ming’s classmates, and the leaders were Sun Zhiwei and Yu Tiance.

“Welcome…” The waitress greeted immediately.

“I have made a call. Where is the big table I booked?” Sun Zhiwei asked directly.

“The big table you booked? When did you book a big table? The waitress was stunned. The Heavenly Dragon Restaurant wasn’t big, so there was no private room. But they set aside two tables for the students who ate in a group. All the other tables seated four to six people aside from the big tables.

“I made a call before. I said I was the class monitor from the school of computer science level 08 class 2. I wanted to dine together with my classmates, so I booked tables from you!” Sun Zhiwei’s expression didn’t look attractive.

“I’m sorry. Can you wait for a moment, I will consult the counter.” The waitress didn’t know about it either, but the tables had been taken. She was not the decision maker, so she could only ask the manager.

After a while, the manager arrived. He asked while frowning, “When did you call?”

“I called around 11 a.m.! I said I’m the class monitor from the school of computer science level 08 class 2. I wanted to dine together with my classmates as a celebration for me being the class monitor!” Sun Zhiwei repeated his sentence again.

“It can’t be!” The manager was dumbfounded. “Those two tables were the ones who called for the reservation!”

It turned out that Wang Zhitao made a call too. He said the same thing. It was just that the school of computer science was changed to business management!

But the manager didn’t question it. He thought it was just a reminder. Based on the situation… the manager smacked his forehead. Sh*t! There were two groups of people.

No wonder when the manager said to Wang Zhitao, You only need one call for a booking. There was no need for two calls. I won’t forget your booking. The student was dumbfounded and said, I didn’t call twice.

The manager didn’t notice the difference. So that was the case!

“I’m really sorry!” The manager hastily explained, “There was another person who made a call too. He said nearly the same thing as you. It was about being a class monitor and wanting to treat his classmates. I thought you and he was the same person… Now the big tables were already occupied… I’m really sorry!”

En? Sun Zhiwei was even angrier after he heard that! What do you mean? Do you think I will forgive your careless mistake because you apologized? There are so many people here with me. If I leave now, how can I be a class monitor? So he said angrily, “What do you mean? I had also made an appointment! Why can they sit there and eat but I have to leave? Just disperse them quickly, we are dining in now!”

Chapter Notes:

[1] 多宝鱼 - Steamed Turbot fish

大闸蟹 -  Mitten / hairy crab

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