So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 192

Chapter 192:  Love Specialist

Yang Ming hesitated a while before picking up the phone. At this moment, he felt a chill crawling down his spine! Yes, I have not been careful! How could I forget to switch off the phone and take out the circuit board?

Why would he say so? The reason lies behind the modern technology of cell phones with a GPS microchip installed. With that, it was easy to locate the cell phone location through the navigation system.

Of course, those were mainly for military use, but it didn’t eliminate the possibility of domestic use, particularly by assassins like the black shirt man.

If it was a fortune, it isn’t a calamity, and if it was a calamity, then it can’t be avoided [1]. The phone was switched on for quite a long period of time. If there was a GPS microchip, it had already pinpointed his location. Hence, Yang Ming had no other choice but to accept the phone call.

Someone once said that accepting the phone call might reveal the location of the caller and receiver. This idea wasn't bad, but it was not possible for everyone to look for it. It would need an official channel like a telecommunications company or mobile data company to search for it, and only the police had the power to do so. Typical civilians wouldn't be able to get any information from it, but cause trouble for themselves. So, Yang Ming wasn't afraid of that.

“...” Yang Ming pressed on the “accept” button but didn’t say anything.

Hey? Old Grey Wolf, where are you? Have you completed your mission? All of your brothers are looking for you to have supper!” As soon as the call was connected, a hoarse voice came out, “Hey?... Old Grey Wolf? Can you hear me? … Hey, hey?...”

Yang Ming quickly tapped on the hang-up button. Later, he switched off the phone and took out the circuit board. Right now, he had enough information from the message. At least, Yang Ming knew the person who ambushed him was “Old Grey Wolf.” For his appearance, Yang Ming had already kept it in his memory before Fang Tian dissolved the corpse. But, Yang Ming was sure that he never met him before.

At this moment, the only clue Yang Ming had about the assassin was his identity as the “Old Grey Wolf." In addition, he wasn't alone but rather in an organization! Also, Yang Ming decided to look for an opportunity and investigate the phone number of the caller just now.

With these thoughts in mind, Yang Ming had a headache. He thought the matters ended with the death of the black shirt man. He never anticipated that his opponent was affiliated with an organization! In other words, would I be flooded with trouble in the future? Even if the person who hired the contract stopped looking for me if the death of Old Grey Wolf was known by the organization, would they seek revenge from me?

So, the only thing he could do right now was to increase his strength and reflexes. That was the only way he wouldn't be weak and swallowed by the strong.

At the Black Widow, a macho man with a buzz cut scolded at the phone loudly, “F*ck, why is there no sound anymore? D*mn, a knock-off phone can’t operate well. It is broken! Boss, can you give us higher-spec phones? Like those in the 007 movies?”

“Alright, Old Black. How much can you earn from a mission? When did I treat you all unfairly? You have money but didn't buy a better one. Who should be put to blame?” A woman with a veil said coldly, “Why? The call can’t be connected?”

“It was connected, but there was no response!” Old Black didn’t argue any further. Black Widow was their boss after all. Even though she was a woman, her fighting skill was stronger than a man’s.

“No response?” The Black Widow was stunned for a little. She picked up another CDMA phone and keyed in “*76139xxxxxxxx.” The *76 with the series of numbers was the telecommunication hidden command code. Phone calls made through it would hide their phone number on the receiver’s end.

‘I am sorry. The phone you have dialed is either switched off or outside of service area. Please call again later …” The phone transmitted the alarm of a phone that was shut off.

Black Widow frowned a little. “Why is it switched off? Did something happened to Old Grey Wolf?”

Ah? Switched off?” Old Black was stunned as he spoke “It was switched on just before. Why did it switch off suddenly? Was he caught by the police?”

Black Widow frowned, but her expression was covered by her veil. It was hard to deduce her thoughts. “This matter isn't as simple as it sounds. Maybe we are too active and targeted by third parties. So, we will stop accepting any new missions and stay hidden for a while.”

During the recent days, the Black Widow business was booming. On the other hand, criminal cases were rising in Song Jiang City. It was impossible to bypass the police’s attention. Old Grey Wolf was most likely busted by the police.

Another possibility was becoming the target of an enemy. Being an assassin, everyone was stained with blood. It was common to build grudges with other people at any time, so it is unavoidable to be a target for revenge.

To be honest, Black Widow was a small organization. They lacked reliable sources of information. As such, they only relied on their ferocity and acted recklessly. Most probably, they provoked those who they couldn’t afford to do so.

As for the GPS that Yang Ming was worried about, it didn’t amount to anything. The reason was that Black Widow lacked such a high-end utility.

In the case of Fang Tian as a veteran assassin, why didn’t he informed Yang Ming about it? The reason was actually quite simple. During the period of time when Fang Tian was dominant, cell phones were rare objects, let alone GPS systems. Also, it was only utilized domestically in the recent years. In the past, it was fully under the control of the military.

Yang Ming realized there was a need for him to gain knowledge in this area. After all, Fang Tian could only teach him fighting skills and techniques. In the modern age, merely fighting skills were not enough.

With these thoughts in mind, Yang Ming switched on his computer. He looked up a few key search terms in Google about “spy equipment,” “anti-spy” and “assassination tools.” Even though there was a myriad of search results, most of them were unpopular websites selling goods.

However, Yang Ming might as well look at the appearance and the function of these items so that he could develop countermeasures against them.

But, the most useful website that Yang Ming found was an American website, “007 Enthusiast.” The website accommodated all his needs. Also, it contained various preventive techniques, but the text was in English. It was rather inconvenient for Yang Ming to read it. Luckily, there were various websites that offered online translations. Even though the translation wasn’t quite smooth, it didn’t affect his reading.

With that, Yang Ming researched until midnight before closing the website. He recalled his inactivity in QQ, hence he logged into his QQ.

Di di di di…” A lot of offline messages came in.

Yang Ming selectively read up on them. He deleted some of the trash mail and viruses with only a few windows opened. One of it was the fellow, Zhang Bing’s joke. Another one was Chen Mengyan message, asking him why he was not online and not accepting her call? Yang Ming looked at the date and time, it was the night where he accompanied Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua for a drink. Later on, he had called Chen Mengyan. So, he closed the chat window as well.

Another one was sent by “Female Wild Teacher” where she asked whether Yang Ming was still there. The message was sent consecutively for a few days. Later on, she asked Yang Ming what was he doing and why was he not online yet.

Yang Ming sent a reply to her and told her that he was busy recently. Probably, he couldn’t play Landlord with her as frequently. After Yang Ming replied, he wanted to go offline but he didn’t anticipate that Wild Female Teacher was still online at that moment!

Wild Female Teacher: “Why are you online so late?”

“I had a lot of things to do recently and did not have much time to be online. I just settled some matter just now, so, I opened QQ to check for messages.” Yang Ming replied.

Wild Female Teacher: “I see. How are you? Have you recovered from the breakup?”

Yang Ming saw her message. At the spur of the moment, he had mentioned that he broke up when his relationship with Chen Mengyan was struggling. He hadn’t told her that his relationship had gotten better.

There's No True Love in this World: “Hehe, we got back together.”

Wild Female Teacher: “Really? Hehe, congratulations! How did you reconcile with her?”

There’s No True Love in this World: “Actually in relationships, it is up to our own effort to strive for it. As long as both partners like each other, the relationship is easily repaired!”

Yang Ming was rather optimistic today. After all, he had formally become the student of a bad*ss master. Hence, he simply turned into a love specialist.

Wild Female Teacher: “Really…”

There’s No True Love in this World: “Certainly, you have to strive for your own happiness!”

Ha! Being a specialist gives off such a good feeling. No wonder Zhang Bing was eager to guide me with strategies last time. It seems giving pointers to those who are stuck in relationship issues is a task that offers a sense of fulfillment!

What is this feeling like I am the only one sober among drunkards? It really feels like a great Samaritan!

Wild Female Teacher: “Thanks. I know what I need to do now.”

Uhm? Yang Ming was stunned. Damn, you know what you need to do? What did I say? But this is a good feeling!

“You are welcome!” Yang Ming replied in a forthright manner.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Good fortune and disaster are determined by fate; if misfortune is impending, then it cannot be avoided.

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