So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 191

Chapter 191: The King of Assassins

“What do you mean?” Yang Ming was puzzled. “It is safe in the detention center? What are you thinking? Is it really not safe here?”

Hehe.” Fang Tian smiled mysteriously and said, “Kid, you really want to know about what happened and what’s my background?”

Yang Ming nodded. “Yeah, I don’t understand. Who are you?”

“Kid, I can tell you, but you need to be prepared. Once you know the truth, you must accept one thing. If not, I will kill you.” Fang Tian looked at Yang Ming with a fierce expression.

Ah!” Yang Ming frowned. He knew what Fang Tian was talking about. The incident must be kept a secret, and no one should know about it. But what does Fang Tian want from me? Yang Ming didn’t like to be threatened. So, he needed to clarify it to avoid any problems in the future. “What do you want me to accept?”

“It’s actually nothing. It will be beneficial for you.” Fang Tian said, “A thing that will allow you to face your opponents in the shadow.”

“What do you mean? You want to help me to kill my enemy?” asked Yang Ming.

“No, it’s better to do it yourself rather than seek help from others. Don’t you ever think of facing them by yourself?” asked Fang Tian.

“You have seen it too. Based on my capabilities…” Yang Ming instantly felt discouraged. But he thought of something else too, so he asked with expectation. “Is it that… you want to teach me…”

“You’re right!” Fang Tian nodded his head, “My requirement is for you to be my apprentice and the successor to my legacy after you know everything!”

After that, Yang Ming’s feeling was so shocked that he was speechless! Fang Tian’s Kung Fu was unfathomable. Yang Ming admired his “petty skill” of throwing a knife.

So, Yang Ming was really excited when Fang Tian asked for this! What does it mean? It means I will be stepping on the road of the strong!

This concept was different from Yang Ming’s fighting!

“I agree!” Yang Ming nodded his head without hesitation.

Fang Tian gave a satisfied smile. This result was in Fang Tian’s expectation. He knew Yang Ming so well that he knew Yang Ming wouldn’t reject him.

“Alright, I can tell you my real identity now.” Fang Tian pointed at the seat beside him and signaled for Yang Ming to sit down and listen.

Yang Ming wouldn’t look down on Fang Tian now, but his attitude was careless. He knew Fang Tian wouldn’t do any harm to him, so he was free to be himself.

“In this world, there is a group of special people or a clan. They are called the professional assassins.” Fang Tian started at the beginning slowly, “In those years, I was the international number one killer. They called me the King of Assassins!”

“The King of Assassins!” Yang Ming was surprised.

Fang Tian waved his hand to signal Yang Ming not to interrupt. “My master was the previous King of Assassins, and I was the King of Assassins. I’m different from other assassins. They have a clan, and I’m just one person. The code name for my master’s master, my master and I were always the King of Assassins. So the name, King of Assassins, is a legend that will never end in the world of assassins. But no one else knows my identity.”

I concealed my assassin identity by being a land developer, and it had always been fine. Didn’t you ask why I was framed by Hu San and the woman and got myself into the detention center? Hehe, that was all my plan.”

“Did you think I didn’t notice their dirty trick? I could kill him in a minute if I intended to do that. But I didn’t because I was exposed! Interpol had a lead on me! They had the information that the King of Assassins was located in Song Jiang City!

“I could kill the agents who searched for me, but I would become an internationally wanted criminal. Besides, I didn’t have to kill the agents because they weren’t sure if I was located in Song Jiang City.”

“But I needed a place to hide. I thought the safest places would be the detention center and jail after some consideration. Interpol wouldn’t figure out that I would hide there.”

So I stepped right into Hu San’s trap and was sent to the detention center. Then, I pretended to be insane for seven years until you helped me out. I was out of the detention center because the danger is gone.

“I have another disciple too. He is Dong Jun who you have met before. But he has a serious congenital heart disease, and therefore, he wasn’t suitable to be an assassin. He became a great thief after learning my skills. Then, he and I picked you after prolonged observation. We realized that your character and personality met my requirements. So I decided to let you become my successor! Although I would like to tell all these things to you later, it was just a coincidence for today’s incident. So, I might as well tell you sooner!”

Fang Tian talked about his life experience in one shot. Yang Ming didn’t know this was such a twisted story! He didn’t expect Dong Jun to be Fang Tian’s disciple.

“I never really expected it to be like this.” Yang Ming sighed. “I think I wasn’t helpful since you were living quite well in the detention center.”

“That might not be the case. I’m looking for my successor too. Just take it as a test.” Fang Tian said, “Don’t ever mention this to anyone, even the person closest to you. Remember, no one else can be trusted except yourself! Dong Jun and I could betray you at any time!”

Yang Ming disagreed with it. He didn’t think Lan Ling and Chen Mengyan would betray him. But he still listened to Fang Tian’s advice to not tell anyone. “Okay, I understand.”

“That’s all for today. Tomorrow come here at 7 p.m. I asked Dong Jun to come too. We will have a ritual for apprenticeship. After that, you will become the next King of Assassins!” Fang Tian said seriously, “Come to my house every night at this time. I will give you special training.”

“Alright, I got it.” Yang Ming nodded his head solemnly. He picked up the photo, cigarette pack and a phone into his pocket. These items were retrieved from the man in black. Yang Ming hoped to get some leads from them.

Fang Tian left after he got Yang Ming into the car. Yang Ming took a deep breath. These few hours were like a lifetime ago. In one moment, he was nearly killed by a man in black. The next moment, he became the “King of Assassins”! What a contrast!

Yang Ming explained that the dent kicked by the man in black on Pentium trunk was because of a robbery. Zhang Bing was generous so he didn’t mind. Instead, he asked how Yang Ming escaped. Yang Ming gave an excuse that he got away by accelerating the car.

The Black Widow Vengeance Company was a low-quality assassin company. The assassins were some retired mercenaries. The normal businesses were just some low-end revenge projects. It rarely involved killing. After all, the company was formed in the country, so they were afraid of being caught by the police.

Besides, the Black Widows usually targeted ordinary people. They would reject the job if the target was someone formidable. But the Black Widow’s business was still great. After all, the rich guys like to punish their foes this way.

Today, the Black Widows received big business, but the person only wanted them to punish a university student. This was a simple job that needed only one man. The top killer, “Old Grey Wolf,” in the company was free, so he volunteered for this job.

“Why is Old Grey Wolf so late?” A person asked in the group.

“It is nearly 11 p.m., why we haven’t we gotten any news? It was just a university student. What’s going on?” Another assassin was pondering too.

“Boss, can you contact Old Grey Wolf? We are still waiting for him to have a drink!”

“Ring ring…” Yang Ming heard the phone ring from the writing desk.

His pupils retracted when Yang Ming looked up! He got that phone from the man in black!

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