So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 188

Chapter 188: The Furious President Yun

Note: This chapter contains some descriptions of a sexual activity. 

Ha? I just like to teach you a lesson. You will never get anything from me!” Liu Xiaosheng said.

“Is that so?” Yang Ming grabbed his head and smashed it heavily on the car hood. The great impact caused a dent in it, and Liu Xiaosheng’s head was bleeding too.

“I just don’t like you! It was me who asked people to punish you! Just kill me if you dare!” Liu Xiaosheng shouted.

“You don’t like me? Did I do anything to you?” Yang Ming was dumbfounded. I don’t even know who he is, and I have never spoken to him. And for that, he didn’t like me?

Hmph, you didn’t offend me! But, I’m the driver for President Yun from Yun’s Jade Ware. I just didn’t like the way you acted when you gave the present!” Liu Xiaosheng scolded, “You can do whatever you want now!”

Yang Ming was dumbfounded. Wasn’t this the typical case where the eunuch was more anxious than the emperor? President Yun didn’t mention anything, and you as a driver felt injustice for him? The reason that Yang Ming would believe Liu Xiaosheng was because he never had any quarrel with President Yun. Besides, he had made it clear that the gift was from Zhang’s Jade Ware. So, even if President Yun was unhappy, the target of his retaliation should be Zhang Jiefang and Zhang Bing. It shouldn’t be related to Yang Ming.

After Yang Ming knew all this, he wasn’t interested in this guy anymore. He released his hand and gave him a kick until he lay down on the floor. “F*ck off! I don’t want to see you anymore.”

As he spoke, Yang Ming returned to Zhang Bing’s Pentium. “Let’s go.”

After Yang Ming left, a man in a Mercedes-Benz not far from there stopped recording. He sneered, “If Sun Jie knew you were a barbarian, you’re done for.”

Yang Ming was puzzled. What is going on? Even the staff that is not related to me is troubling me!

Yang Ming sent Lan Ling back to the Family Residence of Song Jiang Industry University and asked her to rest. Then, Yang Ming called Chen Mengyan.

“Yang Ming, are you done with your business?” Chen Mengyan asked.

“Yeah, I’m done. Where do we go shopping?” Yang Ming asked.

“I’m sorry, Yang Ming. Today my grandmother came to my home. I need to spend some time with her. I’ll call you after she leaves. Is that okay?” Chen Mengyan said with an apology.

“No problem. Call me when you’re done! Zhang Bing and I are just getting hungry. We’ll go eat somewhere.” Yang Ming said.

People who attended such a big celebration before knew that it was hard to fill the stomach. The purpose was to show some respect for the organizer and to socialize.

Zhang Bing had the same thought. Lan Ling was a girl, so she was full from eating fruits and junk food. But Zhang Bing and Yang Ming were young adults at the stage of puberty!

Zhang Bing parked at the roadside near a shop called “A Fragrant Pot of Tendon and Brain.” They ordered a large pot together with add-ons.

“D*mn it, that Liu Xiaosheng is a scrub!” Zhang Bing cursed while he ate.

“Don’t even bring it up! I’m more tired than you.” Yang Ming gave a bitter smile. “We had a deal. You pay for this meal!”

“We are so close already! Do we need to be like this? Okay, I’ll pay!” Zhang Bing smiled cunningly, “That was funny though. That guy was retaliating for his boss, and he even looked for the wrong guy!”

“You can keep laughing! But you need to be careful over these next few days. That Liu Xiaosheng is a dumb*ss. He might look for some trouble again!” Yang Ming stared at Zhang Bing.

Ha, he would find you if he wants to get revenge because he failed to mess with you!” Zhang Bing said carelessly.

“Bullsh*t.” Yang Ming didn’t bother either, but he never imagined Zhang Bing’s words were real.

President Yun’s full name was Yun Guangdou. He met Sun Jie at a feast that was organized by President Hua. He was attracted to her extraordinary temperament and pretty face. He swore to marry only her. After that, he discovered that Sun Jie had a strong family background. He didn’t give up, instead, he was even more passionate about getting the rich woman.

Sun Jie just treated Yun Guangdou like a stranger. They had nothing in common besides business. They only met at some cocktail party for a business affair. She had never accepted his personal invitations.

Yun Guangdou always thought he had high qualifications. He was only forty years old, and he had assets worth billions of yuan in Song Jiang City. How many people could have such an achievement like him?

Therefore, Yun Guangdou was confident in himself. He thought the woman who played hard to get would be even more passionate when he got her! But when he heard from President Hua that Yang Ming was her boyfriend, this was shocking news for him!

Yun Guangdou always fantasized about being with Sun Jie, and this fantasy was crushed to pieces!

Therefore, Yun Guangdou was furious. He instructed his driver, Liu Xiaosheng, to punish Yang Ming with some punks. When Liu Xiaosheng told him that the mission had failed, Yun Guangdou was depressed!

Yang Ming! You little trash. You’re just a punk. How can you get Sun Jie’s love? Yun Guangdou was roaring when he threw the phone on the ground. The phone was crushed into pieces in an instant.

He was infuriated when President Hua told him that Yang Ming had “fought” with Sun Jie in the KTV bathroom for half an hour. He dug up Yang Ming’s background. Yang Ming was from a worker family and just a university student! He didn’t know how Yang Ming attracted Sun Jie, but that was a fact!

He didn’t think President Hua would joke about it, and President Hua didn’t. They did have a sexual relationship, but their relationship had ended.

“Secretary Wang, buy me another phone.” Yun Guangdou used the company phone to contact his secretary.

“President Yun, I bought two phones last time. There is still one left. I’ll bring it right over.” Secretary Wang knew Yun Guangdou had a habit of smashing cell phones, so she bought two.

“Alright, quickly bring it over.” Yun Guangdou disconnected the phone.

After five minutes, a slim and coquettish secretary walked in. She put a Samsung Earl on President Yun’s desk. Then, she bent down and picked the broken phone. She took out the sim card from it.

The female secretary lifted her *ss, and it triggered Yun Guangdou. Without a word, he lifted up her skirt and unzipped his own pants.

“Wait for a second President Yun. Let me fix your phone…” The female secretary said with charm.

Hehe, don’t bother about the phone. You need to serve the ‘chick’ on my body first!” Yun Guangdou said.

Aiya ah!” The secretary exaggerated her moans. “I can’t take it anymore… ah, President Yun, hurry up and give it to me hard!”

“You!” Yun Guangdou smiled. “If Sun Jie is such a b*tch like you, that would be great!”

After half an hour, the storm in the office had calmed. Yun Guangdou wore his pants and took the phone from the secretary. Then he waved his hand to ask her to leave.

The secretary simply cleaned up the phone’s fragments and the tissue filled with each other’s fluids. Then, she walked out of the office.

Yun Guangdou switched on the phone and called a number that was on the sim card.

“Sky king covers ground tiger.” After the phone call was connected, the person said something strange.

“The widow is dead.” Yun Guangdou said carefully.

“Who are you looking for?” asked the person.

“Black Widow,” replied Yun Guangdou.

“Welcome to the Black Widow Vengeance Company. What service do you need?” Since the secret phrase was correct, the person greeted without hiding.

“I want to cripple a man,” said Yun Guangdou.

“Two hands are 150,000 yuan; two legs are 200,000 yuan. Four limbs are discounted at 300,000 yuan.” The person said, “These are the basic prices. If the person is a public figure, the price will change accordingly.”

“Not a public figure, just a student!” Yun Guangdou said, “I want to demolish his three legs!”

“Three legs?” The person was stunned, then smiled. “Hehe, I understand what you mean. The price for three legs is 500,000 yuan.”

“Alright, deal.” Yun Guangdou agreed without hesitation; 500,000 yuan was nothing for him.

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