So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 185

Chapter 185: It’s Him

“Brother Hua? It’s really you!” President Yun saw his familiar friend who was the president of Hua Jewelry Company.

This person was the old fox who wanted to frame Sun Jie with Guo Jianchao. He wanted to control Guo Jianchao through the opportunity, but Yang Ming foiled his plan!

Besides, Guo Jianchao was dodging when President Hua looked for him to have another plan for Sun Jie. President Hua felt strange. Why did he give up so quickly? Then he figured out what happened through Guo Jianchao’s words. Guo Jianchao was protecting Yang Ming! If President Hua was insulting Yang Ming, Guo Jianchao always refuted him with a weird expression. He wasn’t sure what kind of psychedelic soup Yang Ming fed him.

This wasn’t Guo Jianchao’s fault. The trauma of that night was too impactful for him. When he thought of Brother Bao, Guo Jianchao had a cold sweat! Especially after Du Long, for a month Guo Jianchao couldn’t remain seated for long since he got screwed by him. It was even worse than having hemorrhoids.

Yang Ming and Bao Sanli were close. Under these circumstances, Guo Jianchao wouldn’t mess with Sun Jie even if he had one hundred guts let alone frame Yang Ming! He didn’t even dare to speak ill of him!

Guo Jianchao who had been living under the sunlight finally understood the power of the underworld! These guys were as cruel as the guys in the movies! Since Guo Jianchao had lost his value, his original plan was ruined. President Hua had to plan a new move.

“What happened? Is it because you were upstaged by the kid?” President Hua said while facing Yang Ming.

“That kid? What’s the matter with him? Zhang Jiefang must be the culprit!” President Yun scolded.

Hehe, that kid was quite capable! I had a dinner with him before. He seemed to be the boyfriend of Sun Jie -- En, it’s him!” President Hua acted like he remembered something.

“Sun Jie? Is that possible? I have never heard of it.” President Yun pursued Sun Jie too. This guy was extremely lecherous. He was already forty years old, but he hadn’t married yet. “Oh yeah, who’s the girl beside that kid?”

“They’re quite close. Is he cheating on Sun Jie?” President Hua said carelessly.

“F*ck! I must take this photo and show it to Sun Jie. Damn it, this bast*rd. You’re really unfortunate to meet me!” President Yun hadn’t vented out his anger yet. When President Hua said it, he hated Yang Ming immediately.

President Hua showed a glimpse of a sneer when President Yun was snapping photos. Yang Ming, since you ruined my plan, I will ruin yours too. Let’s see if you enjoy this.

President Hua knew that Yang Ming and Sun Jie had sex in the KTV washroom. So he assumed that Yang Ming was her real boyfriend. He decided to set Yang Ming up when he noticed that Yang Ming was intimate with Lan Ling. So, he “carelessly” leaked this information to President Yun who had failed to pursue Sun Jie.

“Dad, do you really think that the imperial jade came from Zhang’s Jade Ware?” Xiao Qing only mentioned her doubt when the guests had seated.

“Why do you say so?” Liu Weishan asked, puzzled.

“I went to Zhang’s Jade Ware previously to buy an imperial jade for you, but Zhang Jiefang said he didn’t have any.” Xiao Qing continued, “But now, he delivered an imperial jade. What does he mean?”

Xiao Qing never considered that the imperial jade belonged to Yang Ming. She was afraid that others had an ulterior motive for such an expensive gift!

“Based on what you said… Could it be…” Liu Weishan thought of Yang Ming’s expression then he nodded his head in confirmation. “It must be him.”

“Dad, what are you talking about?” Xiao Qing didn’t understand what Liu Weishan meant.

“This imperial jade belonged to Yang Ming!” Liu Weishan didn’t have to hide from Xiao Qing, so he told her the truth.

“Why do you say so?” Xiao Qing was confused. Yang Ming was just a student. How could he own an imperial jade? “What is the relationship between you and Yang Ming? Even if this jade belonged to him, why would he give it to you?”

“This is a long story…” So, Liu Weishan talked about his encounter with Yang Ming. He also mentioned his second encounter while renting the room. “Yang Ming is a person who values relationships. At that time, I taught him about inspecting jade. It’s possible that he got this imperial jade when he was gambling jade in Tengchong. He knows my interest, therefore, he gave this to me.”

“Then why would he say that it was a gift from Zhang Jiefang?” Xiao Qing couldn’t figure it out.

“I don’t know about this, but I can make a few assumptions. “Liu Weishan said, “One reason is Yang Ming probably wants to repay and show his gratitude to Zhang Jiefang for helping him. Therefore, he tries to connect me with Zhang Jiefang to help his business. Another reason is Yang Ming doesn't like to flaunt. Of course, he could have made an excuse because he was afraid that I might not receive it.”

“These are indeed possible.” Xiao Qing nodded her head and started to ponder about the character of Yang Ming. My father must really appreciate him for giving him such a high evaluation! There must be something special about him.

Based on her previous interactions, her impression of Yang Ming was just “lecherous,” “pretend to be the hero,” and other common things. The Yang Ming that she heard from her father was a completely different person. She couldn’t help but be surprised.

If Yang Ming knew that Xiao Qing was thinking about him, what would he think? Although Yang Ming was lecherous, he wouldn’t do such a dirty act like crouching under the girl’s skirt and peep. If he wanted to peep, there was no need to crouch. If he used his x-ray vision, he could even see the hair inside, let alone the underwear.

As for the pretentious hero, Yang Ming was being wronged. The reason he helped her to deal with the thief was for Chen Mengyan. If not, Yang Ming wouldn’t bother so much.

No matter what, Xiao Qing’s impression of Yang Ming had changed.

Liu Weishan had a lot to deal with after the celebration. Yang Ming didn’t stay for long. He planned to visit Liu Weishan on another day.

Now, those CEOs all flocked around Liu Weishan. Yang Ming couldn’t get near him. Yang Ming and Lan Ling left the White Swan Restaurant after they greeted Xiao Qing.

After they reached the parking lot, they got into the car. When Zhang Bing wanted to reverse the car, an Audi A8 rushed in recklessly and stopped behind Zhang Bing’s car. Three men and two women came out from the car. They were definitely some hooligans with non-mainstream outfits.

Oi. How can I reverse my car if you park here?” Zhang Bing extended his head and said to the man with chains who was locking the car with the remote. His car had just blocked Zhang Bing’s car.

“What did he say?” The chain man asked the man with the earring.

“He said our car has blocked their way!” The man with the earring mocked him.

“Uncle! Are you alright?” The chain man stared at Zhang Bing and pointed at his ear with his finger. “I blocked your way? Where does it say that the road belongs to you?”

“Right, right, I know. This is called: walking on others’ road will cause others to have no way to go!” said a girl who looked like a flapper with big hair.

Ha, Xiao Yin. You’re really a genius!” The man with the earring praised.

“Did you hear that? You should buy an airplane next time!” The chain man laughed out loud. “Oh, right, I forget that your car is just 100,000 yuan. It’s impossible for you to buy an airplane!”

“Are you looking for a fight?” Some people will get angry when driving. Zhang Bing was one of them. Zhang Bing usually wouldn’t cause much trouble, but his temper got worse when he was inside the car.

“Uncle? Can’t you see the situation? Do you think you’re Bruce Lee or Stallone?” The man with the earring kicked Zhang Bing’s car.

“Bang” the door of Pentium was pushed open. Yang Ming jumped out of the car. Yang Ming didn’t want to quarrel with them because they were just kids, but he couldn’t hold it in anymore!

“I’ll count to three. You move your car. If not, you will suffer the consequences.” Yang Ming looked at the chain man and said dully.

But, they weren’t afraid of him, instead, they were even happy.

The chain man looked closely at Yang Ming, then he looked down at his phone. He pointed at Yang Ming and said, “It’s him!”

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