So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 184

Chapter 184:  Zhang’s Eye-Catching Jade

These companies’ bosses had already known about Liu Weishan’s hobby. Money had lost its meaning to Liu Weishan. The people in the industry had known about Liu Weishan’s encounter in his home.

Right now, what Elder Liu liked to do was to have a piece of good jade and carve it for entertainment. The things that he carved would hardly be seen in the market nowadays. Ever since the accident in 1999, Liu Weishan had never publicly announced any of his own art. Therefore, the value of those original creations by Liu Weishan had skyrocketed. On the auction block, they consistently would be higher priced.

Presently, Liu Weishan only did valuations of jades. His jade sculptures hardly appeared on the market. Occasionally, there could be a few out in the market, which were gifts given by Liu Weishan to his good friends. However, most of Liu Weishan’s friends would be people of great status in society, who would easily sell them off! Therefore, this caused a high demand in the market for the limited supply of Elder Liu’s creations.

Therefore, every year during Liu Weishan’s birthday ceremony, those who wanted to get some benefits from him would find some great jades and give them to Liu Weishan. Of course, these type of things wouldn’t be too precious, since there are fewer precious items. These people still wanted to get some money from selling those things.

So it depended on who was willing to spend the money! But regardless, there was hardly any gift valued less than 10,000 yuan. Just now when president Yun opened the gift, the ambiance of the whole reached its peak!

President Yun had presented an imperial jade! Everyone at the ceremony knew the price of imperial jade, so they let out a cry of surprise together! Even though this imperial jade wasn’t big and the quality was moderate, the price was at least in the range of twenty to thirty thousand! President Yun came prepared. His company had just gotten a new batch of jades. If he could get some valuation from Liu Weishan, then the price would be increased. Therefore, after some hesitation, he decided to give such a big gift that stunned everyone!

Of course, people who were surprised weren’t just the audience there, but one of the most surprised was Yang Ming himself! Ever since Yang Ming had gotten his special ability, he had great eyesight. When President Yun took out the imperial jade, with a glance, he could tell that this was the imperial jade that he lost in Tengchong!

What a coincidence. Yang Ming had almost forgotten this case originally. He never thought he would be able to see the same imperial jade here!

Things had gotten really messy. Initially, Yang Ming was doubting another person for the loss of his jade, but now, it was associated with President Yun. This President Yun, what kind of person is he?

How did he get this imperial jade? If we said that he went to Tengchong to steal the jade himself, Yang Ming would never believe it. With his status, he wouldn’t risk having himself to do this type of thing.

But it was possible that he had instructed others to do it. Of course, it was also possible that he bought it from others as well. But with this type of thing, it was better that Yang Ming not go and probe from him directly. Even if he did, President Yun would not have told him.

Therefore, Yang Ming could only silently remember all these in his heart. He could only decipher the riddle later when he had the opportunity. Zhang Bing naturally didn’t remember that much, but Lan Ling was frowning. She whispered to Yang Ming, “That imperial jade seemed to be…”

“Yup. I know. Let’s talk about this later,” said Yang Ming as he squeezed Lan Ling’s small hand.

Since the list of the gift presenters was set earlier, they didn’t include Yang Ming. After the emcee had called the last person up to give the gift, they wanted to proceed to the next segment. Yang Ming wasn’t someone who liked to show-off. Since the emcee didn’t call him, there wouldn’t be any difference for him to give the gift to Liu Weishan himself after the ceremony. But Zhang Bing was impatient. Seeing how the emcee was concluding the gift ceremony, he became nervous. “Wait! There’s still us here!”

Listening to Zhang Bing’s voice the emcee was stunned. He was the emcee, and he couldn’t make the call. It should be known that everyone on the list had been confirmed, and there shouldn’t be any mistake. But right now… he couldn’t help but turn his head toward Xiao Qing and Liu Weishan.

Xiao Qing had naturally turned her head to the source of the voice. She saw Yang Ming who was seated beside Zhang Bing. Yang Ming was also looking at her at this moment. He nodded his head to Xiao Qing as he saw her turn around.

Xiao Qing thought that Yang Ming wanted to get her to agree to the request. She fell silent to think for a while, then she walked before the emcee and took the microphone and said, “Sorry, there was still a person who was giving a gift. Please welcome Yang Ming.”

Xiu?” Yang Ming was stunned! It was obviously Zhang Bing who shouted out. Why was she calling me up? Is there something wrong with Big Mama Xiao’s eyes? But he still took his gift and walked up to the stage.

“Yang Ming, how come you are here?” Looking at Yang Ming walking up the stage, she asked softly.

“Sister Qing, what about you? How did you become Elder Liu’s daughter?” Yang Ming smiled bitterly as he asked.

“Let’s talk about this later. How did you come here? Are you my father’s student?” Xiao Qing asked.

“This… let’s talk about this later too then.” The relationship between Yang Ming and Liu Weishan couldn’t be easily explained in one or two sentences.

Hmph!” Xiao Qing thought Yang Ming was mimicking the way she spoke, so she let out a hmph as she took the gift in Yang Ming’s hand.

“This is a gift for Mr. Liu Weishan’s birthday representing Zhang’s Jade Ware.” Yang Ming naturally didn’t forget to speak some words for Zhang Bing.

Oh?” Xiao Qing was stunned. Zhang’s Jade Ware? The Zhang’s Jade Ware that I had just went to a few days ago?

“Why not open it and have a look?” Seeing how Xiao Qing was paralyzed, he smiled as he reminded her.

This time Liu Weishan also smiled and walked over. “Yang Ming, I have said that you didn’t need to give me any gifts. Why are you still so polite?”

“Elder Liu, this is a gift that I am passing to you representing Zhang Jiefang. Please accept it.” Yang Ming smiled.

“Oh really?” Liu Weishan looked at Yang Ming as he asked.

Hehe, of course. Or else I can’t really buy anything in such a short amount of time!” Yang Ming said, feeling slightly awkward.

“Alright, then you thank him for me.” Liu Weishan was only polite and accepted the gift because of Yang Ming. Otherwise, if someone else wanted to give him something, he wouldn’t really value it.

Noticing how Liu Weishan didn’t want to open the gift on the spot, Yang Ming didn’t push Liu Weishan to do so. As long as his intention was fulfilled he was happy. He wasn’t here to show-off. Yang Ming didn’t feel any need to fight with President Yun.

However, even when Yang Ming wanted to let President Yun go, President Yun wasn’t tactful. He pretended to be curious as he said loudly, “Last but not least, then it must be the best gift?”

A few people who were closer to President Yun had seen the scene at the entrance just now. The naturally understood President Yun’s intention, so they tagged along and said, “Yeah. Let’s open it! Let everyone have a look.”

Liu Weishan extended his hand and controlled the crowd, he said, “Yang Ming is a junior whom I like. This gift is a family gift. I don’t think I want outsiders to look at it.”

Liu Weishan was doing this for Yang Ming. Every night at the ceremony, these people would fight with one another on their wealth. He would, of course, have understood it. He also knew that Yang Ming was just a student, so he didn’t want to put him in a difficult position.

“It’s alright. Since everyone was so passionate about it, I don’t mind showing the gift.” Yang Ming was furious after he heard President Yun’s words. Since you want to see it, okay, I will show you!

“Okay, okay. Little Qing, you open it for me!” Liu Weishan smiled. He had already decided that regardless of whether the gift was expensive or not, he would show a happy face.

Once Xiao Qing opened the box that Yang Ming had passed over, everyone including those people who were making noise went silent! Those who were waiting to laugh at Yang Ming also dropped their jaw in great surprise!

This was a pure imperial jade. Not only was it twice the size of the imperial jade given by President Yun but what’s most important is that this imperial jade had a far better quality than President Yun’s imperial jade!

Everyone present were people who were in the field. With one look they can determine that this imperial jade’s market value would not be less than two million. But of course, that was the estimated price. The actual price could be higher!

They have also heard what Yang Ming said earlier, so they naturally thought that this piece of jade was given by Zhang’s Jade Ware to Liu Weishan. None of them would have thought that this jade belonged to Yang Ming.

This was also the effect that Yang Ming desired. Since his present status is not suitable to be a high profile individual, it was nice to have Zhang Jiefang as his shield.

Even the Elder Liu who was laughing the whole way had turned into a serious expression, “This… Yang Ming, this gift is too expensive!”

Hehe, Elder Liu. Today is your happy day. Let’s not talk about this. This is our fine intention.” As Yang Ming finished his sentence, he walked down the stage himself.

From this moment onward, every guest’s topic centered around Zhang’s Jade Ware! Zhang’s Jade Ware, this unpopular second-tier company, suddenly sounded very familiar among the industry experts.

The CEOs from an overseas company started to investigate what kind of company was Zhang’s Jade Ware. How could their gift be so extravagant?

President Yun who was so arrogant and on top of the world was now exploding in rage.

“Brother Yun, who are you angry at?” A middle-aged man walked over to tap on President Yun’s shoulder.

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