So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 182

Chapter 182: Two Phone Calls

After the meal, Tian Donghua didn't forget to pay the bill. But he passed out immediately after paying. Zhang Bing was knocked out long ago. It was fortunate that Yang Ming had the strength to carry the two of them back to the room. The guard thought Yang Ming was robbing them, so he interrogated Yang Ming for some time before letting him go up.

When they got back, Yang Ming just threw them on the floor and rushed to the bathroom for a shower. Even if I had the strength, I can’t be wasting it on them!

When he got out, Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua were hugging each other! Yang Ming was stunned. Could it be that they have some unhealthy indulgence? But he was relieved since they were asleep.

Maybe they're just hugging out of habit? If they could kiss each other, that would be even more interesting.

After Yang Ming got back to his room, Yang Ming noticed four missed calls on his phone. Three calls were from Lan Ling and one from Chen Mengyan.

Yang Ming slapped his forehead when he thought of it. Today he left his phone charging on the table when he went out.

Yang Ming called Lan Ling first, but he didn't play favorites. It was just that Lan Ling had three missed calls. She might have something urgent.

“Hello? Yang Ming?” Lan Ling picked up the phone.

“Yeah, it's me. Do you have anything?” Yang Ming asked.

En en, I do have something to tell you. Just now Elder Liu Weishan came to visit me and gave me an invitation card. Tomorrow is his fiftieth birthday, so he asked us to attend it.” Lan Ling said.

“Tomorrow? Why is he telling us now?” Yang Ming was stunned. “This is so sudden. How can I prepare a present for him?”

“Yeah, I was asking the same question. But Elder Liu did that to stop us from buying a gift for him.” Lan Ling explained, “He said we didn't have any income yet, so we don't have to buy anything.”

“If that's the case. I get it then.” Yang Ming didn't think that Elder Liu would forget to inform them of the celebration. As Lan Ling said, he didn't want them to buy anything for him.

“What's the time?” Yang Ming asked.

“10 o’clock at the White Swan Restaurant.” Lan Ling said.

“I get it. Tomorrow, Zhang Bing and I will pick you up. We’ll call you when we arrive.” Yang Ming said.

En en, okay.” Lan Ling replied.

“Try to rest earlier. See you tomorrow.” Yang Ming said.

En. I miss you.” Lan Ling hung up the phone.

Yang Ming immediately called Chen Mengyan after that.

“Yang Ming, where are you now?” Chen Mengyan was worried, “Why didn't you pick up the phone when I called you?”

“Didn't I tell you before? Zhang Bing and I went for dinner with another roommate. So I didn't bring my phone. I only noticed your call after I got back.” Yang Ming felt sorry.

Oh, you really made me worry.” Chen Mengyan complained, “Next time don’t go out when it’s late. Do you know? The person, Liu Zhaojun, that we met that day was sent to the hospital!”

“You know it too?” Yang Ming gave a bitter smile. The news was spreading quickly in school. It looked like people from the female dormitory had heard about it too.

En, I just heard from my roommate. It’s okay if you’re fine.” Chen Mengyan said with tenderness. “Oh yeah, are you free tomorrow? I want to buy some daily necessities.”

“Tomorrow…” Yang Ming found himself in a difficult position. He had to attend Elder Liu Weishan’s birthday celebration tomorrow.

“What’s the matter? Tomorrow you’re not free?” Chen Mengyan heard Yang Ming’s hesitation.

“Here’s the thing. Tomorrow I have to attend an elder’s birthday celebration.” Yang Ming explained, “He is one of the lecturers from our Song Jiang Industry University. Zhang Bing and I got to know him in Tengchong.”

“Is that so? Of course, you should go...” Chen Mengyan suddenly changed the topic, “Yang Ming, are you trying to lie to me again?”

“Lie to you? Why would I do that? When did I lie to you?” Yang Ming was frightened, but he still said it with a smile.

“You always lied to me during high school. Your excuses for skipping class were things like celebrating a birthday.” Chen Mengyan smiled too.

Ugh... tomorrow we don’t have class. Why would I lie to you?” Yang Ming said with embarrassment, “I could invite you to go.”

“How can that be? I’m just joking with you.” Chen Mengyan rejected immediately. “I don’t know the person, and he didn’t invite me either. Why would I go there?”

Hehe, why don’t I contact you after the celebration is over, then we could go shopping? The supermarket only closes at 8 p.m.” Yang Ming was really scared that Chen Mengyan would agree to go with him. That would be a terrible situation. But, he was fortunate that Chen Mengyan was a tactful person.

“That’s great. Then I’ll wait for your phone call tomorrow.” Chen Mengyan didn’t care about the timing for shopping. Tomorrow morning was a good chance for her to visit home. After all, she was away from home for about a month. She was a little homesick.

After the conversation was over, Yang Ming fell into deep thought. Although Yang Ming only met Liu Weishan a few times, he held a high position in Yang Ming’s heart.

If he had to evaluate Liu Weishan, he would say Liu Weishan was a good man! He taught Yang Ming about the basics of inspecting jade. Although it only benefited Yang Ming a little, Yang Ming couldn’t rely on his master to guide him all the way. His self-practice was important too.

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Yang Ming still understood such a reason. He had such a great achievement due to Liu Weishan. Yang Ming wasn’t a white-eyed wolf who was ungrateful. Besides, Liu Weishan had been treating him well. He even lent his house for Yang Ming and Lan Ling to stay!

If it were another person, Yang Ming would have thought the person might have some evil plan. But according to the situation, Liu Weishan had a higher status than Yang Ming. So, what could he gain from a student? Of course, he didn’t know about Yang Ming’s strange special ability.

Therefore, Yang Ming concluded that the Elder Liu was a kind person. Yang Ming respected him as his elder. Yang Ming had to show his gratitude to Elder Liu during his birthday!

Money wasn’t really important for Yang Ming anymore. He could always earn more money if he wanted to. The problem was that Liu Weishan was a rich man too. What special gift should he buy to show his gratitude?

Yang Ming was puzzled. It’s impossible for him to buy anything at 10 p.m. He would be rushing tomorrow morning too so he couldn’t select carefully.

Oh yeah! Yang Ming had an idea all of a sudden. If I could give that item to Elder Liu, he would definitely be happy! Yang Ming didn’t hesitate anymore.

You’re right! The item was the imperial jade in the bank vault! The price of the imperial jade was more than two million yuan! If it could be polished into an artwork, the price could inflate fifty times more.

Yang Ming didn’t feel that the jade was wasted. He wasn’t a stingy person, but he wasn’t a person who liked to waste money either. He thought it was worthwhile to do it.

The relationship between Elder Liu and him couldn’t be measured by price. Since Elder Liu was interested in jade, he would be delighted to receive this unpolished imperial jade.

Yang Ming was relieved after he decided on the present.

Drunk people always woke up first. Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua woke up early, and Yang Ming was sleeping. But Yang Ming was alerted by the sound of them showering and packing luggage.

When Yang Ming looked at his phone, it was only 6 o’clock. But he had to attend an important event. So Yang Ming didn’t snooze. He wore his outfit then got out of his room. Zhang Bing and Tian Donghua were watching TV.

“Zhang Bing, today is Elder Liu Weishan’s birthday. Later, attend the birthday celebration with me.” Yang Ming said.

“I can go too?” Zhang Bing asked.

“It’s no problem. He knows you too.” Yang Ming nodded his head indifferently.

“Alright, when do we leave?” Zhang Bing was willing to attend Liu Weishan’s birthday celebration. Zhang Jiefang had instructed him to build a connection with Liu Weishan so that it would benefit his family business.

“We move after breakfast. I have something else to do.” Yang Ming couldn’t mention the imperial jade since Tian Donghua was here.

“I’ll change my shirt, then we shall head out. Brother Tian, you should pack your stuff too. We’ll eat breakfast together.” Zhang Bing returned to his room after that.

Oh! I’m hungry too!” Tian Donghua returned to his room too.

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