So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 180

Chapter 180: Four-Eyed Frog

Yang Ming roughly looked around. There were only two to three girls with a decent appearance. Yang Ming thought the others were men if he didn’t look at their outfit! And he would consider them as rough men.

The only pretty one was Zhou Jiajia, but Yang Ming wasn’t fond of her.

Looking for beauties was the first thing to do when going into a new class. Yang Ming wasn’t lecherous. This was just his basic instinct.

After the attendance was done, Yang Ming walked out of the classroom. Zhang Bing had finished his business and called Yang Ming. They agreed to meet up in front of the logistic department entrance.

The outfit for military training was an alternate version of a camouflage outfit. Certainly, this outfit couldn’t be compared with the real thing. The price was only thirty yuan together with shirt, pants and a hat. It would be strange if such cheap stuff could be real.

But it was good that they only had to wear it for a month. They could still wear it when they worked since it was rather affordable.

Yang Ming was interested in the military training. It was because the instructor was a real soldier, unlike the sports teachers during junior and senior high school.

After all, some high schools had access to real military instructors, but the training was simplified to suit the students. They could not withstand the high-intensity physical training due to their early age.

It was different at the university. The military training in university was similar to the real military training for recruits. A popular local university like Song Jiang Industry University put a lot of emphasis on the freshman’s military training.

Yang Ming wanted to become a soldier, but his family wouldn’t allow him. He could never achieve this dream. But Yang Ming still admired those bright and brave soldiers standing on the training field.

Therefore, military training could achieve his childhood dream.

When Yang Ming went back to his room, the person in the third room had come. He was speaking on the phone in the living room. He nodded his head when he saw Yang Ming and Zhang Bing.

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing were frozen on the spot! They still had a deep impression of him! Isn’t this the man with glasses who got beaten by Liu Zhaojun when he was trying to flirt with Chen Mengyan?

The man with glasses obviously didn’t remember Yang Ming and Zhang Bing. He pointed at his phone and gestured his apologies to Yang Ming and Zhang Bing. Then, he continued to speak on the phone, “Right, I have checked it thoroughly already. His name is Liu Zhaojun, the vice president of the Taekwondo club. En… just let it be for this time. I just came here, I don’t plan to make any trouble... I’m great. That’s it. Bye.”

“I’m sorry, a call from home.” The man with glasses touched his spectacles. The glasses were new. The ones he wore during the day were ruined by Liu Zhaojun. “Hi guys, my name is Tian Donghua. Are you two my roommates?”

This frog’s [1] surname was Tian too? That was really a coincidence! Yang Ming laughed, “Tian Donghua, is that right? My name is Yang Ming; he is Zhang Bing. We are freshmen and local students. I hear your accent. Are you from another state?”

En, I’m from Donghai City. I just transferred here. I’m a sophomore already.” Tian Donghua said, “Nice to meet you guys.”

Yang Ming and Zhang Bing looked at each other. It was quite difficult to transfer to the university! He had to get permission from the department of education in the province and the agreement between two universities! It looked like his family background was strong too!

“I’m happy too, but we have met earlier today. Hehe!” Yang Ming laughed.

“Today?” Tian Donghua was surprised. He looked at Yang Ming for a long time, then he said with enlightenment, “Ah! I know it. You’re the man beside the pretty woman!”

Hehe, now you remember? Looks like your eyesight is quite good!” Yang Ming said, “What happened? I heard you’re talking about Liu Zhaojun on the phone. Do you hate him?”

Tian Donghua was petrified a little, and his facial expression twitched, but it soon returned to normal, and he said, “We have to spend a few years to study together. I don’t want to lie to you guys. I really hate that guy. Damn it! Why did he do that? He beat me up without asking why. I really want to teach him a lesson. But I just came here. I don’t want to make any trouble, so let him be.”

Ha! You want to teach him a lesson? You have achieved your objective!” Zhang Bing laughed out loud when he heard Tian Donghua.

“Achieved? Why do you say so? Was he being beaten by one of you?” Tian Donghua was stunned, and then he asked with interest.

“Yang Ming beat up that man badly at the Tianbaolong Restaurant near our university!” Zhang Bing exaggerated, “He was sent to the hospital immediately!”

“Really? Damn it, this is really happy news. Brother, you’re too strong!” Tian Donghua looked at Yang Ming with surprise.

“Yes. But it was his fault for getting beaten up. My friend who was going to stop him was beaten by him, so I helped my friend.” Yang Ming didn’t want to show off, so he said helplessly.

“Nice job!” Tian Donghua said delightedly, “Let’s go! I’m treating you guys to dinner. Let’s find a place and have a drink! Damn it, he really deserved to be beaten up!”

“Today we’ll pass. We have eaten already. What about tomorrow?” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Okay, then tomorrow it is!” Tian Donghua said forthrightly.

“No problem.” Yang Ming and Zhang Bing were feeling good about him.

After that, they chit-chatted for a while. When he discovered that Chen Mengyan was Yang Ming’s girlfriend, the envy and hopelessness had shown on his face.

But this was only the first day. Although they could be buddies, it wasn’t easy to speak more about personal issues, so the topic revolved around girls.

“The two of you aren’t virgins anymore? Stop fooling me!” Tian Donghua looked at Yang Ming and Zhang Bing and said.

Hehe, how did you notice that?” Zhang Bing said lewdly, “I haven’t been a virgin for a long time, but Yang Ming had just lost his virginity not long ago.”

“Not long ago? Is that with Chen Mengyan?” Tian Donghua was puzzled. “But she still looks like a virgin to me.”

“There is something you don’t know. Yang Ming has another girlfriend!” Zhang Bing said mysteriously.

Yang Ming frowned because he didn’t want more people to know about this. But since Zhang Bing had said it, he could only smile in return, “What? We just have good feelings for each other.”

Tian Donghua didn’t mind about that. He thought it was very common, so he didn’t continue on such a topic.

The next day, the three of them agreed to drink some liquor. But Yang Ming and Zhang Bing as freshmen had an assembly at the sports field at 7 a.m., so they postponed it again. They only ate something simple nearby, then they went back and slept.

The day for military training had finally come.

Although Yang Ming was looking forward to the military training, Yang Ming was in low spirits toward the content of the first day in military training.

On the first day, all freshmen sat on the sports field and listened to the mobilization meeting from the leader of the sports department. The leader emphasized repeatedly the importance of military training. All freshmen must attend all sections, and military training was counted as credit for graduation.

It was a lengthy speech in the morning. They had no choice because that was the procedure of the university. It was not easy to change.

In the afternoon, they met the instructor of their class. The instructor looked similar to Yang Ming as a young man. He was swarthy, skinny and tall, and he was masculine. The exact department that he belonged to was a secret to students.

The instructor and Yang Ming came from the same lineage [2]. His name was Yang Yong. His hometown was Shandong. Although Yang Ming looked muscular and strong, he still needed to train harder as compared to Yang Yong.

When Yang Yong ordered them to queue up, some students listened to him, some acted perfunctorily, and some pretend to hear nothing. He couldn’t do anything to change that. These specially privileged people were being pampered since they were young, so they looked down on a soldier who lacked manners.

Yang Yong was helpless, but he was used to the military training every year. In the military training of a university, it’s good enough to have half of them be serious about it. The others were just doing it for the credit.

But Yang Ming and a few students who were passionate about sports responded to Yang Yong’s order. This really made Yang Yong happy. The training was to benefit them.

Due to the pressure from university, most of the students were feeble in practicing the march. Many girls asked for leave by giving excuses like having their period. Yang Yong had no choice but to approve. He couldn’t go to the bathroom and check if the students were really having their period!

Chapter Notes:

[1] The Chinese name of the frog is Tian Ji. The Tian is same as the surname of Tian Donghua.

[2] Yang Ming and Yang Yong belong to the same clan according to their family name. 

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