So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 179

Chapter 179: Tutor Xie Yongqiang

Yang Ming nodded his head. He knew Zhang Weihan was telling the truth. Especially in a famous school like Song Jiang Industry University. All the professors were excellent, for example, Liu Weishan. If they could always earn money, why would they care about petty profits? Besides, it was risking one’s career.

He just didn’t agree with Zhang Weihan’s practice. He was obviously baiting the poor students who didn’t have much experience in society with money! But Yang Ming couldn’t do much about it. Since the students accepted Zhang Weihan’s bribery, it meant that they had fragile willpower.

Then, Zhang Weihan briefly explained to Yang Ming about the ruthless people in Song Jiang Industry University. Unexpectedly, Liu Zhaojun was one of them.

These people basically belonged to the Taekwondo club and Karate club. Most of them were students especially recruited for their strength in sports. They were rampaging in the university due to their ability to fight. But the regulatory force of university was very strict. As long as they didn’t step on the regulatory force’s tail, it wouldn’t trouble them. Then there were some rich kids that simply couldn’t be picked on. Although they couldn’t fight, there were still some people who protected them. Zhang Weihan illustrated.

As for the specially recruited sports students, Yang Ming wasn’t afraid of them, because fighting was his strength. Yang Ming only worried about the second type of people. They could do anything due to their strong background. Fighting against them was like fighting against society itself. Therefore, Yang Ming remembered all the rich and powerful people. He wouldn’t provoke them before he dealt with Wang Zhitao.

He unexpectedly met a familiar person when walking toward the School of Computer Science with Zhang Weihan. Zhang Weihan’s eyes nearly popped out! I didn’t know there is still such a beauty among freshmen!

“Yang Ming? Such a coincidence.” Zhou Jiajia and Wang Xue were walking together. Zhou Jiajia greeted Yang Ming with a smile.

Yang Ming frowned. Is she from the School of Computer Science too? Brothel [1], hehe, such a nice match! Yang Ming replied with a smile, “Hi, ‘prostitute’ [2]!”

Huh? Pros… titute?” Zhou Jiajia’s facial expression changed. Even though they had conflicts, he didn’t have to be that humiliating. Calling me a prostitute in front of everybody? Wait a second, is it possible that he is the “Big Bing” in QQ? Maybe he says this because of the video? No, it’s not right. The person was definitely not Yang Ming.

Ha, please don’t misunderstand!” Zhang Weihan glared at Yang Ming. Why are you being so mean? He couldn’t help but shake his head. This kid is still young. He knows nothing about flirting with a girl.

“Let me explain. The School of Computer Science has always been called as ‘Brothel.’ The men from the ‘Brothel’ are ‘male prostitutes’; the women were ‘female prostitutes’. He and I are both ‘male prostitutes’!” Zhang Weihan was having trouble finding a chance to talk to this beauty. But Yang Ming had given him the chance by using the word “prostitute.”

En? Is that legit?” Zhou Jiajia noticed Yang Ming’s cunning smile. She knew that she had wronged him. He was still the same person who liked to make fun of others. But why was he only nice to Su Ya?

“Yeah, you will be used to it when you’re a senior.” Zhang Weihan patted his chest and said, “This is my name card. Call me when you need help.”

Zhang Weihan never forgot about expanding his business while flirting with a girl. When a beauty looks for me, she can either get a discount or have it completely free, depending on her performance. Zhang Weihan helped a few beauties with their exams, but the price was to have sex with him.

Of course, those women were having sex with others too. Therefore, Zhang Weihan cut off communication with them. But, Zhang Weihan really enjoyed the experience of one night stands.

If she could be his girlfriend. That would be even perfect.

Wang Xue took the name card for Zhou Jiajia. The four of them walked into the School of Computer Science. Yang Ming never thought that Zhou Jiajia and he would be in counterpart classes.

Yang Ming was Level 8 Class 2; Zhou Jiajia was Level 8 Class 1. The classes in university were arranged according to the results of the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. That meant Zhou Jiajia had higher results than Yang Ming! Yang Ming was surprised by that!

I never knew this b*tch was so good at studying! She used to lose against me and Su Ya, but her National Higher Education Entrance Examination result was so great! But Yang Ming was just having a random thought. How well Zhou Jiajia was in studying had nothing to do with him. Let her be. Yang Ming had become more mature. He wouldn’t ask others to beat up Zhou Jiajia again. Although Yang Ming always claimed to be the “fist of Nanshan Nursing Home” and the “kicker of Beihai Kindergarten” and someone who was dedicated to bullying the old, the weak and the sick, there was a difference between words and actions. Yang Ming wouldn’t do such a shameful thing.

The counterpart classes in university were actually the same class. During the main lecture, all classes attended together. During the tutoring, the two counterpart classes attended together in the same classroom. Both the classes had the same tutor.

So, it was inevitable for Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia to be in the same class! Although Yang Ming was unwilling, he didn’t have the power to influence the management yet. So, he had no choice but to ignore her.

Zhang Weihan came to the department to do a makeup exam for others. He was looking for the lecturer he knew well to help him draft the exam paper. So, he said farewell to Yang Ming and Zhou Jiajia and asked them to contact him more often.

Yang Ming found a back seat when he went into the class and roughly took in his surroundings. University is the place to show the segregation of the rich and the poor. Those who come from the rural areas were poor. Their difficulties in life are evident through their dress.

For those who lived in the city, even the clothes they won’t wear anymore are nice. Just like Yang Ming’s worker family, parents will buy new outfits for their children for the new semester.

Of course, Yang Ming wasn’t concerned about this. Under his observation, the nicely dressed people grouped together; the poor students grouped together.

Birds of a feather flock together.

After ten minutes, a man with closely cropped hair walked in and stood on the platform, “Alright, everybody quiet!” The man knocked on the platform and said.

Freshmen were usually afraid of the lecturer. They were unlike those experienced seniors who wouldn’t give a sh*t even to the lecturer. This middle-aged man was obviously a lecturer, so the chit-chatting students shut up.

“My name is Xie Yongqiang…” As he spoke, the man stopped for a moment, and the giggling came from the students below. “Everybody stop laughing. Yes, it’s the Xie Yongqiang in Country Love [3]. I’m the tutor for the first and second class.”

Some flatterers started to clap their hands, then Yang Ming had no choice but to clap perfunctorily.

Xie Yongqiang did a gesture with his hands pressing down, “You don’t have to welcome me, and there’s no use to kiss my *ss. I’m only here to supervise your conduct and discipline. I have no control over your results.

After that, the flatterers were embarrassed. They never thought a lecturer in university was immune to this. There is a major difference between university and high school.

“Next, I will take attendance according to the attendance list. Whoever’s name is called, please stand up. I need to recognize all of you.” Xie Yongqiang said, “Then, tomorrow you will take a break. Starting the day after tomorrow, you will have formal military training for a month. You can retrieve the camouflage outfit for military training from logistics using your payment invoice. Moreover, we will be electing our class committee after the military training. For those who want to be elected, please prepare a speech. The electable duties are the class monitor, assistant class monitor, study commissary, general affairs commissary, and sports commissary. There are not many positions, and the requirements are not high. The election is conducted every semester. It is a democratic election. I’m not involved in it. So, for those who want to cheat, don’t bother looking for me!”

Xie Yongqiang caused a round of laughter from the students. But Yang Ming thought that the tutor was nice.

Then, Xie Yongqiang took attendance according to the name list. Yang Ming roughly remembered the names of his classmates except those who were absent.

In the university, there were only thirty students in a class for a total of sixty for the two classes. So, it wasn’t hard to remember.

But, there were only fourteen female students including Zhou Jiajia in such a big class. This ratio was so horrible!

Chapter Notes:

[1] In Mandarin, the short form of the University of Computer Science sounds similar to Brothel.

[2] Yang Ming mentioned the short form of 'student' from the School of Computer Science. It sounds like a prostitute.

[3] It is a TV-series in China with a theme of a farmer. 

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