So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 177

Chapter 177: Perspective Matters

Yang Ming really wanted to see Wang Zhitao get beaten up by the fat guy. Hence, he thought to himself, Beat him up ruthlessly!

At this moment, he noticed Zhou Jiajia attempt to stop the fight. Yang Ming couldn't ignore it any longer. After all, Wang Zhitao was still considered a “brother." Yang Ming didn't want to have an argument with him. He couldn't help but to stand up and say in a lazy manner, “Both of you, that's enough. I still need to have my meal. Stop disturbing us.”

Ha, another courageous one. Who are you? Don't tell me your father is also CEO of a company?” Liu Zhaojun didn't anticipate that there were so many students who acted like pricks in this world. But, it was an opportunity for him to train his skills. He was worried about a lack of opportunity to display his might.

“My dad is only a normal worker.” Yang Ming said it plainly, “You will be in one piece if you leave right now. When I am in a foul mood later, you will be wasted.”

Even though Yang Ming’s words were similar to what Wang Zhitao said, a plain tone like that was far more intimidating than a flustered and exasperated tone.

“What?” Liu Zhaojun was stunned. This little brat doesn't have any background yet he was being pretentious? Is he a dumb*ss? “Are you sick somewhere in your brain?”

“I am not sick. But, I think you will be visiting the hospital soon.” Yang Ming took a stool and smashed it on Liu Zhaojun as soon as he finished his words. He knew his opponent was from the Taekwondo club. In an honest fight, he wouldn’t be a match with the guy. But, a fight also depended on technique which was separate from actual ability. Years of fighting experience reminded Yang Ming that no matter how tough his opponent was if he launched the first attack, the opponent’s fighting ability would be greatly reduced.

Certainly, this technique wouldn't work for a kung fu master, but those individuals don’t exist in real life.

Yang Ming’s fighting approach was different from Wang Zhitao’s. He knew how to bring the greatest pain to the enemy with just one hit. That one hit was ruthless, accurate and steady.

Liu Zhaojun was an expert in Taekwondo, but not a good fighter. Naturally, he could defeat Wang Zhitao who didn't have fighting experience. However, when he encountered Yang Ming, he was smacked to the ground before he could even react. Blood gushed out from his head.

Liu Zhaojun rarely involved himself in a fight. But, Song Jiang Industry University was a popular university after all. Fights between students mostly resulted in bloody noses and swollen faces. There wasn't anyone who smashed a stool on another’s head at the beginning of a fight. That was the fighting style of gangsters who aimed to kill!

Li Jiasheng was frozen on the spot, while Yang Ming said it plainly, “What are you waiting for? Get him a doctor.”

Li Jiasheng could only react at this moment. He supported Liu Zhaojun and walked toward the exit. As they reached the exit, he turned around and warned Yang Ming, “Just you wait! I will remember you!”

“Dumb*ss.” Yang Ming stared at him coldly as he wasn’t bothered by it. Yang Ming had witnessed classic dialogues like these after getting beaten up a lot.

Zhou Jiajia looked at Yang Ming as he stepped into this matter. Her gaze was filled with complicated emotions.

Yang Ming didn’t pay much attention to Zhou Jiajia. Rather, he held up Wang Zhitao, and said in a pretentious manner, “Class monitor Wang, are you alright?”

“I am still alright. Thank you for shooing them away.” Wang Zhitao only realized now that having a ruthless friend was great.

“I wonder why in our university there exists such a person with low quality, going so far as to beat up someone.” Yang Ming’s word seemed to be directed at Liu Zhaojun on the surface, but it was meant to be sarcastic referring to Wang Zhitao’s act of assaulting them first. “I am sorry. I helped a bit late.”

“Don’t be bothered by it. Damn, I finally let go of this unpleasant feeling. What an infuriating matter!” Wang Zhitao complained. At this moment, Wang Zhitao couldn’t be bothered by Yang Ming stealing the limelight. He was contemplating how to get revenge on Liu Zhaojun.

However, this directed Wang Zhitao’s attention toward Liu Zhaojun and gave time for Yang Ming to grow. In fact, Yang Ming needed to be grateful to those two fellows.

“Are both of you alright?” Wang Zhitao could bear to be the cannon fodder. He had to at least convey the message to Zhou Jiajia that he was injured because of them.

“Nothing much, thanks.” Since he was already injured, Zhou Jiajia couldn’t respond to him coldly, so she just brushed it off with some thanks.

“Thank you, but your nose... Is it alright?” Wang Xue was rather enthusiastic.

“I am fine. It isn’t a big deal with an injury like this!” Wang Zhitao acted cool by squeezing tissue paper up his nose to stop the bleeding. “Em? Your online name is Charming Baby, right?” Wang Zhitao acted as though he realized it all of a sudden.

“Yes... and you are?” Zhou Jiajia pretended to be puzzled as though she couldn’t remember.

“I am Prince Big Tao!” Wang Zhitao said happily. It was just that his appearance right now didn’t seem like a prince.

Oh, it was actually you, hehe.” Zhou Jiajia smiled as she recognized Wang Zhitao.

Hehe, what a coincidence. I never thought that I can meet you in person.” Wang Zhitao replied with a smile.

“Yup.” Zhou Jiajia said hesitantly, “Why don’t you introduce your friends?”

Naturally, Wang Zhitao didn’t know that Zhou Jiajia and Yang Ming were acquainted. As he noticed Zhou Jiajia initiate a conversation with him, he replied enthusiastically, “Both of them are my friends from high school. Right now, we are brothers. The person who stepped in just now is Yang Ming. He is a vulgar person. Hehe, did he scare you off?”

Vulgar? You are the vulgar one. Zhou Jiajia frowned a little, but she smiled as she nodded at Yang Ming. “Hi, I am Zhou Jiajia. Thank you for teaching those fellows a lesson just now. Oh? Your name is also Yang Ming, similar to my junior high school classmate!”

“Really?” Yang Ming threw a glance at the little sl*t. He wasn’t sure what was she thinking. But, as a Chinese idiom says, don’t slap the face of someone smiling at us [1]. Yang Ming didn’t have a good impression of her, yet he nodded his head. “What a coincidence. I have a nemesis during the past too. Her name was also Zhou Jiajia.”

Hehe, what a coincidence.” Zhou Jiajia laughed it off.

Haha, there are a lot of people who share the same name in this world. It seemed we are fated to meet each other!” Wang Zhitao didn’t notice the sourness hidden between their lines as he thought it was just pure coincidence. He spoke, “How about I treat all of you for a meal? Let’s eat together?”

Zhou Jiajia was unwilling to have a meal with Wang Zhitao. But, she threw a glance at Yang Ming, and she couldn’t make a decision. After a few moments of hesitation, she agreed, “Alright...”

“All of you go ahead. I have already eaten with Zhang Bing and my friends. We will leave first.” Yang Ming was unwilling to share a table with Zhou Jiajia. Also, they indeed had their meal already. Just now, Wang Zhitao was bullsh*ting around, and he didn’t eat anything.

As a matter of fact, Wang Zhitao didn’t want to have Yang Ming and the rest to stay any longer. Since they offered to leave, Wang Zhitao didn’t have a reason to keep them there. Hence, he replied, “That’s alright, I will pay the bill. You can go ahead first.”

Zhang Bing also accompanied his “girlfriend.” Naturally, he wasn’t interested in getting acquainted with another pretty girl. So, as Yang Ming suggested, the four of them stood up and left.

After Yang Ming and the other three of them left, Wang Zhitao sat together with Zhou Jiajia and Wang Xue. But, Zhou Jiajia opened her mouth and said, “Wang Zhitao, it seemed that all of you had finished your meal. Let’s call it a day. We can meet up again next time. Your nose... you should see a doctor.”

Since Yang Ming left, Zhou Jiajia didn’t want to stay any longer with Wang Zhitao. Hence, she found an excuse and turned him down indirectly.

Yi?” Wang Zhitao didn’t expect the flow of events to turn out this way. But, he felt the pretty girl cared about him, so he wasn’t disappointed. Hence, he replied, “Alright, let’s call it a day. We can contact each other again on qq!”

Wang Zhitao being the sucker didn’t get a bite of the meal, but paid the bill for two tables. But, he was willing to do so. As the saying goes, if you were a dumb*ss, how can you know about it?

As he exited the restaurant, he saw a food stall selling Chinese savory crepes not far away. [1] Wang Zhitao was drooling over the Chinese savory crepe. Hence, he took out two yuan and purchased a crepe. He ate it as he left.

A man with a nose stuffed with tissue paper and blood traces walked toward the Song Jiang Industry University exit as he enjoyed the crepe. It was a magnificent sight. They said the security guard at the university assumed he was a beggar. As soon as he entered the university compound, he was shooed away. Luckily, Wang Zhitao had the receipt of fee payment, otherwise, he wouldn’t have made his way back in.

“Yang Ming, you injured him in the fight. Weren’t you afraid they will come back for revenge?” Chen Mengyan lectured Yang Ming, “Today's matter wasn't something you should meddle with!”

“That's right, brother. It would be great if Wang Zhitao was beaten up to death. Why did you bother about it?” Zhang Bing asked as he couldn't comprehend the situation.

Yang Ming shook his head and said nothing. He was quite conflicted, but he couldn't have an argument with Wang Zhitao now.

“I couldn’t tolerate their attitude.” Yang Ming found a reason for his action.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Chinese savory crepe煎饼果子

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