So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 176

Chapter 176: Wang Zhitao Saving The Beauty

Two men came in when Wang Zhitao was bullsh*tting delightedly. It was common to have customers walk in, but one of them was the tracksuit man who hit on Chen Mengyan.

So, Yang Ming paid a little bit of attention to them. They sat beside Yang Ming after they looked around the restaurant.

“Brother Jun, aren't the students at these two tables new?” The man who came with the tracksuit man said.

En, I suppose they are. If not, we wouldn't have missed such a pretty girl!” said Brother Jun.

Brother Jun’s name was Liu Zhaojun. He was the vice president of the Taekwondo club in Song Jiang Industry University. He was really good at fighting. The other man was a member of the Taekwondo club too. His name was Li Jiasheng. They were both lecherous and single. It was unfortunate that there were only a few pretty girls in the university, and they were in relationships already. Even more, the boyfriends were people that they didn't want to mess with. So, they targeted the new incoming students.

“Brother Jun, why don't we go flirting?” Li Jiasheng suggested.

“Cool, we’ll go to the table with two female students. Try to stay away from the other table because there are three guys there.” Although Liu Zhaojun was good at fighting, there were still three guys. Why would he make his life difficult?

Li Jiasheng had the same thought. Then they discussed the plan for flirting.

Although the restaurant was chaotic, and they were speaking in a lowered tone, Yang Ming could still see what they said without hearing it. Since they didn't bother me, then I won't bother them too. As for Zhou Jiajia? Let it be! I don't care.

After that, Liu Zhaojun and Li Jiasheng plotted their plan. Yang Ming no longer paid attention to them.

Liu Zhaojun and Li Jiasheng stood up and walked toward Zhou Jiajia and the other girl. They looked at these unwelcome guests with doubt.

“Are you two new students?” Liu Zhaojun said politely.

Ugh... how did you know?” Zhou Jiajia didn't say anything, but the girl beside her was puzzled. But she answered Liu Zhaojun without knowing.

The girl was Zhou Jiajia’s high school classmate. Her name was Wang Xue. They were buddies and were admitted to Song Jiang Industry University together.

Hehe, let me introduce myself. I'm the vice president of the Taekwondo club. He is Li Jiasheng and a member of the club too. Are you guys interested in joining the Taekwondo club?”

“Taekwondo club?” Wang Xue looked at Zhou Jiajia. Zhou Jiajia shook her head and said, “We have just joined the university. We’ll think about joining clubs in the future. We aren't sure if we will be interested in other clubs.”

“Nevermind, you can join our club first. It wouldn't affect you if you join another club. You can join multiple clubs in the university.” Liu Zhaojun, of course, wouldn’t let go of these two pure pretty girls. Therefore, he wanted to persuade them to join the club first. This way, he would be in a better position to get closer to them.

“I will think about it in the future. Sorry, we have to eat if you don't mind.” Zhou Jiajia was impatient, so she asked them to leave.

“No big deal! As a senior, we should pay for the meal! Waiter! Bring our food here; we are eating together!” Liu Zhaojun sat beside Zhou Jiajia without asking and Li Jiasheng sat beside the other girl too. Although she wasn't as pretty as Zhou Jiajia, she still looked fine. Li Jiasheng could only pick her because of the vice president. But he was satisfied to have a share. It was just that he wasn't sure how to get her.

Zhou Jiajia frowned when she saw these guys were being impudent. “We don't need your offer. We can pay for ourselves.”

Hehe, just think of it as a treat from a senior. We are in the same school already. The first time we are strangers, the second time we know each other, the third and fourth times we bang each other!” Li Jiasheng said.

“What bang?” Wang Xue clearly didn't understand it.

“Bang? What bang?” Liu Zhaojun glared at Li Jiasheng, then said to Wang Xue, “That’s the dialect of his home. He meant the first time we are strangers, the second time we know each other, the third and fourth time we are friends.

Li Jiasheng realized his words slipped out, so he said with embarrassment, “Yeah right! It's friends!”

Zhou Jiajia and Wang Xue were girls, so it was common for them to not know it. But Wang Zhitao kept his attention on them since these guys were flirting with Zhou Jiajia and her friend. How could he not understand what Li Jiasheng meant?

Wang Zhitao knew what were these guys thinking. They just want to flirt with girls! If it was another girl then it was fine, but Zhou Jiajia is my target! A thorny rose like Chen Mengyan is okay to give away to Yang Ming, but I won’t let Zhou Jiajia go! Therefore, Wang Zhitao was furious when these guys were speaking disgustingly.

“You two, what do you guys mean?” Wang Zhitao stood up, then he turned around and said in a cool tone to Liu Zhaojun and Li Jiasheng.

“What do you mean? Who are you?” Liu Zhaojun wasn’t happy when someone interrupted his “good business.”

“I’m telling you guys, better not mess around here!” Wang Zhitao was talking while noticing Zhou Jiajia’s facial expression. But his actions didn’t move her, so Wang Zhitao was anxious. Then he said in an even cooler tone, “Do you know who I am?”

“F*ck, are you crazy? I just asked you ‘who are you’, then why are you asking me ‘do I know who you are’? Is your brain still intact?” Liu Zhaojun was angry when a freshman insulted him. D*mn it, you didn’t know what happened, right?

Yes, no matter how large the university is, there will be some toxic students in it. These students are usually specially recruited for their talents in sports. Liu Zhaojun was one of them.

Liu Zhaojun belonged to the toxic category, but he had suffered a long time during his freshman year. Yes, the ruthless people among his upperclassmen were always bossing him around during his freshman year. All the good stuff were not accessible to him, except fighting. So, all the pretty girls were hooked on his seniors and he got nothing.

Now, Liu Zhaojun became an upperclassman. He was mature enough to flirt and bully the freshman. But he was interrupted when he was having fun. Was there someone who dared to interrupt me? Of course, I will argue with him.

“What are you saying? I’m telling you. My dad is the CEO of the Xiongfeng Group! If you leave now, we can solve this incident in peace. If not, you shall suffer the consequences!” Wang Zhitao was anxious. He was trying to be a hero to save the beauty, but why were these guys so uncooperative?

“Xiongfeng Group? What cr*p is that?” Liu Zhaojun wasn’t a local, so naturally, he never heard of the Xiongfeng Group.

“It’s a small private company in Song Jiang.” Li Jiasheng said disdainfully. His father was the CEO of a state-owned enterprise, so he despised private enterprises.

Oh? D*mn, he is a rich kid!” Liu Zhaojun laughed.

“You--” Wang Zhitao was pampered since he was young. He was never despised by anyone. Even Yang Ming wouldn’t do that to him. When men were in front of a woman, they act before thinking. Wang Zhitao was so enraged that he picked up a beer bottle and swung it toward Liu Zhaojun’s head.

As a vice president of the Taekwondo club, Liu Zhaojun’s capability was undebatable. His reflexes were faster than normal people. Liu Zhaojun easily dodged Wang Zhitao’s bottle and swung a kick toward his stomach.

Luckily, Wang Zhitao didn’t eat anything yet. He would have thrown up all the food from the kick! Wang Zhitao was going mad. He took out his cell phone and called Zhang Biao.

“Hello, Zhang Biao. I’m getting beat up at the Heavenly Dragon Restaurant in front of Song Jiang Industry University. Quickly gather some men and come!”

But, his cell phone was snatched and smashed into pieces by Li Jiasheng before he could finish his sentence.

“You’re freaking awesome. Are you calling for people?” Li Jiasheng threw another punch toward Wang Zhitao’s nose. His nose bled instantaneously.

“Alright, stop it already. All of you stop.” Although Zhou Jiajia never bothered about Wang Zhitao, he was doing this for her, so, she should mediate the fight.

Why did Zhou Jiajia only mediate the fight now? It was because she was waiting for Yang Ming to intervene. But... the results were disappointing.

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