So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Are You Sure?

Note: This chapter contains some detailed descriptions of a sexual activity. If you do not want to read it or are under 15 years of age, skip the section between the double lines.

When they came out, there were only two of them. Now that they were going back, there were three of them.

The two guys were bringing a little girl, especially Lan Ling who looked way too young. The taxi driver kept glancing back at them skeptically as he was driving.

Of course, seeing two men bring a little carrot to the hotel, anyone would have second thoughts about this.

Because Lan Ling had just joined them, there was no way that Yang Ming would stay in the same room with Zhang Bing. Therefore, Zhang Bing planned to stay in Zhang Jiefang’s room while Yang Ming and Lan Ling would be in the other.

However, when Zhang Bing asked the staff to open Zhang Jiefang’s room for him, the staff was doubtful about it. “How are you related to him?”

“I am his son! Don’t you all know it when we registered ourselves here?” Zhang Bing said feeling dissatisfied.

“Are you sure you want to go in?” The staff asked with concern.

“If I don’t go in, where would I sleep?” Zhang Bing was unquestionably unhappy.

“I think it’s better that you first listen a bit near the door before going in!” The attendant reminded him kindly.

“What do you mean?” Zhang Bing was confused, but he still put his ear to the door.

“Ah~~harder~~faster~~” An incomparable woman’s voice was rocking the room.

“You are so slu**y~~!” Zhan Jiefang’s voice.

“F***!” Zhang Bing scolded. “Was he drunk?”

Yang Ming was snickering by the side, like father like son! Lan Ling had heard it too and was also tittering. Even though this little girl looked pure on the outside, but on the inside - let’s say she could be surprisingly horny? However, that wasn’t accurate either. Let’s say that she seemed to be a lot more passionate in those moments.

With no choice, Zhang Bing couldn’t go into the room and interrupt the enjoyment of his old man now, could he? If that happened, I think all my future allowance would be gone! Wait, there’s a chance that my allowance could increase because of this! Zhang Bing showed an evil smile on his face, “Yang Ming, do you think that I could increase my allowance with this situation?”

“F***! Aren’t you mean? Do you plan to blackmail your dad?” Yang Ming didn’t know what else to say.

Ha! If not him, then who?” Zhang Bing said as if it was completely reasonable. “Let’s go. We will find another room.”

However, what was very unlucky is that there were no longer any vacancies. Their two rooms right now were previously booked by Wu Facai.

What now? Zhang Bing looked at Yang Ming with a frustrated face.

“No choice then - the three of us could stay in a room. Lan Ling and I will squeeze on the same bed!” Yang Ming said. There wasn’t much choice. He couldn’t kick Zhang Bing out, could he?

Lan Ling was obviously unhappy. If the three of them were together, this meant that she wouldn’t be able to have her sexy moments with Yang Ming. She pouted her mouth, showing a face as if Zhang Bing owed her some money.

Zhang Bing looked at the unhappy Lan Ling and said shamelessly, “At night, whatever you want to do with Yang Ming go ahead. Pretend that I’m not there!”

“F***, you want to watch live porn?” Yang Ming said in contempt, “If you want, you could go enjoy the show from your dad.”

“Although this sounds like a good idea, after thinking about my dad’s body shape, ai, I’ve lost all my interest.” Zhang Bing sighed.

Once Lan Ling had bathed, she just squeezed herself under Yang Ming’s blanket. Her little head was above the covers, and she kept making eyes at Yang Ming.

“Are you okay?” Yang Ming asked puzzled.

Ai ya, come over here!” Lan Ling said.

Yang Ming went up to the bed feeling confused. Lan Ling said softly, “I was thinking about you. What should I do?”


=========================== BEGINNING ===============================

At night, Yang Ming was sleeping but he felt Lan Ling’s little spicy body crawl on top of him. Lan Ling’s undergarments had gone missing, and she was stripping off Yang Ming’s underwear.

“What are you doing?” In the blink of an eye, Yang Ming had woken up.

Sh...” Lan Ling made a silencing gesture. Then, she slowly sat on “Little Yang Ming.”

Si-” Yang Ming almost made a sound due to the elation. “What are you doing? Zhang Bing is right there!”

“Don’t make any sound...” Lan Ling finished her words. She bit on her lips and started moving her body up and down... It was apparent that this girl wanted to moan, but she held it in...

Yang Ming suddenly felt an unparalleled thrill! Damn, I have the potential to have a love affair stealthily! Last time with Chen Mengyan, Zhang Bing was beside me! This time with Lan Ling, Zhang Bing is also beside me...

“Slower...” Yang Ming could no longer endure Lan Ling’s craziness. He was afraid such huge movements would wake Zhang Bing up.

“I don’t want to.” Lan Ling whispered as suddenly increased her speed.

Ah...” Lan Ling suddenly couldn’t hold it in. It alerted Yang Ming as he quickly kissed tightly on her lips, “WuWu...”

The purring of Lan Ling’s “WuWu” didn’t make her movement slower. Suddenly, Lan Ling became limp on top of Yang Ming’s body.

“What’s that? My body is wet...” Yang Ming was dumbfounded.

“I am sorry… I couldn’t hold it in and peed just now...” Lan Ling was slightly embarrassed.

Ah?” Yang Ming watched adult movies frequently. Naturally, he knew what happened. But, it never came across his mind that Lan Ling was great stuff too.

“Don’t move. You can’t take it out. Let’s sleep like this...” Lan Ling sensed that Yang Ming wanted to move, and she quickly stopped him.

“But, I need to wipe my body. How can I sleep while I am wet?” Yang Ming was helpless.

‘Let it be. Even I personally don’t mind!” Lan Ling said in a serious tone.

Yang Ming was speechless. I didn’t say I minded it. It’s just a bit uncomfortable!

============================== END ===================================


The next morning, while Zhang Bing did not wake up yet, Lan Ling repeated her offense. Even Yang Ming’s stamina was running a bit low. We could describe Lan Ling’s addiction toward sex with one word - “wild”.

Yang Ming wrapped Lan Ling in the blanket and carried her into the washroom. The two of them took a bath and put on their clothing. When they returned and noticed the mess on the bedsheet, Lan Ling quickly covered it up with the blanket.

“Don’t worry about it. The service staff would clean our room up after this.” Zhang Bing said.

Ah!?“ Lan Ling was surprised, and her face turned red immediately.

Yang Ming thought, It seemed like she could feel shy too. It was just that she was a lot more willing when she was with him.

“You saw it?” Yang Ming also felt a bit awkward.

“See? Not really. But both of you were extremely loud. Did you think I was a dead person?” Zhang Bing complained, “That truly pissed me off! D***, I need to go and have a cold shower now!”

Once Zhang Bing entered the washroom, Lan Ling stuck her tongue out at Yang Ming.

Yang Ming shook his head, signaling to her that it would be fine. He was glad that when he hugged Lan Ling just now he had wrapped her up with the blanket, or else she would have been seen naked!

During breakfast, Yang Ming and Zhang Jiefang looked rather energized while Zhang Bing had two dark circles. Zhang Jiefang was feeling somewhat puzzled with Lan Ling who popped out of nowhere. Yang Ming could only explain that she was his girlfriend who was concerned about him and decided to come over to find him. Once Zhang Jiefang heard it, he started to scold Zhang Bing again, “Take a look at Yang Ming. Isn’t it good to have a girlfriend? What about you? Damn, if it’s not porn, then it’s a one night stand, or else it’s prostitution! Can’t you do something proper!?”

“I was thinking of doing something properly. Yesterday, I was thinking of really showing off my style and giving the room to Yang Ming and all, but once I walked to your doorstep, you scared me away!” Zhang Bing said indifferently.

“You came to my room... What?” Zhang Jiefang was stunned, and his face turned dark immediately. He changed the topic on the spot. “Zhang Bing, ya, it is such a rare occasion that Yang Ming’s girlfriend is here as well. Later on, your dad will pass you another twenty thousand yuan. You must treat them well!”

“Sure! No problem, but twenty thousand yuan doesn’t seem enough. I am going to book another room for the two of them later!” Zhang Bing said.

“Sure, however much you want, you can take it from this card. However, the limit per day is only twenty thousand yuan!” Zhang Jiefang felt rather helpless and gave Zhang Bing another credit card. “The passcode is your mom’s birthday.”

Heh. Dad, are you that afraid of mom? You even set the passcode to her birthdate?” Zhang Bing didn’t forget to give Zhang Jiefang a shock.

“Once you are back home, don’t tell your mom that I didn’t treat you well during the trip!” Zhang Jiefang hinted. What kind of son is this? All he knows is how to go after his dad.

“No problem! Hehe!” Zhang Jiefang smiled and nodded.

After breakfast, Zhang Jiefang instructed the front desk to give them a room if anyone canceled as well as clean up their current quarters.

Zhang Bing had zero interest in jade gambling. He was just forcefully dragged there by Yang Ming and Zhang Jiefang. What he wanted was: you guys go on your own, I would go back to sleep in my room. However, how would Zhang Jiefang let his son miss this learning opportunity? He not only dragged Zhang Bing along but on the way to Wu Facai’s warehouse, Zhang Jiefang didn’t stop sharing his knowledge on jade.

Zhang Bing had no interest in it, but Yang Ming listened to it intently and occasionally asked a few questions. As Zhang Jiefang explained things, he kept scolding in his heart how disappointing his son was.

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