So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 108

Chapter 108: Found A Treasure

Am I cursed with voodoo? Yang Ming jumped off the bed. Isn’t that too incredible? I was talking about it with Zhang Bing yesterday. Now, it happened to me! The probability is even smaller than hitting the jackpot, and I truly hit it!

“What are you saying? Am I cursed with your voodoo? Are you trying to harm me?” Yang Ming was slightly mad as he looked at the girl beside him. If you want to tie down your man, you don’t need to resort to that! Even when Yang Ming read the Wisely Novel Series, he felt that the man who got cursed with voodoo deserved it, but when it happened to him, he felt differently.

“It is not me trying to harm you. That’s my mother.” Lan Ling spoke slowly, “When I was young, my mother placed a voodoo on me. She also told me that if any man obtained my body, the voodoo would pass to him. If that man were to be unfaithful, he would not only die but also suffer an agonizing death...”

“Is it real? Don’t lie to me?” Yang Ming was doubtful. He felt it was quite impossible to occur. How can I be so unfortunate?

“I didn’t lie to you. I am an authentic Miao person. My mother is an expert in voodoo arts.” Lan Ling smiled as she said, “If you don’t trust me, look at my identity card!”

“Never mind. How can I undo the voodoo on me?” That was what concerned Yang Ming the most. If he can’t undo the voodoo, what about Chen Mengyan?

“It can’t be undone. Only my mother can do it.” Lan Ling shook her head and said proudly.

“Let’s go and look for your mom...” Yang Ming suggested.

“My mom is already dead...” Lan Ling was depressed as she said, “Initially, our family was filled with happiness, but...”

Yang Ming noticed Lan Ling’s sorrowful expression. He stopped pursuing further about the voodoo arts.

On the other hand, Lan Ling spoke about her story, “My mother passed away when I was six. My father killed her. My father also liked to gamble. He took everything in the house to gamble and lost it all. Later, after he lost everything in the house, he took my mother to pay the debt. He arranged for my mother to sleep with one of his gambling friends... Just like that, my mother’s dignity became tarnished, and she committed suicide...”

“Didn’t your mother know voodoo?” Yang Ming was curious why someone like that could be subjected to indignity.

“Yes, my mother warned the person. The person didn’t listen, and he died later. My mother killed him!” Lan Ling sighed. “But, my mother...” When she spoke now, her voice carried a heavy and sorrowful tone.

“Dead people cannot be revived... Please don’t be so sad anymore.” Yang Ming persuaded. He couldn’t imagine a lively girl’s background would carry such a grievous past.

“I am not sad. Before my mother passed away, she told me there weren’t any good men in this world. She was worried that some treacherous man would bully me. Hence, she placed a voodoo on me.” Lan Ling shook her head. “Heh, are you preparing to leave me?”

“Of course not!” Yang Ming said with determination. There was no hesitation this time. Certainly, his agreement to have Lan Ling stay by his side was due to his regret and fear of Lan Ling. But now, Yang Ming had the feeling to sympathize and protect her for a lifetime! She was quite pitiful; both the mother and daughter were sold out by her father!

Originally, Yang Ming thought her mother was a psychopath and did this voodoo out of boredom. Now, he finally understood the reason Lan Ling’s mother did so! That man was inhumane!

Yang Ming embraced Lan Ling in his arm. At this moment, he knew he fell for the girl in his embrace. So be it. Take one step at a time. Yang Ming was helpless. If the voodoo wasn't undone anytime soon, wouldn’t he be unable to reconcile with Chen Mengyan?

“You are thinking about another woman.” Lan Ling said coldly.

“I...” Yang Ming didn’t expect Lan Ling to notice. He just thought about Chen Mengyan!

“Do you have a girl that you like?” Lan Ling asked.

“Yes, I don’t want to lie!” Yang Ming hesitated a while before speaking up in a serious tone. “I admit I have started to like you but, that doesn’t mean I can forget another person. Before this, I have someone I like with a deeper affection than our relationship!”

“What do you want to do?” Lan Ling asked. Her expression was quite cute as though it didn’t matter to her.

“Since your mother knew voodoo arts, you should also know a little right? Can you help me to undo the voodoo?” Yang Ming gritted his teeth.

“You are correct that I know a little about it but, the fantastic thing about voodoo is that only the person who placed it can undo it!” Lan Ling added, “Not to mention I only know just a little.”

Yang Ming didn’t expect her to be capable of undoing it. He would think about a solution in the future! Hence, he changed the topic. “What’s your name?”

“Lan Ling.” Lan Ling asked, “And you?”

“My name is Yang Ming.” Yang Ming smiled. “Nice to meet you.”

“...” Lan Ling was speechless. This fellow is impudent. He already did that to me, yet he hugs me and says, nice to meet you. What is that?

“I am just kidding. It is a nice name.” Yang Ming noticed Lan Ling’s expression, and he knew what she was thinking.

“Is it? I followed my mother’s surname.” Lan Ling shook her head.

“However, your dad fostered you until this age. Selling you off wasn’t easy, right?” Yang Ming felt something wasn’t quite right.

“You thought he genuinely wanted to?” Lan Ling said angrily, “He wanted to use me to help him gamble!”

“You helped him gamble? What do you mean?” Yang Ming asked.

‘Ever since I was young, I had a unique ability, and that is my sixth sense!” Lan Ling contemplated before explaining. “For example, when I go to school, if you hand me a multiple choice question paper, I may not understand the questions. But if I answer them based on my instinct, the accuracy can reach above ninety percent! It is because I have such an instinct that my dad didn’t sell me off. He always brought me to gamble.”

Yang Ming was stunned. He knew a lot of people had this prophetic ability since birth which was commonly termed as the sixth sense. This sense could predict danger, and he didn’t expect Lan Ling to be one of them.

Yang Ming suddenly felt it wasn’t unfortunate to meet Lan Ling. Did I find a treasure? If Lan Ling has a sharp sixth sense, in addition to my extraordinary ability, it will be hard not to get rich. The question is whether Lan Ling’s sixth sense is accurate.

“If it’s like this, won’t your father be rich already? Why did he keep on losing money?” Yang Ming couldn’t make sense of what she mentioned.

“At first, it was quite accurate. However, I need rest after a prolonged period of use. There would be more inaccuracy if I continued to use my sixth sense. However, my father would gamble for the whole day. By the end, I wouldn’t be able to sense anything!” Lan Ling said as though she was mocking herself.

Yang Ming nodded his head. A father like him could be considered a maniac of gambling. People would typically stop when it was enough. It was uncommon selling the money tree!

He might think that after his daughter had slept with a man, she would be alright with it and continue with the gambling.

Yang Ming and Lan Ling lingered around the bed for a while before standing up and getting dressed. Lan Ling had restored herself to a small and cute appearance. Her seductive charm in bed was unimaginable.

Zhang Bing had finished his business for a while. Out of boredom, he was sitting in the lobby and joking with a girl. As soon he saw Yang Ming come down, particularly with Lan Ling at his side, he was stunned, “Elder brother, you had sex with a loli?”

“What loli? My name is Lan Ling!” Lan Ling quickly corrected.

Yang Ming was dumbfounded. Lan Ling never heard of the word “loli”? She regarded the “loli” spoken by Zhang Bing as an incorrect pronunciation...

“Lan Ling oh... hi…” Zhang Bing was also dumbfounded. It could even work in such way!

The cashier put two thousand yuan into an envelope and handed to Lan Ling. Without looking in it, Lan Ling pushed it back and said to the cashier, “When my dad comes, hand him that money and say I have left. There’s nothing between me and him anymore!”

As she finished, she pulled Yang Ming and walked out of the bathing center. Lan Ling carried a smile at the corner of her mouth. However, Yang Ming knew she was sad. For two thousand yuan, her dad sold her. One could imagine how emotional it would be.

Yang Ming patted Lan Ling’s shoulder. Lan Ling smiled at him and shook her head to show that she was fine.

Zhang Bing by his side didn’t know the story, but he was fascinated. “Damn, elder brother, you are quite bada**. Are you flirting with her already?”

“Go away!” Yang Ming said sourly, “If it wasn’t because of you... Damn, how do I explain it to Chen Mengyan when I return?”

“I would keep it a secret for you!” Zhang Bing quickly patted his chest and said.

Secret? As if keeping it a secret could help anything. The core issue lies with the voodoo!

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