So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 105

Chapter 105: Also Use the Ability for Treasure Hunting

Tengchong Country Town is only 80 km away from the only global production site of raw jadeite at the Myanmar border. [1]

In the 1970s, the country developed their foreign trade policy. The Tengchong raw jadeite business flourished. Ten years later, Tengchong became the global raw jadeite distribution center. That was the Tengchong jade industry’s most prosperous period. In 1996, the Myanmar government announced the ban of the private trading of raw jade and stopped the Myanmar traders from smuggling it across the border. Hence, the rough jadeite trade returned to Myanmar. This was the start of the downfall of Tengchong’s raw jadeite trade.

The businessmen who were capable would go to Mandalay or Yangon in Myanmar to obtain the goods. On the other hand, Tengchong had turned into a gathering place for small and medium enterprises. For example, a jeweler, like Zhang Jiefang, with the wealth of ten million could only obtain goods at Tengchong. If he were to visit Myanmar, while he had enough money, he lacked the experience.

Akin to Yangon’s raw jadeite auction house, the pieces got sold in large quantities. A pile of rough stones could easily be worth a few hundred thousand or even a million. For Zhang Jiefang who lacked the experience, he only had two possible outcomes. Either he would buy pieces of jade that were worth hundreds of millions, or he would lose his fortune and buy a pile of worthless goods.

Hence, Zhang Jiefang would rather buy a rock worth five hundred yuan per kilogram than gamble in Yangon.

Wu Facai went back to Tengchong last night. Since Zhang Jiefang just reached Yunnan, he rested a night at Kunming. There were no flights from Kunming to Tengchong, so he had to take a bus. It departed at eight in the morning and arrived in Tengchong at 8 p.m. Since Yang Ming and Zhang Bing went along as well, they canceled the hotel in Kunming.

On the long bus journey, Yang Ming tried his best to inquire about jade, “Uncle Zhang, if a kilogram of raw jadeite is five hundred yuan, can you earn back the cost?”

“That’s hard to say. If we are lucky, we could earn a lot. If we have bad luck, we would break-even. Of course, there are times when we would even suffer a loss. When the rough jadeite is cracked, what’s left inside was low-quality jadeite. The probability is quite low.” Zhang Jiefang laughed. “If we buy a few thousand yuan worth of stone, we should be able to get some good quality jadeite. In fact, it is jade but when mixed with other minerals and it becomes low-quality jadeite. Usually, I will sell them to a small handicraft factory if I encounter such stones. They will sell them after processing. I will typically hoard grade A or slightly better grade B goods. In fact,  I can earn back the cost with one stone sometimes!”

“Is it possible to know what it looked like inside based on the appearance of the stone?” Yang Ming asked.

“Of course not! Let’s forget about its appearance even x-ray analysis is already a challenge to determine the quality of the jadeite. The only way is to break it open and see! Of course, if you have x-ray vision, you can directly see within it. Haha, I am just kidding!” Zhang Jiefang laughed. “If there was someone with such a special ability, he wouldn’t be here just to open the gemstones!”

“Not open the gemstones? Why?” Perhaps the speaker had no intention, but the listener determined the will. Yang Ming’s heart beat fiercely! As he heard Zhang Jiefang explain about jadeite gambling, he knew his opportunity was approaching. He was always not sure how to utilize his special ability to earn money. Until yesterday, he was determined to research the rules of jadeite gambling. Now, that he heard from Zhang Jiefang that there was something else that earned more money than jadeite gambling, Yang Ming was curious!

“How could that be strange? Think about it. If you had such an ability, why limit yourself to opening gemstones? You can go to the Pacific Ocean or deep in the jungle and then use the x-ray vision to search for treasures. That will be faster than jadeite gambling!” Zhang Jiefang chuckled.

Yang Ming was shocked by the reply. Zhang Jiefang might be correct in that it could earn quick money but it didn’t seem practical at all. What if Yang Ming went to the Pacific Ocean for a treasure hunt? Assuming that was it possible to search for it, the required investment wouldn’t be a small number! Firstly, he needed a ship. Also, he had to hire a lot of workers. Even then, salvaging was a challenge also... Just thinking about it gave him a headache. At the very least, Yang Ming couldn’t fulfill it right now!

Hiking the mountain for treasure? Wouldn’t that require special digging devices or a facility? Also, the government might not permit it.

“That’s true!” Yang Ming didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he replied.

“Also, in Africa, for example, there’s stone gambling as well. What’s on hand can be either diamond or ore. The greater the challenge is, the greater the excitement will be! After the purchase of piles of mineral stone, it is possible to become suddenly rich or poor as a beggar in a single night!” Zhang Jiefang continued.

Not bad. You shifted me to Africa right now! Yang Ming shook his head. The jadeite gambling ahead of him seemed more solid. Also, he could accept such prices. Should it be more expensive, Yang Ming wouldn’t have the capital to do it!

Since he chatted with Zhang Bing until late, both of them slept on the bus. Zhang Jiefang was energetic. He had a great time watching a 1990s Hong Kong movie during the intercity bus trip.

By evening, the three of them reached Tengchong. Wu Facai warmly arranged a dinner and a place to stay. Also, he made an appointment to go and handpick some raw jadeite at the warehouse tomorrow morning.

Since Yang Ming and Zhang Bing took a nap in the afternoon, they were quite energetic after the dinner. Zhang Jiefang drank a little too much, so he went back to the hotel and slept.

“Yang Ming, let’s walk around.” Zhang Bing didn’t wish to return to the hotel so early since it was only 9 p.m.

Tengchong had a tropical monsoon climate. The average temperature was 14.8 degrees Celsius. There was no winter and summer, therefore the climate was cool. Yang Ming looked at the busy night view. He couldn’t help but sigh. It was merely a town, but was still so bustling!

The night market here mostly sold jade accessories. Zhang Bing’s family was in this business as well. Naturally, he didn’t glimpse at it even a bit because there was nothing good here.

“Two handsome boys, do you want to be pleased?” A prostitute solicited them as she blocked their path.

“No...” Yang Ming just opened his mouth yet he noticed Zhang Bing had already spoken to the pimp before he finished his sentence.

“How much for one time?” Zhang Bing asked.

“One hour for four hundred. The whole night would be eight hundred, and that would be the complete package!” The prostitute noticed someone was interested and quickly replied.

“One hour for four hundred? Do you think I am stupid?” Zhang Bing said, “Two hundred, that’s the market price!”

‘Two hundred it is then, but you must wear a condom!” She couldn’t help but say it since she noticed the person was a veteran.

“Damn, I wouldn’t dare to take the risk. Who knows if they would spoil my penis?” Zhang Bing nodded his head and said, “Lead the way!”

“Zhang Bing!” Yang Ming immediately pulled Zhang Bing’s shirt. “Are you for real?”

“We came out to play and have some enjoyment. Why, Yang Ming, don’t tell me you are a virgin?” Zhang Bing looked at Yang Ming as though he was laughing.

“Of course not!” Yang Ming was embarrassed. In society right now, females were afraid that others would say she wasn’t a virgin. Males were worried that the others would say he was a virgin! It sounded contradictory, but that was the truth.

“Oh! I understand!” Zhang Bing hinted as if he fully understood. “Don’t worry. I will not tell sister-in-law, Mengyan. It will be our little secret!”

Yang Ming was helpless with the situation. He wasn’t someone who was promiscuous. Although he could be inhuman sometimes, these feelings were for the girl that he liked. Without the lover’s connection, he found it conflicting to do so.

As Yang Ming noticed that Zhang Bing was excited, he couldn’t help but go along with Zhang Bing to a bathing center.

Just like the woman who was soliciting, they typically had a deal with the spa. The bathing center would take a commission based on Yang Ming’s and Zhang Bing’s usage.

Zhang Bing with his veteran experience had reserved a good looking girl, and he hugged her in his arm. It looked like he frequently visited such places. On the other hand, Yang Ming who had a more traditional mindset found it rather embarrassing!

“What is it, Yang Ming?” Zhang Bing looked at Yang Ming who hadn’t moved an inch. He whispered, “Brother, are you a virgin?”

“I...” Yang Ming wasn’t quite sure how to answer it. Biologically, he wasn’t a virgin anymore. He had a night with Lin Zhiyun though he had forgotten how it felt. Hence, Yang Ming was still a virgin from a psychological perspective.

Zhang Bing was more proficient in this aspect compared to Yang Ming. Zhang Bing had already guessed what happened to him based on his expression. “Don’t worry. It would be pleasing!”

Before Yang Ming could say anything, Zhang Bing released the girl at his side and approached the lobby manager who was the madam, Mama Sang.

“Sir, is there any problem?” The lobby manager could figure out that Zhang Bing was a veteran while Yang Ming was an amateur from the way they walked in. Hence, she didn’t dare to fool around with Zhang Bing.

“My brother is here for his first time. Are there any cleaner goods?” Zhang Bing asked.

Chapter Notes:

[1] Raw jadeite

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