So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 101

Chapter 101: The College Entrance Examination Event

Two days later, Chen Mengyan was depressed that Yang Ming still hadn’t given her a call. I am a girl no matter what. Can’t you take the initiative? In the movies, it was the guy who apologized, even though the girl made the mistake. Why can’t I have a little temper? Even if it was my misunderstanding, you should call me and explain!

As for Yang Ming, of course, he missed Chen Mengyan, but in his mind, he was unhappy that Chen Mengyan believed Wang Zhitao’s slander rather than him! His girlfriend believed others before him. It was such a shame!

As such, both misunderstood each other and waited for each other’s call...

On Chen Fei’s side, he didn’t have any breakthrough discoveries, but the present evidence was sufficient to summon Wang Zhitao to assist in the investigation!


On the day before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, poor Wang Zhitao was brought to the interrogation room in the police station by a group of youngsters led by Xia Xue who inherently hated any form of evil!

Wang Zhitao was considerably tight-lipped. He stubbornly wouldn’t admit his involvement in the incident where Yang Ming got framed. However, he admitted that he lied. A website editor didn’t sell him these photos. He got them from the waiter who confessed to his crime!

However, lying wasn’t a crime, right? After interrogating through the night, they didn’t uncover anything useful. Wang Zhitao’s father used his social relationships to pressure Chen Fei and his crew.

At last, they released Wang Zhitao the next day at 4 a.m. But after being flashed by lightbulbs for the whole night, Wang Zhitao’s brain was empty. Although he wasn’t late for the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, his answers were a complete mess.

Wang Zhitao who was supposed to go to an esteemed university now couldn’t even attend a junior college!

But who could he blame?

The 7th of June. This was the day that students from the whole country were excited, anxious and happy for! Those who were willing, not willing, ready, not ready, walked to a significant segment of their life course - the National Higher Education Entrance Examination!


However, compared to the examinees, their parents were even more anxious about it. Who wouldn’t hope for their children to have a better future?

Yang Ming reached the examination hall early to observe the place. If his position was too f***** up, he could still have a backup plan! Of course, such a situation didn’t happen. Yang Ming’s position wasn’t the last, but it was still in the third-row counting from the end.


Yang Ming put his bag on the side of the platform. They inverted the desks, so it was necessary. There wasn’t room to put personal belongings. Only stationary, drinks, face towel or tissue paper were allowed on the table.

This position wasn’t unfavorable for Yang Ming. First, he could copy many test papers in front of him. Then, there was a wall on Yang Ming’s right side. On the other side of the wall was a corridor and on the other side of the corridor was another exam hall. That meant that Yang Ming could refer to more people’s answers.

The first test was about language. It was a weakness for Yang Ming because many answers were inductive summaries. Besides, there were two essays. He could not copy these answers, but he could still use their solutions for reference.

When the exam paper was passed down, Yang Ming’s primary focus was on the essay. The essay question was to write an eight hundred word essay according to a phrase. This phrase described a tourist, an eagle, and a turtle.

Yang Ming was good at such a nonsensical essay. After he elaborated his fabricated views, then he wrote an inductive conclusion. A composition was born. 

Other questions were much easier. By slightly following others’ conclusions and inductions, the score of this paper wouldn’t be low.

Other subjects would be handled using the same mechanism. Yang Ming predicted that he wouldn’t have a problem to get into Song Jiang Industry University. However, what could he gain even if he was successful? When he thought of Chen Mengyan, Yang Ming became depressed again!

It’s fine. Just think of this as honoring my parents! Yang Ming thought.

In fact, this issue influenced Yang Ming’s mood, but it couldn’t shake his results! Yang Ming’s results came from his special abilities, so it had nothing to do with his condition during the exam!

Even though his mood was terrible, Yang Ming still could get good results as long as his super abilities were there!

The pathetic thing was that Wang Zhitao wanted to frame Yang Ming. He lifted a stone but smashed it on his own feet! On the first day of the exam, one couldn’t even describe Wang Zhitao’s performance as “bad.” For his language essay, he wrote a fantasy novel, and the title was <Reborn as a Turtle>. More than that, ecchi plots appeared a few times. If marks didn’t get deducted, then he should thank God. 

Wang Zhitao didn’t want to be like this as well. It was just that his brain was so fried that he didn’t know what he was writing.

When his emotions improved on the second day, he thought of the messed up essay that he wrote on the first day. He knew that there was no hope for his National Higher Education Entrance Examination, and his mood sank even lower. As a result, he didn’t perform well on the latter subjects too.


After the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, the first thing that Yang Ming wanted to know was how could he earn money! Yang Ming first thought of buying an instant lottery ticket, but this wasn’t available in Song Jiang City now.

So he had to think of other options.

After the National Higher Education Entrance Examination finished, Yang Ming got a call from Zhang Bing. “Yang Ming, how was your exam? You shouldn’t have a problem attending Song Jiang City Industry University, right?”


“I’m still good. How about you?” Yang Ming knew that Zhang Bing’s results weren’t outstanding. If he could get into a junior university based on his level, the results were still good.

“Me? You know my level too! But my dad said, as long as it wasn’t too bad, he would be able to find someone to let me enroll into the XX college of Song Jiang University, isn’t it?” Zhang Bing said, “I think we will still attend the same university just that my graduation certification will be different from yours! But it’s fine. My dad has arranged my path. I’ll be selling jewelry with him after graduation!” 


Getting proficient in mathematics, physics, and chemistry wasn’t better than having a good father! This phrase is utterly right. Yang Ming was speechless. Zhang Bing’s academic results were really poor, but he still could inherit the family business.


Zhang Bing’s father had a jewelry business. Although it wasn’t as prosperous as the Xiongfeng Group of Wang Zhitao’s family, Zhang Bing still didn’t have to worry about money.

Yang Ming smiled, “If I have my say, you don’t even have to attend university. Just help your dad straightaway!”

Zhang Bing said, “How could that be? I still want to enjoy two more years! Besides, I’m going to study business administration, and my dad agreed too! After all, the management experience from the previous generation isn’t useful!”

Yang Ming asked, “You’re right. Oh yeah! What do you want from me?”

“How about going for a stroll? I’m so bored at home!” Zhang Bing suggested. His relationship with Yang Ming wasn’t bad. Yang Ming sat right behind him, and they were both academically poor students, so they were close to each other. Later, when Yang Ming’s grades rose up suddenly, he didn’t despise Zhang Bing. Therefore,  Zhang Bing was glad that he made a real friend.


Yang Ming asked, “Fine. I’m free as well. Where are we going?”

Zhang Bing said, “Come to my house!” 

Yang Ming said, “F***, where is your house? I’ve never visited before!”

Zhang Bing knew the situation of Yang Ming’s family, so he said directly, “Hua Shang District. Take a taxi. That will be faster. I’ll pay for you!”

Yang Ming was happy to take it. “Right, you promised me. I will take a tour around Song Jiang City, and you have to pay for me!” 

Zhang Bing said immediately, “Okay, I’m looking at my watch. If you don’t reach here in fifteen minutes, then it will be canceled!” 

“No problem!” Yang Ming hung up. He put on his shoes and went downstairs. After he went out of the apartment, he called a taxi and rushed toward Zhang Bing’s house.

After the National Higher Education Entrance Examination, Chen Mengyan also had nothing to do. She sat beside the computer and listlessly looked at a website.

Chen Mengyan held her fist in resentment and said, “Hum, stupid Yang Ming. Why didn’t he call me?”

However, by noon, Chen Mengyan couldn’t bear it anymore. She dialed Yang Ming! F*** if I’m reserved or not. I’m going all out!

The phone rang for some time but no one picked up! This Yang Ming, he didn’t stay at home after the exam. Where did he go? Chen Mengyan was upset as she hung up the phone. She wanted to make another call later, but she couldn’t muster the courage she had before. She reached for the phone a few times, but she held back again.

At this moment, Yang Ming had just gone out from his apartment, so they had missed their fate once more.

“Yang Ming!” When Yang Ming got off the taxi, Zhang Bing ran toward him and looked like he had waited for quite a while!

Yang Ming wanted to pay, but Zhang Bing passed a ten yuan note to the taxi driver right away. From Yang Ming’s house to here was nine yuan; add one yuan for extra charges on fuel, so the total was ten yuan.

Yang Ming didn’t compete with him. He knew Zhang Bing’s family was wealthy, so he didn’t care about it. As for Yang Ming, he truthfully lacked money!

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