So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Little Mengyan's Confession

“What are these pictures?” Father Chen took the photos and pretended not to know anything. “Eh? Isn’t this a picture that we, the police, had snapped? Where did you get this from?”

Ai ya, dad, why would you ask so many questions? Just tell me whether you are helping me or not!” Chen Mengyan whined.

“I would surely help you. But since you are treating me as a friend, shouldn’t you reveal a little bit more? What’s this picture about?” Father Chen continued his acting. 

“Actually... the person in the picture is one of my classmates...” Chen Mengyan said after hesitating for a while.

“What classmate? Boyfriend?” Father Chen laughed. 

Ai ya, of course not, but our relationship was pretty good!” Chen Mengyan said with her face turning red, “Today, another student from class gave me a stack of photos, which are the photos in your hand...” 

Oh, then you at least need to tell me what’s the name of your classmate, and who’s the one who passed you the photos? Where did he get those photos from?” Father Chen asked as if he knew nothing about the case.

En... His name is Yang Ming. The person who gave me the photos is named Wang Zhitao; he is our class monitor. He said that he obtained the photos from the hands of an online editor...” Therefore, Chen Mengyan shared the “history of the photos” with Father Chen.

Wang Zhitao, you brat, you’ve finally shown your true colors! There was a brief smile on Father Chen’s face. You wouldn’t have guessed that I am Chen Mengyan’s father, would you? How dare you take out this pile of photos and make my daughter cry for such a long time? Do you think I would let you go just like this?

The Wang Zhitao was doing something lewd in his home but suddenly sneezed. En? It was a summer day; why would I sneeze? Wang Zhitao felt a bit strange. 

“Okay, your dad will check for you tomorrow. However Yanyan, dad has to tell you this. If Yang Ming had truly gone to find a prostitute and got captured as a client, we would have unquestionably informed the school and the school would have punished him. If there wasn’t such a case, then this whole situation wouldn’t be what you thought of.” Father Chen was worried that Chen Mengyan wouldn’t able to study peacefully and gave her a hint. 

Chen Mengyan indeed showed her long lost smile after listening to his words. It was that type of relaxed smile that came from deep inside her heart. “Thank you, dad! Then I will go back and study in my room!”

“Okay, sure. Whenever there’s news, your old man will surely let you know!” Father Chen nodded his head. It seemed like the knot in his daughter’s heart had already been opened. 

At night, the more Yang Ming thought, the more unsettled he felt. Just now he was chatting with “Wild Female Teacher” so he didn’t feel much, however, the moment he turned off his light, he couldn’t help but think about Chen Mengyan! 

Love, is it something that we could stop thinking about if we wanted to? Yang Ming turned around and turned on the light. He took out the <The Latest Trends of the College Entrance Examination> and opened it. As he looked at the familiar writing on the book, he let out a sigh. Maybe after a few days, Chen Mengyan would have figured it out? Was I a bit too chauvinistic today? If I had gone after Chen Mengyan, would she have given me a bit of a chance to explain?

F*** it, let’s stop thinking about this. Wang Zhitao, I, Yang Ming, will never let go of you. I will wreck your reputation and status! Yang Ming ruthlessly thought about it! Currently, there was still a big difference in capabilities between his own and Wang Zhitao’s!

By capability, we meant financial capability and status in society! Yang Ming was able to beat up Jin Gang on the street like that, but he couldn’t have done the same to Wang Zhitao! Jin Gang’s strongest backup was only his uncle, a school discipline teacher! But Wang Zhitao was different. If Yang Ming had beaten him up, there were many opportunities for Wang Zhitao to shoot an arrow behind his back! 

Yang Ming would never want to drag his parents down because of his own situation, and he believed that Wang Zhitao would surely have the ability to do so! As long as Father Wang gave a bit of benefit to his father’s factory, the factory chief would immediately take his dad off duty! 

Money - everything was about money! The difference between him and Wang Zhitao was money! In societal terms, Yang Ming believed that as long as he had the money, he could ally himself with a few powerful figures. 

However, the first challenge was to enter a university. Once he was in a university, he would have ample time and reason to learn how to earn money. His parents wouldn’t interfere as well.

As he thought about this, Yang Ming fell into a heavy sleep.

Chen Mengyan who discovered the truth also slept well. She had a dream, a very delightful dream! 

She dreamed that the results from the pictures came out. Father Chen told her that someone used a computer to generate all of the content in the pictures! Yang Ming came to look for her on the next day too and the two of them dissolved any misunderstandings between them. Then, Chen Mengyan dreamed about kissing Yang Ming...

Then the alarm clock rang! There was still a trace of a smile from Chen Mengyan’s mouth. In the dream, she didn’t reject Yang Ming at all. How embarrassing! 

As we would have guessed by now, Father Chen was Chen Fei, the person responsible for Yang Ming’s case! 

Once he arrived at the police station, Chen Fei asked the people from the technology department to get the fingerprint data on the photo. Chen Fei didn’t bother to question the genuineness of the photos, because these pictures were unmistakably real! 

“Captain Chen, is there progress with Wang Zhitao’s case?” Xia Xue had just arrived at work and heard her coworkers discuss Wang Zhitao’s case. For the type of people such as Xia Xue who came out of police school especially, they hated immoral people. Therefore, they were particularly optimistic about any sign of progress. 

En, Wang Zhitao took out a stack of photos.” Chen Fei pointed at the items on the table. “At least now we can prove that Wang Zhitao is involved in this case!” Then, he shared what his daughter told him yesterday. 

“Wang Zhitao unquestionably lied. The police certainly did not take these photos! Based on all these, we have sufficient reason to believe that Wang Zhitao is related to this case!” Xia Xue said, “Captain, let me bring a few people to lock up Wang Zhitao now!”

“Xia Xue, stop messing around. Why are you so impatient?  We haven’t even investigated the situation. Moreover, the technology department hasn’t verified things through the fingerprint record yet!” Chen Fei said as he shook his head. 

That night, as soon as Chen Fei finished his work, Chen Mengyan excitedly asked for news about the pictures. Chen Fei hadn’t decided how to explain this whole situation with Yang Ming. He was still considering whether or not to tell the truth about the situation to his daughter! Therefore, he naturally answered, “Mengyan, what we are sure of is that on the day of the picture, none of the police went to Tavern Heaven on Earth for an arrest. I also checked the case files, and there was no case about Yang Ming being a criminal for illegal prostituting! Therefore, from these initial steps, we can determine that Yang Ming didn’t go for prostitution!” 

“Really?” Chen Mengyan was both surprised and joyful about it! It seemed that I have truly misunderstood Yang Ming!

“Yes! Regarding the truth of the photos, this was rather hard to analyze. It requires some specialized knowledge for that!” Chen Fei said. 

“That troublesome?” Chen Mengyan asked. However, she no longer cared about the truth of the photos. Last night, she had made up her mind. What was most important for two people when they were together was for both of them to trust each other! 

“Of course, look at the newspaper. That photo about Hua Nanhu was analyzed for a pretty long time. The result was still rather ambiguous!” Chen Fei smiled as he said that. 

“Makes sense!” Chen Mengyan nodded her head. Then, she went back to her room to study happily. Oh yeah, hair clip! Chen Mengyan remembered the hair clip that she threw downstairs yesterday. She hastily wore her shoes and ran downstairs. 

“Yanyan, where are you doing?” Chen Fei asked curiously, “You want to go out?” 

“Not really. Let me pick up something downstairs. I will be back immediately...” 

Chen Mengyan arrived downstairs and started searching the ground beneath the window of her room.

How did it disappear? Chen Mengyan frowned. She felt rather nervous. This was the first gift that Yang Ming had given her! Because she was impulsive yesterday, she threw away a significant item to the ground floor. 

However, the plot of grass on the ground was empty. There was no trace of the hair clip! Logically, this type of thing with a “diamond” on it should reflect some light. It should be easy to find.

Could it be that someone else picked it up? Chen Mengyan felt a bit sad, and also a bit reluctant about it.

Our dear little student Mengyan, who would have thought that you cared so much for a single object? That’s the power of love! 

“Sister Yan, what are you looking for?” A little girl who was playing near the apartment downstairs ran to Chen Mengyan’s side and asked. 

Chen Mengyan raised her head and realized that it was the child of her father’s co-worker. 

“Sister is looking for a hair clip. How about you help sister to search for it?” Chen Mengyan smiled. 

“Hair clip? Was it the one with the pink butterfly?” The little girl asked suddenly.

“Yes!” Chen Mengyan nodded emotionally when she heard the sentence. “Yes. Have you seen it?” 

“Yes, I picked it up! I had already handed it to the apartment security guard. Let me bring you there right now!” The little girl nodded her head.

Chen Mengyan and the little girl went to the security guard’s office in the apartment building. She easily found the hair clip that she lost yesterday. Chen Mengyan only felt eased after she examined the object by turning it over and over before realizing that it was intact.

Heh, it seemed like God indeed looked out for her! Chen Mengyan thought to herself. But why wouldn’t Yang Ming give me a call? He should at least call to ask how I am doing!

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