Shura's Wrath

Chapter 98


Underworld Door (1)

The Undead Summoner was the only one that didn’t get caught by Moon Shadow. The summoner types have extremely weak defence and they also have no attacking ability. The Undead Summoner’s body gleamed in the distance, continually releasing black particles, but the undead wolves and undead warriors weren’t listening to its commands. They were all motionless. <At the start> All summoner types have a summoning limit. With these 3 undead wolves and 3 undead warriors around, the Undead Summoner is unable to summon anymore. It can only just sit there a desperately and use its mana, unable to do anything.

Every second in Moon Shadow was precious. After killing the Undead Destroyer Ling Chen quickly rushed towards the Dual Wielding Troll, rapidly casting “Ling Tian Slash”…



Two rounds of attacks dealt a little more than a third of the Dual Wielding Troll’s HP. At this time, Moon Shadow’s effect ended and the Dual Wielding Troll and the 6 undead have all fully recovered, instantly starting to close in on Ling Chen. The dead body of the Undead Destroyer was finally falling out of the sky. Its body dropped something that glowed with a black light, falling before Ling Chen. The Dual Wielding Troll raised its machetes, and with a low growl swung aggressively at his head.

The 6 undeads were blocking Ling Chen’s back. If he took a step back, the undead warrior’s attack would directly fall upon him. He glanced at the Dual Wielding Troll’s HP. His expression clouded. He was just standing there unmoving, while the two machetes were quickly descending towards his head.

“Battle Soul Possession!”

“Ling Tian Slash”, “ Four Corners Star Formation!!”


In the soul possessed state, facing the Dual Wielding Troll, Ling Chen used Ling Tian Slash with his left hand and used Four Corners Star Formation with his right hand at the same time. When his two weapons came into contact with the Dual wielding troll, the Dual Wielding Troll’s machetes had also deeply cut into Ling Chen.



Ling Chen’s HP almost dropped to zero. At the same time, the force of the impact also pushed him back a number of steps. He almost fell onto the ground. He wasn’t quick enough to adjust his body. He spent the next few seconds drinking green potions before he died. With his HP restored, in front of him, above the troll’s head rose two huge damage numbers. The Four Corners Star Formation had crit! The damage that came from the “soul possession” state was more than 10,000!

The Dual Wielding Troll fell. The 6 undead that were originally close by were pushed away by the strength of Four Corners Star Formation.

“Ding… you have successfully killed a level15 boss ”Undead Destroyer”, prestige +150, skill points +150.”

“Ding.. you have successfully killed a level 15 boss “Dual Wielding Troll”, prestige +150, skill points +150.”

The item that came out of the Dual Wielding Troll was immediately picked up by Xiao Hui. Ling Chen didn’t have time to see what it was. Taking advantage of the 6 undead that were still on the ground, he quickly rushed to the final goal — the Undead Summoner.

The summoner class was no doubt powerful, even among players. A powerful summoner can summon beasts which can stop armies alone but with the condition that he is able to protect himself. Because the life of the summoner is far more fragile than an elementalist, once enemies got close by and without any way to protect yourself, being able to summon more will do you no good. You could not do anything but wait for death. To the Undead Summoner, its self-preservation techniques are the low altitude floating and the short distance teleports but Ling Chen’s range on “Ling Tian Burst” is 5m so he’ll be able to reach it. Its ability of self-preservation had already been directly undermined by half. Ordinary groups of warriors are only able to attack on the horizontal axis. Being unable to attack vertically, they are unable to do anything in the face of an enemy in the air. But Ling Chen’s “Ling Tian Burst” is capable of facing any direction, it is completely different.

The 6 undead that were knocked onto the ground had got up. Ling Chen had already rushed to below the Undead Summoner. He then jumped and growled: “You get down here!”

Using the “Ling Tian Burst”, he aimed directly at the Undead Summoner. The Undead Summoner responded quickly. using its “Undead floating” to move down 3m, making Ling Chen’s attack fail, but the instant that the it rematerialized, Ling Chen had poised his left hand to cast “Ling Tian Burst”



The fragile Undead Summoner was directly hit in the midair, falling onto the ground. Ling Chen rushed up in two steps, quickly using Ling Tian Slash.



Although the Undead Summoner was a level 15 boss, it only had 7800HP, less than half of the Dual Wielding Troll’s HP. Ling Chen’s first round of Ling Tian Slash had done significant damage and then the second round had completely drained its HP. With the sound of its ghostlike cries, the Undead Summoner slowly fell to the ground. Behind Ling Chen, the 6 close by undead bodies, suddenly became wooden carvings, then they all collapsed.

“Ding.. you have successfully killed a level 15 boss “Undead Summoner”, prestige +150, skill point +150.”

Ling Chen let out a sigh. Then, in the silence, the gloomy chilly winds no longer had any floating figures. They were only on the ground. There were bodies one after another.

Three level 15 bosses were all lying at Ling Chen’s feet. It didn’t even take too much effort and in the whole process he was only hit once by the Dual Wielding Troll.

When he killed these powerful undead, their loot was picked by Xiao Hui. Ling Chen opened his back, quickly going through his inventory. The three level 15 bosses dropped 3 pieces of equipment… one of which were gold earrings!

[Cursed Earrings]: Category: Earring, Grade: Gold, Equipment requirements: Level 15 or above magicians. Dark earrings that have been imbued with Death’s Breath. It contains powerful magic, but will gradually consume the wearer’s HP. Attributes: Magic Attack +25, Spirit +10, HP regen per second -10.

The Cursed Earring’s attributes were no doubt strong. A strong magician could use it and greatly increase their attack power but with a strong effect, it also carries a strong side effect, it devours HP per second. At the cost of 10HP per second an already fragile Elementalist, Priest or Summoner would be even more prone to death.

The other two pieces of equipment: one was painted black, a breastplate with a tattoo of a hideous skill and the other were a pair of gloves printed with skeleton bones.

[Dark Chest Plate]: Category: Upper Garment, Grade: Gold, Equipment requirement: level 15 and above warrior. A black breastplate surrounded by Death’s Breath. It has a strong ability to resist dark attacks. Attributes: Defence +45, strength +7, constitution+6, dark resistance +5%, immune to cursed state.

[Skeleton Gloves]: Category: Gauntlets, Grade: gold, Equipment requirements: level 15 and above any profession. Dark gloves that have an outline of a skeleton on it. It releases an aura of fear. Attributes: Defence +17, attack +10, hit rate +5, crit rate +3%, dark resistance +3%.

The three equips that the 3 bosses dropped were all gold. This was a surprisingly large return. Moreover all but the earrings, could be equipped by him. Immediately, he removed his Golden Stitched Garments and his White Silver Bracers, putting on the Dark Chestplate and the Skeleton Gloves.

The three bosses not only dropped 3 equips but there was also a black crystalline item and a scroll that let out a pale white glow.

[Undead Stone]: Category: Energy Crystal, Grade: Low. Attribute: Dark. Effect: Mounting it will provide 1 hour of immunity to Death’s Breath effects. Immune to curse, immune dark, death state, will be lost immediately after the duration is over.

[Skill scroll — Trinity Blood] : Usage requirements, level 10 or above any profession. After using it, one will acquire [Trinity Blood]. It can be used when below 30% HP. When casted, the user will start burning with rage. User’s own defence will be lowered to 0, attack will increase by 50%. Non-upgradable and cannot be used in conjunction with other attack power increases.

That black crystal is a lower grade energy crystal, moreover it only lasts a short period, but in this environment, it can be used very effectively. Ling Chen immediately mounted it onto Lunar Scourge. Suddenly, a weak dark flash appeared and the choking feeling in his chest suddenly disappeared without a trace. The loss of life completely stopped and even his sight improved. But that scroll, it is difficult to find a gold skill scroll, moreover it was what allowed the Dual Wielding Troll to go ballistic. Its too bad that other skills that increase attack cannot be used in conjunction with it, rendering “Soul Sacrifice” useless if he used this ability.

Before, Xiao Hui didn’t swallow a single zombie but the 3 undead bosses made it excited. It stood by their bodies and opened its mouth widely, releasing a grey light over them, then swallowed the 3 bosses in one gulp. While eating the 3 level 15 bosses, Xiao Hui level 12’s EXP bar increased quite a bit. After a while, he spat out crystal releasing a black light. This crystal was bigger than the Undead Stone, the dark light released was also more profound.

[Dark Crystal]: Category: Energy Crystal, Grade: High. Attribute: dark. Effect: Immunity to curse, dark and death state.

Compared to the Undead Stone which is consumed after a short period, the dark crystal provides permanent immunity which is significantly stronger, especially the immunity to death state. It meant that he would not need to fear this world’s most feared status of “death”.

The dark crystal was also mounted onto the Lunar Scourge and as a result, 10 of the 12 free holes in the Lunar Scourge had been used.

Things have quietened down with only the occasional scary wind. The Silent Soul Ridge was nearby. It was just like the Devil’s mouth, waiting for him to step into it.



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