Shura's Wrath

Chapter 96


Ghastly Grounds

Lunar Scourge’s range is directly proportional to Ling Chen’s level. Like Yi Que said, if Ling Chen’s level is greater than 50, then Lunar Scourge’s range will be bigger than 50m. When that happens, Ling Chen can suppress the Lucky Cat from outside its 50m detection distance. Then, if at that time, his movement speed is good enough to close 50 metres in less than 5 seconds, then catching the Lucky Cat is a real possibility.

Ling Chen’s heart beat with excitement. Catching the Lucky Cat, he would then be able to get at least one of its treasures. Catching the Lucky Cat that has never been caught before would give a great sense of achievement. On the other hand, Yi Que also said the Lucky Cat won’t go to places where there are many people and that most people won’t even see it once. So, its not to say whether I could successfully catch it, its whether I’ll see it again is the question.

“How can I find the Lucky Cat?” Ling Chen asked after a moment of thought.

“You can’t find the Lucky Cat. If you want to bump into it, you’ll just need to be lucky, which is to say, the luckier a person is the more likely that person will see it. Young master being able to see it today is testament to the fact that young master’s luck is quite good. Well, I cant take it anymore. I’ll go sleep now. Its pretty scary out here so be careful.”

Then, Yi Que didn’t make any more sounds. Her current state makes it so that she can only stay awake for a very short time per day and materialize for only 10 minutes at a time.

The higher the luck the higher chance encounter it? Ling Chen looked at his luck stat — 9 points. If Xiao Hui’s level increased 3 more times, then his own luck stat will increase to 10 points, reaching the limit of an average player. If Xiao Hui reaches level 40, then his own luck stat will increase to 15. Its a pretty scary amount of luck. [TLN: He means it in a good way I believe]

After covering where the Mysterious Red Sun Gold was hidden, Ling Chen summoned the Cloud Stepping Mare and went eastbound.

After half an hour…

“Ding… You’ve entered the Ghastly Grounds.”

Its clearly daytime but here it seemed like it was early evening. The air was filled with thick grey gas which greatly reduced visibility. A wave of cold air blew by. The wind had a rancid taste. Sometimes there would be ghostly sounds that would cause a person’s hair to stand up.

This was indeed the Ghastly Grounds. If someone whom had less courage stepped in here, they might not even have the guts to take a step forward, Ling Chen silently thought. Getting down from the Cloud Stepping Mare he called it back, took out his two weapons and started walking towards the gloomy world shrouded in fog, keeping on high alert.


“yiii yiii yii” (bat sounds i think)

“hee hahahahahahaha”

All types of sounds that could chill a a person from outside in were coming from all sides. It could make even a man of courage’s teeth chatter. The more forward he went, the more the rancid tasting gray smoke thickened, affecting visibility more and more. Ling Chen’s eyebrows had a bit of sweat. Even for him, being alone in this kind of environment would make him feel a little scared.


Above Ling Chen’s head, one after another, bright red numbers were floating up. One appeared every second, making Ling Chen’s HP decrease rapidly. After he noticed this, he quickly took out a bowl of rice porridge that he bought from Peace Town. He drank it all with a “gulping” sound. Suddenly, the coldness in his body and the light dizziness in his brain felt a lot better.

“Ding… you used ‘rice porridge’, HP regen + 10. Influence of Death’s Breath will be weakened for 10 minutes.”


It turns out that even though the rice porridge’s taste was alright the effect is by no means weak. The impact of Death’s Breath was suddenly reduced to 10%.  The strength of the porridge surprised Ling Chen. He looked at Xiao Hui following behind him. Within the undead gas it was walking with swagger. The spirit in that state was no different from normal. There weren’t any numbers signifying loss of life above its head… It was completely unaffected!

Xiao Hui you freak! Ling Chen said softl. Continuing moving forwards, he stopped moving after a few metres.

Among the darkness ahead, slow moving shadows appeared one after another.

[Zombie]: Category: Undead, level: 15, HP: 638. The bodies of the dead which are under the influence of Death’s Breath have turned into the undead. They now hate all things living. It will use its two hands to tear up any form of life.

Talents: High attack and defence. Move speed extremely low. 70% dark attack resistance.

Attacking Techniques: Rigidly swinging its arm to hit the target. Once hit, it will deal a lot of damage.

Amidst the black fog, a slow moving shadow followed the smell of life, heading towards Ling Chen’s direction. Their bodies were dark green and black. They wore tattered clothes and most of the body had already decayed. Some even had eyes that were hanging out. Their movements were extremely slow, only taking a step every two seconds.

In this eerie environment along with the scary shapes of the zombies, if players found this place, he didn’t know how many would have the guts to come in.  Ling Chen’s eyebrows twitched. He then rushed up. While he was almost there he used “Ling Tian Slash” in both hands, one from the left side and one from the right side.



The blast released from Soaring Cloud and the Zephyr blade hit the zombie’s body. The sound it made was a dull sound, like hitting a rock.

These zombie’s bodies were very hard and although Ling Chen’s Ling Tian Slash didn’t crit it can still nicely kill them. A scream that sounded like it came from hell rang out repeatedly. Then all zombies within 5 metres of him collapsed. From each fallen zombie, a copper coin was dropped.

Xiao Hui immediately start moving in. The 5 copper coins that were picked up all directly appeared in Ling Chen’s backpack. Then, it stood next to the corpses… After standing still for 2 seconds and taking two steps back, it walked sadly back to Ling Chen’s side. The condition of these zombies left Xiao Hui with no desire to eat them.


Ling Chen’s HP loss rate increased by a little as he traveled deeper. Ling Chen looked above his head and started to run faste. After moving another few hundred metres, the gray fog caused the visibility to drop down to only a 10 metres radius. In addition, Ling Chen’s HP lost increased to 30 per second…

Every time he downed a big bowl of rice porridge, Ling Chen took a deep breath. In front of him appeared a smokey figure that was completely green…

[Poison Zombie]: category: undead, level: 15, grade: one star elite, HP: 1500, Because the body had become too rotten, the body mutated into a poisonous zombie. It is disgusted with life and will use its own hands to tear up any form of life.

Talents: High attack and defence, very slow movespeed. 70% resistance to dark attacks. Any attack has a 30% chance to apply 10 seconds of ‘poison’ status. It deals 30 HP per second when poisoned and upon touching the body of the Poison Zombie it has a 100% chance of being poisoned.

Attack techniques: Rigidly swinging its arm to hit the target, once hit it will deal a lot of damage.

The looks of the Poison Zombie made Ling Chen feel uncomfortable. The only difference between them and the ordinary zombies is that their bodies were highly toxic,  so their combat ability has greatly increased. But, what Ling Chen noticed was that 19 shadowy figures appeared before him and they were all poison zombies, which is to say, they’re all 1 star elites!!

A whole group of one star elites has appeared!

Under this pressure he felt nauseous. Ling Chen took the initiative. Although the bodies of these zombies carry poison, their movement speed is exactly the same as the ordinary zombies. There is no danger being posed to Ling Chen. He rushed up, sweeping them with Ling Tian Slash. Stacking 2 Ling Tian Slashes will be able to hit the surrounding Poison Zombies, drawing blood. If they crit then it will one shot them. With the second round of Ling Tian Slash, all the poison zombies within range will be defeated.

“ding… you have successfully killed a one star elite ‘Poison Zombie’, prestige +15, Skill points +15.”

“ding… you have successfully killed a one star elite ‘Poison Zombie’…

“ding… you have successfully killed a one star elite ‘Poison Zombie’…



Every killed Poison Zombie granted 15 prestige points and 15 skill points. Ling Chen’s speed was unrivaled. If a group of one star elites appeared, it would be enough to make any player be surprised out of control. Seeing the Poison Zombies collapse, Ling Chen suddenly thought that if Poison Zombies appear here like normal monsters, after dying will they respawn like normal monsters…

Wouldn’t that mean there is unlimited prestige points and skill points!?

The idea was wonderful, but obviously, this kind of situation wouldn’t happen. When the 30th Poison Zombie fell, other than the surrounding chilly winds, he couldn’t find any of the Poison Zombie’s shadowy figure. Ling Chen stood on the spot, waiting for 5 minutes and no new Poison Zombies respawned. And on the ground, the fallen Poison Zombies’ still hadn’t disappeared after 5 minutes.

Ling Chen’s guess was right. The creatures killed on the Ghastly Grounds wont disappear because they are already dead. In this deathly environment, after a set time, the fallen bodies will just get up again.

Ling Chen didn’t stick around and continued walking ahead. After killing 30 Poison Zombies, he gained 450 prestige points and 450 skill points. It was a pretty big yield so he was completely satisfied.

At this time, he had been travelling in the Ghastly Grounds for half an hour, already passing the middle point of the Ghastly Grounds. According to the people of Peace Town, all who entered the Silent Soul Ridge near the dark depths of the Ghastly Grounds have never returned… Right now, the place where everyone had been talking about drew increasingly close.


Within Death’s Breath, Ling Chen’s HP loss became faster and faster. His steps were getting slower and slower, his attention was also tight with tension.


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