Shura's Wrath

Chapter 94


Handsome Pan

“Aiya, you’ve been noticed.” Yi Que cried out with a smile. With Lucky Cat’s detection skills, being detected at this close distance was bound to happen.

Ling Chen knew that he had been discovered so he didn’t need to hide anymore. He walked out from behind the rock wall but unexpectedly, the fat cat didn’t think of running away after seeing him, but instead made “meowing” sounds. The cat claw suddenly tossed a dark object that flew towards Ling Chen. Then it quickly turned around. Clenching its buttocks, it quickly returned to hugging whatever it was holding onto before. Its speed dramatically increased.

Why wasn’t it running?

While Ling Chen was surprised, the dark object that the Lucky Cat threw was already right in front of him. Ling Chen focused his vision by widening his eyes…. A round shape that seemed to be made out of some kind of black metal. It was made of one material with a bit that could be held like a handle…

It looked alot like a pan!

“Its a strange treasure! Young master, quickly beat this strange treasure. If you can beat it before the cat can take it back, this treasure is yours! Quickly!!” Yi Que said with excitement. In most situations, the Lucky Cat would choose to run. It wouldn’t summon a treasure to engage in battle because if the strange treasure was defeated by an opponent in a short time then it would be obtained by the opponent, causing it to lose a treasure. All the treasures on the Lucky Cat’s body are very rare and are worth at least 10,000 gold coins. Normal treasures don’t attract it. It won’t even touch those, let alone keep them on its body.

It was facing this situation and not running away, but instead calling a strange treasure can only mean one thing… There is something that is greatly attracting it, making it not want to leave!

Qi Yue’s voice sounded as the dark object that the fat cat threw was over Ling Chen’s head, then it flew downwards aggressively. Ling Chen’s eyebrows pricked. He quickly jumped away, then his brain received the information from Xiao Hui’s Holy Spirit’s Eye.

[Handsome Pan]: Category: Spirit, Level: 0, Grade: none. HP: 5000, A self appointed handsome frying pan. Legend says if it is used to cook, it will produce the most delicious food in the world.

Talents: None.

Attacking Techniques: [Eat my pot]: Using the body of the pan to swing at the target’s head. It does not deal any damage, but if it hits, there is a 100% chance that the target will be dizzy for at least 5 seconds. If you are locked down and continually hit, then you will continue to be dizzy.

Hiding ability: [Morph]: Effect Unknown.

Ling Chen: ⊙﹏⊙b…………

“Young master, you need to hurry up and defeat it! Lucky Cat’s summon duration of the strange treasure is a short. The cat will also call it back if it thinks that it will be stolen away. The best thing you can do is to kill it in one hit!” Yi Que cautioned.

It deals no damage and only adds dizziness– but once hit it has 100% chance! Moreover you only need to be hit once, then once dizzy you will just be continually hit, continuously being dizzy until it stops hitting.

“Soul Sacrifice!!”

This pan has no damage so it cannot harm him, therefore there would be no pressure in him using soul sacrifice. The speed of the frying pan is quite fast. Ling Chen just finished casting and it was already flying towards him, aiming at his head and swinging down.   


With Ling Chen’s swift retreat, the Handsome Pan smacked the rocks. Ling Chen’s eye narrowed. Poising with his hands together, he used two “Ling Tian Slash” to hit the pan.

Pa! Pa!


Ling Chen in the Soul Sacrifice state had an extremely high attack power. With one hit and shot, the Handsome Pan lost all its HP in an instant. The pan that was about to fly to him suddenly fell to the ground. Its whole body shook twice, then it suddenly flew up.

Ling Chen retreated quickly… What?! Didn’t it have 5000HP?

Could it be….

The pan not only flew again, but while flying its size increased, bigger and bigger. 2 times, 3 times… 5 times… 10times!!

Finally appearing before Ling Chen’s eyes, it was now a extra large pan with a diameter of 3 metres.

[Super Big Handsome Pan]: Category: Spirit, level: 0, Grade: none. HP: 50000, A self appointed handsome frying pan. Legend says if it is used to cook, it will produce the most delicious food in the world.

Talents: None.

Attacking Techniques: [Eat my pot again]: Using the body of the pan to envelop the target’s head it does not deal any damage, but if it hits, there is a 100% chance that the target will be dizzy for at least 10 seconds. If you are locked down and continually hit, then you will continue to be dizzy.

Ling Chen rubbed his eyes.

Previously, the little pan was fun to play with, but now when a 3 metre sized Handsome Pan came down it, it wasn’t fun anymore. Its HP also increased by 10 times. Looking at the dark coloured pan ahead, Ling Chen’s heart began to sink.

At this time, the Lucky Cat that was hugging something suddenly turned around. Seeing that the pan had already morphed, its big face looked a little confused. Its front two paws suddenly start vibrating.

Suddenly, the super big handsome pan that was flying towards Ling Chen, ready to swing down suddenly stopped.

“Oops, the Lucky Cat wants to return the treasure!! Quickly kill it… you only have one chance!!” Yi Que quickly cried.

Seeing the Lucky Cat’s actions, Ling Chen also knew its intentions, but with the Super Big Handsome pan’s 50,000 HP, it wasn’t easy to just one shot it!

Got it!!

“Battle Soul Possession!!”

A colourless and shapeless light energy shrouded the light of Soul Sacrifice. With Soul Sacrifice and Battle Soul Possession, the next attack will be the highest attack that Ling Chen can achieve. In that moment, the Super Big Handsome Pan began to return to the cat. With its previously demonstrated flying speed, if it wanted to fly away, Ling Chen would never be able to catch it. He did not dare to delay any longer. Ling Chen fiercely jumped forwards, right hand using the Soaring Cloud “Ling Tian slash”, left hand with the Zephyr Blade using “Four Corners Star Formation”, instantly casting them.

Unrivaled power was released. The surging destructive power formed the shape of four corners of an array.  “Battle Soul Sacrifice” and “Soul Possession” buff’s resulted in tremendous power that was all placed onto the body of the super big pan.

bang! bang!


Battle Soul Possession’s effect only works for the “next” attack and since both attacks from Ling Chen’s hands were simultaneous, it was considered as Ling Chen’s self created “next attack”. So, the Four Corners Star Formation and Ling Tian Slash all triggered the effect of the Battle Soul Possession, stacking together, dealing over 38,000 damage. But these two attacks unfortunately didn’t even crit once.

The Super Big Handsome Pot with still over 10k HP, without saying anything, like it was being swept in the wind flew back to the Lucky Cat with a “Whoosh”. The speed was almost comparable to the running speed of Xiao Hui. The effect of the Soul Sacrifice still remained even after the two heavy attacks. Ling Chen couldn’t stop half way. His right hand was raised, his body has turned and the Soaring Cloud in his hand turned into a silver meteor and flew off…


The Super Big Handsome Pan flew even faster, but it wasn’t as fast as the [Soaring Cloud Flying]. It could only fly 20m before being heavily hit by Soaring Cloud.


A beautiful digital crit number appeared in the air and the large frying pan, under the impact of the Soaring Cloud started to spin like a large windmill and then fell to the ground. It started to roll in Ling Chen’s direction. The rolling then started to slow, but it kept rolling until it was at Ling Chen’s feet before stopping. At the same time it transformed back to the original size. Ling Chen quickly moved towards it. As it no longer had any HP, it was no longer a monster pan so he picked it up.

Yi Que said that the Lucky Cat’s body’s items were all world treasures so being able to get even one item from its body was what people dreamed of. Ling Chen naturally picked it up as quickly as he could.

But… this pan… doesn’t even look like a treasure!

[Handsome pan]: Special Cooking item, grade unknown. A self appointed Handsome Frying Pan. Legend says if it is used to cook, it will produce the most delicious food in the world. However it seems that nobody knows how to use the pan.

Right, this is indeed a pan… a frying pan. Ling Chen held the handle in front of him, it was quite funny.


With the frying pan in Ling Chen’s hands, the Lucky Cat at the side was anxiously calling. Ling Chen grinned and put the pan away then took a step forward…

And in that step, he saw the cat’s body start to shrink. The yellow fur pricked up and then “wooosh”…

A yellow light flashed before Ling Chen’s eyes and it suddenly disappeared without a trace. Ling Chen’s feet were dead in their tracks, everything just happened past him.

Right, the Lucky Cat had run away. Its running away speed let Ling Chen see its amazing escaping ability. It was just one moment but Ling Chen heard the gust of a wind and the cat had completely disappeared, not even leaving a blur. Ling Chen stood there with his mouth open and didn’t regain his senses for half a day… He was admiring the speed. What different was it from teleporting? No wonder Yi Que said that its escaping ability was unrivaled. This kind of running speed, even Gods cant do anything about it!

“Hee, it ran away.” His mind was filled with Yi Que’s laughter. Obviously, she didn’t doubt the Lucky Cat’s running ability. Ling Chen’s ability was no where near to being able to catch it. “but, young master’s luck was pretty good. Actually defeating a summoned strange treasure, and got a treasure from the Lucky Cat… the Lucky Cat’s body only carries items that are world treasures, young master can earn a lot from this.”

Ling Chen took out the Handsome Pan. Looking at the shining black bottom of the pan, he was confused. He asked: “This pan… what does it do?

“I don’t know.”


“But, since it came from the body of the Lucky Cat, it definitely wouldn’t be something simple. Looking at its description, it has something to do with cooking. Young master can take it to the cooking shops of Azure Dragon City to ask around. There might be a big return” Yi Que softly replied. After a pause, she continued: “Generally, Lucky Cat upon seeing other animals will immediately run away. It won’t stay or summon strange treasures. Just then it didn’t immediately run away and also summoned a strange treasure so there must only be one reason. Its that there must be a piece of treasure here and so it was unwilling to leave. Quick go ahead and look for it, there must some incredible thing.”

While Yi Que said that, Xiao Hui’s forehead point continuously flashed. Its paws touched Ling Chen’s trousers, then it ran ahead. It ran to the place where the cat had dug a hole. The light on the point had reached its brightest.

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