Shura's Wrath

Chapter 826

Chapter 826 – Queen of Xiya  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


This was definitely the longest day of their lives. During this day, they had experienced shock, fear, despair, and had come incredibly close to death. As Gu Qing Han recovered, everything became peaceful, and the girls fell asleep one by one.  

After coaxing Tian Tian asleep, Ling Chen gently picked her up and placed her on a bed and silently walked out.  

“Are you really going to go right now?” Just as he stepped outside, Fey’s voice came from the side.  

Ling Chen turned to face Fey and saw that she was desperately trying to hide the worry and uneasiness in her eyes. He nodded and replied, “I have to go now; every second I wait, Sha Sha will be in more danger. I’ve already made a mistake that I’ll never be able to make up for, and I definitely can’t abandon Sha Sha, who’s completely innocent. No matter what, I have to get her back from Qi Xing’s hands. Plus, even if I don’t go out find her, she’ll come to find me after she has absorbed Sha Sha’s divine power. When that time comes, the situation will be even worse.”  

Ling Chen walked over to Fey’s side and gently hugged her, smiling as he said, “But don’t worry, I’m a Shura now. The last Shura destroyed the world of gods, so why wouldn’t I be able to defeat Qi Xing? Even if I can’t beat her, I should be at least able to escape. Just wait for me here; I won’t allow myself to die.”  

Fey hugged Ling Chen back and closed her eyes, saying in a low voice, “I know I can’t stop you, but… you have to remember what you just said. No matter what, you have to come back alive! Otherwise… if there’s no Adam in this world, there’ll be no Eve!”  

Ling Chen’s heart trembled and his arms around Fey tightened, saying softly in her ear, “Tell them I’ll be back soon.”  

As Fey watched, Ling Chen left without telling anyone else. Fey knew that he would not say anything to them… even though he had confidently promised that he would at least come back alive, Ling Chen and Fey both knew that there was a very great risk…  

Once he left Fey’s vision, Ling Chen slowly turned around, looking at where everyone was. There was a look of longing in his eyes, but the look quickly became one of determination. He took in a deep breath and shot southwards like a meteor, causing long-lasting ripples in the space through which he passed.  

Ling Chen calculated that he flew roughly 3,000 metres per second at his current speed, meaning he was travelling at over 10,000 kilometres per hour. That meant he was flying at almost 10 times the speed of sound! At this speed, it would only take 2 hours to reach where Qi Xing was!   

However, after flying at his maximum speed for a while, Ling Chen suddenly reduced his speed. This was because he suddenly realised that there would be an intense battle after he found Qi Xing. If he flew at his maximum speed for 2 hours, by the time he found Qi Xing, he would have used up a lot of his strength already. As such, he reduced his speed… despite this, he was still traveling incredibly quickly.  

After going 100 kilometres, Ling Chen suddenly saw a massive ring of light ahead of him, accompanied by a strange aura. Ling Chen raised his eyebrows and stopped in front of the ring of light.  

When he first saw the ring of light, Ling Chen was still very far away. Now that he was right above it, he realised how big this ‘ring of light’ was. It was a hemisphere on the ground, and it was a massive 20 or 30 kilometres in diameter, giving off a grey-white light that was uncomfortable to look at.  

Ling Chen could immediately tell that the ‘ring of light’ was a barrier! From its colour, it definitely wasn’t a defensive or buff barrier. Rather, it gave off an uncomfortable aura, meaning that it was likely a vampiric or soul-stealing barrier.  

Seeing how big this barrier was, Ling Chen was certain that even the 3 Moon Goddesses working together wouldn’t be able to create such a thing. Within Ling Chen’s knowledge, the only people who could create such a thing were Wan Chong, Rahu, and Qi Xing.  

Ling Chen’s gaze continuously flickered and thought of a possibility. He did not continue onwards, and he instead descended until he was right above the barrier. Immediately, a dark and gloomy attractive force came from beneath his feet. When the attractive force touched the Shura’s power, it shrank back as if it had come into contact with steel needles, and the entire barrier slightly trembled.  

Haha…” Ling Chen coldly laughed. “Just as I expected. The Mad Scientist chose to use ‘gaming equipment’ to take human souls from the Mystic Moon planet, while Wan Chong used this massive soul-collecting barrier to carry out the ‘Burning Heavens Plan’ on the Xiya Star! After making the Xiya people submit, he brought them into this barrier and used the barrier’s power to forcefully collect their souls. However, the barrier is too big, meaning its strength is reduced. The Xiya people’s strength exceeds those of the Mystic Moon planete, so there must be people who have strong determination and can resist for a long time. No wonder Wan Chong’s Burning Heavens Plan still has not been completed… which means there are still people inside this barrier!  

“Those whose souls haven’t been collected yet must still be within the barrier; if I destroy this barrier and their bodies haven’t died, their souls can still return. But if their bodies have died… there’ll be nothing I can do.”  

After making a decision, Ling Chen raised his right hand and the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared within it before he thrusted the spear downwards at the massive grey-white barrier…   


With a ‘ding’, the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear shallowly stabbed into the barrier. Only half of the spearhead sank into it, and if that was all, the 20 or 30-kilometre-wide barrier would not have been harmed at all. However, this was a strike from a Shura. Through that gap, the Shura’s power instantly filled the entire barrier…  


The barrier became densely covered with cracks, and the dim light instantly became incredibly bright. Following this, the shattered pieces of the barrier started to melt like ice under hot temperature, and they quickly disappeared…  

As the final bit of grey-white light disappeared, the barrier was finally gone, and cheers sounded out from below. As the barrier disappeared, Ling Chen saw the people who had been covered by it. There were countless people densely gathered within it. Most people were lying there without any traces of life within them as if they had been dead for a while, but there were also some people sitting or even standing. They looked incredibly weary and their clothes were tattered, but they were at least still alive, and their souls had not been collected. When these people looked up and saw him, looks of shock and disbelief flashed in their eyes.  

“You’re free now. Look after the people around you; many of them should be able to be revived,” Ling Chen said from above. Even though he wasn’t speaking very loudly, his words could be clearly heard by everyone. 

Below, someone moved, and a middle-aged man, who was in a sorry state but still gave off an extraordinary aura, shouted, “Did you save us? We’ll never forget your great generosity.” A look of pleading appeared on his face as he stood respectfully. “Benefactor, since you’ve destroyed the Soul-Devouring Domain, there will be incredibly powerful people coming soon. Can we… Can we make a request of you? Even though it’s incredibly rude of us, but… but if those evil people are not dealt with, the Xiya Star will never have peace. If you can help us, we’ll… we’ll…”  

“Do you mean Wan Chong and Rahu?” Ling Chen directly asked because he knew about Wan Chong and Rahu. “Don’t worry, they’re already dead. Perhaps it’s a bit late, but the Xiya Star’s crisis is over. All you need to do is rebuild the Xiya Star and salvage what you can.”  

“Ah! Wan Chong’s dead?!”  

“He said Wan Chong was dead… and even Rahu, who was even more terrifying than Wan Chong!!”  

“Really? Is that really true??”  

“He’s an expert from another world who’s able to destroy even this terrifying domain; why would he lie to us? To be able to destroy this domain, that means that he’s even more powerful than Wan Chong and Rahu! It must be true… It must be true!”  

The survivors all started cheering, and they all felt immense gratitude for this person. All of them wept tears as they raised their arms. However, when they saw the people who had not gotten up and would never get up, they felt a sense of sorrow, and they did not know whether to celebrate or to mourn.  

“Thank you… Thank you!” The middle-aged man emotionally kneeled down. Seeing him kneel, all of the Xiya people kneeled down, looking at Ling Chen with immense gratitude in his eyes.  

Ling Chen slightly nodded and prepared to leave when he suddenly thought of something and asked, “May I ask, is the Queen of Xiya here?”  

“Eh? The Queen?”  

As Ling Chen asked this, everyone turned to look at a person. A woman was being slowly helped up. Her face was completely pale and her mind was in a weakened state, but that could not cover her regal and majestic bearing. “I am the current Queen of the Xiya Star; thank you for saving us.”  

Seeing the Queen of Xiya’s features and aura, Ling Chen could imagine just how beautiful Tian Tian would be after she grew up. He smiled as he said, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Queen of Xiya. You’re Tian Tian’s mother, right?”  

Hearing the name ‘Tian Tian’, the Queen of Xiya’s eyes trembled, her regal bearing completely gone as she stumbled forwards. “You? Yes, I’m her mother! Have you seen her? Where is she? Has she been well?”  

It was evident how much the Queen of Xiya loved Tian Tian. Ling Chen slightly smiled as he said, “I’m Tian Tian’s friend from Earth. She has lived on Earth for a year, and she has been living with us. She’s been quite well, so you don’t have to worry. She has returned to the Xiya Star, and she is about 100 kilometres north from here. If you head that way, you’ll be able to find her.”  

“R-Really?” The Queen of Xiya’s body trembled. After hearing that her daughter, who she had worried about for the past year, was fine and safe and had returned to the Xiya Star, she became joyful to the point of tears. Indeed, if she had been with this powerful man while on Earth, it would be difficult for her to even be in danger.  

“Thank you. You’ve saved my people and even looked after my daughter. I don’t know how I can repay you. Can… Can you tell us your name?” The Queen of Xiya said to Ling Chen.  

“… I’m called Ling Chen. If you’re going to find her, make sure you be as quiet as possible. She’s had a tiring day, and she is resting right now. Perhaps you can give her a surprise after she wakes up.”  

After speaking, Ling Chen nodded and turned into a ray of light, disappearing from their sight.  

Ling Chen’s casual sentence contained his care and love for Tian Tian, increasing the Queen of Xiya’s gratefulness towards him. Looking towards where Ling Chen had left, she muttered, “He’s not only powerful but also gentle… could he be a True God sent to save us by the heavens?”  


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