Shura's Wrath

Chapter 796


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The demon beast disaster in the Forgotten Continent lasted for less than a day, and when the Mad Scientist died, all of the remaining demon beasts also disappeared. After the Forgotten Continent’s residents rejoiced for a short while, they started the lengthy repairs.

Nearly 2 million of the Forgotten Continent’s residents had died during this disaster, and countless villages and towns had been destroyed or ravaged. If it wasn’t for the players, these numbers would have been much higher. The number of player deaths greatly surpassed the number of resident deaths. After this disaster, the Forgotten Continent’s residents’ views towards the players completely changed, and this was especially so to the godly otherworlder… Ling Tian.

“Lady Moon God Representative said that these demon beasts came from a different world and invaded our world. Their leaders were even more powerful than the Lady Moon Goddesses!”

“That’s right, that’s right!” I personally saw a Demon Emperor defeat a Lady Moon Goddess, but as soon as Ling Tian appeared, he destroyed that Demon Emperor in just a few blows!”

“I heard that there were more than 100 of those Demon Emperors and that they were all killed by Ling Tian. Otherwise, our Forgotten Continent would have been doomed!”

“More than 100? There were thousands! They were all destroyed by Ling Tian himself. I saw with my own eyes his spear in his right hand and his sword in his left hand. Whenever he casually swung his spear and sword, the entire earth trembled, the sound like heavenly thunder. He could instantly annihilate the Demon Emperors that even the Moon Goddesses could not defeat.”

“Ling Tian definitely isn’t a human; he’s definitely a god sent by the heavens to save our Forgotten Continent! Moon Goddesses are already incredibly glorious gods, and he is a god even greater than the Moon Goddesses!”

“Wasn't the Moon God Clan hunting down Ling Tian some time ago… do you know why? It’s because the 3 Moon Goddesses fell for Ling Tian and wanted Ling Tian to become the God King of their Moon God Clan! Think about it: with Ling Tian’s strength, charisma, and looks, even the Moon Goddesses would be moved. However, Ling Tian did not want this, and he evaded the 3 Moon Goddesses, resulting in them making him a wanted fugitive. This was what I heard from secretly listening to the Moon God Representatives talking; don’t tell anyone.”

“Oh! So it’s like that! I was wondering why Ling Tian would be hunted down by the Moon God Clan. That makes perfect sense!”

“I heard that the Forgotten Emperor gave the order to assemble the world’s best blacksmiths to create a statue of Ling Tian to put in the centre of the Forgotten City… at a position higher than the Moon Goddesses!”

“And he should! He most definitely should! Ling Tian is a hero who saved our entire Forgotten Continent! Eh? Ah! Ahhh… L-L-L-Look over there! That’s Ling… Ling Tian!!!”

After the demon beast disaster, the Forgotten City was damaged and filled with ruins. The southern part of the city had been completely destroyed from White Snow’s battle with the 3 Demon Emperors, and if the Forgotten City wanted to return to its former glory, it would take an incredibly long time.

Ling Chen hovered above the Forgotten City, slowly flying about to check on the Forgotten City’s status. However, what he never expected was that heaven-shaking cheers would sound out from below after he appeared. Wherever he flew, those below him would scream and cheer, putting down whatever they were doing and looking up. No matter if they were male or female, their gazes towards him seemed as if there were fires burning within their eyes, and countless people chased him wherever he went. Whenever he looked down, he would see a dense sea of people… it was as if the entire city’s people were following him around.

Ling Chen had no idea that his status in these people’s hearts had surpassed even the Moon Goddesses after the demon beast disaster, reaching a point that no one ever had before. It could be said that Ling Chen was a god in their eyes, and he was the first human in history who had surpassed the level of Moon Gods and Moon Goddesses.

The reactions from the residents due to Ling Chen’s appearance in the Forgotten City greatly exceeded what he had expected, and as he was preparing to leave, he suddenly saw the Forgotten Emperor rushing out with a big group of people. Before he had even come close, he emotionally yelled, “Hero Ling Tian! W-Welcome to the Forgotten City! Please stay and be our guest so that our Forgotten City can thank you for saving us!”

Thinking back to how he had personally brought troops to attack Ling Tian City, the Forgotten Emperor regretted it to the point that he had wanted to slap himself hundreds of times. When he had been forced to sign that agreement with Ling Tian City, he had been utterly furious, but now, he felt that Ling Tian was simply too magnanimous and kind. With the power that Ling Tian had displayed in the demon beast disaster, destroying the entire Forgotten City would be like killing an ant. Let alone the Moon God Representative, even if the entire Moon God Clan moved out, they would not be able to stop him.

Even though that incident had happened long ago, when the Forgotten Emperor met Ling Chen again, he was utterly terrified due to what he had done to Ling Tian City in the past.

Seeing how fearful the Forgotten Emperor looked, Ling Chen guessed that the Forgotten Emperor would be scared to the point of kneeling if he even raised his voice. He looked at the massive crowd that was still growing and said, “No need, I just came to have a look at the Forgotten City’s condition, and I will be leaving now. You should quickly settle those whose homes were destroyed and carry out repairs.”

“Yes, yes!” The Forgotten Emperor hurriedly nodded. “I’ll definitely do as you said…”

“Very well, good bye.” Ling Chen waved his hand and disappeared. That scene was ‘passionate’ to the point that he couldn’t take it.

Returning to the air above Ling Tian City, Ling Chen breathed out as Qi Yue laughed in his mind, “Little master, how does it feel to become a hero and a saviour and be worshipped by countless people?”

Ling Chen rolled his eyes and replied, “I didn’t want to become a hero, much less a saviour.”

“But the reality is that little master has already become a hero and a saviour. Without little master, there would have been no one in the Forgotten Continent who could have taken down those Demon Emperors, and by now, the Forgotten Continent would not have existed anymore. Moreover, little master didn’t just save the Forgotten Continent. If little master hadn’t killed the Mad Scientist, it wouldn’t just have been Mystic Moon that would be destroyed but also earth, which is where little master lives. As such, it’s not exaggerated at all to call little master a saviour,” Qi Yue said as she laughed.

“Forget it.” A frustrated look appeared on Ling Chen’s face. “I didn’t want the Mystic Moon world to be destroyed by demon beasts because the Sun God Orb that I need is here. Moreover, I didn’t kill the Mad Scientist to save the Mystic Moon world or earth. I killed him because he’s someone who I had to kill. I never wanted to save the world, nor did I have any grand ambitions. The title ‘saviour’ is too heavy, and I simply can’t bear it.”

“Oh?” Qi Yue said calmly. After pausing for a few moments, her tone changed and became quite mysterious as if she was talking to herself, “Maybe one day you really will become a true saviour…”

Ling Chen naturally thought that this was a joke. Just as he was about to return to the Administrative District, a red light flashed beside him as Fey appeared with red clothes on and smiled at him.

“When did you get back?” Seeing Fey suddenly appear, Ling Chen felt quite pleasantly surprised. This was because Fey had been in America dealing with the Cosmos Corporation the entire time and had not said when she would be back.

“Just then. Ah! Seeing how spaced out you look, is it because of how much you miss me after not seeing me for just 3 days?” Fey asked as she smiled.

“Cheh, you’re thinking too much. Back then, we had separated for so many years… Ahhhh!! Y-Y-You would pinch me… You’re Eve; how could you resort to such a thing?”

“Hmph, it’s your fault for being so unsweet.” Fey unhappily harrumphed before saying calmly, “My trip to the Cosmos Corporation went quite smoothly. The Mad Scientist indeed set many defence mechanisms, but because most of them were controlled by the Mad Scientist through his technology, most of the defence mechanisms were rendered ineffective since his mind was destroyed. After I entered, I saw that everyone had been turned into puppets, working on their own things. They ignored me even when I stood in front of them.”

“What about Smith?” Ling Chen rubbed the skin that had been twisted 180 degrees by Fey as he listened.

“Smith was indeed imprisoned within the Cosmos Corporation, and I found him on the top floor. I also found the Mad Scientist – he was lying in a special black life support system, and when I found him, he was still alive but without consciousness. Just to be safe, I destroyed his throat and heart, severed all of his veins and arteries, draining him of all of his blood, and then destroyed his head. This way, even if there are gods, they’ll be unable to revive him,” Fey calmly said with her arms wrapped around her chest. If there were any normal people around them who heard this, their faces would have become as pale as a sheet.

“Just like you said, Smith hadn’t been turned into a puppet. The Mad Scientist had been blackmailing him using his granddaughter this entire time. I saved him and his granddaughter and said everything that I should say. What made me feel quite surprised was that he immediately agreed after hearing what I had to say despite this matter being so important.”

“That’s not too surprising,” Ling Chen said. “After suffering through that nightmare, you’d agree to anything from the one who saved you. Moreover, after going through that hellish experience, his goals in life would have greatly changed. Now, his greatest wish is most likely just to live out the rest of his years in safety and peace and watch his granddaughter grow up safely. He won’t care about developments in a virtual game anymore. I’m sure he didn’t know what he should do about all of this, so throwing this all to the Li family financial group was perfect for him.”

Fey thought about it before nodding and saying, “I’ve already told Smith all he needs to do. He promised that he would do all he can to help and will contact the Li family himself. Also, I’ve knocked out a few of the Cosmos Corporation’s puppet employees, but it’s a pity that I wasn’t able to undo the mental control that they are under. However, after the Mad Scientist died, they’re like a bunch of zombies without his mind controlling them, so I left my mark on their minds, making them obey me. In the future, I’ll turn over their control to the Li family… this doesn’t seem to be too bad – at the very least, they’ll be a group of loyal employees.”

“You also know how to do mental control?” Ling Chen’s eyes widened.

Fey rolled her eyes and smiled, “Didn’t I just say that their minds were completely blank because the Mad Scientist died? Controlling them is as simple as writing on a blank sheet of paper. I just knocked them out and told them that I was their master after they came to again… that’s it.”

Ling Chen: “…….” 

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