Shura's Wrath

Chapter 761

A New Clue: 49554  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


After Ling Chen came out from the virtual world, the people who had been incredibly worried about him for the past month were finally able to relax. If it wasn’t for the ‘Purple Moon God-Sealing Formation’ that sounded quite fearsome, Ling Chen would have used a [Vanishing Shadow] to go back and have a look to see how the 3 Moon Goddesses reacted after regaining their freedom… it would definitely be quite marvellous.  

The second day, when Ling Chen logged on, system announcements sounded out, making him feel quite annoyed.  

“Ding… important warning! Because you have committed unforgiveable crimes, the Moon God Clan has ordered your arrest. The Moon God Clan has already notified the main cities of each of Mystic Moon’s continents as well as many powerful clans. As soon as you enter a human main city or a territory of the various clans, they will chase you down and kill you.”  

“Ding… important warning…”  

“Ding… important warning…”  

“I say, I’m sure you didn’t just take the Moon God Orb, right?”  

Fey walked over to his side, a strange look on her face. “You’ve been listed as wanted by the Moon God Clan, and ever since yesterday, announcements have sounded out in all main cities and large territories ordering your arrest and death every 10 minutes. By now, it has sounded more than 100 times. Also, if any player provides any information on your whereabouts, they’ll receive massive rewards, and if they can kill you, the rewards… are so great that even I want to kill you.”  

“…Damnit, the Moon God Clan’s women are that ruthless?” Ling Chen snorted and shrugged. After all, he was their first man, yet they were so desperate to hunt him down and kill him, and they made it so that there was nowhere he could reside.  

“This is the first time such a thing has happened in the Mystic Moon’s history. To be able to make the Moon God Clan hate you so much, I’m starting to suspect if you violated the 3 Moon Goddesses,” Fey said as she smirked. Of course, she had only said this casually, and she never would have thought… that Ling Chen really did violate all 3 of them.  

“Ha… hahaha…” Ling Chen smacked his head and dryly laughed. “I just took a Moon God Orb; those women are too stingy… hmm? Wait.”  

Ling Chen’s smile fainted and he became pensive as he said, “Say, Fey, since the entire Moon God Clan is hunting me down, I’m sure they won’t stop without killing me, right? In that case, they’ll probably send Moon God Representatives to guard where I’ll most likely be, yes?”  

“That’s right,” Fey nodded as she replied.  

“Then they probably know that the place I’m most likely to appear is Ling Tian City. In that case, are there any…”  

“Evildoer Ling Tian! Pay with your life!!”  

As Ling Chen was speaking, a furious young woman’s voice sounded out from above. At the same time, an extremely dangerous aura descended, shooting towards Ling Chen.  

Feys’ first reaction was to grab Ling Chen’s arm and activate the Lachesis’ power, teleporting with Ling Chen into the air 50 metres away, looking over to the source of the disturbance.  

In front of them was a beautiful and angry-looking young woman in a white dress. The Moon God Light Dress on her body signified that she was a Moon God Representative, but evidently, she was not the Forgotten God Representative. She looked about 15 or 16 years old, and she looked quite young still – much too young to be a Moon God Representative. However, the furious attack from before didn’t seem too much weaker than Snow Cherry’s or the Forgotten God Representative’s…  

Hm? Could she be an Apprentice Moon God Representative?  

“Looks like your worries were not baseless; there’s already a Moon God Representative standing guard here, waiting for you to appear. However, it looks like this little sister is only an Apprentice Moon God Representative… aiya! Even the well-nurtured Apprentice Moon God Representatives who never come out have come to kill you; the Moon God Clan must incredibly hate you,” Fey said with a hint of schadenfreude.  

“Evildoer Ling Tian, hurry up and surrender! Our Moon God Clan has started hunting you down in all of the continents; there’s no way for you to escape!” The little Apprentice Moon God Representative locked onto Ling Chen’s new position, her young voice filled with rage. As she spoke, she raised her Moon God Staff, summoning an intense Moon God light towards Ling Chen.  

Just as Fey was about to grab Ling Chen to dodge, Ling Chen blocked her with his right hand and a light flashed in his right hand as the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear appeared within it. He swept it towards the Moon God light, and as a ‘bang’ sounded out, the Apprentice Moon God Representative’s attack was completely destroyed.  

Oh?” Fey’s eyebrows slightly jumped, looking at Ling Chen in surprise.  

“This cute little sister,” Ling Chen said amicably as he placed the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear against his chest. “Even your Moon God Clan’s Moon Goddesses weren’t able to defeat me; how could you, a little and cute Moon God Representative, beat me? Aren’t you afraid that this big evildoer will eat you up?”  

Hmph! The Moon Goddesses are the greatest existences in the Mystic Moon world; how could they be defeated by you? Yesterday, if it wasn’t for the trap that made it so that they couldn’t move, you would have been punished by them already!” The little Apprentice Moon God Representative looked completely furious, her innocent eyes almost shooting out fire. “I’ve already notified the 3 Moon Goddesses that you’re here; you won’t be able to escape!”  

“Is that so? That sounds a bit scary.” Ling Chen raised his eyebrows as he turned to Fey and said, “Fey, I’m going to run away; I’ll have to leave, so you’ll have to ask Su’Er about the next orb.”  

“Take care, I won’t be seeing you off; don’t you come back!” Fey swiftly replied without even batting an eye.  

Goddamnit…” Ling Chen grabbed Fey’s round bottom before he turned and rushed off using [Broken Shadow]. If it was just him, he would not fear the entire Moon God Clan, much less this Apprentice Moon God Representative who wasn’t even matured yet. However, he had to give consideration to Ling Tian City. If he didn’t leave this place and the Moon God Clan became desperate, they might redirect their rage onto Ling Tian City. The 3 Moon Goddesses definitely hated him to their bones, and they even gave the crazy order for the entire Moon God Clan, all the main cities, and the large clans to hunt him down; it seemed like they would do anything to get him. If they wanted to direct their rage at Ling Tian City, with their strength, even he would not be able to protect it.  

As such, he needed to leave Ling Tian City and go as far away as possible. Fey naturally understood this, so she agreed with his decision to immediately leave.  

“Don’t you run, Evildoer Ling Tian! You won’t be able to escape even if you run to the edge of the heavens!”  

Seeing Ling Chen disappear in a wisp of smoke, the Apprentice Moon God Representative’s body turned into a white light and chased after him. However, with the Lunar Scourge Divine Spear, Ling Chen was much faster than he was before, so how could an Apprentice Moon God Representative catch up to him while he was running at full speed? In just a few moments, he left the little Apprentice Moon God Representative so far behind that she could not even see him anymore.  

After reaching a ‘safe’ place, Ling Chen concealed himself and stopped as he muttered, “Looks like there’s no way to openly return to Ling Tian City. This is quite a headache.”  

“You sullied the Moon Goddesses, and 3 of them at once at that, which is equivalent to destroying the pride and dignity of the entire Moon God Clan. How could they not stop at nothing to kill little master? Right now, I want to know how the entire Mystic Moon world would react if it was made known that an otherworlder violated the 3 Moon Goddesses… hahaha,” Qi Yue’s flirtatious voice sounded out in Ling Chen’s mind as she spoke evilly.  

“Err, let’s not do that. It wouldn’t be good for their reputation,” Ling Chen said as he shook his head.  

Hahahaha,” Qi Yue continued to laugh, making Ling Chen imagine her large chest rippling as she laughed. “Why does it seem so strange to hear little master say that?”  


At this moment, Ling Chen’s communication device sounded out. After looking at it, Ling Chen immediately answered it, and Fey’s voice sounded out, “Are you at a safe place now?”  

Ling Chen felt quite speechless. “She’s just an Apprentice Moon God Representative who hasn’t even grown up yet; how could I be in danger?”  

“Not too long after you left, 10 or so Moon God Representatives appeared above Ling Tian City and chased you in the direction that you left in. However, it looks like I don’t need to worry – you were able to casually destroy an Apprentice Moon God Representative’s attack; the Shura’s power is much more powerful than I expected. From how relaxed you seem, evidently you don’t even put the 3 Moon Goddesses in your eyes anymore… come to think of it, did you really violate the 3 Moon Goddesses?”  

Before, Fey had only been casually joking around, but now, she sounded quite suspicious. As a fellow woman, she could not imagine why else the 3 Moon Goddesses would be furious to such a degree apart from being violated. Moving out the entire Moon God Clan and ordering Ling Chen’s death across the entire Mystic Moon world was simply too crazy.  

A layer of cold sweat instantly appeared on Ling Chen’s forehead… it was no wonder that it was said that a woman’s instinct was the most terrifying in the world! Ling Chen wiped his cold sweat and awkwardly laughed, “Ahaha, you have quite the imagination.” Following this, he quickly changed the topic. “Err, also, it’s been more than a month since Su’Er last used the Heaven’s Secrets power. She should be able to use it again, so has she been able to find out where the next orb is?”  

“She has – I’ve already asked her,” Fey replied.  

“Really?!” Ling Chen felt incredibly happy. Before he had been sent to the Lunar Sky Hell, the 3 Moon Goddesses had said that the 3 Saint Orbs were in vastly different locations: the Moon God Orb had been in the Moon God Palace, and it had been obtained by him; the Star God Orb was with the Night Demon Clan, while the Sun God Orb… according to the 3 Moon Goddesses, it had been destroyed by the Moon God Clan using a special method a long time ago, and it no longer existed. Putting aside the question of whether the Sun God Orb had really been destroyed, Ling Chen had never come across the Night Demon Clan before, and he had no idea where to find them in order to retrieve the Star God Orb.  

However, Su’Er had found a clue for the next Lunar Scourge Orb, which made Ling Chen feel delirious with joy.  

“However, the clue is a bit strange: it’s a weird bunch of numbers,” Fey said unhurriedly.  

“Numbers? What numbers?”  

“49554. Those 5 numbers were all Su’Er was able to give me.”  

“49554…” Ling Chen felt quite surprised, feeling that those numbers were quite familiar.  

49554… a year ago, the Novice Village he had been in was Novice Village 49554, which perfectly matched the numbers that Su’Er had said!  



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