Shura's Wrath

Chapter 754

Shura (8)  

Translator: Mr Voltaire  

Editor: Modlawls123  


Make the Mystic Moon’s 3 Moon Goddesses feel despair… in this entire world, who could do such a thing? What’s more, Qi Yue had said this so calmly with such a confident smile.  

After seeing the Shura’s monstrous stats and skills and thinking about the Shura and the Lunar Scourge’s power working together, Ling Chen realised that Qi Yue’s words were not exaggerated at all. Before this, he could not even struggle before the 3 Moon Goddesses, and he was thrown into the Lunar Sky Hell without being able to resist at all. Now, with this new profession, he had the confidence to defeat these peak existences of the Mystic Moon world.  

Ling Chen did not hesitate and equipped his 2 weapons and slowly raised them… after obtaining the Shura’s power, whether he would be able to split open this sub-dimensional space… he would only know after trying!  

“Burning Heart Blood Massacre!”  


This was the first Shura skill that he had activated, and the instant that he cast it, an explosion sounded out in his mind, as if something was trying to take over his consciousness. Following this, a vast and boundless sea of berserk aura spread out from Ling Chen’s body that caused even Qi Yue to feel deeply dismayed…  

“Ding… the Aries Orb’s effects have been activated, skill [Burning Heart Blood Massacre]’s negative effects have been nullified.”  

Ling Chen did not lose consciousness, nor did he lose his 5 senses. Rather, he only felt all of the power within his body tossing and turning, becoming many times more powerful than normal.  The berserk bloodlust and air of ruthlessness spiralled around him, turning into a small tornado that continuously spun around him.  

“Heavenly… Judgment… Demonic… Flames!!”  

Ling Chen slowly spoke the 4 words that represented the Shura’s ultimate power. The area around him suddenly became silent… it was as if the entire Lunar Sky Hell had become silent, and an incredibly heavy pressure that could make one feel suffocated descended. It was a feeling that felt as if the heavens and earth were about to collapse and an apocalypse was about to begin.  


Crimson-red flames started to burn around Ling Chen’s body, instantly covering him. In that moment, Ling Chen’s aura skyrocketed to the point that the air around him was pushed away, and the entire Lunar Sky Hell seemed to tremble in fear.  

“This is… the Shura’s Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames!” Qi Yue cried out.  

The instant the Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames started to burn, Ling Chen felt that his rationality was also almost burned in just a moment. In the depths of his mind, he seemed to hear a curse-like voice.  

Burn, Shura’s flames… burn my life, my rage, my spirit, my willpower, my thoughts, my soul… my everything!  

As long as I can have enough power, even if my body is burnt to nothing… even if I fall into a bottomless abyss…  

“Ding… the Aries Orb’s effects have been activated, skill [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames]’s negative effects have been nullified.”  

With the Aries Orb, the [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames], which should have resulted in Ling Chen’s death, did not harm him at all. With [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames] simultaneously activated, Ling Chen felt an indescribable power, and he felt that he could fight against even the heavens and the earth… at this moment, he heard buzzing in his ears, as if there was something stirring restlessly…  

Buzz… Buzz… Buzzzz… Clang!!!  

As a metallic collision sound rang out, 5 dark objects flew out from Ling Chen’s body and burned as they spun around his body – rather, it was Ling Chen’s Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames quickly spinning. Ling Chen looked at the objects and found that they were the 5 Shura Emperor Sword Shards!  

A sword hilt, a point, and 3 pieces forming the body… these shards, which had been in Ling Chen’s bag, strangely flew out by themselves. They flew around the Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames as if they were attracted by a mysterious force and then slowly started to fuse together into a complete sword again.  

“This is… the Shura Emperor Sword is using the Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames to restore itself?” Qi Yue gasped.  

Ling Chen looked up and saw the 5 shards perfectly form a complete sword again, and even the cracks quickly disappeared under the Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames, as if they had never been there. The restored sword flew around in the air and then hovered above Ling Chen before slowly floating down towards his right hand,  

Ling Chen stretched out his hand and grasped the sword’s hilt. At that moment, a powerful and incomparably compatible feeling spread throughout his hand. Before he had even seen the sword’s name and stats, he was completely sure that this was a Shura’s sword from just the touch – a sword created for a Shura 

[Shura Emperor Sword]: Type: Shura’s Sword, Grade: Saint Destroyer, Equipment Requirements: Shura. A sword that once belonged to the most powerful human, Chi Xuan Sword Emperor, the divine Chi Xuan Sword that was passed down in his family. After the Chi Xuan Sword Emperor entered the path of the Shura and became a Shura, the Chi Xuan Sword was bathed in incredible amounts of blood and became the [Shura Emperor Sword].  

Stats: Physical Attack Power+30,000.  

The sword was quite wide and heavy, and it was a red-black colour.  There was a savage red light around it, and it gave off a faint smell of blood and guts, as well as a shocking killing intent.  

The Shura Emperor Sword was the sword that the Shura from 10,000 years ago had used, and it had been destroyed by the Moon God Clan. Now, it had been mystically reforged into the Saint Destroyer grade sword in front of Ling Chen.  

As an emperor among weapons and a true Saint Destroyer grade sword, its stats were so skewed that Ling Chen was completely dumbfounded. There were no complicated stats or fancy abilities – there was only a single, shocking stat: Physical Attack Power+30,000.  

Normally speaking, every grade higher, the main stats would increase by 1 or 2 times. The Dark Samsara that Ling Chen had was a Mysterious God grade sword. It was a Double-Handed Sword, and it gave 5100 Physical Attack Power. Logically, a Saint Destroyer grade Double-Handed Sword should give 10,000 to 15,000 Physical Attack Power, but the Shura Emperor Sword gave a whole 30,000 Physical Attack Power.  

Critical Chance, Pierce Chance, HIT, immunities… the Lunar Scourge and the Shura’s power contained all of these things, and all of it was to the extreme; adding anymore would be unnecessary. As for skills, what skills could surpass the skills from the Shura’s profession? As such, the sword for Shuras did not have any unnecessary stats or skills; all of its power was gathered into Physical Attack Power.  

Ling Chen unequipped Chilling Star and held the Shura Emperor Sword in his hand, causing his Physical Attack Power to skyrocket. With the [Burning Heart Blood Massacre] and [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames], his Physical Attack Power was…  

7,875,756! [Physical Attack Power 125,012 x 3 ([Burning Heart Blood Massacre] x 21 [Heavenly Judgment Demonic Flames])  

What’s more, this figure was only his current Physical Attack Power. With the damage increase from [Shura Technique], the increased Critical Damage from [Burning Heart Blood Massacre], and the Shura’s ridiculously powerful skills, any attack would be able to deal unbelievable amounts of damage.  

Shura Emperor Sword… you came just at the right time!” Ling Chen muttered as he gripped the Saint Destroyer grade sword. After his mind was renewed, his powerful mental power made it so that Ling Chen was incredibly calm even despite looking at the reborn Saint Destroyer grade sword. He raised the Shura Emperor Sword and Dark Samsara and slashed forwards…  

Shura’s Merciless Slash!”  


As Ling Chen swept out with the Shura Emperor Sword and Dark Samsara, 2 crimson-black arcs appeared in front of him, accompanied by the sound of shattering glass. The instant the Shura Emperor Sword and Dark Samsara were lowered, two 1 metre long jet-black cracks appeared for 3 seconds before disappearing.  

“Spatial Cracks! Little master, you actually created spatial cracks in this sub-dimensional space! This can only be achieved by dealing more than 500 million damage! Little master, you really did it! Even the 3 Moon Goddesses can’t deal more than 500 million damage with a single attack!”  

Qi Yue cried out in an extremely excited voice. Tearing space was already incredibly difficult and creating a crack in a sub-dimensional space was even more difficult than scaling the heavens. And yet, Ling Chen had evidently achieved this with his 2 attacks just then, and those 1 metre long cracks had lasted for 3 seconds!  

Ling Chen’s lips slightly curved upwards. Just then, when he had used the Shura Emperor Sword and Dark Samsara, he had clearly felt the space being torn – that feeling was completely different to when he had used the [Shura’s Death Domain] to cut through normal space. Just then, he had only used the most basic skill from the Shura’s profession, which had no negative effects. In that case…  

Shura Instant Hellish Annihilation!”  

“Extinguishing the Heavens and Destroying The Earth Tempest!”  

This time, Ling Chen no longer used normal attacks, and he instead used the Shura’s profession and War God’s profession’s ultimate skills. Upon being filled with power, the Shura Emperor Sword and Dark Samsara seemed to scream…  


An ear-piercing shattering and tearing sound rang out as the area around Ling Chen greatly twisted. Massive ripples swept out from where he was to even 100 metres away…  

In front of Ling Chen, 2 massive black holes had appeared… the Dark Samsara in his left hand had created a black hole that was about 1 metre in diameter, while the Shura Emperor Sword in his right hand had created a 3 metre wide black hole. The 2 black holes immediately fused into an even larger hole, and with the Shura’s power devouring it, the spatial gap that should have instantly disappeared did not shrink for a long time.  

“Success! This is a spatial gap that can allow little master to escape the Lunar Sky Hell and appear above the Moon God Palace!” Qi Yue’s image hurriedly said as the space rippled.  

Looking at the trembling gap, Ling Chen did not feel any shock, and instead, a humourless smile appeared on his face. Just then, the feeling of tearing through space had been even clearer and more realistic. That feeling told him that if he used [Extreme Shura’s Death Domain], the result would not just be a simple gap, and it might even destroy the entire Lunar Sky Hell. This was how terrifying the Shura’s power was!  

“I can finally go out now,” Ling Chen muttered in a low voice and walked not too slowly or too quickly into the gap. He knew that this spatial gap would not immediately close – no one knew clearer than him just how much power those 2 strikes had contained.  

When he completely stepped into the spatial gap, the scenery in front of him instantly shifted. The oppressive darkness disappeared, as did the rotten smell. His vision was now filled with white clouds, the blue sky, beautiful structures, and all sorts of flowers and grasses, and he could smell incredibly fresh air in his nose. It was as if he had crossed from hell to heaven in a single step.  

This was right above the Moon God Palace. Just as Qi Yue had said, the Lunar Sky Hell was hidden within a spatial crack above the Moon God Palace.  

Just as Ling Chen appeared, the clear skies suddenly became overcast, and the atmosphere became incredibly oppressive. In just a few seconds, dark clouds covered the entire sky above the Moon God Palace… following this, 2 massive black clouds slammed together…  

Crack! Crack! Crack!!!  

Lightning bolts that were metres thick descended, slamming towards Ling Chen who had just appeared from the spatial crack…  

+9,350,00, +15,680,000, +22,910,000!  

The 3 lightning bolts accurately landed on Ling Chen’s body, but he did not panic at all. Instead, he stuck out his chest, spread out his arms, and closed his eyes as if he was welcoming this baptism of lightning. When the lightning came into contact with him, it did not deal any damage, and it was instead completely absorbed into his Thunder God’s Bulwark.   

“Moon God Clan, I’m back.” After feeling the pleasantness of the lightning, Ling Chen lightly muttered, “Before, I might have been quite reluctant to take the Moon Goddesses’ blood and may have felt guilty about it, but now, hahaha…”  

Looking down at the Moon God Representatives and Moon Ladies who had appeared because of the dark clouds and tribulation lightning, Ling Chen started to evilly laugh.  


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